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how to find a dropshipping product

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes!

what's up guys it's your boy jordan,back with another ecommerce video and in,this video i'm going to be showing you,exactly how i found a 10,000 a day product on my shopify store,and we're even going to be going out and,finding one together live in under five,minutes,i'm going to go over the simple criteria,that i look for in a winning product i'm,going to share the exact strategy,that i use to find these products and,how i go out there and validate the,products to make sure,that they have potential if you're,trying to start your own online business,and you want to see more content like,this,give me a thumbs up and hit that,subscribe button down below and without,further ado let's get started with the,video,now before we get started i just want to,show you some results that i'm,generating,using this exact same strategy so you,can see that it is the 12th of january,and i have already generated over 94,dollars,in sales with my online store found this,product using the exact strategy we're,going to be going over in this video and,i'll do a quick refresh for you as well,so you can see that this is,100 legit before we find a product,together live,i just real quick want to tok about the,four criterias,that i look for in any winning product,every single successful product that,i've seen in my journey has these,and you cannot have a winning product,without having all four of these so make,sure you listen,very closely the first criteria is look,for,products that are already selling well,on amazon,or on other dropshipping stores the,logic behind this,is very simple we don't have to reinvent,the wheel,we want to look for trends that are,already happening in the market,and figure out how to add our own unique,twist on them so we can capitalize off,of what is already working the second,thing that i look for,in any winning product is the,opportunity to mark up the product for,three times the cost,that we get it from our supplier this,makes running facebook ads so much,easier because it gives you a healthy,margin to spend a good amount to acquire,a customer,every single winning product that i've,ever sold has had a 3x markup,and if you're trying to sell something,with less it is extremely difficult so,make sure that you can sell it for at,least 3x,the total cost of goods plus shipping,the next thing you should always be,looking for,is room for improvement on that existing,competition,this is just simple business 101 let's,say you wanted to start a burger,restaurant in your neighborhood but,there was already somebody selling the,same exact food,the only way that you would be able to,make a business out of this,is if you improved on the service that,they were providing,the quality of food that they were,providing or perhaps the ambiance inside,of the restaurant itself it's no,different with an online store,if somebody else is already selling a,product at scale you need to think about,how you can do a better job marketing,that product,how you can make a better website or,maybe just find a product that's a,little different than the one they're,selling,so you can capitalize off of that trend,and the last thing you want to look for,is find products that improve the,quality of your customer's life,it's so much easier to get somebody to,spend money on a product if they can,see a clear benefit of purchasing that,item so make sure when you're picking,products,you find things that clearly have a,benefit in the eyes of the customer,and it's going to be so much easier to,sell those products that's the four,criterias i look for,make sure it's already selling well make,sure you can mark up the price,at least 3x make sure that there is some,room for improvement or a unique angle,that you can take,and also make sure that the product,improves the customer's life in some,type of way,all right so now let's hop onto the,computer and let me show you exactly how,we can find one of these products,and let's try to find one together and,see how fast we can do it,alright so there's a ton of ways to go,out there and find these winning,products,this is not the only method but this is,the exact method that i use to find,my winning product so we're gonna go,through that now if you're looking for,more methods to find winning products,like if this one isn't working for you,for example,i'll link one of my other videos down,below where i share a few other methods,that you can use but you guys should,start out on,amazon as i believe that this is one of,the best tools to find winning products,on so you want to go to amazon you want,to go to the top left and you want to,click on best sellers,when you're on the best sellers tab you,want to click on this right here the,movers and shakers tab,if you're not familiar with this it's,basically just showing the products,that have grown the most in the last 24,hours so you can find products and,trends that are on the rise now,there's a couple categories in here that,i like more than others and i'm gonna,share those with you now,every category that i'm about to share,with you i found a winning product,in so the first one is baby the next one,is beauty and personal care,the next one is health and household,there's a lot of really good products,there,you have home and kitchen as well and,for the last one we have electronics now,a lot of these products have potential,like pet supplies sports and outdoors,tools but those categories are just my,favorite so for today we're gonna pick a,random one,i say we'll go with health and household,and we're just gonna scroll and look for,something that fits on our criteria so,something that's selling well something,that improves the life of the customer,and i'm gonna look for something a,little more expensive as well so we can,mark up the price,so obviously like we can't dropship,garbage bags and,uh what do you call this mouthwash and,wipes like we can't do anything with,that,but we're