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how to find manufacturers for dropshipping

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

in this video, i'll be revealing exactly how i'm drop shipping with less than 10 day shipping times from china, without using aliexpress, that have allowed me to hit results like this. so, as you can see, i'm right around that 275 000 in sales right around in the last six months. i'm gonna go ahead and refresh my screen because we already know it's no cap. so right around 275 000 in sales, 102 000 store sessions, nine percent customer returning rate and a great conversion rate of around 2.7. so this store's been going absolutely crazy and i would not have been able to accomplish this without the supplier that i'm using today. there's many options out there to speed up the shipping process, so not only will i be showing you what i'm doing to get fast shipping times, but i'll also be giving you some viable options that you can be using today on your store. this is to make sure that your customers aren't waiting decades for their product, like most people who are drop shipping or just officially getting started. so let's get that competitive advantage without further ado. let's go ahead and jump right into it. i need to know everything. who in the world and where. i need everything. what's going on? everyone. my name is ac hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer and coach that teaches people how to test, build and scale profitable e-commerce brands. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure that you have your notebooks ready, because the value in this video is going to be limitless. if you're a part of my supreme family who comes back each and every week for this value, then thank you so much for tuning in and always showing love. now, before we get into exactly how you can be getting a 7 to 10 day shipping on your drop shipping store today for cheaper than aliexpress. you all know that each and every week, i hand out an absolute free consulting call to one lucky winner to streamline their success with e-commerce. if you want the chance to win this giveaway and you want to get all of your questions answered, all you have to do is three simple things. the first thing you must do is, in the comment section below, comment the word supplier and what your biggest take away from this video was. the second thing you must do is head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and go ahead and give me a follow. and the third thing you must do is smash that like button below and subscribe to my channel, as i have never missed a single week on this platform. make sure you follow and do all three instructions, as i'll be checking and make sure that they're all done to enter you in the chance to win this free consulting call. but if you are looking for more one-on-one help to help you through starting and scaling up your online brand, make sure you dm me the word mentorship on instagram at ac underscore hampton, so i can reach out to see if you'd be a good fit for the four limited spots that i have for all of january. now, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. as i'm sure you all know, aliexpress is not the most sustainable way to scale your online business, especially with the fact that it's taking 30 to 60 days in order to get the product to your customer. in my opinion, one of the only benefits of using aliexpress is when you're testing products. this is because there's a ton of sellers with all kinds of products that you're able to find and add to your store to quickly test and find out if it's going to be a winning product for you or not. but when it comes to finding that winning product and scaling using this platform will not be sustainable for your business at all. there is a couple other things that play into the reason of aliexpress not being the best platform to use for scaling a product outside of just the shipping times. a couple of those reasons is product and quality and communication. there are major variations between the suppliers, shipping times and product quality, so what that basically means is that it is a random game of product quality and how well your supplier is going to do when sourcing and shipping your product, and, as that is not enough of a hassle, it can take days to have a conversation with the suppliers, as they are likely in a different time zone as you, depending on wherever you live. so, with that being said, my one suggestion during this testing phase and using aliexpress is: make sure that you're doing supplier validation heavily. you should be looking for a 98 or a higher store rating, with a 4.7 rating or higher for the communication product as described and the shipping times along with that. you want to make sure that they have a couple hundred reviews and orders and have been in business for at least over a year to know that this is a supplier that you can at least test with and regardless of the fact that it can take days to hear a response. when you find a supplier that has what you're looking for, make sure that you still message them, start communication and make sure that it is someone that wants to help you grow. now i just want to reiterate that aliexpress is used solely for testing, and once you've found a product that is selling well for you, it's time to move on, to get those faster shipping times so that you can continue to grow and scale your business. so, with that being said, i'm going to recommend you two different sites that you can be using today to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service and you're not getting angry emails and low feedback ratings that can ultimately give you a restriction very quickly. efficiency is everything for your customers today, especially with competing with platforms like amazon and other drop shippers in the space. customers like to have their product in a hurry, and these two suppliers can help you with exactly that. now, the first site that you can be using is cj drop shipping. cj drop shipping is just one of the top picks due to the fact that they have warehouses all around the world to ship to other countries. this is the ideal situation for local and worldwide drop shipping so that you can make sure that those shipping times are competitive and something that your customers are satisfied with. so if you're someone who is currently struggling with chargebacks and refunds because customers are unhappy with the shipping times, then cj dropshipping can really help you with these issues. many of you have heard of cj dropship and you may know their fulfillment center for any products that you might want to be selling, but you may not know all the benefits that can come from using them as a supplier, so let's go ahead and jump right into it. so here we are on cj drop shipping, and you can see they have a lot of products that you can sell and a lot of products that they can fulfill as well, and, honestly, this is just great because, just like aliexpress, they have almost everything that you can think of. so you could even start off with testing products with cj drop shipping and use that same supplier to scale up the products with even faster and better shipping. now, one of my favorite parts about cj drop shipping is that you're able to get faster shipping times at a lower cost. so let me just go ahead and show you an example of this. now i'm just going to pull up a product on aliexpress and, as you guys can see, i went ahead and chose a dog harness. if you guys have been drop shipping for a while, you know that this dog harness has been going absolutely crazy year after year and it's always a product that you can sell on aliexpress. you can see that we're going to get this item for 11.95. this is for the large variant, with free shipping being estimated. delivery of march 5th. now today is january 18. so this is almost 45 to 50 day shipping on this product if i go ahead and source it from aliexpress. but if we head over to cj drop shipping and we look for that exact same product, you can see that is three dollars and 81 cents for the large variant as well, with the shipping cost of six dollars and 23 cents, which gives us a total drop shipping price.

