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How To Find Untouched Video Ideas That Get Millions of Views

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

How To Find Untouched Video Ideas That Get Millions of Views

How To Find Untouched Video Ideas That Get Millions of Views

let me know if this story sounds
familiar to you you sit down prepared to
start batching your next batch of
youtube content ideas and suddenly your
mind goes blank you think you come up
with a good idea but it only takes a few
minutes for you to realize that's
probably not a good idea at all and now
you start to stress out because this is
a side hustle for you and you don't have
hours and hours to do this you only have
one hour and that hour is quickly
disappearing and you've thought of
nothing so in this video we're going to
solve that problem once and for all for
you if you've ever struggled coming up
with content for youtube or honestly any
other social platform by the end of this
video that struggle will be gone and if
you stay till the end of the video we're
going to show you how you can get access
to this spreadsheet right here now that
spreadsheet you just saw is a custom
coded spreadsheet that i created where i
can put in all these content ideas that
we're going to show you how to generate
in this video and it will churn out the
best opportunities and let you know
which ones you need to be making first
and which ones you perhaps don't even
need to be making at all don't worry
it's totally free we're not gonna make
you opt-in or anything like that don't
tell my business coach i did that now
before we start i do want to explain
something that i personally know that
every serious youtuber is doing and
that's writing down every single idea
they have for a video as soon as the
idea comes so if you take youtube
seriously you need to have something on
your phone that's there and available
and the instant a new idea for a video
comes it needs to get put onto that
sheet or it will disappear forever i
can't tell you how many ideas i had when
i was first starting that were really
good ideas that i would have in the
shower or just before bed or while i'm
driving and that i would never make the
video because when it actually came time
to come up with my ideas for videos that
idea was already gone so you need a pad
even a physical piece of paper if you're
one of those people something where you
can keep track of every idea as it comes
and you'll find that ideas are coming
all the time throughout the day
especially as you're looking for them so
that's the first item just keep that
piece of paper or a note on your phone
now we're going to start at what i call
the least creative way so this is a way
that's very very easy to do and then
we're going to get to where there are
some creative ways uh some that i'm
pretty sure you probably haven't used
and have never thought of and there's
some of my favorite ways as we work our
way down this list so let's dive in now
number one not super creative but still
one of my favorites and i can honestly
say that i use it on every new channel i
create for probably my first 20 to 30
videos this is the method that i'll use
so let's dive in and look here what we
do is we use the youtube search bar so
the youtube search bar we're all aware
that if i type in you know how to it's
going to give me a bunch of different
things that people are looking for how
to now the problem with youtube is we're
in a niche right none of these are in my
niche that we're looking at right here i
don't think most of you care if i showed
you how to make pancakes and to be
honest i'm not great at making pancakes
so instead what we're going to do is
we're going to take a niche for example
one of my channels is in the kryptonish
and we're going to type in the word
crypto when i type in crypto it's going
to give me uh now about 10 ideas still
not great though right crypto news
crypto news today still not getting
anywhere to where we feel like we're uh
you know have a lot of ideas for videos
so now we're going to do is we're
actually going to type in a letter
before crypto and i'm going to type in a
crypto okay now you can see here we're
starting to get some more ideas a
cryptokurrency a crypto portfolio a
crypto guide to the metaverse we're
gonna go b and now we're starting to get
some more ideas right best crypto to buy
now bomb crypto game there's something
going on with this bomb crypto game best
metaverse crypto kc chico crypto uh
nothing great there but you can see i'm
coming up with all these different ideas
now and i can change it to bitcoin right
and now i can go a bitcoin and i get all
these different uh bitcoin ideas to tok
about bitcoin uh best bitcoin to buy
right now that's funny because there is
only one bitcoin and then you can do the
same thing but take that letter and move
it after the word so we've done crypto
right crypto a crypto analysis crypto
apex legends crypto arbitrage trading b
okay crypto bureau crypto ban in india
crypto c so you can see here now there's
just ideas flowing especially if you're
familiar with crypto so if you're
watching this and you're not familiar
with crypto you might be saying i don't
know what any of these people are
toking about but in your niche you'll
