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How To Get All 100 Pieces To The Dropshipping Puzzle (They Won't Tell You This)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Get All 100 Pieces To The Dropshipping Puzzle (They Won't Tell You This)

The above is a brief introduction to How To Get All 100 Pieces To The Dropshipping Puzzle (They Won't Tell You This).

Let's move on to the first section of How To Get All 100 Pieces To The Dropshipping Puzzle (They Won't Tell You This)!

How To Get All 100 Pieces To The Dropshipping Puzzle (They Won't Tell You This)

your 100 piece puzzle to success with
e-commerce what's going on everyone hate
here coming back at you with a brand new
video and this one I'm on the road
actually I have no idea where we
currently are somewhere in between Las
Vegas and Los Angeles a lot of losses
out here but we not taking out all right
what am I toking about you've never
heard anyone say there's a title for a
video you know whatever I'd titled it's
something about 95 pieces 100 pieces let
me break this down okay
you're trying to learn ecommerce
actually first of all toking about this
puzzle analogy okay this whole puzzle
analogy if you have a hundred piece
puzzle or a thousand-piece puzzle it's
not possible to put together right it's
a lot of pieces there they're just I
mean if you have finished a large puzzle
like that let me know in the comments
cuz you you are a better man or woman
that I am straight up but you need to
think about business in the same way and
the reason I'm giving ecommerce
specifically the analogy of a puzzle is
because it's a newer business there's a
lot of moving parts you know I don't
know a lot about for example the
restaurant business but there's a lot of
pieces that go into that to people you
hire freaking the cups the napkins you
know you get it there's a lot of pieces
so how does this all tie into e-commerce
and your success what does it even mean
so this is how I think about things I
view my view everyone as having a
different perception on just how they
perceive every business model everything
they do in every strategy so when you're
trying to learn you commerce let's just
call it a hundred there's a hundred
pieces you have to put in place you know
we're toking about multiple Shopify
apps the way you set it up funnels email
your domain your logo the colors the
website all this stuff and the thing you
need to realize this is one thing I know
to be true now that I'm into space 95
pieces or so out of your puzzle out of
100 piece puzzle you're going to be able
to find for free and you're gonna be
able to find it a little bit more in
depth in similar resources so let's say
this is what I did I went there bought
six courses you don't need to do that
I've bought eight now total but when I
was first starting about six and now if
you were to go and buy three right now
just as an example you would definitely
see similarities I guarantee you each of
those courses would most likely have
something toking about apps or they
would you know they're gonna have
similarities toking about how to build
a store and most of the stuff they tok
about he's going to be similar now you
need to realize that if you got two
puzzles sitting in front of you just to
like that that's it if you have one
that's a Peter Pan picture and one
that's toking about freaking spongebob
right you had two different puzzles and
you try to take 95 of the pieces from
Peter Pan and then the other five from
spongebob and complete your Peter Pan
puzzle guess what you're left with a
show that doesn't look good that
your mom's not proud of that's all that
is so this is how you relate it to
e-commerce and people don't get this
like look I didn't get this for a long
time the thing is a lot of people end up
trying to mix this is a concept I coined
as mixing you're mixing what multiple
people are teaching you and so we're
gonna tok about two aspects of this
first of all mixing multiple strategies
that's gonna kind of mess it up because
if I'm teaching you for example what I
do how to build a Peter Pan falls a
little foot just as this example and
someone else is trying to teach you
their their way of building spongebob
it's different things so if you try and
mix it guess what it's not going to turn
out very well for you so when relating
this to e-commerce obviously if you
built the Peter Pan one then you can
start testing little things with the
sponge rod this is a really interesting
analogy I don't know where I came up
with this one but I believe it to be so
true so if you're inside of a program or
whatever and they're you know - you're -
and they're both toking about how to
build a store focus on one and can you
get that same information for free on
YouTube that's the second point we're
going to tok about you can get most of
it mostly in-depth nobody in my opinion
is going to go fully in-depth on
everything 100% and show you what you
need to do what you need to know to make
money I'm not going to be that person I
don't think anyone else will it's very
simple reasons why first of all if I'm
putting something out for free that
means I'm not making money why would I
do that you know you have to what
concept the value whatever like that's