The BEST 10 Dropship Suppliers For Shopify Dropshipping

in this video, you'll learn where to find the best Drop Shipping suppliers to work with if you want to start a drop shipped online store now. first off, there are three main ways to find a Drop Shipping supplier, depending on your budget, time constraints and the types of products that you want to sell. first off, you can use a Drop Shipping supplier directory. a Dropship directory is a database of Drop Shipping suppliers organized by category, and the directory owner typically screens out potential Dropship suppliers to ensure quality and charges a fee for Access. you can also use a Drop Shipping Marketplace. a Dropship Marketplace is an e-commerce site that connects sellers with Buyers. sellers can find interesting wholesale products to sell and have them sent directly to the consumer. and then, finally, you can attend a drop shipping and wholesale trade show. by attending a local wholesale and Drop Shipping trade show, you can form a direct relationship with wholesale suppliers by meeting them face to face. now, there's no right or wrong way to find a Dropship supplier, but each method has its own pros and cons, which will be discussed in depth in this video. by the way, if you're interested in starting your own online store, sign up for my free 60 mini course below now. what do you want to look for in a Drop Shipping supplier, because finding a reliable supplier is crucial to running a successful Drop Shipping business. here's a list of criteria to look for when evaluating your supplier. you got to check the supplier reviews. make sure you check online review sites like the Better Business Bureau to view any outstanding complaints or negative reviews against the supplier. you also want to check customer reviews. does the supplier sell high quality products? and make sure you check the consumer reviews for the products that you want to sell. you also want to ask about the return policy. always ask your supplier how the handle returns, defective merchandise and shipping, and how quickly are shipments made once an order is placed? you also want to ask about drop shipping fees. drop shippers will often charge a per order Dropship fee to pack and ship individual orders and make sure you understand all the extra fees involved and how they will impact your bottom line. you also want to check product quality. before you sell any product, you should buy it yourself to see the quality and observe the Fulfillment speed firsthand. be your own customer and make sure the shopping experience is exceptional. finally, you want to check for inventory automation. now, managing inventory and stokouts is an important factor when running a profitable Drop Shipping Store. higher tier Drop Shipping suppliers support EDI, which allows for real-time inventory tracking. now, with this criteria in mind, here's how to find the best Drop Shipping suppliers online. so method number one is to use a Drop Shipping directory. A Drop Shipping supplier directory is a database of prevented wholesale suppliers who offer Drop Shipping for their products. now, directory can save you time and energy by giving you instant access to pre-vetted drop shipping suppliers who are willing to fulfill orders on your behalf. now, most supplier directories charge a small fee ranging from thirty dollars to three hundred dollars. now, the primary disadvantage of using a wholesale supplier directory is that many of your competitors will likely be searching the same database and using your exact same suppliers. it's also important to note that A Drop Shipping directory is just a listing of companies. you are still responsible for creating your own Drop Shipping business relationships and negotiating your own pricing and payment terms. now the first Drop Shipping directory is worldwide brands. worldwide Brands is a pre-vetted directory of Drop Shipping wholesalers that collectively offer over 16 million certified wholesale products for sale, including a apparel, consumer electronics, pet supplies, beauty products, home goods and more. they also offer training classes that teach you how to run your own Drop Shipping business. now, while you'll find suppliers from all over the world, most of the Drop Shipping vendors in the worldwide Brands directory are based in the US. as a result, almost every drop shipping hold seller offers fast shipping. it's also important to note that you can Leverage The Drop Shipping suppliers that you find on worldwide Brands to sell the US customers, even if you live outside the US. now, worldwide Brands charges a single lifetime fee of 299 dollars. the next directory is called cell. who now sell who is a Drop Shipping directory that is based in New Zealand and, unlike worldwide Brands, salehu provides a directory of international dropshipping suppliers outside of the United States, so, in other words, you can find Dropship and wholesale suppliers all over the world now. currently, there are over 8 000 trusted drop James suppliers in salehu's database that span over 2.5 million products and brands in various niches, such as consumer electronics, Personal Care, clothing, pet supplies and more so. who also offers an AliExpress Drop Shipping integration, which will be discussed in the next section. now, access to salehoose database costs 67 per year. the next directory is called doba. doba is a hybrid Drop Shipping Company that acts as both a directory and a marketplace. now, as a