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How to Dropship on FB Marketplace Uber Quickly with Software

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Dropship on FB Marketplace Uber Quickly with Software

The above is a brief introduction to How to Dropship on FB Marketplace Uber Quickly with Software.

Let's move on to the first section of How to Dropship on FB Marketplace Uber Quickly with Software!

How to Dropship on FB Marketplace Uber Quickly with Software

what's going on guys welcome to the
in this video i'm going to show you how
you can make quick and easy money
listing products from other sites to
facebook marketplace and keeping the
difference in profit for yourself
you guessed it obviously today we're
toking about the growing trend of
retail drop shipping on
facebook marketplace specifically okay
and this
is one of the biggest if not the biggest
e-commerce opportunities
currently right now and there are many
ways to actually approach this but i've
been testing this out myself
heavily for a little bit over a month
now and i'm here to share all my secrets
in this tutorial with you
today okay what works what doesn't what
you need to look out for
and how to best approach this so you can
make money and i also did make a
that dropped about two weeks ago i
created that tutorial a little bit over
a month ago now
right at the beginning of when i was
drop shipping but then obviously i went
away on vacation with my fiance
and you can still drop ship in the way
that i show in that tutorial as well
it's actually much safer that way but
it's not as efficient
you won't make as many sales it takes
longer etc etc
but the way i'm going to show you in
this tutorial today will allow you to
make more money
with a lot less time and a lot less
effort on your part okay
so if you didn't know facebook recently
fairly recently probably
i want to say like the back end of 2020
but i didn't get into it until like a
month month and a half ago
recently allowed shipping on their
marketplace which completely changes the
game okay
you're no longer just limited to dealing
with people locally
and exchanging sales and products in
person okay
you can now ship to people all over the
using facebook marketplace and listing
your products to their billions
yes that's billions with the b customers
okay so chances are if you're watching
this video and you're this far into it
you're probably familiar with what drop
shipping is but in case you
aren't it's simply when you just
facilitate the sale of a product from a
seller to a buyer and you keep the
difference in profit
for yourself okay or in layman's terms
it's literally when you list
products from one marketplace onto
another marketplace
at a higher price point right and then
you make the profit
obviously which is the difference in the
sale from one marketplace to another
this is not like this is not new this is
not novel people have been doing this
probably a decade-ish now but obviously
now that facebook marketplace has
recently launched their shipping option
it's new to facebook marketplace okay so
i do want to tok about a few things
before we actually jump into the
and i show you how to do this like the
entire process
a to z so let's quickly get through the
boring stuff really fast i have a little
powerpoint presentation i want to get
but pay attention to it i know it's
going to be boring i know it's not very
much like there's no like eye stuff with
moving stuff i'm not toking to you it's
literally just a voiceover
on a powerpoint i already recorded it
but pay attention this stuff is super
important if you really want to make
this work
so one of the main issues that i see new
sellers face
is they don't list enough right one of
the best tips that i can give you is to
a lot the biggest problem that i see
with people having trouble starting
whether it's drop shipping on poshmark
like i've shown in the past
or if it's this or even if it's
reselling anything in general
is they don't list enough products okay
don't just list 10 things and when you
don't get a sale then stop
there your hands up and say it doesn't
work don't just list 50 things and stop
and claim it doesn't work
right if you really want to make money
online you have to put some work in
nothing is a magic pill it doesn't
matter how easy the business model looks
or how easy the person on youtube
in this example makes it seem right now
that being said this is pretty easy if
and that's a big if there if you're
willing to put some work in okay
and it actually doesn't take all that
much work i don't focus on this like
at all literally at all it is not my
focus whatsoever throughout the day i
focus on my content side of my business
and my main reselling side of the
business and i've literally just been
testing this out
and playing around with it like in the
morning when i work out between sets and
at night when all my work is done and
i'm winding down
right in that case i usually put on like
one of my favorite youtubers or
listen to an interview with a ceo ceo or
something or an audiobook and relax
right and list at the same time okay so
it's not like i'm saying that you need
to sit down from morning to night
products to make any money with this
that is not the case all right
