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How to Find Hot Selling Products to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace [Lazy Method with Software]

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Find Hot Selling Products to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace [Lazy Method with Software]

The above is a brief introduction to How to Find Hot Selling Products to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace [Lazy Method with Software].

Let's move on to the first section of How to Find Hot Selling Products to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace [Lazy Method with Software]!

How to Find Hot Selling Products to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace [Lazy Method with Software]

so in the last video i showed you guys
how to reverse engineer
hot selling ebay products and then
obviously find the supplier
and list them on facebook marketplace
right and the reason that you want to do
is so that you're not spending an
absorbent amount of time listing a bunch
of things on facebook marketplace only
to get
little to no views and little to no
sales for
the time invested listing all these
products right
so the idea is like what if you could
find hot selling products that are
proven on other platforms
in this case it's ebay right reverse
engineer their
their uh supplier and then list that for
that same margin or even more
on facebook marketplace now all of those
listings aren't going to get like
amazing traction but a lot of them will
and there will
certainly be great listings in there
that take off
and obviously have a lot of sales for
you right this is one of the best
methods that i know of to reverse
you know engineer and reverse source or
snipe as they call it uh
you know listings on ebay and take them
to facebook marketplace right
so in the last tutorial that i dropped
right before this which was like three
to four days ago
i showed you how to manually do that
which was the free method okay
in this video right here i'm going to
show you the lazy method okay
and so what this is going to do is it's
going to piggyback off that same exact
video that i dropped before
and you're going to take that same
strategy but in this video right here
i'm going to show you how to implement
it with software
so that it takes you literally like a
tenth of the time and it'll show you
the listings in that specific store for
that specific seller
that are selling really really well so
you don't have to sort through
manually and spend a lot of time
searching through them right you can
just list their top selling products
then move on to a different product a
different seller just list their top
selling products
etc etc okay so if you need to know
obviously you want to watch the video
before that i dropped like three or four
days ago
i will link that video at the bottom of
the description so that you can watch it
after this video i'd say watch this
understand what i'm toking about with
the software and then go watch the first
video and implement them
excuse me a lot of toking implement
them together they're a perfect pairing
if you use this software it will make
its money back you get a seven-day free
trial with it
i'll tok about that once we actually
jump into my computer and i'll show you
the tutorial
um but you get a seven-day free trial
but it will pay for itself literally
probably in the first day or two
i promise you that obviously if you take
action and you implement on it okay
so without further ado let's just hop
into the tutorial and we'll get sourcing
all right so i took you through the
manual sourcing tutorial where we
reverse search ebay for private label
brands we then identify
a person who's drop shipping that
private label brand and then we look at
their store to reverse engineer
their top selling products and then list
them on facebook marketplace right
so as an example now i want to take you
through that same kind of thing but now
using the software right
so the the steps remain the same here we
finally found a seller
in corrected deepot or correcteddepo i
guess who's
selling uh you know drop shipping
products on ebay right in this case it
was mainstays that we searched for we
just found the seller right
so instead of manually sourcing through
the seller which this seller doesn't
really have that many listings there's
only three pages of listings and they
probably have like 100 or two listings
a lot of times sellers will have
multiple hundreds or they'll have
multiple thousands and these pages can
deep right so to quickly find their
hottest selling product what you want to
is you want to copy their store name and
then what you want to do
is you want to take it into the
competitor research tab in zeek
analytiks okay
now zeke analytiks i'm going to show you
this here in a second is a
phenomenal software it's going to
outline their best selling products
it's also going to tell you the top 500
selling products on ebay
currently right now so that way you
don't even need to reverse engineer if
you don't want to i still recommend
