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how to get rid of ads on phone

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

hey guys, today's video is about how to remove pop-up ads from your android phone which cause trouble for you. these are the types of ads. you can simply skip them by pressing the cross button at the top of the add bar, but it's really annoying. let's see how we can remove them permanently. okay, there are two sources of these ads, from where they come. the first one is from google, which is the normal ads- you cannot stop these ads completely, but you can lower their number a lot- and the second one is because of some kind of virus which you installed accidentally into your mobile phone. i will provide solutions for both in this video. so like and share the video. also, give me a subscribe and if you want to support me, then give me a separate thanks. let's start the procedure to stop google ads. first, open your mobile setting, scroll down and find the google option. if you are unable to find it, you can also search it. open this ad section. in my case, there is an option missing called opt out personalization, or something like this from this tab. if you see that on your device, simply turn the option off and also reset your advertising id. ok, now go back and press this. manage your google account, go to data and privacy and find add personalization settings. these are all the categories of ads that appear on your screen. you can remove them one by one. there may not shown many categories because we just reset our invertement id, but there are always more out there to be added to this list, so simply turn this ad personalization option off, okay. next, open your chrome browser and go to settings. scroll down and open site settings. [Music]. open cookies. set this option to block third party cookies. then go back, scroll down and open this ad section. turn this option off if it's already on. ok, the problem of google ads is solved now. if you installed a virus into your phone accidentally which cause annoying pop-ups, then follow these steps. go to settings, find apps section or manage applications. hide the system apps. if you have any difficulty, okay, find the app without name and logo from here and simply uninstall it. your problem will be solved. i didn't have any virus on my phone so i can't able to show you how it looks. if there are still ads coming, the final way to remove them is by simply resetting your mobile phone. this can easily solve your problem. make sure to create a backup of your data before resetting your mobile phone. you can try another trick before resetting your phone. the link is available in the description or at the end screen of this video. watch it and remove ads using dns. if you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and if you want to support me, then give me a supper, thanks. thanks for watching.

Remove ADS From Android Phone! Paano iBlock ang ADS and POP UP ADS sa Android Device

[Music] personalization instructs not to use your advertising id to build profile or show you uh personalized ads option again foreign [Music] you.

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How to Stop Popup Ads on Android Phone in 2 Minutes

hey guys, in this video, i am gonna tell you how to remove pop-up ads from your android mobile phone without any application or software. before starting the video, i have a request for you. please subscribe to my channel and also hit the like button. it's totally free. okay, let's move to the video. these three are the types of pop-up ads. we can simply close them by click on the cross button appear at the top corner of it, but it's really annoying. open settings and go to google settings. in old mobiles you need to go to the accounts and then click on the google accounts and in option, you found the settings of google. maybe it is somewhere else. find it in your mobile settings. in the latest mobiles, go to the settings and click on the google like this: open it and click on the add section and turn off this option. opt out of ads personalization. also turn off the option enable debug the logging ads. now go back to the google account settings and click on the manage your google account. open data and personalization option. scroll down and in the option, adds personalization, go to ads settings. untik this option and turn off add personalization option in this window. in this window, click add. visit your online choices it. give me an error, just press try again button. after that it will start scanning all the companies which are showing ads on your mobile phone. now scroll down and press continue. we got a list at the top right side. you have a option: select all. click on it and all the company selector tools. now go to the end of the page and click on the opt out of all button and wait for the completion. just after that, go to the home page and open the chrome browser and in the site settings click at the pop-up and redirects. turn this option off. now go back and click on the ads option and turn this also off. now you cannot get lot of ads, but sometimes you can get one or two ads because you cannot able to upload from all the companies because google cannot allow you. for some. hope you like this video and also subscribe to my channel, and thanks for watching.

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How To Block Ads on android phone | How to remove popup ads from android mobile | In Hindi