but you will have to list and you will
need to put a little bit of work in okay
the benefit of how i'm going to show you
how to do this though is that it's
pretty much
mindless right once you get it down the
software will do about
95 of the heavy lifting for you if not
and you just have to verify some things
save the url of your product so that you
can obviously go back there
once you you know get a get an order so
you can order it yourself and send it to
and then change some words here and
there in a title or description or
you'll see here once we get to the
tutorial right but the best way to
approach this is to set a goal
of consistently listing products every
day for a month
start it out for a month just set a
consistent goal build some momentum okay
that goal could be five listings a day
and you can literally do once you get
half decent at this you can do five
listings in like five ten minutes
no joke it's not hard okay maybe it's 10
a day maybe it's 20 day
maybe it's 50 a day okay if you really
want to scale this quickly whatever it
is okay
whatever you have time for and then
you'll look up a month from now if you
do it consistently like that
and have another income stream that's
paying you pretty well
then once you have a good proof of
concept and you see firsthand that it's
working for you
and you're not just taking my word for
it then you can invest more time into
and scaling okay so those are the main
issues that i see
new sellers face let's tok about three
potential problems
that you might run into now the first
one is the main issue that a lot of drop
shippers face
and that is tracking numbers and i've
actually faced this myself when i
started resell drop shipping
i would list things from amazon and then
i realized like okay i have the tracking
number because i have my amazon account
but how do i give that tracking number
to my customer on a different platform
and so i'm going to show you how to do
that there's many ways to actually do
that but i recommend
using the dsm tool it's simply a chrome
extension that you can sign up for
that converts your amazon tracking
number into a
different tracking number that you can
then give to the buyer so they can
follow along
with where their order is this also
helps because it helps you to track your
it also helps you to save the tracking
number if you want to in a spreadsheet
and it also helps if you know there's a
potential issue with your order so that
you can prove it to the marketplace that
you list on
in this case facebook marketplace that
you did ship the item that it did go to
the customer
and that you have tracking proof okay
now the second issue that you might face
is cash flow and this is especially
prevalent with new sellers that don't
have a lot of money but you know if
you're scaled up and you have a lot of
money you could still face this issue as
well okay
so i obviously recommend using a cash
back credit card if
big if there again if you're responsible
if you're not financially responsible
do not use a credit card okay and if
this is def and if this is you and
you're using a cashback credit card
definitely pay attention to my next
point here in a second but if not
then you simply want to just open up a
new bank account just for this okay
i recommend opening up a brand new bank
account it will make it very very easy
then put a few hundred dollars into it
or if you have you know 100 or whatever
it is right put
that my recommendation is a few hundred
to start this you have a little bit of
cash flow
uh and then keep it simple right you
don't need to over complicate it in the
beginning that will protect your
downside so you're not charging
thousands of dollars up on a credit card
while also allowing you to make money
and so you see your bank account
steadily increasing
as you sell more products and as you get
more money back from the facebook
payments that you're collecting right
and i also recommend that especially if
you're using a cashback credit card but
it really doesn't matter in both
instances if you're using cash on a
debit card
or your bank account or if you're using
a cash back credit card
track everything especially when you're
a beginner okay now i'm gonna show you
my system here
it makes it very very easy and what i
basically do now that i'm a little bit
more advanced
is i don't really track my profit i just
assume because i'm not worried about the
cash flow
and i'm not worried about the margins
potentially because when i when i go
you'll see it here in a second but as i
go and order something if somebody
orders it from me
right then i go in to order it from
wherever my supplier is in this specific
tutorial i'm going to show you amazon
god forbid like i the i'm not making
profit i'm losing money i'll just delete
that listing right it's not that big of
a deal
so i'll ship it to the customer and just
take that that loss there
i also don't personally worry about
returns but that's just me right
and i'll also show you my inventory
system so i'm a little bit more scaled
now and i'm not that worried about it
this is not just facebook marketplace i
do this on a number of other
marketplaces as well and i plan on
creating tutorials on them
coming very very soon i'm excited about
this but
if you're new you should track
everything okay that way you know your
