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How To Crush The ClickFunnels Dream Car Program [Step-By-Step Strategy]

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

How To Crush The ClickFunnels Dream Car Program [Step-By-Step Strategy]

The above is a brief introduction to How To Crush The ClickFunnels Dream Car Program [Step-By-Step Strategy].

Let's move on to the first section of How To Crush The ClickFunnels Dream Car Program [Step-By-Step Strategy]!

How To Crush The ClickFunnels Dream Car Program [Step-By-Step Strategy]

hey guys this dispenser from building
preneur and what you're looking at here
on the screen is these are all the
people that have won the clickfunnels
dream car okay as you can see plenty of
big names and plenty of names you
probably don't recognize as well and so
this video is going to focus on showing
you how probably the half of these
people have won the clickfunnels dream
car and this is the half that don't
aren't coming in with an audience
already k so if you guys know sam ovens
or alex mozi or let's see
especially the top Anthony Morris and ty
Lopez Robert Kiyosaki right these are
guys with big old audiences big old
lists and and the way that they when the
car is obviously going to have to be a
little different from the way that you
or I win the car and so we're gonna
focus on the other half and tok about
how the other half of these people who
have no audience just started from
scratch how they won the car by the way
all of their cars are lame they pick
things like Lamborghinis and beamers and
things like that when every one of them
could have picked a Toyota 4runner
alright I'm just kidding but what we're
going to tok about is is the way that
the other half is doing this kay the
people without audience is is they're
doing it with search engines okay
they're all doing it with search engines
and and thirty or forty of the people in
this list we're seeing use search
engines to win this dream car okay and
there's a reason that I love search
engines and I toked about this a lot
and I will tok about it a lot more
search engines create passive income
okay when I say search engines I'm gonna
focus mainly on YouTube and Google and
and what I mean like the create passive
income is content on these two platforms
tends to last and live a lot longer than
content on other platforms okay so a
YouTube video will you know YouTube
video can bring me in traffic leads
affiliate Commission's new car signups
for years okay I've got I've got videos
about clickfunnels that are still
bringing me leads in two and a half to
three years after I made them okay so
that's passive income right each of
those videos is a passive income source
a small passive income source but but
Facebook and Instagram in those places
just don't like that right like Facebook
thrives on hot content that's fresh and
brand-new and when you create something
on Facebook you can expect it to totally
disappear within a few days and so I
love I love the passive income nature of
Google and YouTube and I love the
okay meaning I can create two YouTube
videos this month to YouTube videos next
month to YouTube video the next month
and now I've got six YouTube videos all
bringing in traffic right so I might get
a few leads you know this month I don't
get a few more leads next month and by
the next month I'm you know 10 20 leads
and 30 and 40 leads and it's a very
compounding effect which is which is
awesome for search engines ok and what
what these people are doing to win this
dream car with search engines is they're
creating content around click funnels
and and I know a lot of us are familiar
with basic stuff right so you know click
falls review I'll bet you under the
dream car or winners is right there
hanging out with this clickfunnels
review this is yeah Chris Vaughn right
here the second review he won the clip
from his dream car ok
when you go to youtube and you type in
clickfunnels review then there's i came
from its goods name but then there's me
down there and I'm on the hook for
living parties in that cane so all doing
is we're creating content that promotes
click funnels and I'm gonna tell you how
to do it obviously only one of us can
rank as you know ask for the keyword
clickfunnels review there's only one of
us the correct first one was the kinetik
sunkens maybe three or four of us they
can actually get traffic for that
keyword in both Google and YouTube and
so you know what at if you take that at
face value like well I'm done like I
can't compete with these guys right but
you absolutely can compete with these
guys and I'm gonna show you how the key
is to go deeper
ok and when I say go deeper I mean
you've got it you've got to target
different keywords and you've got to
create different content it doesn't go
for the exact same things that these big
guys are going for cuz you're right more
often than not you know YouTube or
Google is gonna show a big a big guy a
guru or something ahead of some you know
smaller one not always but more often
than not so the first thing we tok
about is longtail keywords and if you've
ever heard that phrase before a longtail
keyword is you know three four five
words long it's a key word we're going
for that's not just click bones review
it's it's bigger right and so for
example we could type in click funnels
and you can see it's giving us a bunch
of like short tail keywords so we're
gonna use something called uber suggests
go to over suggest calm here I want to
type in click files ok
you could also type in click funnels
we'll use the same thing but looking
through the website of clickfunnels to
see what it would show up for now
whatever suggest is gonna do is it's
gonna say hey it's gonna give us the
basic keywords right click phones
pricing click photos log and click on
this review that kind of stuff but then
it's gonna give us other keywords it's
gonna give us keywords that are maybe a
little less targeted and a little less
competitive and and they have a little
less volume don't got thousands and
thousands of searches a month but that
means that there's a lot less big gurus
going for those keywords because they
know they can get the big keywords okay
so if we go here we're gonna go view all
keyword ideas and we are going to get a
massive list of keyword ideas okay how
much does clickfunnels cost click
funnels versus kajabi click falls burst
builder all click funnels russell
brunson click miles marketplace book
philosophy trial click false competitor
look for those phone number
that'd be a fun one click phones for
real estate ok there's a good a great
example click Falls for real estate you
could create a video or a blog post
around that it's a much more niche video
right and and what that means is the
competition is much much less in fact if
we if we go here and we type in
something like cliff Falls for real
estate I'm gonna see here it's gonna
pull up all the channels that have
videos on click phones for real estate
and you can see here there are channels
with much let like with much less cloud
and then not gurus right that are
showing up for this ok so for example
Adam middles worth he's got three
thousand subscribers ok he's not a guru
by any means right
he's got one point four thousand views
on on this real estate click funnels
video right Lindsay Bosh has got 500
subscribers much smaller Channel right
13 thousand views on this video by
clicking on store real estate and you
can see here most of these channels you