हेलो, हेलो, दोस्तों, शिक्षकों को फिर से एक बार स्वागत. दोस्तों, आज की इस वीडियो में मैं आप लोगों को बता दूं, कि आप लोगों से कुछ इस तरीके से जो पॉप अप, एड्स व कराते हैं, उसको कैसे आप बिल्कुल ही ऐड कर सकते हैं या फिर स्टॉप कर सकता. बलों को फोन में बिल्कुल भी ऐड नहीं आएगा, क्योंकि, दोस्तों, इस तरीके से जो ऐड वगैराह, तो हम लोग को बहुत ही एडिट कर देता है, और मुझे नहीं लगता इस तरीके से इसे हमें कोई फायदा होता है. दोस्तों, कोई देखना भी नहीं चाहता, बल्कि बहुत सारे लोग इससे रिलेटिड हो जाते. तो इसको कैसे ब्लॉक कर सकते हैं, क्योंकि वह दोस्तों, जब भी कोई ऐड जाते हैं, 3747 का आता है. मुश्किल से इस वीडियो को मैं चार साल से 4 मिनट तक बनाऊंगा. तो वीडियो को बस लास्ट तक देखो. आपका बहुत सारा टाइमिंग बाद जाएगा और आप लोग एडिटेड भी नहीं होगा. दोस्तों, आपको पता है, कि हर मोबाइल में एक जीमेल अकाउंट होता है और दोस्तों, उसे जीमेल अकाउंट में हम लोग का नाम, मामलों का डेट ऑफ बर्थ, हम लोग का एड्रेस या फिर हम लोग, आप, किस, किस चीज में इंटरेस्ट, डांसिंग, फूड, जो भी आप लोग का होगा, दोस्तों, सब कुछ, दोस्तों, Google को पता होता है. मतलब, हमारा जो जीमेल अकाउंट है, उसमें से हो. ज्यादा दोस्तों, उसी बेसिस पर हमारा जो इंटरेस्ट है, उसी बेस पर हम लोग को ऐड दिखाया जाता है. तो उस, तो उसको कैसे आप लोग विदाउट फटफटी एप्स या फिर वेबसाइट, आप लोग कैसे उसको ब्लॉक कर सकते? अपने मोबाइल चाहिए, उसी के बारे में आपको बताऊंगा. तो प्लीज, इस वीडियो को लास्ट तक देखो और बिल्कुल भी फिक्र मत करना, नहीं तो आप लोगों को कोई भी. अगर सेटिंग छुट जाता, तो आप लोगों को बाद में दिक्कत. तब वीडियो अच्छी लगी, तो प्लीज लाइक करें और चैनल को भी सब्सक्राइब कर देना. 257 शर्मा. आपका नुकसान होगा, ना मेरा, दोनों का ही फायदा होगा. आपको भी ऐसा इंफोर्मेटिव वीडियो मिलता रहेगा, और मुझे एक न्यू फैमिली मेंबर भी मिल जाएगा. तो चलिए अब और पोस्टिंग टाइम लिस्ट स्टार्ट. तो दोस्तों, सबसे पहले तो आप लोग को अपना मोबाइल का जो सेटिंग है, उसको ओपन कर लेना है. तो जैसे मैं अपना आप सेटिंग को ओपन कर लेता हूं, अब, दोस्तों, यहां पर आपका जो मोबाइल है, उस पर हेलो गूगल को आप लोगों को सर्च करना है या फिर ढूंढ लेना है, जैसे मेरा विवो मोबाइल का है, अगर आपके पास है, तो बिल्कुल नीचे मिल जाएगा. और दोस्तों, अगर आपके पास कोई और मोबाइल है, तो मैं आप लोग एक शार्टकट तरीका बताता हूं, यहां पर सर्च सेटिंग हर मोबाइल के सेटिंग पर रहता है, तो यहां पर आप लोगों को गूगल यहां पर अब को सर्च कर देना है. दोस्तों, यहां पर देख सकते हैं, गूगल सेटिंग, यहां पर लोगो आ जाएगा. अब, दोस्तों, आने के बाद कुछ इस तरीके का आप लोग पेज में लगा, तो दोस्तों, यहां पर आप लोग एडम्स का ऑप्शन है यहां पर क्लिक करना है. फिर, दोस्तों, यहां पर ऑफ आउट आफ ए पर्सनल जैसन, यहां पर आप लोगों को इसको क्या करना है, इसको ऑन कर देना है, तो सके. दोस्तों, मैंने इसको ऑन कर दिया, देख सक, तो ऊपर लिखा हुआ है: रिसेट एडवरटाइजिंग ID. दोस्तों, इसको आप लोगों को आईडी को चेंज करना है. मतलब, यहां पर आप देख सकते हैं, यह एडवरटाइजिंग आइडिया, आप लोगों एकदम नीचे पेपर कुछ आप लोगों को नंबर मिलता है. तो इसको यहां पर हम लोग क्या करना है: रिसेट एडवरटाइजिंग ID, इस पर क्लिक करना है और फिर यहां पर ओके पर क्लिक कर देना है. अब दोस्तों देख सकते हैं, यहां पर आपका जो एडवरटाइजिंग ID होगा, वह चेंज हो जाएगा. दोस्तों, अब कुछ भी नहीं करना है, बस आप लोग ना जाना है. और दोस्तों, अब अपना मोबाइल का जो गूगल क्रोम है, इसको आप लोगों को ओपन कर लेना है. अब, दोस्तों, ओपन करने के बाद आप लोगों को क्या करना है यहां पर आपको सर्च आफ वेब एड्रेस. यहां पर आपको सर्च करना है माय एक्टिविटी. तो दोस्तों, देख सकते हो, मैं एक्टिविटी आ चुका है, तो यहां पर आप लोगों कि कर दे. यहां पर, दोस्तों, आप लोगों को एक बात का ध्यान रखना है: जब भी आप इस काम को कर रहे होंगे, तब आपका जो इंटरनेट कनेक्शन होगा, वह ऑन होना चाहिए. तो, दोस्तों, यहां पर मैंने मैं एक्टिविटी को सर्च किया और दोस्तों, मैं सामने कुछ ऐसा एक पेज आया. तो यहां पर वेलकम टू माय एक्टिविटी. तो यहां पर आप लोग को फ्रंट वाले, जो लिंग है, यहां पर आप लोग क्लिक कर देना है. अब, दोस्तों, क्लिक करने के बाद यहां पर आप लोगों को इस तरीके का पेस्ट फिर से आएगा. तो उसके यहां पर आप लोग देख सकते हो, लेफ्ट साइड पर फ्री लाइन है और कॉर्नर पर. तो यहां पर आप लोग क्लिक करना है. अब, दोस्तों, यहां पर आप लोगों को एक्टिवेटिड कंट्रोल से यहां पर आप लोगों को क्लिक कर देना है. अब उस पर क्लिक करने के बाद, यहां पर आप लोगों को नीचे आना है, नीचे आना है, नीचे आना है, और दूसरे नीचे आने के बाद देख सकते हैं: पर सनराइजर्स, हम. तो यहां पर उसके नीचे गो टू एडवर्सिटीज. तो यहां पर आप लोगों क्लिक कर देना, दोस्तों, इसको आप जैसे क्लिक करेंगे. तो आपके सामने फिर से एक ऐसा पेज आ जाएगा. दोस्तों, यहां से आप देख सकते हो, आप जितने भी आपके पास हेयर्स, वगैरह आते हैं. यहां से सबका आप लोग का लिस्ट हो जाएगा. आप, अगर चाहो, तो आप एक-एक कर कर भी कर सकते हैं यहां पर, उस पर आप लोग क्लिक करना है, और तो यहां पर आप लोग दिखे को टर्न ऑफ करेंगे. तो दोस्तों, हो जाएगा. दोस्तों, मैं आप लोगों को इतना टाइम नहीं लूंगा, यहां पर आप लोगों को एक क्लिक में बताऊंगा. तो, दोस्तों, यहां पर आप देख सकते हो, एडिट, पर्सनलाइजेशन, इस ऑन तुझ, तो इसको ऑफ सिंपल ही कर देना है, उस बटन पर क्लिक करना है, और फिर आप को टर्न ऑफ पर क्लिक कर देना है और फिर ऑडिट पर क्लिक कर देना है. दोस्तों, देख सकते हैं, यहां पर हो चुका है आपका ऐड ऑफ. अब, दोस्तों, और एक सेटिंग करना है. यहां पर आपको राइट साइड पर कॉर्नर पर दिख रहा होगा, फ्री. यहां पर आपको क्लिक करना है, और, दोस्तों, यहां से आप लोग अ सेटिंग्स पर आ जाना देख सकते, सेटिंग्स पर. यहां पर आप कुछ सेटिंग्स पर आना है और यहां पर आप लोगों को आ जाना है साइट सेटिंग, यहां पर आपको साइड सेटिंग पर आने के बाद. अब, दोस्तों, यहां पर आप लोग देख सकते हो कि इस तो, दोस्तों, यहां पर आप लोग क्लिक करना है. और दूसरी, यहां पर आप लोगों का बाई डिफ़ॉल्ट कुछ सेट रहेगा, तो, दोस्तों, यहां पर आप लोगों को थर्ड नंबर पर- जो यह देख सकते हो, ब्लॉक थर्ड पार्टी को किस, तो इस पर आलू क्लिक कर देना है. अब, दोस्तों, क्लिक करने के बाद, अब लोग को इजी नहीं करना है, बस अब लोगों को बैक एक बार आ जाना है, और, दोस्तों, बैक करने के बाद, यहां पर आपको फिर से नीचे जाना है और यहां पर ऐड साला देख सकते हैं, यह लोग एस पर क्लिक कर देना है, और अगर यह लार है, तो यहां पर आप इसको ऑफ कर देना है देख सकते. जब पहला होगा, तो दोस्तों, यहां पर ब्लू कलर का होगा, तो यहां पर आप लोगों को ऑफ कर देना है, मतलब कुछ इस तरीके से ग्रे कलर का हो जाएगा. दोस्तों, और एक बात का जरूर से ध्यान रखना: आप इस काम को जब भी करेंगे, अपना जो भी Chrome ब्राउज़र का उसके ऊपर अपडेट कर लेना Play Store से जाकर, तभी, दोस्तों, आपका सारा सेटिंग्स वगैरह आएगा. और दोस्तों, इसका और एक व है: अगर आप इतना सारा सेटिंग नहीं कर पा रहे हो, तो दोस्तों कमेंट करो, मैं इसका जो एप्लीकेशन वाला वर्जन है, इसका एप्लीकेशन भी मिलता है, जिस आप एक एप्लीकेशन सही सब कुछ कंट्रोल कर सकते हो, तो उसका भी वीडियो में जल्दी बना दूंगा. तो बस कमेंट करो, कि ऑपरेशन का वीडियो भी चाहिए, तो आ जाए.