this the best way to do this is with a
spreadsheet okay or simply list high if
you want to and then delete products
like i said if the price goes too high
and you can also cancel an order on many
platforms especially facebook
marketplace although i would
recommend trying to avoid that if
possible if you're taking a loss on a
product and it's not that
a substantial loss just take the loss
delete that product
move on to the next product same thing
with a return people are always like
well how do you calculate returns in
your you know in your
you know your profit margin or how do
you account for them and the answer is
very very simple don't over complicate
it you can also track that in your
but i don't worry about it right because
for every i don't know the specific
numbers but let's say for every hundred
orders i have
i might get one return okay so it's not
something that i'm really that worried
but you can obviously address that
problem as you go i would rather
rather than worrying about like returns
and potentially spending my finite
energy worrying about things like that
i would rather spend that finite energy
listing more in other places okay
so in short track everything when you're
new or you can simply follow along with
the tutorial like i'm about to show you
and just do it like i do okay
now the last thing is that it does seem
that on a lot of these listings and this
is just anecdotal i don't have
any you know proof of this yet it's just
data that i'm seeing
it does seem that there's a lot of
listings that might have kind of a short
shelf life
on amazon or not on amazon on facebook
i'm used to saying amazon meaning that
they basically go stale and you need to
renew the listing potentially sometimes
to get more visibility and make it new
now i'm still testing this and i'm still
looking at data but that's just what i'm
on quite a few listings so far now
obviously like i said before you should
also use the cashback credit card just
to recap
you can also use things like honey and
rakuten uh when you're buying and other
cashback things for extra money and i
have tutorials on all of these i'll try
to remember to link
a honey a rakuten and a cashback credit
card tutorial of the best ones that i
recommend how to use honey and also how
to use rakuten
down at the bottom of the description
okay now finally before let's get all
the boring stuff out of the way
before we actually get into the tutorial
here in a second there's some things
that you're going to need to start it's
very very simple
you need a facebook account which
probably 99.9 of you that are watching
this have
if you don't have a facebook account
then just simply sign up for one it
might take you honestly
like a day or two because they do a lot
of verification things if you're new
because who doesn't have a facebook
account but if that's you you know it's
totally fine just sign up for one you'll
be able to get one okay
you also need some money to obviously
in a bank account or you need a credit
card okay very very simple
two other things that you're going to
need that make this really really
streamlined and really make this a lot
easier on you is
z drop which is the chrome extension
that i use to actually list things right
and what that does you'll see in the
tutorial here in a second is it takes
amazon listings and
automatikally posts them to facebook
marketplace super quickly
and this is a game changer i used to
literally copy everything myself
but this saves you probably a minute or
two if not more
you know if even if you're going fast
right it saves you a lot of time and as
you're listing more and more items
that's going to exponentially increase
the amount of money that you're
sorry jumped ahead of myself the amount
of listings that you're able to list
which will obviously increase the amount
of money that you're able to make in
your profit okay
so z drop chrome extension is what we're
going to use here you can download that
on the chrome store
the other chrome extension again on the
chrome store for google chrome is the
tool and that's a great way that like i
touched on previously
if you do decide to use amazon as your
then you'll obviously need to convert
their tracking number into a different
carrier's tracking number okay
this specific one converts it
automatikally into a bluecare express
tracking number which
obviously then you can input into
facebook in this case or any specific
you know marketplace that you're doing
this on
so that the buyer can obviously track
their order
now remember to recap you cannot just
input a amazon tracking number
you can so be careful like i don't mean
to say like you can't actually put it in
they won't let you
you can but then it will become
apparently obviously
obvious what you're doing and the buyer
obviously won't be able to track right
so you need to put input the tracking
number and then give them the actual
um you know the blue care express
tracking number
place where they can actually track
their thing if they ask for it okay
and you also remember you need to
remember that you need to input a
tracking number within three days
after they make the order so make sure
whoever you use
ships out quickly okay so now before we
actually get into the tutorial really
