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How To Find High Demand Products To Sell On Amazon

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

How To Find High Demand Products To Sell On Amazon

The above is a brief introduction to How To Find High Demand Products To Sell On Amazon.

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How To Find High Demand Products To Sell On Amazon

hey everyone i'm tatiana and today i'll
be showing you how
you can assess the demand of a product
that you wish to sell on amazon
so whether or not you are currently
selling on amazon this video will be
because it's very important that you
understand how to do this
oftentimes i see new sellers making this
i would call it a newbie mistake where
they get excited about the opportunities
of selling on amazon
and they start looking around their home
for products that they might want to
things that they love things that they
use or they have
an idea already in mind of a product
that they would love to sell on amazon
but just because you love the product
just because
you use it does not mean that the rest
of the marketplace cares for that
and that's what you need to learn how to
do is how do you know if the
amazon marketplace if the shoppers on
love that product because that's going
to determine whether or not that
product's going to be a success
whether or not there are going to be
buyers to buy that product from you
and so the goal is to make sure that
there's demand for that product
on amazon existing demand people are
already buying a similar product
on amazon so that you can have some
of certainty that this product will sell
if it's not already selling on amazon if
there's no demand or very little demand
then you want to try and avoid
selling that product because that's just
going to make it so much harder for you
to really turn a profit
so to do this demonstration today i will
be using helium 10
because they've got a wonderful tool
called the alibaba.com
demand analyzer now this is a relatively
new tool that helium 10 added
to their suite of tools they've got over
25 different tools in their whole suite
and it's pretty epic because you
literally can be just browsing alibaba
which is one of the largest supplier
available and has thousands and
thousands of products and suppliers
and if you see a product that catches
your attention
something that you might be interested
in selling then with a click of a button
you can analyze the demand of that
product on amazon
so it's really awesome so i'm gonna hop
behind my computer
now and we're gonna do this whole demo
together so that you can understand how
this works
all right everyone so i am now on
and i'm going to search for a product
that you know i
might be interested in so for example
exercise ball let's go with that one
so lots of results here 17
000 results what i'm going to do is i'm
going to click on the chrome extension
from helium 10
and then i'm going to click on launch
alibaba demand
analyzer and so now what it's going to
do is in a matter of seconds it pulled
all the information it could from
amazon and it's showing me what the
demand is
on the amazon marketplace in this case
it's showing me on amazon.com
but if you're selling in a different
marketplace you can choose from the ones
so there's a lot of information on this
page that is readily available
first and foremost we can see here that
there's about 92 000 searches for this
product per
month on amazon uh so that's quite high
so a lot of people are searching this
for this product definitely a popular
and you if you're wondering well is this
like a seasonal product is this a
product that sells well
during the holiday season or is it only
going to sell during the summer months
if it's an outdoor product
well you don't have to guess about that
you really never want to guess when it
comes to
to your business you want to look at the
numbers the best of your ability
and that's what this graph over here if
i click this will provide
so we're going to be able to see the
search volume history for the keyword
exercise ball
on amazon so we can see here that
over the last year this is the search
volume history
it seems that around the in the month of
may there's
a spike in the search uh results
uh during the summer months it kind of
goes down a little bit
and it seems like it goes up and down
quite a bit actually
but it doesn't seem like it's a seasonal
product it seems like you
you will still see sales throughout the
year but definitely a spike here
in the the second quarter of the year
so that's good information to have and
what you can see over here
is the total estimated revenues so what
this is
is helium 10 is pulling the top products
for this keyword
and it's uh it's adding and it's
combining the total revenue
for those top products and on average
uh sellers are doing around thirty
thousand dollars a month in sales these
top sellers
and the average selling price is about
25 so that's a good average selling
price that's what we want to see
uh we don't want to be selling products
that are like fifteen dollars and twelve
dollars you know
ideally above twenty dollars so that we
can actually make
a significant profit and it could be
worth our time
so that's good information to have uh
down here we're going to see the top
keywords containing
the word exercise ball now this is very
interesting because
you know when i'm searching for this
product um i'm just searching for the
very the most
general the most broad keyword which is
exercise ball
and we can tell obviously that
this is a product with a lot of demand
there are a lot of people searching for
this product
on amazon the sellers are making
significant revenue
on amazon but it leads me to think that
you know what maybe this product
has a bit too much uh competition on
amazon maybe the niche is a bit
too saturated so how can i still sell
this product
is there a way that i could still sell
this product but remain competitive
and one of the ways i can do this is by
looking here at the different things
that people search on amazon
so for example exercise ball chair so
it's kind of a variation of the same
product it's still an exercise ball
but people don't use it necessarily to