looking for a product that i,know i can find on aliexpress like we,have this,water floss teeth cleaner i don't,necessarily like this product that much,it's not very unique,um what is this one here this one,actually looks pretty cool,this is a scale and on the scale it,actually connects to your app,so you can see like how you're doing,with your fitness goals this is,something that,i would even buy myself and you know,funny enough it's january right it's a,new year,and everybody's trying to get their,fitness on everybody's trying to change,their,their bodies going into the new year new,year new me you know what i mean,so i think that this product could,actually be pretty sick let's,go through the rest of the process and,see if it checks off the other boxes so,obviously they're selling it for 20,bucks now we're not going to be selling,this for 20 bucks on our store we could,definitely get away with selling this,for more,the first thing i like to do when,validating a product is going to google,trends so,you want to go to google trends here and,you want to type in,this type of product that you're looking,at so um we would probably want to call,this,yeah a smart scale i think that would do,very well so we'll go ahead and put that,in the search bar,and look at that guys you can see that,this thing is at its highest right now,it's at 99.,if we go scale in general let's see what,a scale is looking like,it's still pretty good it's around 75,it's around 80,uh every single every single month and,that's all year long so that's a great,sign,and then if we go to gym you know it's,january you can see that that as well is,doing just fine in this time,but the main term that we're looking at,is smart scale and you can see that is,at a hundred so,this product is actually looking really,good let's go to aliexpress and see what,we can find,for this product and maybe think about,how we can mark this up so let's go,ahead and search,smart scale we're gonna go ahead and get,rid of these pop-ups,sort by orders and see what comes up so,this one actually looks quite nice,ri

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what's going on guys I know why you're,here you know why I'm here so let's do,this finding when he thrives to sell as,a beginner can be one of the most,complicated and stressful things when,starting off Drop Shipping that's why in,this series which I do every single,month I hand pick and analyze the,products that you should be selling,right now I'm going to be covering the,selling price of the products some,marketing angles that you should be,running on your ads and I'll even have,some examples of ads that are doing,really well right now so make sure,you're watching closely because you're,not going to want to miss any crucial,information all right let's get right,into the first product on the list so,the first product that I picked out is,in the productivity Niche it is,tiknically a kitchen timer right it's a,smart timer for I guess mainly marketed,or used in the kitchen space I guess,right so when you're cooking your food,and you want to set a timer and you,don't have a timer on your microwave for,some reason or your oven then you get,like a separate kitchen timer but this,one just looks nicer it's more modern,how I want to Market this product is,actually by marketing it through,productivity so I've actually seen a lot,of tiktoks and where people are using,this and people keep asking where they,got it because it just looks so nice,it's really minimalistik it's modern and,a lot of the text in these videos have,it set up so it's like 15 minutes of,work followed by five minutes of the,break where you can go on your phone or,whatever and then repeat and it's only,three dollars and 22 cents with 3.79,shipping so it's fairly cheap it's about,six bucks and I actually found this tik,tok it says you're getting distracted,again make those dreams you have come,true right so you can really hit a large,audience size people that need,motivation people have goals for New,Year's resolutions you just scroll it,hit the timer and then work for 25,minutes take a break for five that's the,whole idea but I think people just like,it just because it looks so cool and,it's you know I guess like unique it's,really nice to have on your desk this,video got like 6 300 likes let's just go,on to their website and see what they,got going on see how much it costs,there's some this kitchen timer,specifically for 34.95 so it's a pretty,big Market but they're marking it up,about five times I think that's a little,bit overpriced to be honest for this,timer I'd probably sell this for like,19.99 to 24.99 Max and then probably,trying to make up some of that extra,average order value with some upsells,all right so the next product on the,list I actually found on tiktok as,well it's a really cool product I I,think I'm going to order one myself,honestly I say that about a lot of,products but I really like them so this,one is a mini Bluetooth compatible music,Tesla coil but it's really cool I just,have to show you what it is because it,explains itself better than I would be,able to with words it's like this little,box that shoots out these little,electronic pulses but the thing is with,this it's really cool because it,connects to Bluetooth where you can play,music and it'll match the beat so it's,just a really cool product to have like,on your desk or in your room or buy like,a record player or something it's just a,cool product I found it here in,AliExpress for 28.28 with free shipping,so not too too overpriced I think 28,bucks to Source this product isn't too,bad because it seems like it'd be worth,more than that so this is The tiktok,account that I actually found to show me,this product I'm not going to pick one,here that's not the most viral but I,really like it because the guy puts like,a fruit on it like it puts like a peach,on it or something or an orange let's,see what they're selling it for honestly,because at 28 dollars they're probably,sourcing it for a little bit cheaper too,I think that you