i want to bring to your attention two
parts of this
z-drop chrome extension that you'll see
right up here
that really i won't be going over
specifically in this tutorial but are
going to be super helpful for you
if you want to use them in your own drop
shipping business as well okay
so the first thing is that you can bulk
upload you'll see these little uh three
red things right here are part of the z
drop extension once you download this
and you sign up i believe it does cost
but it comes with a free trial once you
actually do download this and you re
refresh your window and you're logged in
you'll see these
these things pop up okay so one of the
ways i'm going to show you here in a
second is to simply copy it to facebook
marketplace okay
you can also if it's something that's
vintage or handmade
also copy it to etsy although obviously
this example right here doesn't work or
you can save it to your bulk list okay
so if you hit save to the bulk list
which i'm not going to because this is
already on my bulk list specifically
if you come up here and you click the z
drop extension
you'll see that there's a bunch of
things in my bulk list right and so what
you can do i'm not going to actually
demonstrate it here
because it will actually take a lot of
time to actually list all these things
it's going to literally go down and list
every single thing that i've included in
my bulk list
is you can go over to bulk and then you
can run the bulk and you'll see there's
only two things actually in my bulk list
right here
but then i can run the bulk after i
select all and it will literally post
them all to facebook marketplace and
then you just need to go through and
like put the price in make sure that the
price is set up obviously if you're not
doing it
with a template like i'm about to show
you or you also need to verify like the
title or make sure the pictures are
are basically you know fine and
everything so bulk is
super super easy way to list a bunch of
things you can go to amazon and simply
once you're on a bunch of like like uh
listings like this
just simply save the bulk list save the
bulk list and do it with like
i wouldn't get too crazy maybe save like
20 to 50
and then list them all and go ahead and
verify right you don't want to get too
carried away because if you start
with bulk on like a hundred things or a
thousand things
you're never going to actually finish
that before you you know you boot down
your computer or before you you go to
sleep or something like that right so i
wouldn't get too carried away
but you can use that it's a game changer
and it will list them super fast
and then you just need to verify a few
things now another thing i want to touch
on really briefly with this extension
is that you can set up a template as
well so that when you post your products
for example it already starts out with
like a 20
profit margin or always like hide it
from friends on facebook marketplace
which is exactly what i do
so now that we've got all that out of
the way let me show you exactly how i go
ahead and do this okay
so what i'm gonna do and one of the best
tips that i can give you
is to also first of all you want to list
a lot of things like we've covered
but also list obscure things list
everything that you see okay
yes you want to list things that are
like best sellers yes you want to list
things that have high profit margins yes
you want to list things that are cheap
yes you want to list things that are
expensive right
and what i'm basically saying is list a
bunch of things it's the best way that
you're gonna figure out what works for
that isn't working for other people
right if i gave like a one size fits all
like this is the best category
this is the best type of product that
you should list this is the best type of
profit margin that you should go after
then everybody would do that and
eventually it would get saturated right
and then it would cease to be the best
thing or the best category
the best tip that i can give you is find
out for yourself okay so you can go to
sellers you can go into a category you
find products in any number of ways and
obviously i'm using amazon here as an
but you can source from a number of
websites as long as it gets shipping and
you get a tracking number okay
there's a bunch of them out there i'm
not gonna list them for you like walmart
home depot
tart like anything like that you can
list from okay
so for this example i'm gonna go into
the best sellers and let's just pick a
random category let's go to like
i don't know kitchen and dining and
you typically want to you there's two
ways to approach it either the volume
approach where you just list a bunch of
things and
probably in that case like everything
that you list is not gonna sell
chances are a lot of things will never
make a sale right but all you need is a
that start to get recurring sales that
pick up traction and that will
cover your profit and pay for all the
time you spent listing the others right
so remember
like i said do not list this do not just
go ahead and list like 10 things or 50
and think it doesn't work you need to
actually put the work in consistently
and then you'll have a couple products
that hit and they will be recurring
income for you
as people continue to order okay so i'm