exercise on it
they use it to sit on it so kind of as a
replacement to the office chair
so this is kind of a spin on the
exercise ball that's a bit more
niche and over here exercise balls for
this is again we're niching and we're
getting very clear on who our target
is and when you're selling on amazon you
never want to just be selling to the
masses you don't want to be selling to
everyone you want to get very clear on
who your target audience is
and as a general rule of thumb it's
better when you find a product that has
demand to go
niche so start niche and then go broad
because it's going to allow for people
to discover your product a lot easier
if there's uh you know 10 000 sellers
selling exercise balls that all kind of
look the same
uh it's going to be harder for someone
to discover you versus
if you find that there's demand and
clearly there is there's 8
400 people searching for
the keyword exercise balls for women
if there's demand for a something more
like this then if you uh you create an
exercise ball for woman
which is really kind of just the same
ball maybe a bit of a different color
maybe some extra
extra flair to it but if you
target this keyword then maybe there's
only five thousand
uh 5 000 search results you know and so
it's easier for people to
discover you so it's better to kind of
go more niche in the beginning and then
as you start to becoming
more of a popular seller you can become
more broad and sell more
products under your umbrella so these
are just different keywords that we can
look into and we can see the the search
volume for that we can see the number of
competing products
which is very interesting so for example
here there's more than
489 products
weighted ball for exercise seems like
there's not quite as
many competing products but there's
still you know 5 000
search volume per month so it gives me
some ideas of different variations of
this product that i could
sell even if the product itself remains
the same but
the audience that i'm targeting my
marketing my messaging the keywords that
i use
to rank those would change so
over here on the right we can see top
so these are the top sellers on amazon
we can kind of get a little snippet of
them but if we click
on one of these it will pull up the
listing on amazon directly
you can see here immediately you know
there's definitely competition here
21 000 reviews 16
000 reviews 21 000 reviews
444 reviews so again quite a bit of
competition here
i mean that's okay doesn't mean that i'm
going to run away from this product as i
mentioned earlier there's different
things that i could
explore here so what i want to do here
is i'm going to click on this button to
see all these products
on helium 10 black box now helium 10's
black box is pretty awesome it's only
one of over 25 tools that helium 10
and you will learn a lot about the
product using black box
um if you are confused helium 10 has a
lot of tutorials
that you can learn from so i know
sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming
but there's a lot of
tutorials that will teach you how to use
the software
so again here we can see the total
revenue we can see
the average best seller's rank
average number of reviews which is quite
high and the success score which is
quite low according to helium 10. but
here we can see a lot of the products
that are the best sellers on amazon
and we're going to be able to see a lot
of information
so for example the price i want to see
has it been 99
1999 consistently over the last
year or has the price changed and
fluctuated a lot because
that's a big deal right like if you're
selling a product
if you're you're doing your profit
margin calculations and you're
antikipating that you can sell a product
19.99 on amazon but you failed to
see that actually this product is
usually selling for 15.99
well that's significantly going to
reduce your profit margin because
in order for you to remain competitive
then you're going to have to
sell the product for 15.99 and you
probably won't make a profit
so it's important to look at the sales
the price history so to see what's the
average price
is it going up certain months or down or
is it relatively consistent
so let's see here let's do one year
we can see here that the price was
1898 in march jumped up to 25
okay so the price did go up quite a bit
uh last year during the
more during uh this the second quarter
of the year
summer months as well uh but it started
to go
down during the winter months so at one
reaching a low of 15.19 so that's good
information to have
that you know it's possible that if i
were to sell this product
i might have to sell this product at the
50 price point at some point in time
i can also look at the historical
monthly sales this is also important
so we can see here
over the last year
so seven day moving average
sales gives it gives me a better idea of
what to expect with a product like this
monthly revenue so lots of information
that i could use and even just key
metrics here so over the last 9 90 days
it's gone down 15 over the last 90 days
the price has gone up by 8 percent
okay so just going back to the alibaba
demand analyzer
so again here we have these different
products on amazon so if i wanted to
check this product out on amazon i would
just click it
and it would open it up in a new tab and
this is helpful because then i can look
at the
the seller here i can look at the
listing i can assess
okay these are the images i can see what
the competition looks like
because sometimes you might find a
product that's in
a niche where like a lot of the sellers
have really perfected their amazon
listings they've really
done everything they could and there's
not really much
more value that you could add as a new
seller but sometimes you come across
these niches where
there's demand the products people there
are shoppers there are buyers who are
searching for these keywords they're
searching to buy these products
and there are some products available
but they're just the listings aren't
optimized they haven't done a great job
and that's a huge opportunity for you
because then you can come in
as an ex someone who's learned how to
optimize a listing knows how to have
great images
and you could really um be