could probably get this,product down to like 20 to 25 if you,find a good supplier this is a weird,little link tree thing here okay let's,just click on this one all right so,they're selling it for 54.99 so they're,only marking it up around two times,which I think is pretty realistik,because I think 54.99 for this product,is probably a good selling point yeah,I'd probably try to Source it for 20 to,24.99 give or take messaging that,supplier and then sell for about 50 to,60 dollars have a little bit lower of a,markup but if you're running organic,traffic it's not going to matter too,much your profit margins will still be,high all right on to the next product I,actually found this one on Mania I like,to use it a lot uh it's like a product,research tool it shows like the top 10,Facebook ads and tiktok ads it's,really good tool I check it every single,day honestly for the new top 10 so which,ones are performing the best if you want,to try out Malaya for free and you want,to get 20 off premium plans then check,the link down below because I've got a,discount code for you but anyway this,one is like a red light uh it's called,micro glow it's like a red light uh,therapy thing for your chin specifically,I guess and also for your forehead it's,a product that's doing really really,well right now on tiktok it's got 935,000 plays on it it's basically like one,of those regular red light you know,Beauty tools I've toked about before,but this one's got like a nice like,curve to it it's specifically for your,jawline I pulled up their website here,they are signed in for,56.98 great website uh there's a couple,things could be improved but it looks,really nice to me I had purchase,something from here so I couldn't even,find this exact product on AliExpress,but this is one that I've toked about,before these sell for them anywhere from,like 15 to like 25 theirs is a little,bit bulkier and bigger probably got a,little more power to it I'd probably say,they're sourcing it for 25 to 30 dollars,would be my guess and they're selling it,for 56 so again only like a two times,markup but it looks like they're really,focused on organic traffic coming from,tiktok so that margin is still there,next product on the list is an ice cream,machine so you might be thinking ice,cream in January it's not the best time,to eat some ice cream but I'm taking ice,cream with a Twist here so it's an ice,cream maker but the idea is that you'd,want to use a marketing angle like,Health and Wellness in January for,people that have New Year's resolutions,and working out eating healthier and if,they still want ice cream and they love,sweet treats or whatever you can Market,this as an ice cream maker but healthy,ice cream right so I've seen people put,like frozen bananas frozen strawberries,and basically mash it up and create ice,cream out of the fruits I'd also make a,tiktok page and really actually say,nothing about ice cream I'll just make,it all about the health and wellness of,the product use there was a couple,different variations that I found on,AliExpress and you get this product for,like 18.80 this one has 37 shipping so I,think you'd probably want to find a,different supplier it depends on the,quality of the ice cream machine there's,like some big industrial ones on there,and there's also some like smaller ones,like this but the average price for like,the smaller ones was about like 18 bucks,to 35 dollars is what I saw I think that,you could probably mark up this product,like 50 to 60 dollars is my guess and,it's not like a revolutionary product,but I think that the marketing annual,that I just toked about selling this,product as a health and wellness kind of,thing would actually do really really,well from like January to April and then,even when April comes then people are,wanting to get ready to go to the beach,and it's pool season essentially and get,back in shape so you could run this up,at the same marketing angle at that time,as well all right on to the next like,this one I also found on manea again,this one's actually this is a spec

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these are my top 10 favorite products on,month of January 2023 and all the,products on today's list are going to be,New Year bangers and hidden Valentine,gems hey guys welcome to the YouTube,channel my name is Kamil sanon is The,e-con King and I want to first off by,saying Happy New Year to everyone that,subscribed to the channel and everyone,that's watching this video so what I'm,going to be doing in today's video is,I'm gonna be giving you my you my 10,favorite products for the month of,January and for Valentine's Day and,these are also going to be forever green,products the method that I've,the days I've gone to the,industry-leading websites like Peaks to,sell account and those are all indexes,that have already got great products on,there and they're doing extra research,and due diligence by heading over to,Amazon and looking at the sales volume,I've gone to Google Trends to see if,they're trending I've also gone on to,tiktok to see how many organic views,there are for the product as that is a,leading indicator right now to see,success in products we've even gone to,the Facebook ad library to see how many,competitors are running ads for each one,of these products because the whole,purpose of this video is to give you a,list of 10 amazing products for this,month but products that are also not,saturated and have massive potential to,the upside now what I've also done for,you guys is I've created a free Google,doc sheet that's going to contain all,the information for each one of these,products and you're going to be watching,me use it throughout this video and if,you want to get access to this because,it's going to have ad copies thumbnails,links to other stores it's going to have,absolutely everything on there then we,do need to hit 2 000 likes in this video,and it'll be in the pin comment and in,the description below so guys if you're,looking for a great product to start,your new year then you're definitely