directory, Joba can connect you with thousands of Drop Shipping suppliers to Source Products for your online store. in addition, doba provides a complete Drop Shipping Solution by managing all of your ordering and fulfillment operations as well. here's how adobo works: you search dobis catalog for products that fit your criteria, you add these products to your eCommerce store and then, once a customer places an order, you make a purchase through doba. doba then passes your order to the Drop Shipping supplier, who then fulfills your order. now, the main advantage of doba is that they act as a bridge to legitimate wholesale suppliers and handle everything for you. the downside is that doba hides your supplier information from you, so you can't contact suppliers directly. as a result, it's difficult to form a relationship with quality suppliers and you must rely on the dobell platform to fulfill all of your orders. doba can interface with all the popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, big Commerce and woocommerce. now, doba charges a monthly fee ranging from 24.99 a month to 299 dollars a month, depending on the plan. the next directory is called wholesale 2B. wholesale 2B uses the exact same online business model as doba, and that they handle your Drop Shipping needs from end to end. there's no need to sign up with any individual supplier. wholesale 2B handles all orders, returns and correspondence from the supplier. for you, order fulfillment is essentially a black box. all you got to do is sign up, connect your eCommerce platform and import products from wholesale2b to your shop at the click of a button. when an order comes in, wholesale 2B charges your credit card and delivers the product to the End customer. there's full order tracking and syncing with your shop, and you can instantly get access to over a million Dropship products. now, access to wholesale 2B costs 29.99 a month to connect an existing online store, 39.99 a month to connect to a Marketplace like Amazon or Ebay, and 49.99 a month to have your store hosted on their platform. the next directory is called spocket. now, if you don't want to drive ship any products from China, spocket allows you to find Drop Shipping suppliers from the US and the EU. using in the spocket app, you can instantly add spockets products to your online store at the push of a button, and spocket also offers print on demand options similar to printful. spocket's main advantage lies with their product quality, fast shipping and real-time order tracking. and, in fact, spocket handles your inventory by electronically linking your shop to their inventory management platform. as a result, you'll never accident.

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How To Find A Good And Reliable Manufacturer Or Supplier For Your Product Idea

here are the five steps to finding a manufacturer to get your product made. if you've never done this before, this video is for you, because we're gonna go through this step by step and i'm gonna teach you some secret hacks on how you can save money while you're doing this. you're in good hands, so let's get started. [Music]. hi everyone, i'm your host, michelle bally. i have my own ecommerce business where i brought a brand new makeup product to market. through trial and error, i found my product producer and, trust me, i made all the mistakes for you so that you don't have to. but in any case, i love that you're looking to bring a new product to market, because this is your first step in a successful business. if your product serves a specific problem and you can see that there isn't already a product out there that solves it, you're already one step ahead of the game. let's hop into the five steps. also, if, after watching this video, you want even more help finding a product, make sure that you're checking out our free 40-minute webinar that's going to teach you how to find winning product ideas, how to validate them and how to get started. just click the link in the description box below to get started with this free training now. research first. you're going to need to do some research. here are three ways to do solid research so you can use alibaba directories and you can take it offline by attending conventions. let's start with alibaba. alibaba is a place where people go to find products that are already existing. however, this is a bit of a life hack, because you can search for a similar product on alibaba and start connecting with manufacturers for your custom request. but before we begin, let me tell you that vetting manufacturers is extremely important. your manufacturer is going to control the cost of your product, the quality control, the packaging and the shipping, and they can really make or break your business. also, depending on what you're making, it can take as long as a year to bring a new product to market. so let's do the vetting work up front so that we don't have to backtrack later. i lost five months of time working with the wrong partner, so here's how you can learn from my mistakes. so let's input lunchboxes and then hit search by suppliers. first. look for the right classifications. look for suppliers that are gold suppliers. this means that they're paying for their membership. make sure that they're assessed, meaning someone from a third party or alibaba themselves, have been to their factory. also, look to see that the supplier has trade assurance. this is a free service offered by alibaba