the best seller because you're you're
providing something that other
sellers aren't providing which is just
an enhanced customer experience
better images better keywords like you
know how to improve
and how to effectively sell on amazon
so i can see here just the images and
different products all of the reviews i
can even look at the reviews and look at
the negative
reviews so i can determine whether or
not there's things about this product
that i could even improve
so that i'm not just selling the same
thing i'm actually selling an improved
so all of this is going to help me to
assess the demand
and whether or not this product would be
a viable opportunity so actually
now that i'm on amazon i want to show
something cool how you can find
suppliers without having to leave amazon
so what i showed you before was if you
were on alibaba not needing to leave
alibaba to find out the demand on amazon
this is the opposite if you're already
on amazon you don't need to leave
amazon's website
to find suppliers on alibaba for your
so let's do the example of exercise ball
so here i have a bunch of exercise balls
on amazon
i'm going to click on again the helium
10 chrome extension i'm going to select
x-ray amazon product research
and then what we see here is this button
called source on alibaba.com
so i'm going to click that and without
having to leave this page
i can find suppliers that are selling
this product
on alibaba.com suppliers that are
selling the same products of people that
i'm buying from on amazon so what you
can do here is you can click on advanced
filters and you can filter out these
suppliers because
there's definitely a lot of products to
choose from fifty two thousand
so what you could do here is you can
select how many years you would
like to see that the supplier was in
so age of their alibaba.com account i
like to see at least
three years to see that they have
history on alibaba
i also like to check the verified
supplier badge
verified supplier means that the fires
have been verified by
third-party sources so that means that
people have
verified that the supplier is who they
say they are and you can rest assured
that you're working with a reputable
so that's going to narrow down the
search results quite a bit so i'm going
to hit on apply
and here we now have only 18 000
products to choose from
so here i can just kind of i can add
more filters if i want to
like supplier country and vendor rating
mlq price
but here i can browse uh all of these
different suppliers that are selling
this product
so i can easily look to see what's
available and it's also great because
this way can easily
see how much the product is available to
so if i'm trying to determine well is
this product going to be a profitable
product or not
then i can look here to see what like
the average price that this product goes
so if i say that you know what i like
which product here let's see a good
supplier that i might
like to work with i like this product
this looks very professional
and it says that supplier has been
around for six years it's a verified
the price is between three dollars and
twelve cents to three dollars and forty
nine cents
let's just make it three dollars and
twenty cents
so what i can do now is i can exit out
of this
i can go to a listing selling a similar
i can go back to the extension and now i
can click on profitability calculator
and what i can do here is i can put the
price that i am buying the product at
so over here where it says unit
manufacturing cost estimated
um helium 10 estimated about four
dollars they're not
they're not off so i'm just going to put
three dollars and 20 cents
and all of these other calculations are
pulled based on like
amazon's fees uh and estimations
so here i can get kind of a rough
estimate of how much my
profit margin would be so i would be
netting about
oh it's cool they even give you during
different times of the year
january to september about 6.51 cents
october to december about six dollars
and 12 cents
the margin about 32 about 33 percent
and the roi about 139
so really great information to have and
i didn't have to pull out a calculator
i didn't have to pull out any
spreadsheets i didn't have to do any
math like
it's all done for me using these
so i just showed you a bunch of stuff
yeah that's essentially that is how you
whether or not there's demand for a
product using helium 10
and also i showed you how you can easily
find suppliers
uh for the products that you wish to
sell on alibaba.com
all right everyone that wraps up this
video i hope that you enjoyed
this demonstration if you don't yet
have helium 10 if you're not using a
research tool or tool like helium 10
i strongly recommend it simply because
it's going to save you a tremendous
amount of time which
really most of us who are selling on
amazon who are starting
an amazon side hustle we're doing it on
the side
you know you've got a full-time job
you've got family to take care of
and so the time that you have to spend
working on your amazon business
is limited and so you want to make sure
that you are very productive with that
time and you're making the most use of
and so if you're not using a tool like
helium 10
then you're going to be using a lot of
time to do things that this tool would
would do for you automatikally it will
do the math it will do the calculations
it will pull the data
so it'll save you a ton of time and also
it's going to be
much more accurate because it's not
prone to human error
like you and i so i do strongly
recommend it
you can go to tatianajames.com helium10
and you can get a great discount 50 off
your first month
so this way you can try it out at a
great discount and if you don't like it
that's fine you don't need to use it if
you love it great
or you can get um 10 off for every month
of your subscription
the coupon code is tatiana you'll see it
on that page
i'll also link it down below in the
description box of this video for you
just to make things easier so hope you
enjoyed it if you have any questions
about this video
about helium 10 about the
demand analyzer please let me know in
the comments section i'll be happy to
answer them
i'll see you next time

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