in,the right place let's get straight into,the top 10 list of products,[Music],on today's list is the gesture sensing,smart robot if we look at the AliExpress,link you can see it's almost got 600,orders 4.8 star reviews on 89 people,meaning that people are happy with the,product now what this product is it's a,smart robot that is based on gestures,from you so based on the gesture that,you show the robot it will do a certain,movement so you can see here sidewalk,sidewalk walk forward intelligence,programming so it will do different,commands based on the gesture you use,with the Smart Control and the gesture,hand now the reason why I love this,product so much is because I know,there's been other dropshipping products,that are gestures sense like these ones,that have blown up and generated,multiple seven figures so if we take a,look at the product price and,recommendation I'd recommend this other,product for 44.99 it's going to cost you,24.37 and your profit margin is going to,be roughly 20 now with any product that,you sell I'd always recommend that you,make around about twenty dollars after,you pay for the product cost and the,shipping cost as that will leave you,good margins with the product price,recommendations that I'm giving you this,is the base standard meaning that once,you see success with these products you,can increase the price over a long,period of time so you could potentially,start selling this for 79.99 if people,are willing to pay that price for the,product so if we take a look at the,product description it reads,groundbreaking gesture control,tiknology smart robot is the toy kids,go crazy for signing and dancing in,response to your actions it's truly,unlike any tour you've seen before this,is the best gift for children or RC,Fanatiks it promotes creativity fun,activity for kids that doesn't revolve,around mobile screens it says features,playful robotik the robotik that will,perform dance moves by moving back and,forth dance music you can follow his,movements together at any time and then,it says here educational multi-use,although mainly used for fun you can use,this robot to respond and create a fun,way for your child to learn the basic,numbers and grammar and language and,then it gives you an example here,lifelike joints and movements it has,like life joints throughout knees neck,elbow and even fingers so it can dance,and jump or move around like a new best,friend and impressive thing to witness,even as an adult so if we take a look at,a Shopify dropshipping store selling,this product we're only looking at the,store to see what they've done whilst,you can add it in your store so the,first thing that I like is the way,they've got these bundles the more you,buy the bigger the discounts and then,they've got here a sales that's always,good to offer a sale then they've got,these giffies These giffies are really,important for a product like this,because you're toking about it being a,gesture based product people are going,to want to see that in real life so by,showing them giffies like this by,showing them diagrams and explaining how,the controller Works how kids can use it,is really important if you want to get,sales now if we take a look at a,Facebook video that's got over 250 000,views the opening scene shows a kid,walking with the robot and then it shows,the robot picking things up and it also,shows somebody unboxing the product and,then it shows them giving the mic to the,robot and it starts dancing and this is,really crazy because when you watch,something like this it's going to make,you think wow this is impressive I want,one for myself now if we take a look at,a tiktok video for the product you,can see the opening scene says this toy,robot is awesome and then it shows the,controller that you're using and then it,also shows you the gesture while moving,your hand forward or backwards makes the,robot move forward and backwards and,then they go over it can walk and dance,to the music so you can see that this is,designed in ugc content POV content from,your point of view and these work really,well on tiktok now the countries I'd,recommend that you target for this,product are going to be the e-packet,countries minus Mexico Brazil in Italy,as I do find that I get a lot of high,fraudulent charges from those countries,if you don't do the epocket countries,then I'd recommend the top six which is,the UK the US Canada Australia New,Zealand and Ireland and if you're doing,tiktok ads I'd only recommend that,you Target Canada and the US now the,interest I'd recommend for this product,is Hot Toys toys Gadget Geeks kids and,then suggested interests now they're,ready to go ad copy read smart robot is,the toy kids go crazy for signing and,dancing response your actions the best,gift for children's and it will reduce,screen time shop here then it shows the,thumbnail of somebody's hand with the,gestures showing that the robot is,moving based on your commands and then,also shows the controller in the bottom,left now when it comes to season success,with these Drop Shipping products the,advertising pot is the most important,part so when you run ads on tiktok,Facebook you need really good videos and,that's why I'm recommending launch ads,launch ads are a group of video editing,experts that will deliver really good,quality videos in one to three business,days and if they don't then you will get,your money back and those videos will be,completely free and they will still,deliver the videos and the reason why,I'm recommending these guys is because,the main benefits are there's a,professional team of video editors,there's a professional team of script,writers there's a professional team of,designers and they're going to create,engage in first three seconds and,they're also going to get you a really,good thumbnail for your videos and most,people that start Drop Shipping really,struggle with making really good video,ads because they don't know how to edit,videos in ways that are going to be,really impulsive for people to watch and,it can take months and m