going to go ahead and list this
kitchen drawer organizer why not and
maybe this smoothie maker really fast to
give you two examples okay
and i'm gonna show you how i do this but
you can list best sellers or you can
often like sometimes the best products
are things that you wouldn't think sell
so i come down here and i'm like and
i've actually sold this before
before so i'm gonna list that one as
well um but so
you like often the things that you don't
think will sell well are
indeed the things that actually drop
ship well right because a lot of people
are going down and giving their like
their gut opinion of like
oh this looks like it's a high profit
margin i could probably drop ship
this for more
or this looks like a high pro profit
margin i can drop ship this for more
and like this isn't very exciting so
like maybe someone skips over this or
like the majority people do but
maybe this drop ships very well and so
the best tip that i can give you like i
said before is to try a bunch of
different things
and then slowly you will see what works
for you
and what does not okay so just put up a
bunch of random ones i'm only going to
show you like one or two because i don't
want to waste your time let's go to like
a good one here my computer is being
really slow because it's running
uh software in the background so let's
drop ship this butane torch from
amazon specifically here it's a great
listing as well because
you can see that there's a lot of
ratings on it you can also see that
there's a lot
or that there's a relatively cheap price
on this and it's highly rated and has
the amazon's choice badge
so you can pretty much guess it's not
for certain right don't take my word on
but you can pretty much guess that this
is not gonna go out of stok
anytime soon if ever and then also not
really going to change the price now if
you want to do
i don't have keep it installed um do i
keep installed i don't have to keep
installed right now it's not going
because the extension is hidden
but you can also use keep it to verify
if there's been like
price fluctuations recently but i don't
want to get into that right here
i'm trying to keep this beginner
friendly okay so
all you need to do to list this to
facebook marketplace is copy to facebook
and all it's going to do is it's going
to simply copy it to facebook now
it might go a little bit slow because i
have this up and i also have a bunch of
cross posting for a list perfectly in
the background so like
it's doing that while i'm doing this so
it's being a little bit slow and then
you simply once it
opens up this blank page on facebook
marketplace and you need to obviously
have a facebook marketplace account
signed up
all right well yeah you need to sign up
for facebook and then obviously open a
facebook marketplace
and verify your payments so they can
charge you for shipping and stuff like
but then you just want to hit paste data
once it opens it up there
and then it should slowly start pasting
that listing in and that's
the simplicity of it that's all you need
to do right the chrome extension does
all the heavy lifting for you now it's
taking a minute there we go
it's even gonna paste the tags or some
tags which is obviously something that's
really really cool that i haven't seen
before personally
and you can also see that with the
template that i set up it automatikally
hides it from friends which i know is a
big thing for a lot of people because if
you have like
your per you can also do this from like
a business page and list from a business
but a lot of people are going to be
listing from their personal page and so
a lot of people have an issue they're
like i don't want to constantly be
posting like hundreds of things to my
friends every day they're going to hate
so just simply hit the hide from friends
button you can do it manually or you can
set that up in your template
on uh z drop another thing that the
template automatikally does
is you'll see it set the price to 18
because i automatikally have it set at a
20 percent i think
i think it's 20 profit margin so it
marked it up 20
so 15.99 to 18 bucks and then i think
that's 20
yeah that's 20 and then uh so it already
automatikally does that for me right
now you'll see how to verify the price
here once we go to next and i'll tell
your profit margin but let me go through
this slowly of exactly how i would do
so the first thing that you want to do
is you want to be able to track where
your products url is right because if
somebody orders this you need to know
where to actually go ahead and buy it so
you can make the profit and ship them
the item
so i'm going to copy the url i'm then
going to open up
a folder full of my drop shipping
listings you can literally see just like
numbers here right so i know if somebody
a listing go back to facebook
orders a listing with a number at the
bottom of the description let's say for
example this is 99 right
and i see that somebody orders this and
i go down to the description it says 99
well then i can simply come back into my
drop shipping folder
click on 99 and that will take me to the
url okay
and i know exactly where i actually
purchased that so i'm going to save this
as a shortcut i'm going to save the url
that i just copied
and then i'm going to click the next
number is 96.
