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How To Get In The Flow State & Grow Your Business, Faster!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

How To Get In The Flow State & Grow Your Business, Faster!

How To Get In The Flow State & Grow Your Business, Faster!

hey miles here milesbecker.com this
video is going to help you get into the
flow state and stay in the flow state
you're going to learn a mental model in
this i'm going to draw it out for you on
the computer here in a minute and it's
going to help you understand where the
flow state is because it's not this
elusive abstract thing you really can
consciously through the choices you make
each and every day help yourself get
into and stay into the flow state
because the flow state as we've all
experienced at least once in our lives
it's kind of when time fades away
tiknically i think it's when your
skills and the challenge you're working
on are evenly matched but what we
experience this as as time just starts
to fade away we're enjoying ourselves
and we're getting a ton done if you've
ever had one of those days or at the end
of the day you're like man i feel tired
but i feel good because i got so much
done i'm accomplished yeah and you look
back and you're just like totally
charged with how much you got done you
were in the flow state on that day and
there's a way to get yourself there and
that's exactly what you're going to
learn here so
this is not an original idea i want to
throw that out
this idea is really covered in depth in
the book flow
man i got to apologize to the author
because his name's really difficult to
pronounce uh mihai chiksen mihai i
believe is how you pronounce his name i
will definitely have a link to him in
the description below here um i don't
think you need to go through the book
personally i think this this getting
this framework is enough with that said
let's jump on the computer so the first
thing i'm going to do is draw this out
for you so you can really get an idea of
the model as he presented it and then
we're going to look at it through a few
different lenses so we can make sure it
all makes really good sense for you so
we're going to do a quick graph so we
got just a normal graph here so this
side is the challenge
and this side is your skills
and the the bottom point here is zero
for both of them right so that's like
not challenging and you have no skill in
it and this is this is 10 right this is
like the top of your challenge right
like this is the most difficult aspect
and down here in the bottom right corner
that's like the the top of your skill
range so within this the flow channel
kind of goes up like this if you will
so this is the flow state right here and
again the big idea that i think you need
to understand from the start is that the
flow experience is when your challenge
and skills are relatively evenly matched
what happens up here is we get into
so if the challenge is significantly
greater than your skill set you are
going to experience this as anxiety i
think a lot of times in in the world of
internet marketing we feel this as
then on the skill side this is boredom
right so if your skills are way greater
than the challenge at hand you're just
going to be flat out bored most people
who've had desk jobs and they're doing
the same thing over and over you
understand this very very deeply so the
first example i want to cover with this
is the idea of the game tetris i think
everybody's probably played or seen
tetris you put the little blocks into
the empty spaces as they're dropping so
if the game of tetras is set on an
extremely low level right like the basic
basic level and you're playing it and
you have to play those basic levels for
hours you're gonna get incredibly bored
after about five minutes because the
challenge is somewhere down here around
a one and your skills at that game are
probably somewhere around a six even if
you've never played so that puts it way
down here in the boredom section and
you're gonna be done after like three
four minutes you're like this is boring
i'm over it you've probably downloaded
games on your phone that looked cool and
you play them for a minute you're like
this is boring
then there's the other side so let's say
i gave you a tetris game i gave you a
console that had tetris on it and we
were able to put it on the most
difficult level ever created in tetris
so the challenge is up here and again
your skills are maybe somewhere around a
six as you are right now that might be
overstating each and every one of our
tetris skills haven't played the game in
20 plus years you are going to feel
anxious you're gonna feel overwhelmed
and it's just flat out not going to be
fun you might try that level a few times
and all of a sudden you're gonna be like
oh this sucks i'm over it i'm gonna go
do something else because it's not in
that flow channel whereas if you're
playing in a level that's relatively
evenly matched with where you're at that
is the sweet spot that's when it's fun
that's when time fades away but we get
better at the things that we do
repetitively and that's where this is a
channel and not just a point on the map
so what i'm going to do real quick i
want to clean this up and i want to
explain this in another way to help you
really really truly understand this
the next example is skiing or
snowboarding if you've ever tried it
it's an extremely difficult sport
