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how to find out what shopify theme a website is using

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Know Shopify Theme Name | Which Theme Is That ?

[Music],hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day you,learn something new,my name is annis not working for you so,if you have any tutorial requests,let me know in the comments i will be,happy to do a video for you otherwise,let's get to our tutorial today,which is how you can find out the theme,of any shopify store so for example if,you saw a shopify store and you did like,the design of it and you want to make a,similar store to it,well if that store uses a gym that's,available on the market you can actually,make a similar shopify store to it and i,will show you how you can find out the,theme of the shopify store without using,any tools or anything,and there is actually a lot of websites,that can help you do that and also a,chrome extensions on google chrome,browser they can help you to find,out the team of a shopify store but as,you know i always support the,independent way without having to be,dependent on any website or tools,because what if the website suddenly,stopped working,or the extension start asking for money,suddenly,you don't have a way to do that you can,only pay the extension,if it start asking for money or,something so the best choice is to,always do that without depending on any,tools or anything and they will show you,how you can find that the theme of the,shopify store,just from the code of the website and,without any more checking,let's get to it just like i did in my,previous video,i will use google search queries to find,out shopify stores on google search,engine,and we will do demonstration on it so,let's just do that let's just type in in,search engine,in text two dots and two quotation marks,and between the two quotation marks i,will type in,powered by shopify and keep in mind that,i will do this just to find a random,shopify store to do demonstration on,and after that i will add another query,which is in text two dots and two,quotation marks again and between them,i will type in a keyword and actually i,will use the same one as my previous,video which is,women's bag and hit enter and as you can,see all the search results here,are shopify stores so let's just go for,the second one here to do demonstration,on it,so as you can see this is the shopify,store that's still in bags to make sure,it's working actually on shopify let's,just scroll down the bottom page and as,you can see here,is powered by shopify so right now we,know that the shop,is using shopify and the next step to,figure out the name of the team that's,using on this website,and to do that simply right click on the,page and after that click on view page,source option right here,and it will open up this tab right here,with a punch of code on it,and i know it looks complicated no,worries will not look at the code or,anything,simply hit ctrl f if you are on windows,i'm only mac so i'm going to,click on command f and you should see,this prompt at the top right corner of,the browser,and after that simply type in shopify,dot,team just like you see on the screen,right now and as you can see it did,highlight some links here,and if it didn't just hit enter and it,will take you to the highlighted links,as you can see did highlight some names,here,and here is the shopify team and the,first one if you notike,it says here shopify team equals,name two dots supply and basically this,supply word is the name for the shopify,team and let's just check that out right,now so i'm going to right click on it,and copy and open up a new tab which is,google search engine of course i'm going,to paste in,supply shopify team,and here it is as you can see this is,the shopify team that has been used,in the shopify store just like you see,right now so let's just check out the,demo,and let's just check out if it's similar,as you can see it's really similar,layout,with the same search bar here and the,cart on the right,as you can see so this is the shopify,team that has been used in this shopify,store,and by the way if you see a known name,here and you did search for their name,and nothing come up,that means they're using a custom made,team,so they did not use any public available,team,they did develop their own team but that,wouldn't be the case because it's really,expensive to,to hire a developer to make your own,team so that's how you figure out the,name of the shopify team that has been,used in a shopify store,and if you guys have any questions let,me know in the comments otherwise i,think my job,is done and thanks for watching and,catch you on next one