so now i'm going to put that number 96
in the bottom of this
this description not 99 so i know when
somebody orders this i go to 96 in my
drop shipping folder and i simply
order that product and send it to this
person right
very very simple way to do it very very
easy and streamlined way
to run your inventory okay now i'm also
going to once since i'm already here
going to add some tags in here so let's
scroll up and then we'll just put some
tags in
you can see it added some tags but like
i want some more specific tags so we're
going to go like
butane torch um mini torch i don't know
anything about torches we'll go like
cooking torch i don't know
maybe lighter and i would probably add a
few more you can add up to 20 but i
would add
some here if it didn't add like good
ones in there already okay
for the sake of showing you i'm not
going to get too too involved here now
the next thing you want to do
is you want to come up it doesn't always
do this but this extension does this
almost every time it adds this here in
the top of the description make sure
this fits by entering your model number
make sure this blah blah right
so you don't want to actually keep that
in your description you want to delete
it out
and then i like to give myself another
little extra space here because i like
to paste the title on the top of the
description but that's just how i
approach it you don't need to do that
you can simply just delete that okay
because if you look at the amazon
description here that's not there right
it starts with no
butane gas but for whatever reason it
just puts that in
let me show it to you again it just puts
that in the top of the title for
not every listing but for the majority
of listings okay so delete that
space it down because we're going to add
the title in there now we're just going
to simply go up the list right so we
need to add and adjust all these things
right here so
it's guard no it's not that it's not
outdoor lighting i'm just going to say
tools for the sake of demonstrating here
but i probably want to find like the
best category here it might be like
kitchen or
home improve like something along those
lines but for the sake of showing you
i'm going to just do it like this
i rarely add the brand in here unless
it's something like
little tikes or something like you know
something that you would like
like what's another dewalt's a good one
that seems to get a lot of traction on
facebook so like
if it's a brand like that that's easily
recognizable that people might be
searching for
add the brand in right that makes sense
but i genu generally don't
now two ways that you can do this is you
can just keep track of your margins if
you really want to make more sales
but not have a high profit margin you
will make more sales at the
the more competitive your prices are
right so i'm going to make more sales
chances are
at 18 than i would at like 25 right but
i'm gonna list this relatively high
maybe go like 23 here
because i'm gonna i'd rather list it
high so i don't really have to pay
attention to it
and then i just know that there's a lot
of potential profit in there on top of
that i already know that it's not really
going to change the price much
because it's a amazon's choice and it's
you know
the pl the price here isn't going to
fluctuate it's pretty much set that's
not always the case
but it is for the majority of cases okay
i'm going to list it at 23 i'm going to
say like available quantity like you can
list this like two maybe like one to
five realistikally i would list more
than one quantity if you're drop
shipping because if you only list
quantity of one then you're gonna have
to re-list it every single time
um but i wouldn't go crazy i wouldn't be
like oh i never have to relist this i'm
just gonna put 99 quantity
because that's going to set off major
red flags to facebook if you're
constantly listing like
so much quantity of everything they're
gonna be like okay something's up here
we need to look into this okay
it's not like you're not allowed to do
this at least to my knowledge i don't
know if this is against facebook's terms
of service
yet on the marketplace but chances are
they're gonna want to steer
clear of this in the future if it's not
currently so
i would just protect yourself maybe one
to five max okay
and then i'm gonna fix the title here so
we're gonna like kitchen
butane torch culinary torture for a
while and then at the end of this
because sometimes it cuts off you can
leave it if you don't really care and
you're just going for volume i like to
kind of fix it really fast like
with safety lock boom and we're going to
select all of this because like i said
we are going to paste it in the top of
the description and that's how our
listing is going to look right when
somebody comes to this listing on
facebook marketplace and buys it we're
going to make the markup in profit and
that listing doesn't look too bad
i know when they order when somebody
buys this i go to 96 here