know 2,000 subscribers there's a big 58
thousand three thousand subscribers and
nine hundred subscribers so you're able
to compete both on Google and YouTube
much better for these these smaller
keywords here okay so that's the first
thing we're gonna do is we're gonna
we're gonna make a list of these really
really long tail keywords okay we're
gonna use uber suggest and the second
tool we're going to use is we're
actually just going to type in click
and type in that I want to start doing
things like this we're gonna type in an
underscore they're gonna type in a I'm
gonna type in B be known to type in D to
C times D can you see all these options
that are giving us here it's giving us
here the critikal clip phones
dropshipping click on those email
integration clickfunnels
ecommerce final clickfunnels Facebook
pixel click files for a foot marketing
ok look at all these long tail keyword
options YouTube is telling us K YouTube
is telling us there are some people
searching for this otherwise it wouldn't
be showing up here ok so we're gonna get
all those ubersuggest keywords I wanna
get all of these these YouTube suggests
keywords I want to make a list and now
we've got big list of longtail keywords
of videos we can make and each one of
these you know we're not gonna win the
car with one or two these videos what's
gonna happen is one of these videos you
know is gonna bring in anyone lead a
month consistently and they want to make
another video and that's gonna bring in
a lead a month consistently you know
it's only gonna get a hundred views a
month but one or two of those will we'll
sign up for click for most trial and and
then we'll add another video and start
getting two leads a month and a third
video I'll bring us three leads or three
trials a month and four trials a month
right and you can see the compound
effect here YouTube comes into play and
that's why I love YouTube so much we can
do this with a much smaller Channel and
then as your child grows you can go for
some of those bigger keywords the second
thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna
target non clickfunnels keywords k if we
go to youtube we type in we basically
look for problems that clickfunnels
solves and we start going for those
keywords k so we can type in that what
our problems could funnel solves how to
convert leads into sales right that
might be something that you could you
can refer people to click phones and you
all these videos that are booked three
point two thousand views one hundred
ninety one thousand views there's a lot
of different videos here where you could
tok about corning these two sales and
refer people to click phones how to
build a landing page k click funnels
helps build landing pages so you had a
create a landing page I would bet gone
john christow knees using click funnels
for this cuz I know he's an affiliate
but I can't guarantee it okay but you
got all these guys with affiliate links
right for companies like click funnels
teaching how to build a landing page and
you can go on and on and on with this
right how to how to make more money
customer how to sell more how to
increase profits all these things that
clickfunnels actually helps us do we can
create these videos around and we're not
we're not competing with like all the
other clip phones affiliates that are
making a clickfunnels review and so
we're able to get these more niche
videos and get more views on our niche
content so we're gonna go over real
quick the steps that you would take if
this if this route seems appealing to
you okay your first step is we're going
to create you're gonna you know create a
blog or you're gonna create a YouTube
channel and it's very very important
that you make this a niche blog or a
niche YouTube channel I mean my niche is
if I was going for clickfunnels and I
want to run the clip phone stream car
I would only make videos about funnels
and click funnels okay and this is what
I did in the beginning and because of
that I was able to rank for almost every
click funnels keyword there was Kay for
my first six months all I did was click
funnels click funnels click funnels and
there's a reason for this as I start to
gain subscribers every one of them is
interested in click funnels right so
when I put out a video every single one
of my subscribers it's relevant to them
and they watch it and they like it and
they watch the whole thing and that's a
big trigger for YouTube and YouTube says
hey all of his subscribers watch this
and all of them watched a lot of it and
liked it and commented and engaged this
must be a good video and then YouTube
goes out and it starts pushing that
video other places right and then you
start to grow and so it's really
important that you have that you focus
your channel you focus your blog on just
this one
you know if it's click funnels this one
the affiliate program and you'll be able
to explode much much faster in the
beginning because your audience and
these algorithms are all able to see you
focusing on this one thing and and you
start to just rank naturally and grow
naturally in that one category let's
look at a good example K I told you that
I made all these videos years ago right
and all I did in the beginning was focus
on click funnels keywords let's hop in
here and look let's just look at my
videos we've got click funnels affiliate
program training how to use click
funnels for affiliate marketing click
funnels affiliate training step-by-step
click funnels training create your first
webinars click funnels the ultimate
click funnels tutorial how to create a
membership site and click funnels
honest click funnels review how to
create a lead funnel and obvious that's
one of those long tail one that goes for
click funnels click funnels bonuses best
of click funnels
how to build a website and click funnels
plus free share funnel
can you see his concept this is all just
focused and geared around clickfunnels
and and I'm able to rank these videos
now really well and when I put out a
video about clickfunnels
it automatikally ranks both because
YouTube now understands that hey this
guy you know he's an expert in
and because my chant my videos naturally
take off because my entire audience is
focused on click phones so you are gonna
go make a big list of all these long
tail and kind of like problem/solution
videos that you can possibly think of
next you are going to start you're gonna
create this channel this blog and you're
gonna focus in on it and last you're
going to start creating this content Kay
and to create this content you've got to
batch it out you've got to create five
six seven videos at once or five six
seven blog posts at once Kay it's gonna
burn you out if you're trying to do it
one at a time you know I sit down and do
this you know every every Monday I have
to make this video and it starts gets
stressful sit down and batch out four or
five or six videos or blog posts at the
same time and then drip them out over
the month and it makes it makes it so
much better for you mentally you're able
to get into a much more consistent
groove and put out a piece of content
every single week consistently for a
long time and once YouTube and Google
start to see that they see consistent
content focused on a specific category
they start to promote that for you and
that's when that's when those passive
income comes in and that is when this
becomes yours

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