have a pretty good idea and you can do
this and come up with quite literally 50
to 100 different video ideas as you go
through every single letter both before
and after your niche okay so i can type
in affiliate marketing and do the same
thing and you can see i'm getting tons
of different options just using the
letter a and what you're going to do is
you're going to take this custom
spreadsheet that we added and you're
going to start throwing it in this
left-hand column here okay we're not
letting we're not showing you all the
other stuff on the right but you can see
on the left hand column all you've got
to do is start throwing in these ideas
throwing them in there and we'll start
sorting which ones are the best ideas as
we get closer to the end the next one is
another simple one that has also yielded
great great results for me and it's even
simpler than the last one what we're
going to do is we're going to find the
channels in our niche and we're going to
figure out what's really working for
them so for example i could type in
affiliate marketing which is what a lot
of this channel is about and you can see
i've got all these different channels
that tok about affiliate marketing okay
and what i would do is i would scroll
down a little bit let's say i click into
this one right here okay and i'd click
over to his channel page and what we're
going to do is we're going to go to his
videos and we're going to sort them okay
and you can see where this is going by
the most popular okay now this isn't all
we're gonna do we need to be a little
bit more specific than this but you can
see right here we've got a really killer
video on instagram with 600 000 views
200 000 views and really quickly you'll
see there's typically depending on the
size of the channel 10 to 20 videos
anywhere from let's say 5 to 20 videos
that are really good they have you know
hundreds of thousands of views and then
it kind of dies down you'll find that
most of these big channels have just a
few videos that really blew them up the
ones that really took them next level
and the rest of their videos are just
doing okay and so what we're gonna do is
try to mimic those big videos but what's
important to look at is the time frame
okay so you can see this had 530 000
views but it was two years ago and i
find that there's trends and stuff that
go on on youtube and so if something was
two three four five years ago it may not
be trending now like instagram was huge
i don't think instagram's as big now as
it was but i know that a couple years
ago people that were doing this and
toking about instagram got a ton of
followers from that unfortunately i did
not do any videos about instagram but
you can see here we've got seven months
ago four months ago and then back to two
years ago and things like that but we
would look at these two and say okay
this is something more recent clearly
people are excited about what we're
toking about right here the subject or
something like that can i make a similar
video to this uh whether it's you know
very very similar or just kind of the
same idea or just toking about you know
generally the thumbnail title can be the
same with a totally different video but
we're gonna use this for our ideation
and you'll find that you'll come up with
about on each channel i'll come up with
five or six ideas of things that i can
do as well and and preferably you think
how can i do this but just a tiny bit
better now let's move on to the third
one and that's one of my favorite ones
because i don't think many people are
doing this and it yields really good
results for me and what it is is it's
called niche scooching uh probably a
poor word but we're gonna scooch over
from our niche to a niche that's just a
little bit different than ours okay so
it's kind of similar but not the exact
same and a good example for me is real
estate so my channel teaches how to make
money online real estate investors are
definitely trying to make money and
stuff like that but they're trying to do
it through a different avenue real
estate so what we're going to do is we
would type in real estate we you know
some different words real estate
investing and stuff and we'd come across
some channels but one of my favorite
ones is a guy named graham stefan okay
and you can see right here he's at
millions and millions of subscribers so
we're going to go to him right here
we're going to pause that voice that
auto plays that we all hate and we're
going to do the same thing we're going
to sort him by his videos and what we're
looking for is videos that we can take
the exact same framework and the exact
same title pretty much but we can do it
for our niche so if we scroll down here
a little bit how i became a millionaire
in real estate by 26 could easily be
converted to how i became a millionaire
with affiliate marketing by age 28 or
something like that right the exact same
idea and framework but we're tweaking
how we're actually doing it how i bought
this house for zero dollars how i built
this website up to ten thousand dollars
a month without any you know with zero
dollars into it things like that like
little teeny tweaks you're gonna see
just all these different ideas will come
to you about how you could take the same