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Shopify: How I Found A $1M Dropshipping Product In 10 Minutes (Product Research)

a ton of reviews obviously making a lot,of money 213 000 a month the leather,toiletry bag on amazon is making,over 960 000 a month and by the way this,is,accurate hey what's going on welcome,back to the channel in today's video i,decided to do another product research,video specifically for shopify,and i woke up today i woke up this,morning i was like you know what,let's make a video and we are going to,be going deep into some shopify live,product research finding,profitable products to sell and to build,successful shopify stores from,so you can follow along and you can also,see the absolute best ways to actually,find a profitable product as opposed to,so many other videos out there,i don't uh show bs research methods i,show things that i actually do myself,and that i would do if i were to find a,new product,you know right now so let's get right,into it i'm super excited today i,honestly love doing product research i,love seeing all the different kinds of,products out there that,i can sell and potentially make six,figures and seven figures in passive,income because,you know you find one product uh from,any of these methods,and you go and you build a brand around,it you build a store around and i'm,going to tok about how to do that,um it's not super hard i think it sounds,a lot harder than it is uh but,you do that and you can really take one,product and build it into a six-figure,multi-six figure and seven-figure empire,and that's what so many people around,the world are doing with e-commerce,every single day,um you know and every single month every,single year nowadays is because,e-commerce is booming it's rising,there's never been a better time to get,into e-commerce get into shopify,no matter where you're from no matter,how much experience you have no matter,if you're from canada the states,from europe from asia right online,business and the internet has opened up,a world of opportunities,to people all around the world so i'm,happy you're here with me today as you,can see,i am excited if you don't know me,welcome to my channel my name is dan,vass,i do e-commerce it's basically what i've,been living and breathing for the past,four years almost i've been selling,products online on amazon fba and,shopify,building physical product brands since,2017 when i first got started,reason why i got started is because i,wanted financial abundance in my life i,wanted to make passive income,and i also wanted location independence,most of all and these three things i've,achieved and much much more,and i honestly love it you know i love,my life i'm very happy like right after,i film this video i'm about to take my,motorcycle,i'm gonna take it to las vegas and i'm,gonna go and bet 5 000 on black on the,roulette,and i'm gonna film that as well so you,guys can watch that video as well um but,you know,it's allowed me to have this freedom,where i'm able to just take my bike,cruise across the desert and just hit up,vegas whenever i want and that's just,one of the things right,it's also allowed me to become a,multi-millionaire early on in my 20s and,uh,you know there's it's a huge,accomplishment it's massive this is,something that if you really wanted this,for yourself if you have that desire,and that's what i had when i started i,had this deep deep desire to succeed to,build a successful business to,get rich and to have financial abundance,so i never have to worry about money,for the rest of my life uh if you have,that deep desire that's the first step,now the next step is to actually,you know put it into practike and follow,um in the proven steps of people who,have who have done what you want to do,before,which i have done what a lot of people,want to do you know i've sold millions,of dollars in,physical products online uh i just,recently posted up one of our brands uh,we posted up the numbers the revenue,numbers,we did like 2k 1.5k a day and we also,recently hit a million dollar evaluation,the brand is called bro day you can,check it out broday.com we're all,selling on amazon,so you can check that out on my youtube,it's in my community tab um so,you know i'm always investing in new,brands and growing new brands so,this is kind of what i do on the side of,the youtube thing but uh cool i'm really,excited,let's get right into it alright so for,today's product research we're going to,be using a free tool called ecom radar,this is a tool that our software team,created at econ freedom which is my,company where we help people all around,the world start successful online,businesses with shopify and amazon,and you know we've been in business for,several years we've helped thousands of,people around the world,so i actually created this tool for free,honestly because for my own product,research there were other tools out,there,uh there's like turbo ad finder that,existed before they were really buggy,and glitchy,and so we have a world-class software,team we have incredible developers,and so i just got them to build this,it's completely free so make sure to,grab it the link is down below,so once you have it the next step is to,go on facebook which i'm on and then you,just want to click on ecom radar,and it's going to ask you to create an,account so you can just fill in your,information to create that account,and again we never abuse your personal,information believe me i hate spam i,hate,uh all that bs and like you know we,don't clog up people's emails,i'm not about that uh you know if we are,to send you an email it's gonna be pure,value and it's gonna be,i basically send like once a week i send,it an email of pure value of like things,that actually,are helping me in my own journey to um,to success and,increasing my success and you know,growing my e-commerce empire as well,so um there you go so let's go ahead and,enable e-com radar and what this does is,it will only show us ads on facebook,this is basically the opposite of,ad blocker most people they don't want,to