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How To Dropship From eBay On Shopify 2022 | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How To Dropship From eBay On Shopify 2022 | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

How To Dropship From eBay On Shopify 2022 | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

yo what is going on everybody srikanasa
here so how to drop ship
from ebay directly onto your shopify
now in 2020 we have seen all of the
problems that slow shipping times have
started to
create and because of everything that
was going on in the world especially
during this time period
a lot of people kind of just started to
get sick of the slow shipping times so i
personally believe that towards the end
of 2020 and early 2021
and onwards with shopify drop shipping
you're going to have to find different
ways to ship
out your products in order to provide
customers with a better experience
because without offering a better
experience without
having quality products drop shipping is
going to become very very difficult
especially because
nowadays with the increased competition
due to everybody sitting at home
everybody's basically trying the same
thing and that is drop shipping from
aliexpress so
in this video i'm going to show you
exactly how i dropship from ebay
directly onto my shopify store while
maintaining amazing profit
margins and also get returning customers
on a daily basis
simply because of the fast shipping and
quality products i often provide them
without wasting any more time let's just
jump right into it so the first thing
you'll have to do before you guys find
any type of value from this video
is to just destroy that like button down
below for the youtube algorithm it'll
take just two quick seconds okay
hopefully i've done that but
how to drop ship from ebay directly on
the first thing we're gonna have to
start toking about is of course
product research because a lot of people
get stuck up on this idea
that because you're selling from ebay
there's a bunch of different strategies
available that you should be using
to find products which you can sell on
shopify from ebay and that is
far from the truth when it comes to
product research for
shopify and for using ebay here is
exactly what i recommend so
there are three main websites nowadays
which i use to do my research
it doesn't really matter which websites
you use however you can use
whatever website you're most comfortable
with as long as that website
can provide you solid products which are
sourceable it's a good idea to use that
but the three main websites which i'm
referring to are of course
aliexpress amazon and ebay now
these three websites i use very very
differently compared to a lot of other
drop shippers because
first of all if we start with aliexpress
i mostly look at the aliexpress flash
deals section
because within this flash deal section
i've found some of my most winning
products and i believe that this is much
better than using any other
part of aliexpress if we look at the
aliexpress flash deal section
it is simply this one right here you can
access it directly from the aliexpress
home page
just go ahead and click on flash deals
and you'll be able to see it but as you
can see a wide variety of products that
you can find on aliexpress
which you can then go on ebay to try to
source and i'll be showing you guys
more into that very very soon but
aliexpress is the first product
which i use to do product research again
the next website i mostly use is
amazon now on amazon there's a wide
variety of different
sections which you can actually use to
do product research some of my
most favorite ones are first of all
amazon daily deals
slash holiday deals right now since
we're in the holiday season when i'm
recording this video it currently says
holiday deals but in addition to that
you can use what sections like amazon
movers and shakers amazon new releases
amazon gift ideas etc a quick google
search will lead you to those sections
but those are amazing ways
to find winning products which not
everybody has access to because not
everybody uses that website
to do product research like that the
next section which
i personally like to use most often is
the ebay daily deal section and in order
to find that section all you have to
do is go on ebay.com and the top left
it'll say daily deals that's exactly
what you want to click on
in order to find those products which
are currently on deals
which you can then try to sell directly
on your shopify store but
those three websites are the main
websites which i personally use
to do product research now the most
important thing you may be wondering is
exactly what do i look for in a product
what i'm trying to drop ship from ebay
on shopify and the answer is
the specifics of that product will
depend on which
advertising platform you plan to use so
when it comes to facebook
all of the criteria remains the exact
same you want to be trying to find
products which are useful
and quirky or simply solve a problem and
have less than 5 to 10 drop shippers
selling that same exact product this has
always remained the same regardless of
which website you source the product
and with ebay however you also want to
make sure that when you're trying to
sell on facebook
if you do happen to have competitors for
this product or other people
selling something similar to this you
want to try to match their pricing or
sell around their pricing
instead of just marking up the price by
how much ever you want such as two times
or three times because
this is going to lead you to the best
possible results if you're on the other
end of the spectrum and trying to sell
via google ads
you want to be looking at the same
criteria as i always mentioned in my
