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how to do dropshipping with two people

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

- Many people have been asking how to test multiple products with a one product store

- With Brandon one product dropshipping, you can test multiple products before launching

- It may seem daunting, but it's worth the effort

Testing Multiple Products with Brandon One Product Dropshipping: My Process

- Launch multiple one product stores at once

- Buy the domain for each store, making sure it's related to the product

- Create a Facebook page and ad account for each store

- Spend an hour or two setting up each store, including descriptions and product details

- Market each product creatively, using trends and viral tweets to your advantage

- Monitor sales and shut down underperforming stores

- Rinse, recycle, and repeat until you have multiple successful stores

Results: My Three Stores

- Launched three stores on October 4th

- First store only pulled in $70 and was shut down on the 7th

- Second store is consistently profitable with a 40-50% profit margin, making around $2.5-3k in the past 10 days

- Third store was shut down by Facebook for non-compliance

- Creativity and trend-watching are key to successful marketing

- Testing multiple products at once can be daunting, but it's worth the effort

- Brandon one product dropshipping allows for multiple stores to be launched and tested simultaneously

- Creativity and trend-watching are key to successful marketing

- Rinse, recycle, and repeat until you have multiple successful stores

- Outsourcing may be necessary once you have multiple successful stores

- Testing multiple products with Brandon one product dropshipping is the best way to ensure success in dropshipping.

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

If you're feeling overwhelmed with information overload and not sure where to start with your Java drop shipping store, don't worry. Drop shipping is a high-level skill that can make you serious money online, and today we'll provide a beginner-friendly step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with drop shipping in 2023.

Creating Your Online Store:

1. Head over to Shopify and start a seven-day free trial, no credit card required.

2. Shopify is the most reliable and beginner-friendly e-commerce platform.

3. Download AutoDS, an all-in-one drop shipping tool, and connect it to your Shopify store.

4. Use AutoDS to import products to your store that meet the following criteria:

- Solve a problem

- Can be sold for $25 or more

- Has demand in the market

Product Research:

1. Use AutoDS's product research tool to find products that meet the above criteria.

2. Name your product with a catchy name and describe what it is.

3. Price your product at least 2.5 times the cost of goods.

4. Choose the variants you want to sell and import the product to your store.

By following these steps, you can confidently start your drop shipping store and make money online. Remember to always prioritize products that solve a problem, can be sold for $25 or more, and have demand in the market. Use AutoDS to make your drop shipping journey as seamless as possible, and don't forget to reach out to AC Hampton for one-on-one guidance. Good luck!

72 Hour Dropshipping Challenge With NO MONEY (From Scratch)

In this video, the goal is to find a winning product, create a website, market the product, and get sales all within 72 hours. The challenge is to do it all for free using only organic marketing methods.

Methods for Finding a Winning Product:

1. Use TikTok and search for relevant hashtags like Amazon best finds, TikTok made me buy it, etc. Look for videos that have gone viral in the past three months.

2. Go to Amazon's best sellers list and search for problem-solving products.

Finding the Winning Product:

After scrolling through TikTok, the presenter found a safety door lock product that had gone viral, but he wasn't satisfied with it. He found a similar portable door lock that was smaller and more travel-friendly, and a female was making a video about it. He decided to market it to women for their safety.

Building the Website:

The presenter used the Booster theme to build the website and used custom images. He priced the product at $18 and was making an $11 profit per order. He added custom testimonials and a question and answer section.

Marketing the Product:

The presenter posted TikTok videos consistently and reposted them on Instagram reels. He also used the Ambassador method to find people interested in women's safety and make them ambassadors for the brand.

Despite not getting a lot of views on his TikTok videos, the presenter was able to make a sale before the challenge ended. He emphasized the importance of not giving up and trying different methods until something works. He believes that with continued effort, the brand could easily hit four to five figures in the first month.

How To Get Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store [Shopify Marketing 1 of 3]

may be easy to set up your store and create product pages, being seen by potential customers requires more effort. In this article, we will discuss how to optimize your Shopify store to be seen by more people.

- Many new ecommerce store owners struggle with getting traffic to their site

- This article will provide tips on how to optimize your Shopify store to be seen by potential customers

Part 1: How to be Seen

- Identify the keywords you want to be seen for

- Use these keywords in product names and URLs

- Use alt image tags on product images

- Optimize product descriptions with relevant keywords

- Include a Q&A section on product pages to provide more information and use relevant keywords

- Connect your store to Google Merchant Center for free product listings

- Optimizing your Shopify store is essential for being seen by potential customers

- By following the tips in this article, you can increase your chances of getting more traffic to your site for free

- Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this series on how to be remembered and loved by your customers.

How To Handle Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers [Shopify]

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Partnering in Dropshipping: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Trends

Partnering with someone when starting an e-commerce business, specifically in dropshipping, is a common trend among beginners. However, it is important to consider the benefits, drawbacks, and potential risks involved in partnering with someone. This article will explore the topic in depth and provide insights for those considering partnering in their dropshipping venture.

Benefits of Partnering:

- Sharing of workload and responsibilities

- Combining skill sets and expertise

- Access to more resources and capital

- Improved decision-making through collaboration

Drawbacks of Partnering:

- Potential conflicts and disagreements

- Unequal distribution of workload and profits

- Dependence on the partner's commitment and dedication

- Risk of losing momentum and motivation in the business

Trends in Partnering:

- Many beginners partner with friends or acquaintances without considering their actual skills and commitment level.

- In dropshipping, the main tasks are marketing and product sourcing, which can be done by one person.

- Partnering with influencers or logistics partners can bring significant benefits to established businesses.

Partnering in dropshipping can have its benefits and drawbacks. It is important to carefully consider the skills and commitment level of a potential partner before deciding to enter into a partnership. Ultimately, starting by oneself and building up the business before considering a partner may be the best option.

How To Handle Dropshipping From Multiple Sellers

Hey everyone, Anton here from dropship lifestyle. Today, I want to share a quick tip with you on how to handle shipping when you're working with multiple sellers.


Let's say you're selling phones online. You're dropshipping iPhones from Apple and Pixel phones from Google. A customer orders one iPhone and one Pixel phone. What happens? They receive two different packages on different days, which is not a problem.


Customers don't assume that everything they order will show up together unless you tell them that. As long as you're clear with your communication, they won't have any issues. One of the biggest lessons I've learned in business is to be honest with customers and make them aware of what's happening.

Managing Shipping:

If you're using Shopify, mark orders as partially fulfilled when there are multiple products. Enter the tracking number for each item separately, and customers will receive emails for each shipment.

In summary, handling shipping with multiple sellers is easy. Be honest with customers, communicate clearly, and manage shipping through your e-commerce platform. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Don't forget to subscribe for more valuable tips and training. Thanks for watching!

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