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How To Find The BEST Suppliers To Source Your Products From (Shopify HACK)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Find The BEST Suppliers To Source Your Products From (Shopify HACK)

How To Find The BEST Suppliers To Source Your Products From (Shopify HACK)

yo what's going on everyone Haydon here
coming back at you with a brand new
video and in this one it feels really
good to be back in the studio setup this
is the first video I'm filming after I
got back from Vegas which if you guys
have not seen that video I filmed one
while I was there and then one of like
the entire trips you can go back on the
channel and check those out but inside
of this video I'm gonna go through and
actually dive into my computer and go
through Aliexpress so I'm gonna go
through show you a couple different
things and this isn't just like finding
the best price point because as
hopefully you know or at least you will
by the end of this video
price is not the only variable when it
comes to selecting a supplier you want
to work with so primarily this is going
to be taking products that we want to
sell on Shopify finding them on
Aliexpress there are principles you can
use if you want to sell it a different
platform and you're still sourcing from
how they express or even if you're
dealing with suppliers directly because
a lot of people don't think about the
variables and trust me when I say this
it's the what one of the most annoying
that the most annoying but literally
like the most time consuming a headache
you will ever deal with if you have an
issue with the supplier like the amount
of stuff I have gone through is just
ridiculous so if you can avoid that do
it at all costs so pay attention inside
of this video you guys by the way at the
end of this week we are doing a live
stream okay you could pick one of two
times make sure to hit the link down
below I'm gonna see you guys on there
I'm going through and showing you like a
thousand times more stuff than this
stuff that I've never shared on YouTube
video and actually never really shared
ever anywhere because it's a lot of new
stuff so very current stuff I'm do with
my marketing my strategies my product
offer strategies literally everything so
definitely hit the link register for
your spot inside of there it's free so
other than that let's jump inside of my
computer I'm gonna go through and break
this down again if you guys are using
like let's just call it a different
platform than Shopify so if you're
selling from Aliexpress somewhere else
it's still the same principle or if
there's other things you're using maybe
DHgate or any sort of other sourcing
place even dealing with the supplier
directly this still relates this is how
you kind of look through them and find
the best because again it's more than
just price so I'm gonna throw this at
you pretty fast we're gonna move through
to good pace
let's jump inside of my computer alright
so now that we're inside here again
we're just on a regular Aliexpress page
I'm not even logged in so I'm on an
incognito tab you have so many different
options so I'm gonna go through and
we're just going to look at a couple of
random ones
let's see kind of what's moving on this
main thing we can do the fishing Nisha
it's not gonna matter this is the whole
principle behind actually finding it so
it's gonna be the same strategy no
matter what your niche is what type of
product you want to sell literally
anything like that so yeah I guess we
can take the fishing niche all right
let's just let's go with that we're
gonna type in fishing and we can
actually go ahead and find we're gonna
take one specific product so you don't
just find one supplier typically for
anything you're doing so if you're
running something that's like you have
the fishing niche there's all sorts of
things you need different baits spinners
you mean line you need a reel maybe a
rod like anything like all the other
gadgets and stuff I don't know I don't
really fish too much all the different
stuff that goes into there typically
you're not going to take it all from one
supplier if you can that's great but um
oftentimes it's not going to be the
easiest way to do it so what the oh
this is why we love Aliexpress let's
just go through and take lures okay
fishing lure and what we're gonna do
here is we're gonna kind of find similar
ones and figure out which one would be
the best offer so you want to find
essentially ones that are the exact same
with different suppliers so let me
actually pull up a product that i know
has like the same ones just with
different suppliers just to make this go
a lot faster for you let's go up on
necklace for those of you who don't know
I've never really shared this I did have
a store selling these that was doing
extremely well it was like a 40 to 50 km
on the store literally just with that
product so as you can see here these
have a lot of orders there's multiple
different suppliers so we're gonna do
we're gonna go ahead and open these up
in new tabs I'm gonna show you exactly
how I actually filter through this there
are a couple there's two different
variations of this if you look closely
see how this one has like a gap like
these have little gaps in between there
there's some where it doesn't have this
gap okay so where's one like that
there's a few so you just want to make
sure you have the same variation of it
again there's gonna be a lot so what
kind of look through these two I'm just
gonna show you how I look at it and how
I filter because there's a few things