this video you know I'm sitting here on
a road trip
I was just listening to a podcast
decided to film this video here to help
you out so I'd appreciate it drop alike
that's all I ask for these videos I'm
going to give you an amazing resource at
the end for free that will help you out
further because you can only explain so
much in a youtube video but the whole
thing I want to tok about is if I'm
giving you everything for free
you're not going to value it and
you guys have probably seen the whole
thing of people you know reselling
courses like hitting you up on Instagram
TM about it look I've been given courses
now through that I've never bought it
but friends who have had the login stuff
I'm toking about like 10,000 20,000
25,000 dollar programs just for a video
library the content inside a video
library 25 grand and get you know let's
just call there's 50 videos and I guess
how many I went through the $25,000 I
went there too
and I don't even pay attention it's it's
just the whole perception of valuing
something you're not gonna have any skin
in the game unless you've paid money so
you need to have some sort of you know
pain some sort of skin in the game it's
the best way to view it so nobody's
gonna give everything everything for
free on YouTube ah I'll be straight up
with you right that so have people made
at their stores work just by using
what's on YouTube sure I've seen it
happen but the thing is you're not just
using what is on YouTube what you're
actually doing is taking that base and
you're gonna spend a lot of time and a
lot of money test it on top of that like
call me crazy but it makes sense to cut
the learning curve right so let's tok a
little bit more about these pieces and
what you can typically find for free I'm
going to give you location on where to
find them how you should perceive it
because a lot of stuff is it's just
interesting to me how people let's let's
call it intake information so the first
couple pieces you can tok about is
something like building your store okay
what goes into that your domain what
theme are you picking is it free is it
paid what colors are using what you name
your Shopify store is it a general store
is it a niche store your logo did you
design it yourself did you have someone
else design and how much did you pay for
that does it match the colors on the
site have you done any research behind
the site
the colors and that's just some of the
things okay what apps should you be
using how do you set them up which ones
do you need when do you need it because
there's certain ones you don't need
right away now if you're going to be
doing email marketing what different
sequences are you studying on there's
four different flows so going through
that how to set that up the days the
time the sending it out the hooks inside
of there when are you pinching cuz you
don't always want to pitch that ratio
where to get the value content for the
newsletter like that's just to you know
like we can keep going here you know we
got stuff on the end of let's just tok
about writing ad copy or making the odd
picture itself two orders you find
pictures off Google or those copyright
and not copyright like you get it you
know I'm not gonna waste two minutes
explaining like just you know the
blights a couple of them so there's so
many variables that go into it almost
all of those like a less than crazy
in-depth stuff on like exact email
marketing and like promise very
specifics with like app setting up
almost all that like product research
almost all of it you can find for free
on YouTube now again be careful of where
you're in taking that information
because if you're trying to build that
Peter Pan puzzle and you're taking some
stuff from SpongeBob's puzzle to it's
probably not going to end up turning out
so well for you so pick one source now
if you're going to enter any sort of
program if you're gonna pay for
information whether it's a call or
attending something in person which
seems to be happening more frequently
they're going to give you information on
that I would hope and you need to take
that specific information you know like
for me personally the course has been
closed for over a month now but the
students inside of there I'm not showing
you a hundred different ways to do it I
don't pretend to know everything about
e-commerce I don't but I don't
I don't need to know because guess what
I make my money we do multiple six
figures a month without knowing that
because you really don't need to
you know this guy behind me is
people are crazy driving out here you
need to think about it like this where
was not even adding this dude behind me
people just be tailgating modesty
figuring of tailgating someone get out
the way about to get hit and wish had a
gun but on you got to think about a lot
of that stuff so when you're finding
those pieces make sure that you're
implementing exactly what you were
taught so if you're going through again
and learning something don't be trying
to make so attend other people are
toking about now that's a lot of the
information you can get for free for the
most part or a lot of base level
information so what I found personally
going through a lot of programs is a lot
of it was similar there's similar