especially when you get started and what
i'm going to show you is in this one
we're going to go to the progression of
one's skills within the flow state so
step number one you are just starting
your first time and you get off and you
are on the bunny slope right you're
going down the bunny slope and it's
really reserved for people who are brand
new and you fall a bunch that's gonna
put you somewhere in here you're
probably gonna have some fun you're new
to it your skills really are at a very
low level the challenge is not super
steep because it's a very it's a basic
skill eventually you get to where your
skills build up so you move this way
into the flow channel now you're over
here you're still on the bunny hill but
your skills have improved so what do you
do you're like ah let's take that next
lift i'm ready to go up to the next
level now here's the question do you go
to a green circle which signifies a
simple one which that might bring you
over here right you go to the green
circle that might put you in a position
where your skills are greater than the
challenge do you go to a blue square
that might be up over here somewhere to
where your skills are here but the blue
square is putting that challenge outside
of your realm do you accidentally go
down a black diamond which would be
about the scariest thing in the world if
you're coming off the the bunny slopes
black diamond signifies advanced or a
double black diamond is the most
advanced stuff there is so this is how
we consciously choose where we are in
relation to the flow channel that's
that's the level i'm adding on and we're
going to bring this back to you as a
digital marketer as an entrepreneur in a
second here but i'm trying to use
abstractions to make this mental model
make sense so you can remember this so
as you start day one you're having fun
having a good time you get to where
you're comfortable on the bunny slope
then what do you do what challenge do
you go for right and your goal if you're
able to stay to where you're moving
within this flow state right you
challenge yourself a little bit more and
then your skills improve and then you
challenge yourself a little bit more and
then your skills improve yet again and
you challenge yourself a little bit more
and so on that is how you gain
incremental improvements in a fun and
enjoyable way to really truly begin to
excel at that which you're doing so i'm
going to erase some things and show you
one quick second that it's more like a
wavelength so when you get this right
you're always your skills are always
shifting and not only are your skills
always shifting but your challenge that
you're presenting yourself with is
always evolving based on whatever you're
doing so the ultimate goal is to put
yourself in a position where you are
oscillating between higher levels of
challenge and skill building right so
we're we've challenged ourselves here
but we allow ourselves to build up that
skill which brings us down to this new
point where we challenge ourselves yet
again and then we build up the skill
which brings us to this new point here
and so on and so forth this is when fun
and learning and really kind of growing
your business which is what we're going
to tok about now that's when it all
just starts to jive so how does this
work out for digital marketers so i've
started and run probably um 15 different
15 probably 30 different websites i've
owned well over 100 probably like 300
domains in my day
and um there's a there's a very
consistent pattern on what goes on with
with digital marketers and people who
learn this it's one of a few things
right so the first thing is you learn
about the world and instantly you
realize that your skills are just about
zero and the challenge of building a
business online is
you're feeling it right you're like okay
this is crazy but you're like i'm gonna
just jump in i'm gonna start my first
wordpress blog i'm gonna put up a basic
basic theme i'm just going to go with a
standard thrive theme and i'm just going
to start publishing content and i'm
going to learn how to publish content
doing that so what happens well you move
your skills up and you get to hear and
now you're at this point where you're
like ah okay cool i get it i understand
the basics of wordpress i know how to
move things around i know how to lay out
a post i can put my images in the right
place you've skilled up a bit right
you're moving forward on the skill level
so what do you do at this point and this
is the most interesting point because a
lot of people you know what they do
they're like ah i now have a magic power
i can build websites i'm gonna build
five websites because i like this i like
that i like the other and instantly what
happens the challenge level goes way up
here and they go instantly into
overwhelm instantly and this is
so common in the world of digital
marketing and the world of
entrepreneurship they just jump in and
they start trying to do everything well
i've got three different niches i'm
gonna do three sites but now you have to
update three different sites you've got
three different email lists you've got
three different opt-ins three different
reports three different optimizations
three different sets of keyword research
all of your energy is focused in three
places and you're not really you're
seeing 30 percent of the results on any
one of them maybe at the best this is
the problem and this is what i mean when