How To Know What Apps A Shopify Store Is Using

[Music],hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day you,learn something new,my name is not working for you so if you,have any tutorial requests,let me know in the comments i will be,happy to do a video for you otherwise,let's,get to our tutorial today which is how,you can find out the apps that has been,used in a shopify store,so if you saw a shopify store that has,some kind of function or some kind of,cooler views or something,and you want to implement the same,features in your store too,well there is a big chance that they may,have been using a shopify app to do that,and if you can figure out the shopify,app name you can,install it and has the same features,that you want so the ultimate solution,for you,is to find out the name of the shopify,app and that's exactly what i want to,show you right now and before we start i,want you to know that we will do that,without using any apps or websites or,extensions because there is a lot of,extensions and tools that can show you,the apps that has been used in a shopify,store and if you are wondering why is,that just like i said in my previous,video what if suddenly the website stops,working,or they could start asking for money so,you don't have a way to know that you,can only pay the tool that's asking for,money or,you will not know the app of the shopify,store but hopefully,you click it on the right video because,i will show you how you can find that,the apps that has been used in a shopify,store,just from your google chrome browser and,just from the code of the website and,without any more toking let's get to it,just like in my previous video i will,use again google search engine,to find out a random shopify store and,we will do demonstration on it so let's,just type in in google search engine,just like in my previous video,in text two dots and two quotation marks,and between them powered,by shopify and we will add another query,just to filter out the big websites,because they do use a custom made apps,and checks two dots and two quotation,marks again and between them,i will use the same keyword in my,previous videos which is,women's bags and hit enter,and as you can see a bunch of websites,here and they are all shopify stores,so let's just go for a random one to do,demonstration error so let's just go for,this one right here,and as you can see it says here coming,soon but i don't think this page is,available on the team actually,so you cannot add this on your team you,can only add it by a custom app,as far as i know and we will figure out,them right now,so we want to know the app that has been,used in the shopify store to show us,this page right here,so to do that the first thing you're,going to do is simply right click on the,page and after that click on this view,page source option,right here and it will open up this tab,right here with a bunch of code on it,and no worries you will not look at the,coder inspected or anything,the simplest thing you will do is simply,ctrl f if you are on windows i'm on mac,i'm going to click on command f,and it will show you this prompt right,here at the top right corner of the,browser,and simply type in sync load,and as you can see it did highlight,something here and if it didn't simply,hit enter and it will highlight it,just like you see right now so let's,just zoom in on it,and as you can see it says here function,sync load so basically this function of,the,sync load it will be used wherever the,code has called an,extension or app from shop wifi and as,you can see,there is a link here that has nothing to,do with the website the website that we,are using right now called the,roslowlystore.com and right here it says,amazondropshipping.com and it says here,shopify just like you see right now so,let's just check her out,i'm going to simply open up the the,website and there it is as you can see,this is a drop shipping app for amazon,just like you see,right now and if i click on download,let's just see if it will redirect us to,shopify apps,and as you can see it did redirect us to,shopify app store and this is the,the app that has been used in the,shopify store and i believe it has been,used also another one,not just this one let's just check that,out right now,now this is the only one that has been,used in the shopify store so i guess,this,front page here right here with the with,the newsletter subscription,is available on the team it was not,added by a,app or anything so that's how you figure,out the apps that has been used in a,shopify store,and as i said if you guys have any,questions let me know in the comments i,will be happy to do a video for you,otherwise i think my job is done and,thanks for watching,and catch you on next one

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How to Find Out What Theme a Shopify Store is Using

hi everyone in today's tutorial i'm,going to show you two quick ways how you,can find the theme name of the shopify,store,um and the the use examples are,basically if you go to shopify website,and you really like their theme and you,want to know what is the name the theme,they're using,uh it's relatively simple in most cases,to find out,so the first way how you can find the,theme names by using basically,inspecting the web page,and to do it is you just have to go to,the home page,right click on anywhere and just click,inspect,once the console shows up,click on the inspector tab,and then just click anywhere in the body,and then press ctrl f on your keyboard,and search for shopify,dot,theme,enter,and you you look for this script,javascript,and in here,you'll see,uh basically information about the store,like a url,language currency and most importantly,shopify theme name,in my case this is my site so i'm using,a theme called narrative and in fact it,shows the theme name in the console,same procedure could apply to other,websites which are running on shopify,the second way how you can find the,theme,name is by basically copying the url,of the shopify website and going to,shopify themeddetector.com so shop,themeddetector.com,so i'm in fact i'm going to leave this,uh link in the video description,just for your reference,and just simply,you'll be able to just copy this,this,link into a theme detector and press the,tik theme,and most cases it will identify the,theme name but since my store is,basically protected from other viewers,it has password protection it can detect,the theme,name but there are a few things i really,want to,emphasize,sometimes,you might not be able to find the theme,name simply because the web developers,they will,just rename the theme files and upload,the theme to a shopify,with a totally different name,for example if originally my theme name,is narrative and i were to download the,file and rename it to xyz theme and then,re-upload it xyz file to shopify well,the theme name,in the console and the shopify theme,detector would be xy that theme,so it could be,quite challenging for,those individuals who are new to shopify,to figure out what what theme shop shop,is using,and alternately second issue what you,may face is,if,the theme which your store is using is,basically a custom made theme and,a they could have a totally random name,and to be do be like no name whatsoever,it could be like null,so,i hope,this tip was useful to you and if you,like the videos with respect to shopify,and shopify development please ensure to,subscribe to my channel,thanks so much bye

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How To Find Out What Apps A Shopify Store Is Using

on guys Travis Patel here with King,pinning thank you so much for joining me,in today's video we're gonna quickly,show you how you can discover what apps,and software a store or website is using,sometimes you're gonna come across,stores and websites that have very cool,features and you want to know exactly,how they make that happen right now I'm,doing a over-the-shoulder shopify,ecommerce workshop and we've come in our,research across a few different pieces,of certain shops that are very cool,additions things I would want to have on,our store and features and things that,I've not seen before or don't know act,exactly the company that offers those,type of features so what I'm doing is I,installed a Chrome extension here called,what runs you can find that at what runs,com it's a free extension very simple,and it's going to tell you everything he,can find for each store or website you,visit now you can go into the coding and,things and dive deep and try and look at,exactly what's there but that's a little,bit more complicated typically this app,does a really good job so you can see,it's right here in my dashboard here on,the chrome app and we're looking at this,high go shop comm I like this is kind of,a general store we're building the,general store on the workshop and,there's a few features that I really,like about this store one for example is,the bots together frequently bought,together a little section here this is,kind of like Amazon where they have,options to add two or three products,with your order to increase that,lifetime value you see the the review,section here we already know what app,that is but we'll be able to search that,if you'd in it if we go to the cart,section let's go ahead and add to cart,you can see this little your cart is,reserved for 15 minutes that's a nice,little addition we'd like to see on,there go to checkout you can see the,same thing kind of happens up here I,guess it doesn't here you need that,advanced but anyways we want to know,exactly what is going on with this,website so we're gonna use this what,runs Chrome extension to find out we,just go to the website we click down,that extension and now we're gonna get a,full kind of detailed look at what,exactly they're using now we know,they're using Shopify Google anal,lytx is pretty obvious Facebook YouTube,code blackbelt never heard of that now,we can go here and look at the website,see exactly what that is,okay Shopify master artisans quality,apps so they have a few apps you could,go into their apps completely okay so,here we go frequently bought together,app right here so this is what they're,using for that currency converter,customers who bought this item also,bought so kind of similar thing there we,can even see what other type of apps if,that's all they've got all Shopify apps,buy code blackbelt shipping rights video,background full-page zoom white,Christmas Valentine's Day Halloween so,you can see just there kind of featured,lineup so that is giving us right there,just with that very first look we get a,good idea we get let's see what else,they've got loyal to lie on I've never,heard of that one be keating that's a,marketing app I've heard of they have a,few different things that you can use,open that looks is the review app that,we see on the bottom and that sales page,I just mentioned they've got their,Facebook pixel in there let's see,CloudFlare CDN handlebars other,JavaScript and things like that sweet,alert so it's probably with people who,have just purchased recently let's look,at loyal to lion-o not really loading,for us be peening convert more visitors,into revenue for ecommerce business so,you got a few different apps available,there we can look at track analyze smart,marketing apps looks as our review app,that does the pictures and the star,rating below sweet alert not showing up,but we could always just search that in,Google to see exactly what's going on,creating pop-up messages using sweet,alert there's a few other options for,that as well but you can see let's see,let's look this up,and we get a good idea so here in the,app store we're gonna see what loyalty,lion is let's look at all their apps,here referral and rewards program so,pretty cool there here's all the beak,eating apps that you can do so that's,pretty cool as well upsells cross valves,boost conversion social traffic grow,followers and all that kind of stuff so,what we're getting here with this cool,what runs a cuz we're gettin details and,what apps and programs they're using to,run their site and we can go ahead and,use that ourselves without having to,kind of do long extended searches we can,kind of figure that out pretty quickly,so guys hopefully this helps you guys,out understand how to build a little bit,better econ store or WordPress site or,just business on the on line in general,thanks for joining me trash patel here,have a good one,[Applause]

