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How to Fix TikTok Ads Not Spending

Published on: October 19 2022 by pipiads

TikTok Ads Not Spending

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00:00.2 00:02.5 (upbeat groovy music)
00:02.5 00:03.8 - Yo, what is going on everybody?
00:03.8 00:05.2 It's your man, Mohammad Camara
00:05.2 00:06.7 and welcome back to the channel.
00:06.7 00:08.7 You already know what time it is, man.
00:08.7 00:11.6 In the last video, we talked all about Shopify apps
00:11.6 00:12.9 the top five apps you need
00:12.9 00:16.3 on your store right now to increase your revenue overnight.
00:16.3 00:17.7 If you haven't seen that, check it out.
00:17.7 00:19.2 I'll link it up here for you guys.
00:19.2 00:20.4 You know I gotcha.
00:20.4 00:23.4 And this video, we're talking all about TikTok ads
00:23.4 00:25.6 and more specifically the problem of it
00:25.6 00:27.8 not spending your budget, okay?
00:27.8 00:30.1 When you launch your TikTok ads, you're excited.
00:30.1 00:32.2 "Oh, I'm not using Facebook ads anymore.
00:32.2 00:34.1 Let's get these TikTok ads going."
00:34.1 00:36.4 You launch your campaign, you wake up the next morning,
00:36.4 00:37.3 you go to check,
00:37.3 00:39.4 and then you realize it hasn't spent anything.
00:39.4 00:42.9 All right, so it's a very common problem on TikTok's side
00:42.9 00:45.5 but it's very manageable and it usually comes
00:45.5 00:47.5 down to one of these three mistakes.
00:47.5 00:49.7 So in this video, I'm gonna give you three things
00:49.7 00:51.3 that you can do right now to make sure
00:51.3 00:54.7 that your TikTok ads are gonna spend for sure.
00:54.7 00:56.8 Before we get into it, all I ask is that you hit
00:56.8 00:59.2 that like button on the way in, money mafia.
00:59.2 01:00.7 Appreciate y'all for tuning in.
01:00.7 01:01.9 Let's get right into it.
01:01.9 01:04.3 So the first thing that I would recommend
01:04.3 01:06.1 is you're creative.
01:06.1 01:07.9 A lot of times people come up to me and they say,
01:07.9 01:11.8 "Yo, my TikTok ad's not spending, why is this happening?"
01:11.8 01:14.0 And half of the times I respond and say,
01:14.0 01:15.9 "All right, what kind of content are you using?
01:15.9 01:18.5 Are you just ripping off somebody else's content
01:18.5 01:19.8 on the TikTok platform?
01:19.8 01:21.4 Or are you creating your own?"
01:21.4 01:23.9 Cause I guarantee you, 99% of the time
01:23.9 01:26.2 if you create your own content,
01:26.2 01:28.4 it's gonna be eager to deliver that to people.
01:28.4 01:31.1 So a lot of times I would say about 90%
01:31.1 01:33.7 of the scenarios where your TikTok ads is not spending
01:33.7 01:36.8 is because your content is probably not original.
01:36.8 01:40.2 I would highly suggest that you create your own content.
01:40.2 01:42.6 You guys have seen the other videos where I talk
01:42.6 01:44.7 about just ordering samples of the product
01:44.7 01:46.6 because that's gonna save you a lot of time
01:46.6 01:48.5 and effort along the way.
01:48.5 01:51.4 Spend $100, get the sample of your product,
01:51.4 01:54.1 use it in your home, get some actors, get family
01:54.1 01:56.7 and friends to use your product, interact with it.
01:56.7 01:59.3 And you know, that's really what it's gonna come down to.
01:59.3 02:01.5 The content is more important than the product
02:01.5 02:02.6 these days, okay?
02:02.6 02:04.7 Stop worrying about finding the winning product
02:04.7 02:07.5 and then just trying to rip off somebody else's content,
02:07.5 02:10.8 'cause at the end of the day, it's not going to deliver.
02:10.8 02:12.4 And even if it does deliver,
02:12.4 02:16.0 in the best case scenario, it's not gonna be scalable.
02:16.0 02:18.8 That ad creative is gonna die out very soon.