your conscious choices that you're
making each and every day are either
helping you stay in that flow state or
hindering you from staying inside of
that flow state because your life that
you're experiencing right now is 100 a
result of your choices 100
so what's the other thing that some
people do well
they're like cool i got this going here
i got my blog going i'm going to add on
keyword research and i'm going to add on
search engine optimization which are
great skills to add on but then they
look around and they're like man that
garyvee guy he's all over instagram and
he's he's all over this that and the
other and oh i need to do youtubing and
i need to be vlogging and oh i need to
make a podcast happen and i need to i
need to i need to i need to and guess
what you don't like you could build an
incredibly successful business with a
blog and a single opt-in page and that's
it takes one great traffic source
focused on great creating great content
for one audience and then having one
email list that's all you really need to
do and yet again this is one of those
experiences when people go straight into
overwhelm and what happens when you get
overwhelmed you stop doing the work you
stop doing these things that were
actually growing your business and that
is the biggest problem because that's
when people hit their proverbial wall
and they stop doing whatever it is that
they're doing so how when it works right
when we get this thing dialed in the
right way and i've seen i've seen people
hit the scene like this and honestly
i'll say personally that my growth of
this youtube channel represents that's
what we're going to use here on the last
example because i'm i'm really stoked
with what i've created here it's under
two and a half years by the two and a
half year mark i'll probably have about
85 or 90 000 subscribers and over 4
million views starting with zero about
two and a half years ago and i was
extremely conscious about what i decided
to take on in order to keep moving
forward because first and foremost i
knew i had to publish content day in and
day out and youtube was my way i had
very minimal youtube skills i'll say i
was like at a one on youtube skills so
i'll put it here the process of doing a
90 day challenge on youtube was
astounding i did 90 videos in 90
consecutive days the process of of
recording myself getting comfortable on
camera going through the motions
uploading optimizing while continuing to
grow my main business to be of support
to run my team i had all that other
stuff going on too right that was a big
time challenge right and i'll even say i
might have been a little bit out of my
comfort zone for the first several weeks
but pretty quickly my skills moved up
and i really got to a point where i was
comfortable now
i did 120 videos in 120 consecutive days
i did not add on anything i didn't
market these things on social media i
didn't try to turn them into blog posts
all i literally did for four months
straight was a video a day every day
building what
skills right so then i started to to
implement keyword research to do my
optimization of the actual listings that
i'm doing my tags all of that stuff so
it added a little bit i'm up to about
here at this point this is about four
months into my path and i just really
stuck in with it then i went to a three
videos per week what that did is it
dropped my challenge back down because i
went from doing seven videos a week to
three videos a week and my skills
continued to improve my quality of
videos went up my processes right the
whole process of recording video it just
got easier took less time to set up my
lighting to get the audio dialed like it
just got easier and easier then after
six months this is key six months of
doing nothing but putting out my videos
i released my first opt-in report here
we go right back into the challenge side
it went big time challenge of now i got
to create some sort of a free giveaway
then i gotta type create a new list i
got to come up with an autoresponder
sequence i got to put a new landing page
together i could get my lightbox working
i get the api connected you probably
know what i'm toking about and it was
challenging and i kept my three videos a
week going while i got all of that done
then i got comfortable because that
finished so now i'm still making my
videos i'm over here now and then i
needed to start emailing my list oh
there's another challenge now i got to
figure out how am i going to email these
people what am i going to say what am i
going to do how am i going to get this
going and then i that became easy then i
added all my blog posts getting my blog
posts done
and then that became easy got
comfortable with that process turned it
into my podcast channel and so on and so
forth and still to this day i'm sending
emails each and every day
this is
conscious this was all conscious on my
part i knew that if i was here right in
in my first 30 days 45 days if i tried
to start fiddling with opt-in reports or
i got to get this on my blog because
that's what everybody else is doing or
maybe you're looking at me now and i'm
up here right and i'm emailing my list
every single day i'm putting out my
videos three times a week and i'm
putting out as awesome of videos as i
can i've got my membership program
running i'm in there every single day
i'm doing micro launches i've got a lot
going on my blog is growing each and