How to Find out What Platform a Website Uses

[Music],hey guys it's peggy dean of the pigeon,letters where i provide,random tutorials of all kinds of things,creative in this video we're going to be,going over,how to find out what web platform,somebody is using so you might be on a,site and you're like gosh i really love,this you might be looking to build your,site or even switch over to something,that's less confusing than wordpress,sorry for all your wordpress lifers but,i'm going to show you exactly how to do,it i'm going to show you how to do it on,two different browsers both chrome,and on safari so without further ado,let's jump right into it,i've gotten permission from a few of my,friends to show you some examples so,the first browser i'm using is chrome,and then i'm also going to show you in,safari but for chrome all you need to do,is go to the website of the person or,you know company or whatever that you're,wanting to find out the platform of and,then you're going to anywhere on the,page,right click and say inspect this is,going to,create this pop-up code situation and a,lot of you are not going to know what,any of this means and don't worry you do,not have to,all you have to do is toggle over to,sources right here,in this top menu of the developer tab,once you're in sources it's going to,pull up all of these drop down arrows,and you will see,right away that you'll see,wp content wp here and oftentimes toward,the bottom it should also,oftentimes will have a folder similar,but just seeing this right here wp,that means wordpress i know that cassie,yost is using,wordpress on her site so if you're ever,on a site that you absolutely love,you can see exactly where they're,hosting or how they're hosting it since,wordpress is one of those ones that can,be iffy for a lot of people,you can also take note of other websites,like for instance paper playgrounds,is brook glacier's site it's,friendly it's nice it's well laid out,and i'm going to right click,on an empty space here say inspect same,thing i'm going to go over to,sources so that's the one thing that a,lot of people forget to do is actually,go over and navigate to sources,and they'll be looking through elements,they'll try to figure it out not sure,what's going on,so go to sources from sources,you can now see that you have,squarespace popping up all over the,place,on the left hand side brooke is using,squarespace for her site,so now you know exactly where she builds,this,last example is my own website,you will pull this up here you see,everything that's going on i'm going to,right click somewhere,go down to inspect and,from there go to sources,from here i can see kajabi kajabi so i,know,that the pigeon letters.com also peggy,dean which is me,i am using kajabi and there are many,reasons,why people use different things and so,it's really important that you also go,in and read every you know read up on,what's going to work best for your,workflow etc but,this is going to give you a very easy,way to just check and see what somebody,is using,so now i'm going to show you the same,thing in safari so i have safari open,here i'm going to show you the exact,same websites in the exact same order,casios.com i'm going to right-click,inspect element you'll see that the,developer tab shows up on the bottom,all i need to do here's sources right,here,and then i can see exactly what's going,on it doesn't have,the obvious scripts here on the left you,can also just,look down a little bit so i see she's,using the yoast plugin,yoast.com wordpress so there's an easy,tell that she is using wordpress so it's,usually right in the beginning somewhere,i'm going to do the same thing,with paper playgrounds i don't have to,exit i'm pointing at my computer like,you can see it but,i don't have to exit out of this,developer tab either i can just keep it,open if i know the site i want to go to,and it will automatikally pull that up,for me so sources that i just had to,load and i can see,right here squarespace so i know she's,using squarespace,and then lastly my website,i'm just showing you different ones so,that you can see how they might show up,depending on the code that's in the,website itself just because,it will show up differently depending on,what they have going on on their front,page and whatnot,but i can see let's see if i go okay so,i scrolled down just a tad kajabi,storefronts so i know that i am using,kajabi so if this was helpful stay tuned,because my next video is going to be,going over how to find out,fonts that are used on websites i can't,wait to give you guys more tips and,tricks be sure to come over to,thepigeonletters.com to snag all of your,freebies,and learn all the more things because,more things are fun to learn okay i'll,see you next time turn your,notifications on see ya bye