see ads on the internet,but for us e-commerce entrepreneurs and,e-commerce sellers aspiring e-commerce,sellers we want to,see ads because ads are um the best way,to actually,find new products that we can build,shopify stores from so right away i,already see a product here,uh looking for a better way to declutter,your bathroom let's check it out,okay so it's a stiky shelf boom it's,59.99 it's a great price,so you know what you're looking at is,you're looking at the website,you're looking at how professional it is,so this one looks like it's brand new,they just launched the homepage is,pretty nice i'm pretty impressed,so uh one amazing tool that also you're,going to need to use,that's going to really help you in your,product research journey is alexa site,rank,so it looks like this now what alexa,side rank is is it's amazon's free tool,you can also just go on google and type,in alexa site rank and what that does is,it shows us,the traffic rank of the website and why,that is so important is because,basically how it works is it ranks all,of the websites around the world,from a scale of one you know up until,like in into the millions however many,websites there are,so if we see that there's an alexa,traffic rank of 180 000,well that means that you know we can we,can kind of say that yes this website,could potentially be making money,the thing about shopify is that with,this tool we don't know exactly how much,money a website is making,there is no way for us to actually see,how much money any shopify site is,making because,obviously store owners aren't making,that information available that's why we,want to use something like alexa site,rank,which basically gives us a binary answer,meaning that either the website is,making money,if the traffic rank is decent and decent,means under 200 000,or it's not making any money meaning,that the traffic rank is going to be,above 200,000 so if the site rank was like 500 000,or 700 000,we can assume that the website's not,making any money and the product,potentially could be a no-go but in

How I Find $1,000,000 Dropshipping Products in 10 Mins.

so selling products online has been,around for a very very long time but the,best thing about living in the time that,we do right now is that there's so many,new social media platforms popping up,all the time the one I'm referring to,most is tiktoks,these newer social media platforms allow,you to utilize their new audience as,well as advertising methods that the,masses and the Boomers aren't really,using yet but more and more people are,moving to tiktok to advertise every,single day this is driving up the cost,and the competition there's still a ton,of money to be made on tiktok because,it's such a new platform but the things,that you have to focus on right now to,become successful and build a seven,figure Shopify store is focusing on,marketing angles product selection and,building a high converting website but,before you even get to any of those,steps you have to find a winning product,if you're new here my name is Austin,Rabin and if you're returning thank you,for coming back in this video I'm going,to be covering my extensive tiktok,guide to get you guys as successful as,possible these are some of the methods,that I personally use to look for a,winning product that's allowed me to,build multiple seven figure stores and,I'm sharing it all here for you finding,the winning product on tiktok is,pretty different than looking for one,that you're going to run ads on Facebook,or Instagram which is why I put together,some product criteria or like a,checklist for some of the,characteristiks that we're looking for,in this winning product I'm going to,cover the criteria first and then we're,going to go into the methods that I use,to actually find these winning products,and we're going to take this as,seriously as possible and actually try,to find one but first as always we're,going to do the giveaway for this video,I wanted to make this giveaway a really,good one for this video so what I'm,giving away is a free Consulting call,with me personally one-on-one we can,review your website I can give you,advice on how to start Ecom we can do,anything at all,not anything I guess all that you have,to do to enter this giveaway is leave a,like hit the Subscribe button and also,leave a comment down below about your,favorite product research method I'm,going to be choosing the winner of this,giveaway in my next video so make sure,you're watching that one and also in,this video I'm revealing the winner of,the last videos giveaway somewhere,random in the video so make sure you're,paying attention I don't want you guys,skipping through the product research,methods I give a lot of good insight and,tips and it's also a little incentive,that the winner is randomly put in the,video later on so make sure you're,watching alright let's get right into,the first product research method all,right so I put together the four pillars,to find the perfect tiktok product so,the first pillar is product engagement,so product engagement means that you,need to engage the viewer within the,first three seconds some products that,you find will naturally do this just,based on the functionality of the,product the reason that we want a,product that's very engaging within the,first three seconds is that tiktok is,a very stimulating platform unlike,Facebook and Instagram people go on tik,tok solely to be entertained as much as,possible and as fast as possible it's a,constant dopamine release as you scroll,past everyone's feed in order to sell,effectively on tiktok you actually,have to have something that's very,engaging that people want to watch that,doesn't necessarily look like an ad and,that's why you see the best performing,products on tiktok ones that are,extremely engaging are really fun to,watch or really solve a problem in a,specific Niche and why I keep referring,to the first three seconds is because if,you can get them to stop scrolling and,watch the video all the way through this,is the most important metric for tik,tok's