02:18.8 02:21.0 Your CPMs are gonna rise up very high
02:21.0 02:23.0 and it's just not gonna be profitable.
02:23.0 02:26.7 So the only way around this is to create original content.
02:26.7 02:27.7 And I kind of like this.
02:27.7 02:30.2 I like that TikTok is doing this, 'cause it's forcing you
02:30.2 02:31.9 to blend in with the platform.
02:31.9 02:34.4 You're not just gonna come here like Facebook ads
02:34.4 02:37.5 where you could just rip off somebody else's video, edit it,
02:37.5 02:41.2 reverse the images and then piece things together that way,
02:41.2 02:43.7 and then just run the ad again.
02:43.7 02:46.2 Facebook would do that and then happily take your money.
02:46.2 02:47.7 TikTok is just saying, "You know what?
02:47.7 02:50.3 We not even gonna allow this on our platform."
02:50.3 02:52.6 So best thing to do is like I said,
02:52.6 02:54.3 just create your own content, man.
02:54.3 02:56.3 Stop ripping off other people's content.
02:56.3 02:59.4 If you do this, I guarantee you 90% of the time
02:59.4 03:02.6 TikTok is going to spend your budget.
03:02.6 03:05.1 The other two scenarios, 10% of the time
03:05.1 03:07.4 this might be the problem is just your ad set up
03:07.4 03:10.4 and the configuration of your actual ad set.
03:10.4 03:13.4 So let's go into the second thing that you could do
03:13.4 03:16.0 to fix TikTok ads not spending your budget.
03:16.0 03:18.0 What you could do is make sure
03:18.0 03:19.8 that your audience is broad.
03:19.8 03:22.1 This is not like Facebook, once again.
03:22.1 03:25.6 On Facebook you wanna get to audiences between about
03:25.6 03:29.3 five to 10 million, maybe 10 to 20 million at most,
03:29.3 03:33.8 but in TikTok, the content delivers much more abundantly.
03:33.8 03:37.0 So you're gonna need your audience to be a lot wider
03:37.0 03:39.3 so that your CPMs are still healthy.
03:39.3 03:43.2 So what I would suggest is aim for where it says broad.
03:43.2 03:44.8 You're gonna have an arrow where it says
03:44.8 03:47.0 either narrow or broad.
03:47.0 03:48.9 And you're gonna see this in the ad set portion
03:48.9 03:50.8 when you go to configure the settings for this.
03:50.8 03:53.6 So just make sure that its set to broad first.
03:53.6 03:55.4 If your ad starts delivering there,
03:55.4 03:58.4 then the next step you want to do is transition
03:58.4 04:01.8 in any other new ad groups that you do deploy.
04:01.8 04:04.3 You're gonna make sure that you go from the broad setting
04:04.3 04:08.0 and maybe narrow it down by age or male or female
04:08.0 04:09.4 or just the country.
04:09.4 04:12.3 And you'll see it go to either balanced or narrow
04:12.3 04:15.0 but start off with your ads at broad.
04:15.0 04:17.4 That's gonna give you the maximum deliverability,
04:17.4 04:20.4 keeping your CPMs healthy, and you're gonna get much
04:20.4 04:23.8 more longevity and scalability potential.
04:23.8 04:25.9 The reason why is because if you just think about how
04:25.9 04:28.0 TikTok is set up in the first place.
04:28.0 04:28.8 Think about it guys.
04:28.8 04:30.9 TikTok, you can sit there in one sitting
04:30.9 04:33.6 and just watch hundreds of videos in one go.
04:34.9 04:37.4 And these videos are short, some of them are
04:37.4 04:40.8 about a minute long, but you can run through these content
04:40.8 04:41.7 like nothing.
04:41.7 04:44.5 So you gotta make sure that your video can be seen
04:44.5 04:48.7 by a lot of people because if it's too small of an audience
04:48.7 04:50.2 it's gonna exhaust really quick.
04:50.2 04:52.7 You'll never be able to reach the full amount
04:52.7 04:55.8 of people that you sent on your ad targeting.