reverse engineering
and listing that way like i just showed
you and i'm about to show you as well
but also listing from the ebay hot uh
500 which is the
you know something that comes in this
software that they always just
give to you okay it's a no-brainer okay
you can try zeke analytiks seven days
for free or sorry not for free i keep
wanting to save for free it's a dollar
trial so i guess it's
basically free but you can start your
seven day trial for only a dollar by
clicking the link directly above you it
is an affiliate link i'm recommending it
to you obviously i make a 15
recurring commission if you stik with
it or if you stay with the trial and you
you know obviously go through
you don't need it okay you do not need
it you can manually source
and manually uh reverse engineer just
like i showed you in the last lecture
although i'm gonna show you here in a
second this is a game changer it's gonna
save you so much time
and it's gonna make you so much more
money now there's two pricing plans here
uh you can go starter which is literally
only 24
a month for the first month and then it
ends up being 29 after that right so
after your seven day trial so it's super
cheap you're not paying any
that's like literally a sale or two on
facebook profit wise right
so it's nothing it's going to pay for
itself what i have is the standard and
here's why i recommend that you go with
the standard right so the starter if you
see the difference between the starter
is you get the competitor research so
you get the ebay research tool
but you also get here with the the
standard which is 42
after the first month 42 the first month
59 so 60 bucks after this
after the first month you're gonna get
the 500 best-selling items okay
this is huge this is so easy to list
from and find out their suppliers and
then obviously
if you list like 100 or 200 of these
that's where
it's super easy i'm telling you it's it
pays for itself time and time again okay
this is literally about what i have
i recommend that you go that route okay
so link above seven day trial for a
and then i recommend that you go starter
or i recommend that you go with the
normal one but you can go with a starter
plan if you want
so if you do go with a normal one you
will see the top 500 like i'm showing
you here right
and then you know that okay the samsung
galaxy pre-paid cell phone selling well
the this micro dermal this derma micro
needle roller is selling well
um you know what's another one this
right right here this and we just click
on this listing it's going to take us to
the ebay listing
and wow this is literally sold 13 200
in the past you know however if we click
on this
bam look at how many it's literally
april 15th is today look how many
freaking sales
like whoa okay so i'm telling you the
you should go with the
the actual normal plan you can go
starter if you if you want to be cheap
list from the top the hot 500 it's it's
a game changer okay look how many is it
sold in the past like two it's there
it goes off the page okay so just pull
up another one to show you that that
wasn't just like a fluke of a product
let's find one more that like looks like
something you could list so these hot
wheels right here
942 sold and again
april 15th sold five of them right there
april 14th it sold and it's probably
just hasn't it
it's probably new on april 15th since
currently it's only three so
this could be a little bit behind but
look how many it sold yesterday on the
i mean i don't even know how many that
is like 20 to maybe 30 probably more
than that who even knows
yeah i don't know but that's a lot i'm
telling you the hot 100 or hot 500 is a
game changer but that's not what i'm
here to show you that's pretty
again when you find one of those then
you just do the same thing you go to the
actual thing
it's like you find like this was on the
top 500 it wasn't but let's just assume
it was you do the same thing right you
just copy the
the title you can obviously just also uh
drop ship it from the actual ebay
listing if that's easier and
you don't care about marking it up twice
right but you could also just again
search for that in google find the
supplier and then list it yourself okay
on the top of 500 on the actual hot 500
on zeek
like those listings all won't be drop
shipped but some of them will be and
you'll find
gems of products that will sell super
fast okay so
back to the actual reverse uh
the seller that we found originally
right so corrected depot
so what you want to do is you want to in
the on on here before we get into that
to get to the top 500 you just go to
zeke pro and then 500 best-selling ebay
items and then it will just pop right up
to get to the competitor research tool
you want to go to this right here
so you click competitor research it's
going to take you to this right here
where you can obviously sort through
third the last 30 days the last 21 days
the last 14 or the last seven
i kind of like to go a little bit more
but i don't like to go 30 so i'll go 21
and then we want to see like that
specific seller if we paste their name