algorithm I personally think it's,very hard to get a viral video,especially an organic one if your,product's not engaging it's really,boring and a quick tip for some best,practikes to actually get a viral video,would be to make sure that you film your,video on a decent camera like an iPhone,camera or DSLR or mirrorless camera,would be really good you also need a lot,of Quick Cuts so when you're filming,your video film a bunch of different,angles and a bunch of different uses of,the product and splice them together and,change the scene like every like three,seconds every time something pops up on,the screen or it changes the scene it,triggers the viewer to refocus on the,video and learn the new scene which in,turn is going to give you a lot longer,watch through time having texts on your,video is also really important if you,have a text Block it's going to force,people to read all the way through and,it's going to increase that watch time,between all of my tiktok accounts,I've gained hundreds of thousands of,followers and these are the simple,methods that I use and they really work,so I highly recommend that you do those,the next pillar to find a successful,product on tiktok is actually the,price point so unlike Facebook Instagram,Google where you can sell a product at,pretty much any price point you can go,up to like 500 a thousand dollars for a,high tiket item which I recommend,Google ads for really high tiket items,because it's very search oriented tik,tok is pretty different right there's a,younger demographic it's a much more,stimulating platform so people when they,get off of The tiktok platform,they're not really ready to buy like a,400 item they're more looking for a,quick dopamine fix that's why they're on,the app so if you actually put a price,point in front of them that's a lot,lower they're going to actually make a,quick decision purchase the product and,receive more dopamine from it right,that's why they're on tiktok so we,really want to capture that type of,energy that's happening on tiktok and,move it onto your website so with that,being said the price point that I like,to aim for for a tiktok product is,between 15 and 75 dollars and once good,for you is that Drop Shipping products,mainly lie within that range so you're,going to have a plethora of products to,choose from and there's really not going,to be that much limitation you can also,add a bunch of upsells if you want to,increase your average order value which,I highly recommend doing you're also,going to want to look for a markup of,three to four times the product cost so,for example if you found a product,that's 15 you want to sell it for at,least forty five dollars and upwards of,60 bucks this is going to give you a,really healthy margin especially if,you're running paid traffic but if,you're running organic your profit,margins are going to be even higher,people that are doing organic traffic on,tiktok are seeing profit margins,anywhere between 40 and 75 percent which,is really good and very profitable now,that we've covered the price point we're,going to move on to the next pillar that,you want to look for in a winning,product this is going to be marketing,angles marketing angles are more,important now than ever before in the,Ecom space and you may be asking why is,that right like why are marketing angles,so important why isn't the product,extremely important well they're both,really important but marketing angles,really Takes the Cake in 2022 and Beyond,in my opinion the reason is because,there's so many advertisements floating,around all social media platforms and,people don't really like being sold to,so when you come up with unique,marketing angles to actually identify,your ideal customer and put the ad in,front of them that they want to see and,enjoy watching it's going to create such,a high conversion rate in your store and,you're going to be a lot more successful,than the person just throwing up a,random ad on tiktok hoping to get,sales doing paid traffic and it doesn't,seem to be working let'

Shopify Dropshipping - How To Find $1000+ A Day Winning Products (BEGINNERS GUIDE)

you could be making over a thousand,dollars a day with your drop shipping,store but that's only gonna happen if,you know exactly what products that you,need to be selling that can generate,that type of money for your online store,on a day-to-day basis so with that being,said grab your pins grab your paper,strap in because i'm gonna show you,exactly how you can do that what's going,on everyone if you do not know me my,name is ac hampton i'm an eight figure,marker that teaches people how to start,build and scale profitable e-commerce,businesses if you do know who i am,welcome back and thank you for always,showing love and because you all show so,much love each and every single week,i'll be giving out a free one-on-one,consulting call giveaway so that you can,get all of your questions answered and,streamline your success and i'll be,announcing the winner from last week,somewhere inside this video so make sure,to stay tuned the entire way through but,if you want the chance to win this week,all you need to do is in the comment,section below comment the word winner,with your biggest take away from this,video now before we head into these,step-by-step strategies don't forget,that if you're having any questions,about how to get started with your,online business successfully or any,questions about this video you can head,over to my instagram ac underscore,hampton dm me the word youtube so i can,reach out and help out in any way,possible so with that being said without,further ado let's go ahead and jump,right into this video now in order to be,capable of finding winning products that,could be making you a thousand dollars,or more a day you have to understand,exactly what a winning product is and,what it looks like some of the key,factors i look for when searching for my,winning products is number one is it has,to solve a problem which is key because,that's going to allow me to continue to,sell a product year