04:55.8 04:57.1 So you think about it,
04:57.1 05:01.0 like you're only going to reach maybe 10% of the people
05:01.0 05:03.1 in that ad targeting at most, 'cause some people
05:03.1 05:05.6 don't use TikTok as frequently.
05:05.6 05:07.3 It's just not gonna be delivered to them
05:07.3 05:09.9 just based on their preferences and their likings.
05:09.9 05:12.3 So you gotta make sure the audience is broad,
05:12.3 05:15.4 give TikTok enough space so that it can actually have enough
05:15.4 05:19.4 people to deliver it to while keeping your CPMs healthy.
05:19.4 05:20.6 That's the second thing.
05:20.6 05:23.0 The last thing I would suggest is maybe
05:23.0 05:26.2 it's just your optimization objective.
05:26.2 05:29.0 Unlike Facebook, once again, you might be making this
05:29.0 05:32.2 the cardinal mistake of comparing TikTok to Facebook here
05:32.2 05:34.2 and trying to deploy ads the same way.
05:34.2 05:36.7 And that's why I tell everybody it's not the same.
05:36.7 05:39.5 These are two very different platforms, even though the ads
05:39.5 05:41.9 dashboards might look a little bit similar.
05:41.9 05:44.6 So what I would suggest, the final thing you could do
05:44.6 05:47.3 is change your targeting from purchase
05:47.3 05:51.5 or complete payment objective to the traffic objective.
05:51.5 05:53.6 Don't go with conversions to start off.
05:53.6 05:57.1 'Cause what you're basically telling TikTok to do is go
05:57.1 05:59.1 and find people who are gonna buy this product
05:59.1 06:00.9 and TikTok doesn't know.
06:00.9 06:03.1 Especially if it's the first time you're running ads
06:03.1 06:05.2 and deploying it, it just doesn't know.
06:05.2 06:07.7 So the best thing you could do is either run
06:07.7 06:11.4 an engagement campaign, or run a traffic campaign,
06:11.4 06:12.9 just get visitors to the site.
06:12.9 06:17.1 And as it's doing that, then, the complete payment
06:17.1 06:18.7 objective ads will start to figure out,
06:18.7 06:20.6 "Okay, well these are the people coming in,
06:20.6 06:21.9 so let's try and target more like that,"
06:21.9 06:24.1 and then it'll start delivering.
06:24.1 06:27.5 So I would suggest to change your objectives, make sure
06:27.5 06:30.6 that it's something like less deeper in the funnel, right?
06:30.6 06:31.9 Not that add to cart.
06:31.9 06:34.6 You could try to add to cart first, but alternatively,
06:34.6 06:38.4 I would suggest that you run two campaigns side by side.
06:38.4 06:41.2 One campaign is gonna be with the engagement
06:41.2 06:44.2 or traffic objective and then the other campaign
06:44.2 06:46.4 is gonna be a conversion objective
06:46.4 06:48.9 like complete payment or add to cart.
06:48.9 06:52.2 And have them run side by side and just let it wait.
06:52.2 06:53.4 Just let it sit.
06:53.4 06:54.3 Let it wait.
06:54.3 06:56.5 And you know, give it time to actually optimize it
06:56.5 06:58.5 and deliver to the proper people.
06:58.5 07:00.5 If you don't see it spending after that
07:00.5 07:02.6 obviously hit up the TikTok support.
07:02.6 07:06.2 Unlike Facebook, TikTok support is very, very user friendly
07:06.2 07:08.4 and they get you a response within like a day.
07:08.4 07:11.2 Usually if they check on it, they'll like do something
07:11.2 07:13.8 in the back end to where your ads will start delivering.
07:13.8 07:16.5 And sometimes it's just a waiting period
07:16.5 07:18.1 that you have to go through, especially if it's
07:18.1 07:20.6 your first time running ads on the platform.
07:20.6 07:22.7 You gotta think of TikTok like this.
07:22.7 07:24.2 They have two filters.
07:24.2 07:26.4 Just because your ad is approved doesn't mean
07:26.4 07:27.8 that it's going to get delivered.
07:27.8 07:31.1 Once it passes this filter, it now has to pass this filter.
07:31.1 07:33.0 Is the content even good enough?
07:33.0 07:34.8 'Cause that's ultimately what they care about.