that allows you to dispute a purchase if the quality isn't there, so look for that as well. you can continue to search by applying filters- filter by certifications- to find a manufacturer that meets quality, safety and efficiency standards. so let's say, humane working conditions is a non-negotiable for you. you'll want to make sure that they have an sa 8000 certificate. i'll link a list of certifications for you in the description box, so let's click into one here. first thing i see is whether they are a manufacturer or a trading company. we want to deal directly with a manufacturer rather than a trading company. a trading company is essentially a middleman. however, if it says manufacturer and trading, this is also acceptable, as it means they're able to export your products. now look to see where they're located. if they're claiming to be manufacturer and their address says suite 201, it's unlikely that you're dealing with a manufacturing plant. a good sign, however, is if they are located in an industrial area. you want to make sure that the people you're working with are honest business people. so if you're notiking any red flags. make a note of this and then bring it up to them as the relationship evolves. to be a hundred percent sure, you can always schedule a video call to see their production floor. if they keep putting your meeting off, that's going to be a red flag and you're going to want to move on. so trust your gut and trust your instincts on this. look to see how many years they've been in business. this is subjective, so for me, i look at it as if it were a job interview. if a candidate came to me and said i only have one year experience, i would not be comfortable putting the fate of my own business in their hands. my personal threshold is three years plus, because that indicates to me that i'm not going to have to mentor them and potentially pay for their mistakes. quick tip is to also look at how niche the manufacturer is. if they're creating lunchbox on the one end and then tutus on the other, you might want to think twice. a manufacturer that focuses on one niche will reflect how much leverage they have on the purchase of their raw materials for one and secondly, a niche manufacturer also means that their workers are good workers that focus on this one thing day in and day out will reliably produce quality items consistently. if you're keen on using alibaba as a way to find a manufacturer, just skip over to the outreach section- time stamped in the description box. but another way to do research is by using good old directories. one of the best ways to find a manufacturer is through free online supplier directories. these directories contain hundreds, if not thousands, of manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. some popular domestik ones are thomasnet, makers, row, mfg and compass. some overseas directories are oberlo, aliexpress, india mart, dhgate and sourcify conventions and trade shows. and the last way to find a manufacturer is through conventions. different industries will have a handful of go-to conventions. so right now, with kovid, actually going is impossible, but normally you would want to go in person and meet the right people. until we get this covered mess sorted out, check out the convention exhibitor list to start getting in touch with manufacturers online. this actually ends up being more time efficient in the long run. there are two schools of thought when it comes to how you should present yourself. on the one hand, you can introduce yourself as a small business. introduce yourself as a business owner who is extremely passionate about getting up and running. taking that approach leaves you a little bit more vulnerable to being taken advantage of, but on the plus side, you can also leave yourself open to allowing your manufacturer to be an amazing mentor and growing together. the second school of thought is presenting yourself as a large business. introduce yourself as a purchasing agent or a chief operations officer, rather than the founder. this makes your company appear established, which gives you leverage in negotiations. so when you're negotiating, you could pass off blame and say: oh sorry, my boss didn't approve of those numbers. this keeps your relationship with a manufacturer in good standing, and they're less likely to take negotiations personally. so now you know how to find a manufacturer from alibaba directories and conventions. what i would recommend is securing two manufacturers. establish an emergency vendor so that if your overseas manufacturer is late or they send you the wrong order, you can always use your local manufacturer. local might be more expensive, but it's important to have a backup option, even if it does eat into your profit margins. just make sure that you know that they're locally manufacturing, because if they're also getting their stuff from overseas, then you might run into the same problem twice. having a backup manufacturer also gives you leverage in negotiations. shopify is offering a free 14-day trial. all you have to do is click the link in the description box to take action so that you can level up your ecommerce business. so you'll want at least three quotes. once you have your manufacturers on your radar, you're going to want to ask them these nine important questions. so, first of all, can they accommodate your custom order? do they have the resources, do they have the skill level to produce what it is that?

