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How to Find Winning Products That Facebook Audiences Love | Dropshipping & Facebook Ads 2019

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

How to Find Winning Products That Facebook Audiences Love | Dropshipping & Facebook Ads 2019

How to Find Winning Products That Facebook Audiences Love | Dropshipping & Facebook Ads 2019

what is up YouTube Dylan Pearson here
and in this video I'm gonna be showing
you how to find products that Facebook
audiences absolutely love this is how I
do a lot of my research I find that it's
actually a lot easier to find winning
products using this method then the
final winning product didn't find the
audience method that is 95% of the time
taught on YouTube so without any further
ado let's do this
before getting into the actual tutorial
portion of the method I want you to
understand my mindset behind why I do
this so if we think about normal product
research basically the way a lot of us
do it is we do some ad research here we
start with and research we see what ads
are performing well we see what products
are associated with that ad and then we
test and while we test we find our
profitable audiences
so this is how you know most people
teach products research and it does work
really well I do use this method quite a
bit but one thing that I found works
even better is completely reverse
engineering this research method so
instead of going ad research the
products are testing to audiences we're
gonna do it backwards we're gonna do
we're gonna find audiences first
so we're gonna find our audiences we're
gonna find what problems they have we're
gonna see what products solve their
problems and then we are going to test
so I mean testing is still you know at
the bottom because you have to have
everything so obviously ready to go
before you test but as you see we
completely switched the location of
finding an audience and one thing I
really like about this is when you do
the old method of product research once
you get to testing audiences you don't
know if these audiences are gonna work
that well whereas if you can find the
audience first you know that there is a
group of people ready to buy your
product that solves their problems so it
works really well and now that the
mindset portion is pretty well
understood I'm gonna jump into how to
extra perform this you know product
research method the first step that you
need to do is simply just go to Facebook
and perform a search and if you're in
Chrome this is a cool trick you can just
type in facebook.com hit tab and then
you can perform the search there and
what I want you to do is just simply in
the Facebook search type in a problem so
before doing this you could create a
list of different you know pain points
maybe foot pain back pain really
anything that there's a pain point for
people on a daily basis so I like the
idea of back pain let's go ahead and
search this so what you'll see here is a
list of back pain results and I don't
want you to really focus on any of the
newsfeed aspects or the videos or the
artikles what I want you to focus on is
group so this group's tab right here is
amazing click groups and now we have a
an insane amount of groups and what is a
group a group is a collation of people
with a similar relationship to one
another in this case everyone in these
groups will be related to back pain and
when you see this amount of results for
groups with
26,000 members 26,000 members five
thousand ten thousand four thousand this
is an incredibly large broad audience of
people with a major pain point which is
great because now we already have our
audience we have an audience to sell to
so now that we have our audience to sell
to we need to find out what these these
individuals need to help solve their
pain point and ultimately have them
purchase from us so here we have a group
called lower back pain relief so this is
my process now I go into these groups
individually and I start you know just
reading I just read what people are
discussing what people are using to help
their back pain here we go best shoe
insert for lower back pain so you know
there's probably a lot of different shoe
inserts out there but this is incredible
opportunities you can find new products
so shoe insert back pain and boom you
have a ton of different shoe inserts
that will help people in all of these
different groups so if you can put your
own unique angle on it you have an
audience to sell to and you have a
product that you know they will buy
there's no indecisive there's no
unknowing aspect there's no risk to this
really because you have an audience that
will buy from you so let's keep doing
some some research here
from nerve pain physiotherapy it's
therapy that uses physical tikniques
such as massage ultrasound heat and
exercise oops so let's just check this
out physiotherapy boom wow this is a
huge opportunity you have socks you have
electric stimulate stimulate its like
the little bad things you put on your
back to stimulate the muscles you have
the massage gun for physiotherapy you
have a massage trigger device just tons
of opportunities and these products are
great because they're unique when I look
at these I kind of say like whoa what is
this I'm interested in learning more
about this these products right here
will allow you to put a really unique
spin on your marketing and the case with
some of these like this massage gun I've
seen this advertised all over so a lot
of you might be thinking well it's
saturated but what I want you to take
notike of is the concept of back pain
it's an evergreen niche and by evergreen
it means that it's never going to end
really essentially it's always going to
be there there's always gonna be new
people coming into this lower back pain
relief group whether it's playing sports
whether it's growing older whether it's
just medical conditions new people will
always be looking for products that will
solve their lower back pain relief so
this is an amazing opportunity right
here in its self lower back pain so you
know this is how I do a lot of my
product research I love doing this
because it gives me an audience to sell
to first and then when I'm making my
campaigns my creatives I know who my
target audience is almost on a personal
level so you can actually you know see
people's profiles and you might feel
creepy doing this but you know you can
go through learn more about these people
and ultimately you're gonna see there's
a connection between each and every one
of them that you can incorporate into
your marketing campaigns and that way
you don't really have to put out a
creative see the results come in and
optimize continuously you will still
have to do a little bit of that but it
should perform much much better off to
so go into these groups you know find
pain points type in back pain type in
any problem into the Facebook search
you're gonna get groups go through the
groups and just read the information and
find products that will solve their pain
point and what's great too is so if I go
to back pain and I hit pages a lot of
these so this one here this back pain
back pain help it has a check mark so
it's a verified page which means I could
actually target this in my advertising
which is great you know I can target
people with back pain with a back pain
solving product I don't think it gets
much better than that so this is how I
do my product research I hope you know
this helps you out gives you gives you
some new thinking if anything else of
how you can go about finding
opportunities within different pockets
of audiences and how you can really find
an audience before finding a product and
sometimes it's ultimately the best way
to go so this is how I do my research to
find products that Facebook audiences
love I hope you guys got a lot out of
this if you haven't yet make sure to
subscribe I drop a minimum of two videos
per week always really high quality and
leave leave me a comment if you have any
questions you know just drop it there I
answer any and all comments so I'll see
you guys in the next video Dylan out

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