you have to worry about and this is not
something you have to think about you
have to worry about this when you're
dealing with suppliers first of all the
packaging that it comes in okay what
does it look like there's a Chinese
writing all over it that's not gonna
look good for you do you have the option
with that supply you should contact them
do you have the option down the road to
do any sort of custom pack
if you're willing to pay more ask them
that you know ask different things and
say look if I'm you know I'm a very even
if you're not if you've never done shop
fire any sort of selling online
tell them you have and say you know this
is gonna be another big product I want
to blow it up
when I do so and show you a lot of
orders are you willing to drop the price
because if not I have other people who
are willing to do that so that's kind of
more of like a negotiating standpoint
that's a really good stance that you can
take but I'm being able to find the
right suppliers absolutely huge so one
of the first things I look at is not
just price so yes you see the price up
here one of the things I see first is
this okay four point seven five hundred
fifty six votes we're gonna go through
that it's had twelve hundred orders
whereas this one's had forty-three
hundred so this is telling me that
people take this one more why is that
let's take a look the price here is
fifty one okay and they get free
shipping that takes about three to four
weeks now this one over here is same
shipping time free shipping but it's 45
cents so it's pretty much the same thing
here now you can look at their
variations do they both have gold and
silver yeah both gold and silver 45
centimeter so it's the same thing so
essentially this one's just better
simply because of price but what you can
do is you'll go ahead and open up ten of
these or whatever you know from like the
same product use different suppliers and
different postings and you're gonna
scroll down and what you're gonna do is
you're gonna go here to feedback and
you're gonna kind of look through and
see exactly who has the best radiant cuz
back to the whole packaging thing and
issues with shipping or having to take a
long time that's one thing you want to
look at so this one's got 83 percent up
top this one's got 85 okay that can be a
possibility because this actually has
less orders in total so it's kind of a
skewed ratio it's not an exact 97
percent positive feedback this one has
96 point it's like the same thing so at
this point you can clearly tell this
supplier is better simply because they
have more orders to they've had more
orders they have more experience more
people are trusting that you can be sure
of that now one of the other things I
look at real quick and this is for one
of the biggest issues I've had to deal
with look at how many pieces they have
they have 80,000 do you know how many
necklaces like you could probably fill a
room with that like eighty thousand you
could probably fit like eighty on your
neck you know like that's a crazy amount
so if you go back to this other one they
have six thousand so either way you'd
probably be fine
it's something you want to look at
because oftentimes like let's just say
you go to I mean let's just type in
cat necklace here what you're gonna find
is you're gonna find a lot that don't
really have that many so as you can see
here let's just we'll just kind of
scroll half down and click on one all
what do they have in stok alright so
something like this I don't know if
people would really buy that okay this
one is nineteen hundred you're gonna
find ones that have 70 that have three
hundred and what you would want to do in
that situation because if it has good
feedback so far it's a good price point
and they have good unique pictures which
is another thing we look at then you can
just ask them like hey is there any
chance that if I start getting a lot of
orders you guys can very quickly very
rapidly increase the amount of
production that you can produce and
sometimes they say no so that's one
thing you want to look at holy crap two
hundred and seven thousand so like
you're more than fine like if you manage
to sell that out your legend you know
it's like stuff like this let's just go
ahead and take another look okay so this
one has 800 so that's a good amount
because 800 orders let's say you're
selling this for free plus shipping nine
bucks or something like that a trip wire
offer which is primarily what I would do
just judging this so far I would go
ahead and ask them because that's a
pretty good amount of orders I would
just ask them hey how fast you making
more and can you increase that you know
because if they have 800 right now but
they make 400 new ones a month but you
start selling you know 100 a day Twitter
today through like you know you got to
make sure they can keep up with that so
that's just something that you're going
to want to reach out to them and ask
also do take a look at the shipping
price so a packet is something you're
gonna want to highly consider with
products you're selling just because it
allows you to somewhat match anything
that other people are doing so a lot of
companies besides Amazon like even stuff
on eBay and whatnot you know you're
gonna expect it to take like three days
five days a week maybe 10 days so you
can kind of fall like yeah you're gonna
be outside that timeframe but if you can
at least kind of get close like there's
a big difference between it be you know
you paying for he packing it gets there
in two weeks right fourteen days versus
thirty days that's a very big difference