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How To Find US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Business (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)

so a while back, I made a video about how to find drop shipping suppliers that are based in the United States, and since making that video, it's become the most viewed video on my channel, and underneath that video, I got a lot of comments and different questions asking about things that I failed to address in in the video. so in this video, I'm going to be answering all of those questions. I'm gonna be taking the most popular questions as well as the things that I think are going to help you grow your business and that are going to fill in the gaps. so in this video, I'm going to show you the complete breakdown of how you're going to find suppliers and then how you can contact them and then start working with them. in the previous video, I showed how to find suppliers using retail sites like Etsy, Wayfarer and House, and still a method that I use myself and I think it's actually a really good method because you're going on to these retail sites and you're finally products that these companies sell and then you're going in and contacting these companies to see if you can actually start working with them. another reason that I like contacting companies on retail sites mainly that our sites selling in the us, like house and Wayfarer, is that these companies are catering to a mainly us customer base, and I drop ship on Amazon, eBay and I also have my own website and most of my customers are located in the US, which means I need fast shipping times, high quality items and I really, most importantly, need to be able to reach out to the company, discuss if something's going on, maybe return, whatever it is. I need to make sure that they're able to understand me and that it's going to happen effectively. also, in the previous video, I showed how you can find us suppliers on Alibaba and on Aliexpress. now those are not exclusively us suppliers. most of those suppliers are actually Chinese manufacturing companies, international manufacturing companies, and they just happen to have factories and warehouses in the US that they can go out and ship from. still, the shipping times are relatively long and the quality is not all that great. so, just to reiterate what I went over in the last video, the way that I find suppliers is I either use Google or, if I really do want to use these retail sites, what I'll do is is I'll go on the sites and I'll just search for whatever selling best. so Etsy will typically show you what's a best seller. you can also search by category and also a lot of Etsy sellers do sell on Houzz, so you might see some of the same products and some of the same sellers. but typically I'll just go and I'll find an item and they'll just contact the supplier and message them asking if I can actually sell their products. so on etsy what I'll normally do is I'll go to a product, I'll go to the store page of this seller and then on the store page, either it's going to give me their website- if they might also link their email- or the. also you have the contact feature, which you'll see right here at the top of the page, and if you scroll down you'll see contact shop owner and typically I'll just do that and I'll shoot them a message and sometimes they will reply it. sometimes they won't. a lot of times they'll say that they can't do it and sometimes you might be able to find a new drop shipping supplier that is located in the United States. now the process is very similar on a lot of other retail sites, but just to show you it on house, typically I'll just go ahead and I'll find an item. you could always go ahead and google the company if you can't find it or if they don't really have a contact feature. another thing that you can also do is on house underneath product specifications, you just go and you'll see who it's manufactured by, and then you go ahead and you open this link in another tab and that will bring you up and then you can just basically go ahead, contact them and follow them, or you might even be able to google them, find their email or find their website and contact them using that method. now, this is a question that I was asked a lot underneath that last video. this was probably the most requested question that I got asked, and the question was: how do you go ahead and contact them once you actually find them? how do you actually start working with them? so the answer to this is actually relatively simple. I have a template that I use that I will send to prospective suppliers, and the template is actually relatively simple and it's mainly just this: what you see on the screen it's hello, and then you put their contact name and then my name is, and then your business name- we are- and then you can either put in home decor, you could put in a games, whatever type of business that you are then mainly sells on eBay and Amazon. again, you can switch those out for Shopify, or you can put your website or you can just put whatever platform that you want to sell. on working with wholesale companies, I am contacting you to inquire about drop shipping and selling your items. we work with a few other Etsy sellers. or you can say house, or you can just say we work with a few other companies as well as other wholesalers. we would only put the items on the marketplace, or, again, we would like to start selling your products. looking forward to working with you. thank you. now, these are just a simple template. I use anything like this. I might even switch it up a little bit depending on the supplier, but this is the initial message that I will always send out to a supplier that I find on a retail site. if I find them on Google, if I find them using Facebook, if I find them using a different method, then I might send them a different message. so this is mainly just if I find them off of Etsy, if I find them on house or if I find them on a retail site that other customers are going to be able to go on. so just to show you an example of sending a supplier a message. this was a supplier that I found on Etsy who was selling planters, and I actually really wanted to start working with them. I thought their items would do well on eBay and Etsy, especially since I do already sell a lot of planters. so I contacted them, I shot them a message and ultimately it actually didn't work. I heard back from them, but they told me that their items were too expensive, that they just started and that they weren't really interested in drop shipping. so ultimately they said that they would get back to me, but they never did, and that was in April and it never actually started working. now to put that into contrast with a message that I sent on October 31st, which was not too long ago, and in this message I just contacted another supplier. I wanted to see if I could start selling their items, and then they actually got back to me about three hours ago, before filming this video, and they said that they were interested, but they wanted to know more about how they were going to do everything. what were the logistiks? and that brings us up to the next question, because that was the second most common request that I actually got is: how do you place orders? what do you do? how do you work it out? what are the logistiks of actually working with a supplier? now the next step for actually starting to work with different suppliers, as well as what you do after the initial message, is going to completely differ upon the different suppliers that you are contacting. some suppliers are actually going to be bigger companies that might already have a wholesale website that they'll just basically let you create an account. then you can go ahead and place orders, and that is extremely simple and that is basically the easiest way that you can do this. another way is that they might just be a small company, they might only sell on Etsy, or they might sell on Etsy in-house, and then you contact them and they're actually interested and they're going to let you sell on eBay and Amazon, but they have no idea how to do this. they're asking you all the questions because they've never done this. you've never done this. so how do you co?

