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How To Dropship On Google Shopping ADs For FREE | Google ADs Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

Google Shopping ADs is an effective platform for dropshipping. However, it can be expensive for small businesses. In this tutorial, we will explore how to dropship on Google Shopping ADs for free.

1. Setting Up Google Merchant Center:

- Sign up for a Google Merchant Center account.

- Verify your website.

- Add product information to your feed.

2. Creating a Google Shopping Campaign:

- Create a new campaign in Google Ads.

- Select “Shopping” as your campaign type.

- Choose your target audience and budget.

3. Optimizing Your Campaign:

- Use relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions.

- Use high-quality images.

- Set competitive pricing.

4. Monitoring Your Campaign:

- Track your ad performance regularly.

- Make adjustments to your campaign as needed.

- Analyze your data to improve your results.

Google Shopping ADs can be a powerful tool for dropshipping. By following these steps, you can create an effective campaign without spending money on advertising. Keep monitoring your campaign and making adjustments to improve your results. With a little effort and patience, you can succeed in dropshipping on Google Shopping ADs for free.

How To Dropship On Google Shopping ADs For FREE | Google ADs Tutorial

Google Ads has recently released a new feature that allows users to list their products on the Google Shopping platform for free. This article will discuss how to sell on Google Shopping ads for free, the reasons behind this new feature, and its impact on dropshippers.

Why is Google Offering Free Ads?

The American economy has been suffering due to the ongoing global pandemic. In response, Google has introduced this new feature to help businesses gain more traffic and sales during this difficult time. While paid ads still have priority, free ads can also help increase sales.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Dropshippers

While the free ads can help increase competition, it also means that SEO optimization becomes even more crucial to get your products seen. Paid ads can still help boost sales and profitability, and with more people relying on free traffic, the competition for paid ads may decrease, leading to lower CPCs.

Ideal Strategy for Using Google Shopping Ads

The ideal situation for dropshippers is to use both paid and free traffic for high-bid products. This allows for maximum exposure and sales. Proper SEO optimization is crucial to ranking organically and gaining free traffic.

How to Activate the Free Ads Program

To activate the program, go to your Merchant Center account and select surfaces across Google under the manage programs section. If you've been using Google for more than one to two months, you should already have this program active. Make sure to enter your shipping policy link and monitor your performance through the dashboard.

Google's new free ads feature offers an opportunity for businesses to gain more traffic and sales during these difficult times. Proper SEO optimization and a mix of paid and free traffic can help maximize exposure and profitability.

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