other google ads videos
the first one is 20 to 25 000 monthly
searches followed by three to four
minimum seo keywords you can find these
keywords via
the google keywords planner tool and the
minimum is three to four however you
want to have
as many as possible the third and most
important criteria
is you want to have less than five drop
shipping competitors
selling for that product or that keyword
when you do a google search because
it may be quite a bit of a saturated
product it may not lead you to the best
results so always make sure
that you're following these three main
criterias but this is the basics of how
to do product research again nothing has
really changed
instead of using just aliexpress to do
product research you're going to be
directly utilizing ebay and amazon and
aliexpress as well to simply then find
products which you can source
on ebay and to show you guys a very
clear example
we're going to go on to aliexpress to
look at one of the most famous products
which is the ipl laser hair remover now
this product
has already been drop shipped a lot it
may not be a good product to drop ship
right now
however for the sake of this example
we're going to be using it so
as you can see this supplier right here
is selling this product
for around 32 shipping from china and
with the us plug the total is
around 32.90 however what you want to do
after you find a product and it could be
found on aliexpress or ebay or amazon
is again go on ebay simply type in the
main keyword related to that product in
this case
ipl laser and once we do that we can see
a wide variety of products come up
under that keyword now your main goal
should be to find a very similar product
to what you
just saw or what you can do is if you
find something that looks much much more
higher quality
for instance if you think this is much
more higher quality you can then go
ahead and do research into that to see
if there's competition for that
regardless of whether you're using it on
facebook and or google and then once you
figure out that info
simply price it accordingly and try to
sell that product but
when you do start getting orders for the
product you're simply be going to this
ebay link
and you're going to be buying the
product directly from this seller right
here as you can see
shipping is guaranteed by tuesday
november 24th and this item location is
in florida so that means
we're gonna be getting us shipping for
this product compared to just paying
a similar price or the same price just
to have it shipped from aliexpress
from china i would take the first option
any day and that is simply to have the
product shipped from ebay from a us
and the beauty about drop shipping from
ebay is that you don't have
to just stik to one product you can
stik to different designs as well
as you can see this is a similar product
to what we just saw on aliexpress
if we continue scrolling we can see that
there's a wide variety of different
options available this one is for 41.99
this one looks very similar 59 you do
have a lot of
options available and what you want to
do if you
do what's like a product that you want
to consider selling is to simply
mark up the price based on what the
pricing is here on ebay so
as you can see a lot of these ebay
sellers are selling this similar product
for around 40
to fifty dollars maybe up to sixty so
what you wanna do is you wanna take that
into account
and then increase the pricing based on
that instead of having this price right
here because
as you can see the ebay price is
slightly higher this is not
always going to be the case in fact i've
had a lot of winning products where the
ebay price
is actually much much lower than what it
is on aliexpress so
that is a benefit of selling on ebay
however sometimes you will have to pay a
little bit extra but that also gives you
the option of increasing
the overall cost that you're charging to
your customer and
char getting more profits as a result
while providing faster shipping and
faster service and this is
just going to have people coming back
again and again to purchase from you
which is why it's such a big advantage
that is the general idea of how you're
supposed to be dropshipping from
ebay onto aliexpress but there are more
tikniques that you need to be using
along with that and the second thing
we're going to be toking about is the
product requirements because
these requirements are actually very
important you need to be making sure
that these requirements are met
if you want to be continuously drop
shipping from ebay
successfully the first one is related to
now on ebay a lot of the times if you go
on any random ebay link
for example if we go here to this height
adjustable work bench
we can see that right now it says more
than 10 available that means
this product is in stok for this given
seller and they have a lot of stok
available compare that to maybe just
this one right here where all it simply
says is 10 available
now this is a big problem and this is
something i have written on the google
you want to be trying to find those
sellers and those listings where
it actually says more than 10 available
or if it says something like
limited quantity available that's okay
as well and that's simply because
if there are only 10 available and 10
other people purchase this product then
this product will go out of stok if
nobody else is selling it you're going
to have a lot of trouble
getting orders fulfilled for this
product so in order to prevent that
i normally like to make sure that it
says either more than 10 available like
it does here
or if it says limited quantity available
these two are the acceptable ones
so always make sure that this criteria
is met before you do anything else with
product but now once you have confirmed
that here are two options that you have