How to Find US Based Dropshipping Suppliers

in this video, i'm gonna teach you how to find us drop shipping suppliers. now we get this question a lot and in this video, i'm gonna show you exactly how to find them. in fact, i'm gonna walk you through the process. [Music]. now, if you want to learn more about high tiket drop shipping, click subscribe, click like, show the algorithm. you want to see more of this content, because on this channel, you'll find john and i teaching everything you need to know about high tiket drop shipping, and one of the main questions that we often receive is this: all sounds great, starting for less than 500 and be up and running in 30 days or less, making big profit per sale, building a real business- but how do you actually find the suppliers in the us? so let's do this in real time. i'm going to switch to a screen share and i'm going to walk you through this process, all right? so, like i said, we're going to look for real brands, right? you know we're not looking for products, we're looking for real brands. people are searching for these brands. they're searching for these products from reputable brands. that's what we do in high tiket drop shipping. so let's start with a niche that is way overexposed. way too many people are in here. uh, definitely wouldn't recommend this snitch to anybody. but, uh, it'll make this presentation pretty easy. uh, and that is electric bikes. so i'm just gonna put in ebikes for sale and see what comes up. i'm gonna go right to the shopping tab and then i'm gonna scroll all the way down here and i'm gonna look at all of these sellers. so, look at all of these sellers here, right, like there's, there's, uh, quite a bit people selling uh, these products right under this search term, and you can search other search terms as well. right, let's, uh, let's, go up here and just put in electric bikes for sale, click on the shopping tab again, come way down here, uh, and let's take a look through here. let's just see what we find. right, i'm gonna pick, uh, ecotrick, and i wanna know what you know. is this a seller? is this a brand? let's go to one of their ads, right, sorry, ecotrick, we just made you pay for that as we're doing research here. uh, so, eco trick, let's go to the home page. just kind of look around here. to me this looks like a a brand, right, so i'm gonna scroll all the way to the bottom and see if they have- look at that- become a dealer. this was one of the easiest videos i've ever recorded because we found it on the first try. look at that. so once google just searched e-bikes for sale, found a brand, uh, and immediately we found a way to apply to become a dealer. now, if you follow anything john and i put out, we're gonna tell you to call these people. certainly you can fill this out, but i would call them right away and let them know. hey, i filled up the thing in the forum on your website. i would love to become a retailer for your brand and then go on with, like, your value proposition of what you're trying to do in your business and and what you can do to help them sell more e-bikes. and now we've gone further in depth on this process in our patreon podcast, which we actually just put out for free, as i'm recording this video on our main feed as well, so check that out: dropshippodcastcom. if you want to check out, uh, the calling suppliers three-part episode on our free show or on patreon- all our back episodes are free- you can check that one out. but that's the whole process, right? we're going to find these brands and then we're going to go to their website and and attempt to become a dealer for them, right? so let's you know, let's take a look here, uh, through this process here and see if we can find somebody who's selling these bikes. i'm gonna say zoom electric bikes is either gonna be a brand or someone selling them. let's find out. again, sorry for clicking your ad zoom, uh, just trying to feature. so this looks like a reseller to me and i only know that is because bikes, mobility, scooters, and look at this, here's a list of all the brands they have. if you believe this is a reseller, which it appears to be, you can go to contact us or or about us and try to learn a little bit more about them. uh, our mailing address is a suite number, likely a ups store here, and so maybe, looking about us, if we can learn anything about them just browsing through here, this appears to be a reseller. they're selling a lot of other brands. i'm going to guess they drop ship a lot of these brands. uh, as, again, most of the internet is is doing drop shipping, right, that's how a lot of the internet works, uh, and so i can just assume that and i can just go right down the list. here i can look up american electric keybikes- uh, i'm not even gonna try to pronounce that one bike on it. ecotrick, as we found already, that's a brand that sells this stuff, so let's just pick another random one. let's go random ram- excuse me, rambo bikes. we found this one on eco trick. let's try rambo bikes and see what happens. not gonna click their ad this time, save them a few bucks. we'll go to their organic listing here. and so if we scroll all the way to the bottom again, do we have something here that toks about becoming a dealer? they have a dealer locator. maybe it's inside of here. this is allowing us to look for a dealer. i don't see one here, but we know this is brand. uh, we know they have a 33 domain authority, which means they've been