long rather than,just a specific season if it is,something i can see people needing all,year long then it's definitely something,that piques my interest now secondly the,next thing that i'm looking for with the,winning product is that it's being sold,for more than 25 and people ask me all,the time why that is and it's because,you want to be making some profit off of,the product that you're selling if you,sell everything that's extremely cheap,then what you're going to find out is,that you're spending a lot more on ads,then you're getting a return for people,purchasing your product by selling a,product that is above 25 and always,focus on increasing your average order,value with upsells you're likely going,to profit with the sales that are coming,in the third and next thing that you,should be looking for is for the product,to have some sort of wow factor behind,it what this means is when you see the,advertisement surrounding the product it,catches your attention this is based on,the features and benefits the product,provides and it makes you go wow i wish,i had that without a wow factor going,hand in hand with the product it's going,to be hard to bring traffic into your,store because they simply feel like they,don't need that product right then and,there and they can go find it from,walmart target or any local store your,job is to make the customer feel like,they need the product and not just want,it now the fourth thing that you should,be looking for in a winning product is,that you have some type of competition,with this product and that competition,is doing well based on likes comments,and shares on their advertisements i see,so many people get scared to sell a,product because there's some good,competition happening but that's exactly,what you should be looking for by seeing,competitors selling the exact same,product that you want to sell what that,means is that you have the potential to,do even better with the product as long,as you look at how they're marketing the,product and find ways to out market them,so that you can wipe out any competition,out the way it's also just a really good,indicator that customers are interested,in the product and that means there's a,market available for you to take full,control over now fifth and lastly and,arguably the most important thing that,you should be looking for when it comes,to understanding a winning product is,that it has to have the potential,rebranded if you checked out my last,video right here you'll know that,branding is the overall goal of creating,a drop shipping store so that you can,continue to keep bringing in income over,an extended amount of time to know and,be confident if a product has the,ability to be branded you need to,understand if it is a high quality,product that can be marketed in a couple,different ways and push through a couple,different demographics to put it simply,the broader the product is and the more,people it has the potential to help the,more brandable it is,now okay okay okay wait a minute because,you might be thinking you're good to go,with all that information and you can go,find a winning product that you can sell,right now but let me tell you product,research takes a lot more time than you,think i'm about to show you a platform,that's going to make finding these,wedding products as simple as possible,without spending hours just looking for,products that are not going to be useful,for you so make sure you stay tuned the,product research tool that you need to,be utilizing is called pizza when i tell,you all that pizza is going to change,the product research game for you all,i'm not playing around one of the best,things about this product research tool,is it was created by another,professional dropshipper who understands,what it means to struggle to find a,winning product and this is what the,dashboard of pizza looks like you can,see they have winners they have product,spy tik spy explorer suppliers,advertisements and so much more within,pizza they give you an entire section,that's called winners like you can see,right here that you're able to go into,and search for products that are,specifically some of the most training,products on the market right now so for,example if i click on this winners tab,right here and i scroll down it's going,to show me a handful of products that,can be making some serious profit right,now but it does not stop there pizza,literally does the work for you for,whatever product that you decide to use,as will give you the aliexpress,thumbnail a product description and even,thumbnails with facebook interest that,would be the most fitting for the,product that you're selling so let's say,i scroll down this product right here,and i go to details you can see it's,going to give me a thumbnail right here,from aliexpress a product description,and a thumbnail that i can use on,facebook and these winners are being,updated every single day so that you've,never run out of options on what you're,able to sell and you always have new,options to look through when you're,doing your product research pizza does,have other features like facebook ads,library that will show you the most,trending facebook ads on the market,right now with the ability to filter,down to exactly what you're looking for,so say i came over here to spy and i,came over here to product spot you can,see all these facebook ads right here,and you can use all these filters right,here to make finding products even,easier this product research tool is,going to cut your product research time,in half while helping you find the exact,type of products that i just broke down,in the beginning of this video and,they're letting you all get one month,free with the link down in my,description so make sure that you all,test it out and let me know what you,think now before we head into the next,part that plays a major role in how,you're going to be able to make over a,thousand dollars a day with your online,store based on the products that you're,selling if you're looking for more,one-on-one guidance towards your s