when it comes to drop shipping from ebay
the option number one
is that you want to first before you buy
anything before you even list it on your
message the ebay seller directly and
simply type in this message and this
message is
i'm planning on drop shipping your
product directly on my ecommerce website
do you support drop shipping and if so
are you able to handle large amounts of
consistently this message is very
important to send because not
every single supplier can do that and
especially if you find a product like
this where there's only a certain
quantity available
but you really want to sell that product
it's going to be a problem if you don't
message them directly so this is the
first option you have
of drop shipping from ebay i would just
simply click contact seller if i really
want to sell this workbench
and make sure that they have more
quantity or at least more quantity is on
the way
so you can then just list this product
on your website because again
listing it on your website is the easy
part the hard part is actually
making sure that you have enough stok
to continue ordering from this seller so
always make sure the seller has enough
stok or if
this seller is out of stok make sure to
try to find other sellers on ebay
selling that same exact product and this
is very easy to do simply copy and paste
some of the main keywords
which are related to the product as you
can see adjustable work table bench
may be a main pro keyword for this
product that could lead you to more
results similar to this one but
that is option number one for you now
there's another option
if you really don't want to spend time
just contacting them back and forth and
this option
is something i do more often something i
do more often and that is to simply
purchase directly
if the stok requirement matches in this
case more than 10 available
once you have confirmed that then what
you want to do is while you're ordering
you want to put a little message to the
seller and this message should say
please do not put any invoices qr codes
promotions or your brand name logo in
the shipment to send as a gift please
ship as soon as possible for repeat
thank you this message again very
important while you're doing the
ordering simply because it'll let the
supplier know
not to include any kinds of invoices or
notes which they may include if you
don't put this message and if they
include that
invoice your buyer is going to know that
this product came from ebay and that
could lead to more problems so in order
to avoid that make sure you include this
in every single order that you place
from the website but this is normally
the option that i take
i don't normally do option number one
because i always tend to find a similar
product or the same thing
from multiple different sellers but if
you do have trouble with that
you want to go ahead and do option
number one but what do you do once you
have done all of this and you're
starting to get consistent sales
from one product which you source
directly from ebay what you want to do
is you want to start placing a mix of
from your ebay account as well as using
an incognito window and checking out as
a guest so for instance what we're going
to do is we're going to go onto an
incognito window
type in the main url for that product so
that this product comes up
and once you land on it make sure that
you're not signed into any ebay account
then go ahead and click on the buy it
now button and click the second option
which is checkout as guest because this
will let you
check out without attaching your ebay
account to this purchase
the main reason why we do this is
because when you start placing multiple
orders from your ebay account
especially for orders that get shipped
to different addresses every single time
ebay starts to think of that as
suspicious and because of that they may
start to limit your account and cause
problems so
in order to avoid that you want to have
a mix of orders done both from your ebay
as well as checking out as a guest if
you start to scale a given product from
you can go ahead and contact the seller
directly let them know what's going on
and see if they can add you on skype
or if they can accept csv files of the
order so what you can do
is email them the csv file and they'll
attach all of the shipping info get it
all shipped out and then send you back
the file with all the tracking numbers
this is another great way
to have a lot of orders done fast but in
addition to that if you don't want to
stik to skype or csv files
you can simply use different emails
while checking out as a guest to make
sure that not
the same email is used every single time
to cost suspicion or you can change the
credit or debit card this is not really
i don't see this as a big problem but it
could be a big problem especially if
you're doing hundreds of orders every
day so you want to make sure
to try these things out and the second
thing you can do is check out as a guest
plus also place orders from your ebay
while changing the credit cards or debit
cards used maybe alternating between the
paypal accounts but again this is
mostly a problem if you have a lot of
orders per day and that means over 100
or so per day
but in that case you want to definitely
contact the seller try to see if they
offer csv files or directly contact via
skype but this is the general strategy
as to how you can start
selling from ebay directly onto your
shopify store this is exactly what i
recommend in 2021 and onwards
if you really want to build a
sustainable business while providing
quality service
if you found any type of value in this
video smash that like button and smash
that subscribe button and i'll see you
guys next time

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