07:34.8 07:36.1 Is your content good?
07:36.1 07:38.5 That's why having original content is so important.
07:38.5 07:42.0 You have to pass not only the review section of the ads
07:42.0 07:45.3 but you have to pass the content section of the ads.
07:45.3 07:47.2 So make sure that your content is good
07:47.2 07:49.3 and it's just going to lead to a lot of things
07:49.3 07:51.7 being a lot better for your funnel later on.
07:51.7 07:53.7 Even your customers, they're gonna notice that
07:53.7 07:55.0 this content is good.
07:55.0 07:57.0 It's original and it's gonna make them vibe
07:57.0 07:58.8 with your store more.
07:58.8 08:01.4 If you guys wanna learn more TikTok ad strategies,
08:01.4 08:03.9 definitely join my private mentorship program.
08:03.9 08:06.7 I'll leave a link in description, join econ bootcamp.
08:06.7 08:09.0 It's a complete TikTok ads mastery.
08:09.0 08:10.3 Shout out to my man Ady.
08:10.3 08:12.7 He's doing over $1000 a day right now.
08:12.7 08:15.3 And just one of the few people in the groups
08:15.3 08:17.1 doing over 600k per month.
08:17.1 08:19.6 My man Zach is done over 100k per month.
08:19.6 08:22.4 We have a bunch of ballers in there using TikTok ads
08:22.4 08:24.5 and actually taking their advertising strategies
08:24.5 08:25.5 to the next level.
08:25.5 08:27.2 So if you're interested in that, like I said,
08:27.2 08:30.0 I'll leave a link in a description with the discounted link
08:30.0 08:33.2 just for you guys on YouTube here, money mafia, go in there.
08:33.2 08:35.5 I would love to hop on the live calls with you
08:36.3 08:37.7 and get your store built out for you.
08:37.7 08:39.8 Get your ad scaling and have you doing a 100k
08:39.8 08:41.4 per month as well.
08:41.4 08:43.2 If you got some value out of this video, I would love it
08:43.2 08:45.6 if you hit the like button.
08:45.6 08:47.2 Leave a comment down below and let me know
08:47.2 08:49.9 what videos you want to see next, what questions,
08:49.9 08:51.8 comments, concerns you have,
08:51.8 08:54.9 and I'll definitely address them in the next few videos.
08:54.9 08:57.1 Make sure you subscribe because in the next video
08:57.1 09:00.4 I'm gonna be talking all about a case study for my store
09:00.4 09:03.1 that doing like over $1000 per day right now.
09:03.1 09:04.1 I'm gonna do a case study
09:04.1 09:06.9 of how we just hit 300k in total revenue.
09:06.9 09:09.8 I'm gonna do a total profit breakdown of that.
09:09.8 09:11.8 And I'm gonna be giving you guys some pointers
09:11.8 09:14.6 and some strategies that I've applied to that store
09:14.6 09:16.9 that you could go ahead and apply to your store,
09:16.9 09:19.3 so you could go and hit those six figure months as well.
09:19.3 09:20.1 Make sure you subscribe.
09:20.1 09:21.6 You don't wanna miss that video.
09:21.6 09:22.5 It's gonna be a banger.
09:22.5 09:24.5 I'm cooking that up right now.
09:24.5 09:26.5 And that's all I got for you guys, man.
09:26.5 09:28.3 I just wanna drop this in here real quick
09:28.3 09:29.7 'cause I've seen a lot of comments talking
09:29.7 09:32.1 about TikTok ads not spending, blah blah.
09:32.1 09:34.0 So go ahead and implement these things.
09:34.0 09:36.4 I'm sure your TikTok ads will start spending
09:36.4 09:39.7 after that and yeah, when you're ready to scale, hit me up.
09:39.7 09:42.5 We can scale together and that's all I got for y'all man.
09:42.5 09:44.1 Check out this video right here.
09:44.1 09:46.7 If you enjoy this one, you'll definitely enjoy that one too.
09:46.7 09:49.3 And I'll catch you out soon, Money Mafia, stay tuned.
09:49.3 09:50.1 Peace.
09:50.1 09:53.0 (groovy upbeat music)

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