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How to Get a Facebook Shop Approved Fast (with Marketplace)

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Get a Facebook Shop Approved Fast (with Marketplace)

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How to Get a Facebook Shop Approved Fast (with Marketplace)

one of the biggest issues that drop
shippers are facing currently on
facebook marketplace is getting their
shops approved and then getting their
marketplace enabled on that shop so if
that's you then today's video is really
going to help because today we're going
to tok about a few things that you can
do to increase the chances of your shop
getting approved and then jumping the
line really quickly to getting your
marketplace enabled on that shop if
you've tried to open a shop anytime in
the recent future or maybe you're still
facing this issue from when you opened
it in the past most people usually face
the marketplace will be enabled in mid
2022 issue or their commerce account
even gets restricted immediately before
they're even able to open it to my
knowledge there's no current way to
instantly bypass this and get your shop
and marketplace enabled immediately but
there are certainly some things that you
can do to jump the line of other shops
waiting and get yours enabled faster it
shouldn't come as a surprise that if you
obviously already have a page with likes
followers and engagement or one that
maybe you've started a while back you
should open that shop first and try to
enable marketplace on that i had started
a random page like two years ago for one
of my other ecommerce brands and never
did anything about it completely forgot
about it and this page got marketplace
enabled so much faster the second thing
that you want to do is create a website
for your page and then link that to your
page in commerce manager facebook wants
you to be an actual business and so the
more things that you can do to indicate
this to them the higher likelihood that
they'll approve your shop and enable
marketplace a lot quicker sure you can
link something like an ebay storefront
or an amazon storefront for example and
potentially get away with it at least
for the time being but i would recommend
going the extra mile and creating an
actual website for your brand even if
you never plan to actually sell anything
from there the reality is you can create
a website with shopify or a site builder
like wix super cheap and it might
realistikally take you like 15 to 20
minutes tops if you have experience with
site builders in the past or maybe like
an hour or two if you don't have any
experience at all we're not toking
about a beautiful looking website here
with all the bells and whistles we're
simply toking about like a three-page
website that looks professional has some
products on it and has your brand name
and url to match that actual brand
that'll get the job done with face and i
plan on dropping a video on how you can
build a site just like this in like 10
minutes or less very very soon so if
you'd like to see that hit the like
button and make sure you subscribe a
site like this connected to your
commerce manager will communicate to
facebook that you're an actual business
with an actual brand and an actual
website that actually sells real
products to actual customers not someone
that's trying to open up a random shop
that gets enabled overnight so that you
can poach facebook customers this reason
among many others that we'll touch on
briefly here is the main metric that
facebook uses to verify shops verify
pages and it's the same exact metric
that they use to grade ad accounts as
well and it's this broad metric of
trustworthiness now to piggyback off the
actual business tip you guessed it you
should start an actual business no this
is not necessary but it's something that
you should certainly think about doing
not only will it help you be taken more
seriously by facebook but it'll also
protect your personal assets and it'll
increase the profit that you're able to
make because you'll pay less in taxes
and net more money full disclosure i am
not an accountant i'm just speaking on
my own personal experience here so if
you want to be sure speak to an
accountant yourself i'll link an
accountant that i recommend personally
down in the description he's a small
business owner himself and he helps
small businesses and e-commerce sellers
net more money every single year i can
directly attribute tens of thousands of
dollars in profit last year alone to the
decisions that he helped me make in my
business so if you're on the fence or
potentially you need some clarity get in
touch with him his name's julian the
next thing that you can do to increase
the trustworthiness of your shop page
and get marketplace enabled a lot faster
is to simply run a likes and followers
campaign you can do this super super
cheap and just target specific third
world countries so that you can build
your page likes your followers your
organic reach and your engagement up
very very fast for next to nothing and
i've done a video on this in the past so
i'll try to find it and i'll link it at
the bottom of the description if i'm
able to that way if you're unclear on
how to do it that video will walk you
through the entire process and the last
thing that you can do is one of the
simplest things and that's to simply
post once daily at least to every page
you're trying to get approved and get
marketplace enabled on and honestly even
after marketplace is enabled you should
probably still be posting at least once
daily this shows the algorithm that that
page is active and if you've already run
a like campaign it means that every
single post will be getting consistent
reach as soon as i started doing all of
these things my pages seem to get
approved without much of a problem at
all and get marketplace enabled so much
faster the last one that i tried to use
all of these methods with had
marketplace enabled on it in less than
three weeks so i really hope that this
video helped i hope you enjoyed it and i
hope you got a lot of value from it if
you got any value from it whatsoever
please give it a like i genuinely
appreciate it until next time

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