in and we do a search it's going to tell
us their top selling uh
products and how much they've sold in
the past 30 days right so here is their
best-selling product their second
best-selling product was the one that we
found originally
but their best-selling product we might
not have found right away it's sold 99
in the past 21 days
so if we click on this right we want to
list this product right
so right here 18.99 it sold 214
recently if we just copy this i
guarantee we'll probably find this i
think they were selling the other one
from walmart chances are
this is again another walmart it also
could up it's probably walmart right
there fuel
fuel performance adjustable 8.99 is that
the same one
fuel performance adjustable yeah same
same fuel brand
thing same fuel brand thing 8.99
five pound pair and it looks like
they're selling the five pound pair
right here
so five pound pair 18.99 they clearly
mark that up from 8.99
and this again is the drop shipping
listing so again you could list this
higher and just drop ship from here but
why would you do that when you could
just go one step further and find the
actual listing and make even more money
you could list it a little bit lower
than that ebay listing if you wanted and
undercut them for the people that are
doing their competitor research
or you could list it up you know to 25
maybe 19
with some five dollar shipping whatever
you want to do but that's basically how
you find
it that's why it's so crucial to use
zeke a because i recommend that you go
the top 500 list it's i'm telling you
it's a game changer take my word for it
try it for the seven days and you will
see just how well it works
don't list one thing don't list like
five things and be like oh it doesn't
list a bunch right like list like 20 to
50 in like a couple days
i guarantee one of those products takes
off okay
so the next best one is the copper one
that we saw before that we looked at
the what is it the uh or sorry the
adjustable shelf wood bookcase so let's
go to the copper one right here
so let's find this and they were also
doing the other one from walmart so
let's check to see if this is a walmart
one as well
and like we're gonna list all of these
right like down like you can go
you can continue to go down although all
these have sold in the past 21 days but
i usually like stop at multiples
like here i'd probably stop at like
eight and then you could list the fives
if you want to chances are they might
have a good
opportunity to sell but i would probably
just go reverse engineer another seller
at that point and find other ones
this 99 one's probably gonna be a good
one the 82 one is the 60 the 44 the 31
the 20 and then all the way down a
little bit to like the eights but you
can find other sellers that are having
hundreds or like a bunch of 99s and so
you don't really want to waste your time
listing all these although they could be
promising products if you wanted to as
so let's find one more example with this
this is sold a lot recently
um and chances are it's probably a
walmart one as well that kind of looks
like it's a home depot one right there
that's not the same one
that might be though 17 to 20 32 inch
this is a 32 inch i don't really know
it might not be
this looks like it's multiple ones oh
this person has like multiple variations
that's why
so this one right here is the 14.5
square planner which i believe is the
one that we just
clicked on or is that the one we
large one for 14. yeah let's do this and
then we'll go 14.5
and 14.5 square
plant sure because that's what it was
usually there's not like variations here
so it's not gonna like throw you off but
just to kind of show you an example and
bam there it is the 14.5 so they listed
this one
from home depot okay not actual actually
walmart but that's okay
and then we just found the listing right
there's the square planner 14.5 inch
melody with those same exact pictures
on the listing 14.5 with the square
and there's the one picture there's the
other one with the 14.5 measuring
uh wide and the 12 measuring high
there's the one with the flowers
there's the one with the 12 and the 14.4
five so we just found the listing right
it's this one's from from home depot
okay so
again you could drop ship this one and
just copy this to facebook
also copy it to other places which we'll
cover later on in the course
but why would you when you can just go
one step further find it even cheaper on
another website
drop shipping from home depot who's more
reputable probably than this i mean this
ebay seller's reputable they have a
great rating
but you can make more of a profit margin
this way okay so don't sleep on zeke
analytiks guys go get zeke analytiks
you can get a seven day trial for just a
buck above by clicking the link above
if you want to go starter go for it but
i recommend that you go with the middle
one that's all you need just pay monthly
for it
uh and then you're you're paying 50 a
month but i guarantee you it will pay
for itself
over and over and over and over and over
throughout the month

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