around a little while. if you don't know what that is, that is a moz chrome extension. that toks about what they believe google is giving you for respect in in in the search results. right, they have a lot of links inbound here, so they look like they've been around a while. their website looks good. they don't necessarily have a become a dealer, but no, look, they do right here. if they didn't have this i would tell you. just call them. just call this number up here. say: hey, my name is ben. i'm the founder of mystorecom. i'm wondering who i can speak to about becoming a retailer for your business. and that's as simple as it is. we're just identifying these brands, making a list and reaching out to them to become a retailer for them, and we'll, slowly but surely put them on our site, same as this business is clearly doing here with all of these brands. now you can do this in anything. again, i would not recommend electric bikes as the place you should start. uh, it was on the top of every heavily air quoted gurus list for a very long time, and so there's a lot of people in here and there's just. it's hard to differentiate yourself. you can do better than this. i know you can again look at our other videos on how you can make lists of like thinking, of different ideas, and then go to your research, find the brands that exist inside of any one of these niches- electric bikes for sale, electric bike brands, electric bike dealers- just search a bunch of terms where you're gonna come across all of the information you need. and again, we're selling these brands like: uh, ecotrick is a brand and if i owned- you know- my ebikestorecom, i would get a hold of ecotrick and say: i'd like to sell your products, i'd like to become a retailer for your brand. here's how i can add value: by making a beautiful website and representing your products well, and doing content marketing to get all of the information out there that needs to be out there, and doing great seo and things like that, and so i want to get them on board. i want to get as many brands on board as i can. that fall into my niche, but first you need to make a list. so hopefully this helps you make a list, and we do have a free training on our website that can help you go a little bit deeper here. just go to dropshipbreakthroughcom and click the free training, choose your market and identify the brands within that market. that's what we'll be selling in high tiket drop shipping. we're selling real brands who already have real search volume. people are already looking for these products. we're not trying to find that winning product on aliexpress and import it over here or ship it with 45 day lead times and hope we can burn out an audience and turn and burn the store we're building.

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

if you clicked on this video, you're a drop shipper and you're looking for better suppliers to drop ship from. chances are you're already listing on places like ebay, facebook marketplace, amazon or elsewhere, but those are places to list your products on. what are the best sites to drop ship products from? who are the best suppliers to use and why? now, before we break down these specific suppliers and why i recommend them, i want you to understand the importance of using several suppliers right. you don't just want to use one or two and focus solely on one or two, because that's what everybody's doing. chances are, if you look to snipe other people, other people that are listing products on facebook, marketplace or any of these places, they're gonna be using one or two of these suppliers, and so just by using several of them yourself and not building your store solely around one or two, you can diversify your products, obviously increase your margins and prevent yourself from being sniped yourself or at least make it harder for people to do so. the first one is amazon, and amazon's a no-brainer. amazon's the one that the majority of people use when they're first starting and even when they like get more seasoned and they start making sales, they people still list from amazon. okay, there's tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of products or millions of products on amazon. i really don't know. there's a lot. it's a great supplier that obviously is always going to give you refunds, you can rely on their shipping times, that it has relatively fast shipping times and it's just a great overall supplier to use, right? the issue with amazon that's been happening recently is that a lot of people's prime accounts have been suspended, mine included. i actually just got suspended- i think it was like a week and a half ago- and it hadn't happened to me for over 10 000 plus orders and i just got hit with the ban, uh, recently. now i honestly think that that's a good thing. here's why the majority of people use amazon, and so those products actually were pretty saturated and the margins were getting slimmer and slimmer. chances are, if you had a good product on amazon and you actually searched that product into the search bar on facebook marketplace, for example, you would see 30 or 50 or 100 other listings just like yours, with the same exact pictures and relatively the same title, selling for relatively the same price, because everybody is marking up the same and that gives buyers the opportunity to choose from a number of different products obviously decreases the chances that you're gonna make a sale and it's just