you know your main competitor at this
point is gonna be Amazon so the fact
that everything pretty much is two-day
shipping with Prime sometimes even one
day or same day it's and they even have
to our what does that call like now it's
something like that it's just
Occulus so that's something you're gonna
want to look at as you go through and
scroll through these you can see that
just by hitting this little down arrow
so that's primarily what I look at when
it comes to the supplier it's really
that simple overall you're just looking
for what people are saying because
inside of all this I don't just look at
the ratings so you can go back through
and you can actually read all these
comments good quality fast shipping you
do want to like kind of scroll through
quite a ways because oftentimes they'll
actually have all their friends
commenting on it they'll put their own
stuff people do that on Amazon all the
time eBay is huge for that expectation
was very long - were broken okay that's
just one person all these people 5/5
obsessed don't even know what that's
saying so just kind of scroll through it
it's very similar to like finding
Instagram influencers you just want to
scroll through the comments and see what
people are saying so that's kind of one
thing we're doing inside of here I look
at that it's really that simple I'm not
just looking at price which is like the
biggest thing I want to get across in
here price for me I have multiple
products that I'm currently selling like
right now as I'm filming this where it's
not the cheapest listing on how they
express it's not the thing is I know I
can get the price down once I start
selling so if I'm dealing with a really
small manufacturer who undercut all
their other competitors prices so it's
like you know five percent lower price
or even ten percent and I'm working with
them but then they can't produce they
can't scale they can't do anything with
that it doesn't matter how low I can get
the price because they can't keep up
with the orders so what you want to do
is work with a bigger person because
actually bigger manufacturers tend to
have more margin because they have it
you know more streamlined process and
they're doing a lot more so you know the
material that they're buying they can
get it for cheaper because they're doing
more orders so make sure first that they
can actually handle the orders or they
already have it and then from there you
can see if you're negotiating so the
price point for me is not just 100
percent of the deal because you can get
it down everything's negotiable no
matter where you go literally the only
place where things are not negotiable
that I've been to is Canada the US and
Europe like in person like everywhere
else when I was traveling like in New
Mexico at Bali in Thailand like anywhere
literally you can negotiate for anything
like food if you buy something on the
street you walk into any store it's just
a negotiable so that's kind of how the
world works we're really one of the only
places that doesn't deal with that so
all of this the price you see inside of
here everything can be moved
just you got to make sure you can back
it up look at the orders you know if you
can show them you have borders like I
have friends and I don't personally do
this because I don't need to but they
will not fulfill orders for like a week
they'll let like a thousand orders stack
up and then go to their supplier and go
to like two or three other main ones to
be like look I have a thousand orders
who do you want me to fulfill it through
and you'll see who gives you the
cheapest price and better shipping and
everything so that's what you kind of
want to do as long as you have orders
you have numbers to back it up at that
point you have leverage so you don't
want to necessarily bother like directly
negotiating to lower the price in the
beginning get those orders first you
know see if they're willing to move once
you do have them but don't be saying
okay I'm gonna have you know lower my
price right now I get five thousand
orders because if you don't get that
many orders in the first month then
they're just gonna raise it back up on
you and sometimes they'll be dicks and
they'll raise it even further so that's
one thing you kind of want to be careful
of there's a lot that goes into that if
you guys have more question just about
suppliers specifically I might go
through and break down a little bit more
of a research process if that's
something you guys would want to see
again that's applicable what we just
went through that is applicable to more
than just selling on Shopify so when
you're dealing with suppliers for
literally anything that is some of the
key features you want to look at so
other than that make sure you guys have
registered your free spot in the
livestream that's at the end of this
week absolutely beyond excited to see
you guys inside of there I've been
spending like dozens and dozens of hours
like making all these graphs mapping
everything out so one request it's kind
of a two-parter bring a pen and bring a
piece of paper like multiple pieces of
paper so that's all I can recommend you
I'm gonna see you guys on there and if
you did enjoy this video be sure to drop
like down below and as always help me
hit 100k subs we're closing and quick
near a 90,000 like that's unreal unreal
and like one you're just crazy I do
appreciate that you guys be sure to join
the fan behind that I think and
subscribe button and with that being
said I'm gonna see you tomorrow in the
next video bass

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