thing they're doing and apply it to your
niche and i like this one because it's
unique and you'll find these these
things and in fact the last video we put
out we use this exact same method i had
someone that was a blogger that toked
about the harsh truths of blogging and i
realized that there was not many videos
out there about the harsh truth of
affiliate marketing we'll see how that
video does but you're just going to
scroll down here and you can scroll for
quite a while and find
10 20 30 different video ideas of videos
that have done really well in a niche
close to yours and maybe no one in your
niche has even thought of that yet so
this works really well on the more
creative videos kind of the ones that
get suggested and not necessarily
searched for in a search engine of
youtube and number four once again we're
going to be mooching off the big
channels i'm assuming if you're watching
this you don't have 400 500 600 000
subscribers if you do go ahead and do
this with your own channel lucky you
what we're going to do is we're going to
type in our keyword again in youtube so
in our my channel's case i would type in
affiliate marketing we're going to find
a video with a ton of views which in
this case we've got a million views
right here from central media so we're
going to click into that and what we're
going to do is we're just going to load
up these comments okay we're going to go
right down here and you're going to see
they've got 3 000 comments and what
you're looking for is not one-off
comments you're looking for patterns
you're looking for 10 20 30 people
saying wait but i don't understand this
or can you make a video about this which
is something that happens quite often
and makes it really easy but typically
it's going to be people asking these
questions like hey you explain this but
i'm lost because i don't even know how
to do this right and what do you what do
you know you know that those people are
probably going to head straight from
this video back to this youtube search
bar and they're going to type in that
and so you you already know that there
are a lot of people that are stuck on
this one thing because they're telling
the creator in this big video that
that's something that's a stiking point
for them even better what you can do is
scroll down like this and let a bunch of
comments load and then you can use the
search bar so i can go up here and i can
type in words like confused and you can
see right here this person says i'm
confused at the website instructions
okay i can go again and look this
person's a little confused on getting
started when you don't have education
not sure if we could start a video on
that but you get the idea here right
lost i could type in lost i could type
understand meaning people are saying i
don't understand okay we've got seven
people toking about uh well these
people are actually telling him what a
great job he did but you get the idea
here these are actual people on the
internet and they're telling you what
they're trying to figure out
and the very last way and one that i
found works really really well for
people that are targeting kind of the
viral recommended algorithm right so in
youtube we've got the search engine and
you make videos that are kind of just
targeting people searching for those
videos but then as a big part of youtube
and probably bigger than the search
engine even is these recommended videos
that youtube's always trying to show you
on the side to kind of hook you deeper
into the youtube ecosystem and we want
to target that and the way we target
that very well is using tiktok so
tiktok is a very viral central
algorithm it is very good at identifying
videos with potential to go viral what
we would do and and you could do this on
your phone easier and i'm just going to
show you on a computer because uh we're
already recording my computer screen but
you can see right here i can go to
tiktok.com and i can just search
affiliate marketing now there's two ways
to do this we can find accounts okay so
we've got a bunch of accounts that tok
about affiliate marketing somewhere in
there uh right here you can see in their
description and we can go find all their
big videos and start seeing well what
did so well for them is it is it the
structure of this is it the type of
content they the way they explained it
but we try to get ideas from the way
these affiliate marketing people on tik
tok are doing it and then we can do the
same thing on your phone it's not gonna
let me do it on my computer but i could
click on videos on my phone when i'm
logged in and i could actually see
videos that have used hashtag affiliate
marketing and stuff and this works
across any niche this gives you viral
video ideas and it gives you a lot of
them and i can tell you right now
something's working really well on tik
tok two things one that concept can
work really well on youtube we just got
to stretch it out from 60 seconds to 12
minutes or so but two you'll find that
especially with the more recent ones a
lot of these guys head over to youtube
so you'll see somebody make an affiliate
marketing video and you know there's
only 60 seconds they're not really able
to completely train and explain
something in 60 seconds but that video
goes viral it gets a million views and a