it's got some tags and it looks pretty
solid okay
and that was like kind of like a slow
it took a while for me to actually show
you that but that's because i was
demonstrating if you do this on your own
and you learn it you do it quickly you
can really bang these out in like a
if not like if not less honestly
especially with this chrome extension so
i'm going to do another one really fast
for you in a second just to kind of show
you the quickness that you can obviously
do this in
but let me finish this listing really
fast it's hidden from friends that's
i'm going to hit next i'm going to go
shipping only
i'm going to use my own shipping label
right we don't use a prepaid shipping
label in the old tutorial i was like
okay you can combine like retail drop
with like arbitrage and order to your
house first and that's gonna protect you
obviously that's you're allowed to do
that on a lot of platforms okay
that said if you're trying to save time
you don't want to actually do the
fulfillment yourself and it kind of can
be a hassle verifying all that stuff
when you have packages
coming to you and then you're shipping
them out it can be a lot to kind of
so what i recommend is obviously to ship
it with your own label and then you can
order it directly
from amazon or wherever this is how
dropshipping actually works right
order from amazon specifically or from
whatever website that you're obviously
ordering from
whoever your supplier is directly to the
customer right and then you can use the
tracking number like i've said before
and i'm gonna offer free shipping me
personally because because i have amazon
and in this specific case i'm using
obviously amazon to do it
i don't it doesn't cost me anything to
ship it right amazon's gonna ship it for
so you can see here that after all is
said and done if i sell this at
twenty three dollars and i'm obviously
making 21.85 after fees that's one of
the benefits of facebook marketplace
drop shipping is their fees are so
low only five percent which is the
online with a marketplace where there's
a lot of customers on so this is a great
opportunity right now
and their fees are so low so your
margins are going to be higher so i'm
going to make 21.85
when i list this if somebody buys it
obviously i'm buying it for about 15
bucks so that's a six dollar profit
margin or almost a seven dollar
profit margin okay so i'm literally
almost you know
making 50 percent uh margin here on this
product right
pretty i think that is over fifty
percent so then we're gonna hit next and
we are going to
list it okay now a few caveats here i
did save this correct
it did yeah 96. so we're gonna move on
to the next one and i'll show you
another example let's
list this thing really fast but
another thing that you can do once just
a little caveat for staying this long
is you can also use lists perfectly to
cross post it elsewhere okay
so with the chrome extension like i
showed you right you have uh
z drop if we go back to this you'll see
z drop only integrates with two
marketplaces it only integrates with
facebook marketplace
or etsy so you're like okay well i guess
i can't ship on other marketplaces
but if you use a multi-channel listing
where is it uh right here if you use a
multi-channel listing software i'm going
to create a tutorial on this coming very
very soon this is a game changer i've
been using it a lot lately and i
always used to use this to like post
everywhere so if we go to lists
i used to just like and i still do it
like this when i'm reselling my own
reselling business right
instead of like posting it on ebay and
then posting it on mercari and then
posting it on
you know wherever right poshmark what uh
what i basically do is i post it to list
perfectly and list perfectly would just
boom post it everywhere at the same time
right so i still use it like that
but now i also use it my drop shipping
business because you can also cross
cross post from poshmark to mercari from
facebook marketplace to poshmark from
facebook marketplace to etsy and so on
and so forth so if you hit this little
cross post listing
once you have list perfectly installed
and you obviously subscribe to it and
i'll drop a list perfectly uh affiliate
link down in the description i think you
can save
50 i believe i forget the actual deal
that they have
but 50 off the first month or something
like that you i'll put the details of
whatever you can save down in the
and you'll see that once you click that
you can literally post it
everywhere else okay so i'm not going to
get into too too much of where you want
to cross post this
because every marketplace is slightly
different so for example you can't
do this on poshmark because on poshmark
for example you need to use
their labels right so you can't pop drop
shipping on poshmark works very very
but you could hypothetikally post this
to ebay you could hypothetikally post
this to instagram
you could hypothetikally post this to
mercar you could have that like you get
the picture right
so every marketplace is different i'm
