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How to Get Amazon Products for Pennies

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Get Amazon Products for Pennies

The above is a brief introduction to How to Get Amazon Products for Pennies.

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How to Get Amazon Products for Pennies

in today's video I'm going to show you
how you can get Amazon products every
single day for just pennies using this
strategy actually helped me make my
first six figures online as an
entrepreneur I would get hundreds of
products delivered to my parents house
every single week for just a few cents
then I would unbox them turn around and
ship them back into Amazon and sell them
at full retail which ultimately meant
about 90 to 99 profit margins on every
single product depending of course how
low I was able to actually Source it for
now full disclosure you can actually do
this on Amazon specifically anymore if
you do try it it will ultimately result
in intellectual property and copyright
infringement claims but there's no
reason that you can't use the same exact
method to get super super cheap products
delivered directly to your house and
then resell those products on other
marketplaces like eBay Facebook
Marketplace Poshmark mercari or really
any other website that is in Amazon so
how am I able to get Amazon products so
cheap the answer is coupon code websites
see when Amazon sellers are trying to
rank a brand new Amazon product they
need purchases and they need reviews in
order to actually climb up the amazon
search results the way they do this is
by offering their products at
ridiculously high discounts so people
like you and people like me can buy them
and it's really a win-win for everybody
in this situation you and I would get
brand new high quality Amazon products
for pennies on the dollar and the seller
would obviously get a sale to help rank
their Amazon product higher in Amazon
search results they're also hoping that
we'll review their product five stars
too of course but keep in mind you do
not have to do this in order to get
cheap products there's no review
requirement although you can if you want
to so there are many sites out there
that offer Amazon products at a heavy
discount with coupon codes two of the
ones that are most recognizable that I
used to use a lot are jump send right
here and VIP on so you can see on jump
send on the home page I'm not even
logged in and already you can see 90 off
or just 60 cents 85 off for just a
dollar ninety percent off for just a
dollar so here's some examples of some
products right on their home page on VIP
on right here here's an example of a 200
150 drone that you can get for just
fifty dollars it's eighty percent off
now the reason you're able to get access
to Deals like this is because the seller
in this case would get a sale and
hopefully a five star review as well
although like I said before you do not
need to give a five star review to
actually get access to this coupon
they're hoping that by giving away this
product at a steep discount it will then
result in more sales in the future for
them at a higher ranked Amazon listing
and to show you examples of just how
much I used to do this 260 right here
for a survival set 160 right here for a
survival set 390 for keto MCT oil 450
for a makeup brush set 120 for a diamond
lens glass cleaner this one I got for
free I got five of them 179 for Led
flame lights 145 for a barn door Mount
220 for ink cartridges free paddle ball
set 270 for oil paint set 20 cents for a
test booster three dollars for a scratch
off math three dollars for a small dog
bark collar which usually probably runs
about fifty dollars at least 30 cents
for a natural test booster 120 for mink
eyelashes 391 for charcoal bamboo air
purifying deodorizers 250 for a cable
box organizer 18 cents for an ink
cartridge 194 organic flaxseed 140 for a
bath bomb 190 for a Derma roller 199 for
hip and joint supplements for dogs 176
for Sleep supplements and you get the
picture like I said there are a number
of coupon websites out there where you
can get access to very very cheap Amazon
products with coupon codes and they're
always changing they're always updating
so do a little bit of research on your
own if you're looking for the best ones
out there currently but here are a list
of some of my favorite ones from the
past a lot of these are still around and
they still have some great deals if
you're willing to look through them so
snag shout VIP on jump send both of
these are ones that I just went over as
examples for you zon deals Elite deal
club amz1 club deal go go go viralix
Ubers on Club giveaway service free-end
deals extreme deal Club product testing
group home product testing and AMZ blitz
so again the business model is simple
you use the Amazon websites to get super
cheap products with discount codes with
the right deals you can get high quality
brand new Amazon products with high
retail values for pennies on the dollar
you can then list those products at full
retail or maybe even slightly under if
you want to on websites like eBay
Facebook Marketplace Poshmark mercari
offer up and the list goes on and on and
then basically profit the difference
when they sell also remember do not sell
these products back on Amazon now
obviously this coupon reselling strategy
will not make you a millionaire but
there's no reason that you can't use it
as an effortless side hustle to make a
few extra hundred dollars in profit
every single month I'm speaking from
experience when I say this too as
somebody who used to actually teach this
mainly and scale this up to a six figure
yearly income I know it works works you
don't have to take my word for it though
go out and try it yourself you don't
really have that much to lose because
it's not like you're risking much money
to get these coupon products in the
first place and it's not like you're
risking that much time either Amazon
Prime will deliver them right to your
door in a day or two and then you can
list them extremely fast as well if
you'd like to see how you can list
something like this on every single
marketplace with just the click of one
button I recommend checking out the
video that's linked up in the right hand
corner right now that will cover a
software that I use every single day on
my own eCommerce business and will save
you so much time when listing products I
really hope you enjoyed the video if you
got any value from it whatsoever please
give it a like I genuinely appreciate it
until next time

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