lot of those views go straight over to
youtube to learn a little bit more about
what it is and because they're
interested in that right for example i
can make a video about how to write
books on amazon okay how to become an
amazon bookseller one of those like
digital kindle sellers and make a bunch
of money and what's going to happen is
these people are going to say oh i've
never heard of that they're going to
head over to youtube to find out more
and you can tag right into them on
youtube as they do so all right so as
promised i toked about finding and
identifying these best opportunities and
so what we're going to do here is we're
actually going to take a look at this
right here and explain how it all works
and we're going to tell you how to get
access to the spreadsheet and you can
see right here these are video title
ideas okay and those are going to come
naturally as you're going through all of
these processes that we just toked
about you're going to come up with 50 to
100 different title ideas now the next
thing you need to do and you can have an
assistant or somebody do this or you can
do this yourself what you've got to do
is you're going to want to find the
average views for the top five videos
with that search typed in okay so for
example let's say the keyword here was
free traffic so affiliate marketing
free traffic okay and you're going to
look right here and get the average
number of views and you can see there's
me right there and there's me right
there so this is one i've hammered
pretty hard but uh you're gonna take the
average of the top five videos and
you're going to plug it in right here so
let's say it's 150 000 views next you're
going to figure out how many channels in
the top five are verified and what i
mean by that for me it's anybody over
100 000 subscribers typically gets
verified they all don't have to but on
that that's typically and you can see
right here what we're looking for is
this check mark right here verified
verified that means that they have more
than 100 000 subscribers and essentially
that means it's going to be kind of hard
to compete against that and if i see
that the top five one two three four
five are all verified it's not a great
sign for me because i know that it's a
pretty heavily competed keyword so
you'll let it know that you'll plug it
in right here and uh it's better if
there's zero in the top five that are
verified and then we'll move right over
to here and we want to know the average
age because it's it's good if the top
five videos for that keyword are old
okay let's say that this one's four
years old this is three years old five
years old that means they're outdated
and it's gonna start showing right
viewers are gonna be looking for
something else and there's a good
opportunity for you probably to provide
a better up-to-date video that viewers
are more happy with and youtube will
recognize that and move that video to
the top so it's basically just an
opportunity there now back on the sheet
once you've plugged those in for all of
these and obviously this takes a lot of
time but you can just do it as you go
once you plug these in for all of these
it's going to assign a score right here
okay and the score is anywhere from i
guess tiknically zero to a couple
thousand and it's just basically gonna
say hey this is how big of an
opportunity we think this is and all
you've got to do is
sort it okay sort it a to z and it's
going to tell you what it thinks the
best opportunity is essentially it's
looking for opportunities where a lot of
people are looking there's a lot of
views available for that that keyword or
that idea and then we're looking for the
competition being a little less stiff so
you're not competing against some of
these big channels that know a lot of
what they're doing can make very high
quality videos and then last you know is
there is there kind of an opportunity
here because no one's made a good video
on this in a few years and that that
leaves this this gap of old information
that needs to be updated and just to
show you that this works and by the way
this is fake information i'm just using
to show you in the sheet you're gonna
get but this one right here lots of
views not many channels to compete with
and then you can see right here a little
bit older but it's still saying hey this
is the best opportunity right here for
you to make a video right now that one
right there so obviously this sheet
isn't perfect but it should sort your
data a little bit for you and help you
kind of have an idea of where to start
and it essentially turns it into an
algorithm so you don't have to spend
hours trying to decide which video to
make next you can just let the sheet
tell you and you can save a lot of brain
power at not trying to go through 100
keywords and figure out which one you
like the most and that my friends is how
you come up with youtube ideas for the
rest of your life if you've liked what
you learned you know what to do you're
youtubers right give me one of these one
of these even better leave me a comment
and that spreadsheet's down below so you
can click and get access to that and
start creating your youtube empire thank
you so much for watching

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