not saying like post it everywhere you
need to know the specific
nuances of every marketplace but you can
use lists perfectly to post your drop
shipping listings
otherwise like other places right so for
example i wanted to post this to mercari
i could just go boom copy it
and like i said tutorial coming on this
soon i just want to give you a little
caveat to help you out and help you make
more money
listed other places where you can get
sales and you get the picture it's going
to slowly post my listing to mercari i'm
not doing this it's just doing this for
me okay
so a little caveat there just wanted to
kind of show that to you alright so now
let's post one more
really really quickly to show you the
tutorial one more time okay so i'm going
to copy to facebook
and i'm just gonna sit here as it copies
to facebook okay
and as soon as that little button pops
up right here i'm gonna click
paste it right so paste data bam
and the only thing that's doing this
right here is the z drop chrome
it's just it's going automatikally right
now it's like i said taking a little bit
of time because i have a bunch of
software and cross posts going in the
and as soon as it stops pasting the tags
in you know it's done so bam it's gone
so now let's go um
hand blender blender
um personal blender i don't know
appliance i'm just coming up with these
quickly kitchen
appliance and you get the picture i
don't even know if i spelled that right
we're just going to go with it i believe
the next number was 97
so we're gonna copy the url and
go into the folder and go shortcut
paste the url 97. and now we know that
anytime somebody orders 97 i'm coming to
and clicking that right so there we go
with that let's fix the top of the
again they always post this in there
don't put that in there okay
so it's new we're gonna say it's a mixer
and a blender
it post already 20 margin so 36 bucks
and it was posted for 30. i'm going to
list this a little bit higher let's go
like 43.
i'm going gonna go with quantity three
and i'm gonna take the brand out here
we're just gonna say like ultra
stik 500 watt five speed immersion
purpose hand blender
um yeah go to the end
and go heavy duty and just take that off
that's not the best title but for the
sake of demonstration purposes
i'm not going to change it much and then
we just come down i'm not going to add
the brand i'm going to paste the title
in there and everything's set up
perfectly right it's
already hidden from friends because i
set that up as a template on the actual
chrome extension
and then we're going to go shipping only
we're going to go use your own label so
that i can obviously
send it to wherever i want with you with
my own shipping and then when i add free
and you'll see here that i'm going to
make 4085 after fees when somebody buys
which obviously leaves me a 10 profit
boom next publish list and there you go
it's going to list it to facebook
marketplace okay
so that's facebook marketplace drop
shipping in a nutshell that's how you do
it super super fast now again let me
show you really fast
so we'll jump to it here now so here's a
perfect example of something that
i ordered that's on the way to me right
now this is not a drop shipping listing
i ordered this obviously for my
reselling business it's tape i ordered
this like
i ordered multiple of these like every
single week but i love this tape
it works so well right but you'll see
updating your blue care tracking please
so originally right here they had the
amazon tracking number which is what it
shows you
but because i have the dsm tool it
converts that as the extension
into the tracking for blue care express
right so i can copy this tracking number
and i can put that into facebook so that
my buyer can track right you need to do
this within three days but obviously
um amazon or the majority of companies
will update this within like 24 hours
maybe 48 hours max but that rarely
happens and
that way you don't need to run into the
issue of giving them an amazon tracking
you can just convert it to a bluecare
express so
hope you guys like this i really hope
that you enjoyed the tutorial
i've been playing around with this a lot
lately and seeing that it actually works
so i wanted to recommend it to you if
you appreciate the value in today's
tutorial give it a thumbs up i genuinely
appreciate it
and it actually helps the video rank a
lot in the algorithm so i really
appreciate that
also resale university which will teach
you seven ways to
make money reselling products online in
my opinion is the best reselling
training out there
you can watch a free 10-minute video
down in the description
that will show you exactly how it can
help you show you examples of
other you know students just like you
that it's obviously helped and give you
a quick demo
of the course again the first link in
the description for a free 10-minute
showing all that so with that being said
i'll see in the next one

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