concepts you know people have their own
personal preference on you know the
exact layout they use or maybe you know
for me the four point sequence I used to
create my ad copy or my facebook ad this
gets a little more in-depth my four
different layers and 16 different
subcategory ads inside of there so how I
follow my structure that's mine that's
me I created that I didn't learn that
anywhere you know that's that's what I
found after spending a ton of money
on hats so if you're gonna try and take
that and mix it with you know what
someone else is telling you like Bob
Schmo or who
you're gonna it's probably not gonna
work so they're gonna learn something to
follow it now the information people
aren't going to tell you for free is
marketing I've made a lot of videos
toking about Instagram I've been a lot
of videos toking about Facebook still
you're getting the layer one surface
level information if we dive a little
bit of depth on certain points but it
takes a lot of time first of all to go
through that and there's no way I would
reveal what I'm doing for free on
YouTube whenever I ask people what
videos they want to see I'm asking for
specific things you know like what
exactly you struggling with because if
you're struggling with it
odds are other people are as well so
that's why I try and plug that in and
make a video around it to help multiple
people but I still get people saying
like you know do a full a-to-z sequence
on every single piece of Facebook I
doesn't like dude you like like
straight up I don't mean that in a
disrespectful way but that's a stupid
thing to ask for
like like realize that nobody's just
gonna give that stuff directly so you
got to keep that in mind you've got to
keep that in front look at this we're
going on this straightaway and you guys
got to use this map if you're like a
main area like any it just doesn't work
in Minnesota
it's called ways it literally tells me
exactly when and where there's a cop
like I thought fast like 20 you just
slow down done you see them like it
literally says like they're moving it's
crazy very accurate out here but the X
we're going to decent amount under bomb
we're going
so yeah look if you're gonna learn
something like if you want to learn from
what I do specifically follow it like
literally just stik to it if you want
to learn more about the stuff that I
don't share on YouTube for a multitude
of reasons I'm going to leave the link
that's the resource I was toking about
down below it is free I'm doing a
livestream at the end of this month you
can pick one of two times because I
realize people are in different time
zones on there takes it again the course
has been closed for over a month now and
I've been working on something new for
nearly 5 months that's not a course
that's going to go through a little bit
more on just the Facebook Ads
we're gonna tok about other principles
I'm going to tok about the way you have
to perceive things as well as just how
most people screw up because ninety what
is a 93 or 95 percent of Shopify stores
are closed
like paused or shut down within three
months it's a stupid statistik it should
not exist that should not coexist next
to all the other business statistiks
that is just not a good one you should
not have to do that
you know it's an online business people
don't take it as seriously but you
should you know I take my stuff very
seriously if I'm spending money I buy
Shopify stores I've spent six figures on
a store I bought a store instead of
buying to McClaren you know like look at
us earlier today from what I'm recording
I was literally forty-five minutes ago
on the track in a Lamborghini Huracan
in a Porsche gt3
like that's fun like I love that stuff
but you know like I decided so best the
business end of it first so continue to
grow that stuff and scale it which is
besides the point but I'm just giving
you a rundown you know if you want to
genuinely be successful with the
e-commerce there's pieces you need in
place there are things that most people
who are teaching you don't even know you
know if you see someone running a 20 km
on the store but 30 km on the 50 km on
that is easy actually you don't let me
rephrase that I'm sorry I apologize that
is simple very simple for me now it's
easy what I do something is easy that
means it's not fun that used to be fun
because I would make money but now it's
just too easy it's literally dumb so we
just keep pumping out new stores with
that but I'm focused on longer-term
bigger you know sub you can scale it's
more branded and stuff that's actually
not even drop shipping so that's the
route I'm taking but everybody's to
start somewhere like if you want to get
into other things if you want to do
whatever even if you want to buy a
BMW that's not even a crazy car you need
money to do that it's as simple but you
don't need money you don't need cash you
need cash flow so create the business
create the income streams ideally
passive that you can do inside of there
so if you want to learn more about how I
do that again I'm gonna do this for free
I'm gonna go through and show you guys
what people literally won't show you
like ready for this if you were to put
together a sentence how would you do
this that has unicorn and Facebook ads