How To Find Out What Theme A Website Is Using - WhatWPThemeIsThat.com

in this tutorial I'm gonna show you two,ways to figure out what theme a site is,using there is a manual way and an,automatik way gonna show you the,automatik one first which doesn't work,all the time then I'm going to show you,the manual one which also doesn't work,all the time sometimes websites have,hidden their theme and in another,tutorial I'm going to show you how you,can hide your theme as well but in this,one we're going to tok about how to,discover a theme that's being used on a,website and we're getting started right,now hey what's up guys welcome back to,another tutorial its Bjorn from WP,learning lab but we help you get better,at WordPress so you can earn more for,yourself for your clients and for your,business if you're new here and you like,WordPress and like wordpress tips tricks,and hacks and getting better at it make,sure you click on subscribe then the,bell notification icons you don't miss,anything and then check out a private,Facebook group linked to in the,description down below that's where we,tok WordPress all day long so you can,get even better at it after you watch,these tutorials so make sure you check,that out and with that out of the way,let's check out this screen capture I'll,see you there sometimes you come across,a wordpress site or a website you don't,even know if it's WordPress but you like,their theme and you're wondering if it's,I have the WordPress and if it is what,theme are they using for example if we,come across this beauty right here my,demo site which is more or less,butchered because of all this stuff I do,to it at random in these tutorials so,it's not the prettiest site but it's a,good example we can get the URL of this,site just copy that and then go to a,place called or Google what what theme,is a site using should come up under,that search and what I use is what board,press theme is that that's what it is,what WordPress theme is that then you,paste in the URL here click on search,and this will tell you a is it a,wordpress site or not and if it is a,wordpress site it will try to find out,what theme is being used and what,plugins are being run so currently on my,site back there we have ocean WP on,there and has information about that,theme and then it shows which plugins,are on the site and that's an,easy way to figure out what theme is,being run sometimes this doesn't work so,in those cases first to test if it's if,it's WordPress site just type in /w p,login dot PHP if that takes you to a,login page it's a wordpress site,especially cuz mostly loggin pages are,default and I have this WordPress symbol,by the way if that goes to login page,it's a wordpress site if that doesn't,take you to a login page it might still,be a wordpress site so we want to do is,click on or right click on a white space,on the site and click on view page,source and if they have a plug-in,installed that changes the location of,the login page then using a little,tested it earlier wouldn't work but in,the source code there's going to be,plenty of mentions of WordPress if it is,a WordPress site for example we if we do,a ctrl F and search for WordPress this,site has a mention of it here in a Yoast,comment it has it here under plugins,there tis again WordPress one of the,generator and some of the stiff stuff,can be hidden another way to figure out,which team is being used search for WP -,Content Forge slash themes' forward,slash and that should turn up what the,active theme is in this case we have a,folder name of ocean WP which tells us,what the theme name is and if that does,not turn up anything then they've,opposed to kated or hidden what their,theme actually is and inside of say for,example this was some theme whose name,we didn't recognize as the folder name,then there would be a stylesheet,somewhere on this page that you can then,open to see what the theme name is but,ocean double P seems to have a prusik,ated that as well so if we go to styles,or search for styles CSS we have a,minified version of the stylesheet hang,on,let's check for minified I know ocean,MEP has a minified version of the,stylesheet here it is asset CSS style,min so this is a minified version of the,style sheet that does not show us what,theme is being used like maybe get the,main style sheet by trying this oh there,it is this is the main style sheet and,in here they don't have it written out,what theme is being used only at the,very top of a WordPress style sheet it,says which theme or show's theme,information for that style sheet at the,very top,normally ocean WP clearly does not so,I'm just going to activate a different,theme so I can show you what it looks,like to find the style sheet it's gonna,go to appearance and then themes and,then I'm going to activate one that I,know for sure is gonna work 2017 I'm,gonna close all these extra source code,tabs up here and I'll come out here and,refresh and a right-click in some white,space click on a view page source and,then search for style styles with an S,dot CSS style dot CSS there with no s so,we have 2017 or wp-content themes 2017,/a style and a version number so if we,open this up this is normally what you,see at the top of a style or a top of,the main CSS for WordPress theme and,shows you the theme name which is 2070,in this case it gives you a link to,where that theme exists on the internet,usually themes are for sale or for,download and this would be a link to,where you can find it shows you,information about who wrote it and other,general information and if they were,using a child theme then there would be,a template here we have license :,version : author : there would be a,template : and then that would provide,the folder name for the main theme so if,their child theme is not named after the,parent theme you have to go by the,template name of the parent theme to try,to figure out or Google or research to,find out what that main theme is called,and those are the two ways we can find,what the theme is hopefully the,automated option works if it doesn't,then you have to do the manual way which,requires some research and sometimes you,just can't figure it out,and that's probably how the theme,creator wants it so that's how it works,I hope this video helps you if you,haven't done so yet make sure you hit,subscribe and the Bella notification,icon somewhere on the video up here but,on the page down below and then check,out the Facebook group linked to in the,description down below and after that,check out one of these videos that,popped up on the right-hand side so you,get even better WordPress and until next,time keep crushing it and I will see you,in the next video