every day right i got all this going on
you might be right here and you might be
looking at what i'm doing like damn
miles i got to do all that no
you don't and in fact if you try to do
all of this right now and you try to do
everything i'm doing right now and your
skills aren't there and you haven't
taken time to skill build it's going to
overwhelm you you're going to feel
stressed you're going to feel anxious
you're not going to do a damn thing and
your momentum will flat stop completely
flat fall flat nothing you will do
nothing you will be overwhelmed you're
going to be fried you're just going to
sit on the couch drink wine beer watch
netflix mood alter whatever it is you do
smoke weed i don't know what you do
maybe you don't do any of those things
you got something you do to distract
yourself scrolling time on facebook
instagram whatever it is that's where
people go when they get overwhelmed
which is the antithesis of growing one's
business so this is the whole idea here
and i want to do it one more time to try
to help you understand so we've got the
challenge and then we've got the skills
right and then inside of this is our
flow state this is where you want to be
and you are consciously making choices
each and every day are you going to
watch another video are you going to go
buy some webinar that's going to teach
you some shiny objects some fancy thing
and now you got to learn this new
software because everybody thinks this
this special funnel thing is is the
answer so you buy it and all of a sudden
boom your skills are you got no skills
in this you have to deal with that right
or are you just going to let yourself
oscillate right here inside of that flow
state adding on challenges after you've
skilled up with what you're doing then
you give yourself time to build a skill
with that new challenge that you've
added on then you add on yet another
challenge and it's incremental and that
my friend is ultimately that's the real
trick if you ask me this is the part
that when people get the business right
and people grow businesses quickly
they're very conscious of taking on one
new competency at a time for me it was
bringing on the competency of creating
the videos then it was the email list
and it took six months of just videos
then it took six months of just my email
and videos until that got comfortable
within my skill set then i added on the
written content another six months to a
year to dial in that system then i added
on my op my um my podcast feed for it
that took another several months to get
going then i started emailing every
single day and just incrementally i've
been growing and i've been staying in
the flow state and my days are enjoyable
and i'm getting more done today than
i've ever gotten done in the past but my
skills are at a level today than higher
than they've ever been in the past and
i'm also taking on more challenges today
than i've ever taken on in the past and
the key is that i was patient enough
with the process to give myself time to
build the skills so as i added on new
challenges my skills were in alignment
with the challenges that i was taking on
so if you feel overwhelmed do a little
self-analysis what are you working on
what's actually important because again
one traffic source focused on being of
service to one audience with one opt-in
page is all you actually need to grow a
successful business i think it's key for
me to put a little asterisk on that
traffic source idea i don't think
instagram alone is enough people fiddle
on instagram that is not going to grow a
long-term business that you can fill up
retirement accounts and pay off houses
with i'm toking blog content video
content or podcast content if you want
to do social media great add it on as a
secondary supportive traffic source to
the core content strategy but don't add
that on until you've really gained the
competence with your core strategy then
build your opt-in report get that going
start emailing your list then when you
get comfortable with that process if it
takes you a year to get there great now
analyze what's that next most logical
competency you can add on to help
yourself get to that next level so on
and so forth so forth you will repeat
this over and over and that is how you
become a digital marketing and digital
entrepreneur success story in a way that
is fun and relatively easy right we
challenge ourselves my 90 day challenge
was a total brutal experience but it
made me a stronger person and it built
those skills fast so i could add on the
next and the next because that was my
goal that was in alignment with my goal
so i was willing to trudge through those
challenges i hope this has been helpful
if you have questions about how this
works or anything get at me in the
comments below i'm happy to connect with
you in the comments when i have time
if you enjoyed this video give me a
thumbs up let me know what you think in
the comments i really appreciate the
feedback on this because this is a
little abstract and drawing it out do
you like seeing these drawing type
videos i appreciate you um any questions
for me comments thumbs up like engage do
what you do i appreciate you subscribe
because i got three videos per week
coming out i think i did all those calls
to actions i'm supposed to request you
to do i appreciate you i will see you on
the next video and until we connect
again be well

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