race to the bottom pricing. but now, since everybody's getting their prime account suspended, it's actually a good thing. it's gonna lower the competition on those products. it's going to increase your margins on those products. obviously, that way you can still use amazon as a supplier. and here's a little secret between you and me: you don't actually need amazon prime to drop ship from amazon. the only products that you specifically need prime to drop ship from amazon are those low priced products where you're solely relying on the fact that amazon's shipping them for free to keep your margins intact. you can still drop ship products that are like 25- i don't know the specific number, but i want to say it's like 25- and get free shipping on amazon- or often sellers will offer free shipping even if you don't have a prime account. so you can sign up for an account, not use prime on it, and still drop ship 95 of amazon products, especially the ones that are over 25, not have to pay the the shipping fee anyway, and then you're- you're still getting relatively fast shipping time. you can still return the products on amazon. you can still list all the products from amazon's catalog. that's a good thing because then you don't ever have to worry about your prime account getting suspended. you really shouldn't be listing those, those cheap products anyway, because the margins aren't that great on those products. if you're marking a 10 product up, uh, with amazon prime, 40 or 50, yeah, you're making 40 percent, but that's forty to fifty percent of ten dollars, whereas if you're listing something for thirty dollars or fifty dollars or a hundred dollars, that percentage is a lot more profit. it's the same margin but it's a lot more profit, money wise in the same exact uh effort on your part for one sale. so that's why you don't necessarily need amazon prime anyway. so even if you're getting suspended, it's totally fine. it's gonna weed out the competition, increase your margins, help you still be able to sell those products as people drop off and start using other suppliers and you can still use them without a prime account. a lot of people are worried about losing, like, their personal prime privileges. but if you get a prime account banned and you sign up for another prime account and you solely use it for personal use, you won't get that, that second account banned. it's only when you sign up for another account, start drop shipping to random addresses, again that they suspend your account. so that's why amazon is still, in my opinion, the number one supplier and the competition for people using it to dropship on facebook, marketplace and sites like ebay is going to significantly go down now that amazon all of a sudden is banning accounts. the second supplier that i recommend is ebay. now, i love ebay. i've been using ebay for probably about a year now as a supplier and it's been phenomenal. you never run into like issues with them, cancelling your orders or issues with them. uh, you know, like suspending accounts, that you're allowed to use your ebay account, the drop ship, just like you're allowed to use an amazon account to drop ship, but not one with amazon prime right. you can still get uh, use ebay and get uh, just like on amazon. you can get tax exempt on ebay as well, so that's also a benefit, although it's a little bit of a slower process in my experience with ebay. um, and there's a lot of great products- practikally all the same products on on amazon are gonna be on ebay- typically not all of them, but a large majority of them for relatively low prices. you can look at all the sold data on ebay. so it's literally going to show you what's selling and what's selling well, and you can list a lot of products like that and literally use the the information that ebay is giving you to find hot products. it's also a very reliable supplier. they're gonna have your back as the buyer. you can always typically return most things in most cases and a lot of sellers on ebay actually drop ship directly from amazon with low margins, which means a lot of the products that you're going to get cheaply on amazon are shipping with the same relative shipping time on ebay at the same relative price and are practikally barely marked up, because the competition on ebay for amazon products is so like neck and neck that the margins are barely there. so you're practikally getting the same products and that that seller is literally drop shipping that product using their own account from amazon. so you're basically ordering an amazon product, amazon prime product, with your ebay account in a lot of ways. so that's the second one. love ebay, use it. the third one is walmart. walmart is a phenomenal supplier for so many reasons. just like amazon and ebay, it has a large amount of products in its catalog that you can obviously use. you can also use, uh, walmart plus, which is basically like amazon prime. the issue with walmart plus is they also do suspend you. now, if you hop into walmart and you start ordering, like you know, thousands of products with your walmart plus account, you're going to lose that account pretty relatively fast. however, i've notiked that if you have several accounts, you can basically use several accounts and just cycle through your pr, like the orders on those accounts, and utilize it that way. so walmart plus is another phenomenal supplier. highly recommend that you use them. and on top of all these, i f