those words in the same sentence how
would you make that make sense if you
can't answer that show the frick up to
this live because I'm not toking about
products someone thought I was toking
about Selena those unicorn pool
has nothing to do with it it has to do
with Facebook Ads so a lot of people Oh
racecars yeah this is we race cars much
ahead of cars those are legitimate race
cars but if you guys want to learn more
about that I'm doing that free live I've
never done it before I've gotten live
like twice but it was on specific focus
is nothing like this I've never revealed
this in youtube and actually a lot of
its not even in the primary course
because it's a new which is why that
course is closed down so there's other
stuff in the works stuff that's bigger
than just a program you know I want to
make sure that if anyone is fully
implementing what I do because I'm
taking responsibility as much as I can
at that point for someone's success so I
can't control the amount of effort
someone puts in if you show up to this
webinar my biggest criteria is bring a
pen and paper not a pencil bring a pen
and paper with multiple pages of paper
and if by the end you have no notes I'm
not liable I'm sorry I can't do for
you because you didn't do what I told
you to do
like come on there map out the diagrams
write it down take notes you know
everything like that use what you have
be resourceful be creative take
advantage of it abuse it literally if
you have a perfect system with something
to abuse it it's exactly what I'm
exploited with e-commerce right now
that's the only thing where I believe I
have a perfect system and now having a
lot of other people on my team that I
can work with as well to scale it and
take it further it's literally a
beautiful thing so I'll be giving you a
status update on the webinar and
everything going through and just
toking about this stuff as well as
probably in a few months just on
everything because things are changing a
lot of stuff people keep asking about
the program all I can tell you is beyond
that live it is going to fill up so if
you guys are trying to register and it's
not like you
already filled everything out and the
buttons not letting you click and submit
to the next page then it's full so I'm
sorry I can't do anything there is a
limit and then once you're on there make
sure to show up but like a minute or two
early just like five minutes or
something I'll try and answer a few
questions early but the live room itself
is capped so I don't want that to fill
up for you so with that being said you
guys I'm gonna see you at the end of
this month in August on there if you're
watching this later bummer I hope you
enjoyed the video tok about the Peter
Pan puzzle and the spongebob one as well
it's absolutely crucial massive points
that have revolutionized everything I do
with more than just e-commerce literally
if I'm gonna take apart this BMW I
actually I took apart my ATV when I was
13 years old I used EV ATVs and dirt
bikes that I bought myself by mowing
lawns I usually take them apart dude if
I tried to take apart this BMW and put
freaking parts from this whatever-it-is
Escalade or Cadillac SUV coming up
behind me if I tried to put those pieces
from that car into this or study like
half of how to rebuild this car and half
of how to rebuild that it's not going to
work this car is not going anywhere so
why is it different for business it's
really not that's how I view it that's
how I perceive everything
so think about that sit on it figure out
how to get a pen and paper if you can't
get it go steal one go find one for a
dollar go ask a neighbor go figure it
out I would prefer you do it physically
for me it's been very helpful in my
businesses that's why I have a lot of
whiteboards actually have one in the
trunk right now I'm driving back from
Vegas always travel with them that's why
I drove but to write it out physically
you know versus just on a phone or a
laptop so if you enjoy the video be sure
to drop a like and of course and be sure
to join the family by making sure you
hit that subscribe button down below and
let me know in the comments if I'm going
to see you on that livestream I'm very
much so look forward to having you guys
tune in there again it is gonna be
capped so make sure you're on there I
want to make sure I can directly help
everyone out stay till the end on the
live stream I'm going to be giving you
an additional free resource that is very
valuable something I've never actually
released it relates to a flow sequence
that's all I'm gonna tell you which it
probably doesn't even make sense but
that's exactly why you need it so I'm
gonna go through create that I haven't
even paid it yet but I have a really
good idea for it I'm taking my time with
that I'm gonna give that to you guys for
free so make sure I'm there we're gonna
do some Q&A at the end as well so bring
any questions you might have
level questions you know exactly what
you're struggling with so I can make
sure to help you write that in there so
with that being said let me know if
you're gonna be on there and I'll be
seeing you guys tomorrow in the next
video hand on that live as well so take

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