[Applause]. ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome. it's gxl tik and today we're gonna learn how to get rid of ads on our rooted android phones. i'd like to emphasize once again: this tutorial is intended for rooted devices with magisk. to start things off, we have four tiny prerequisites, which are super easy to accomplish and no big deal at all. first and the most obvious one: a rooted phone with magisk manager and magisk installed. that's step one already done. okay, go to your magisk manager. uh, hit this cog icon on the top right and scroll down where it says magisk and click on systemless host. that will add the support for adblock apps and that second step out of the way. all right, this will allow you to modify your hosts file and install adblock modules. okay, and let's go to the third step. the third step is the energized magisk module. on the main page on our magisk manager, click on this jigsaw puzzle icon and it will take us to our the magisk repository, and type in energized. then go ahead and click that and hit install. it will install the module. after that, reboot your device and we're already done with three steps. fourth one is super easy, as easy as installing an app. go to the play store and type in terminal emulator: okay, install the first one, this one and that's step four. easy as that. okay, now what we need to do is to launch our terminal emulator and we're gonna type su, which is short for super user, and it will grant super user rights. then go ahead, type exactly this: energized dash m, then hit enter. it will launch the energized, energized, magisk module, depending on your cpu. give it some time to load. sometimes it takes a minute. once you get to the screen, you know you're good to go. it will load up some libraries, busy box, etc. and it's checking if there are updates. i already have this module uh installed, so it's checking for possible updates. let's give it a second and there we go. all right, this is a screen you should be greeted by. after waiting for the module to load, let's go over some options. here we can see uh six different packs, each with a different device in mind. first two are spark and blue go. these are intended for lower end budget models. next to blue and basic are for uh budget to mid-tier phones. last two, one. last two uh packs are for flagship level phones because they will block more ad containing domains and download larger packs. i use a oneplus nord with 12 gigs of ram, which is a mid-tier device. so i'll install the third one, which is blue. so all i'm gonna do is type three and then hit enter and we're downloading, and we're done. so let's check if the module is working or not in real time. i'll go to a local news website teaming with ads everywhere. so let's go, this site has tons of ads and let's check it out. let's go to any random news and there you go. there is a page with, like a sad face on it, um, where it should be, where there should be an ad. there is supposed to be an ad right here, and if i click on it, it will say it refuse to connect. so our module is working. go to another website. so let's type new york times and we can say it says reklam, which is, uh, ad for turkish. so we're going to click on this ad on google and you'll see it will not connect. as soon as i click it, nothing happens and it will see the site cannot be reached. it will refuse to connect. exactly so our module is working. so that's it for today, ladies and gentlemen. uh, a thumbs up and a subscription would be great, if you can uh, it's gxl tik. it's been a pleasure and i'll see you guys next week.

How to Remove Those Annoying Ads on Your Xiaomi Phone: Disable MIUI Ads on Redmi Note 8, Others

hello everyone and welcome to gadget 360. throughout my years in the tik space, I've used many good xiaomi smartphones running me UI. every time i've recommended one of these phones to a friend or a colleague, i've always told them that this is a great phone, but it has a lot of ads. now my favorite take on Android comes from one glass. oxygen OS is like stok Android, with some very useful additions. sadly, the same can't be said about new UI. I mean, I really like some of its customizations, but the thing is the ads- the ads in new IR unbearable. you open a folder, you see an ad. you open the browser, you see an ad. you pull down the notification shade, there's another ad. I mean, there are more ads in me why than in a cricket match that you watch on TV, and this just gets on my nerves. so in this video I'm going to show you how to tweak a bunch of settings in me UI 11 to try and get rid of the pesky ads and make me why more usable. before we begin this video, I would like to know what you guys think about ads and me UI. do you like them, do you hate them, or are you on the fence? share your thoughts with me in the comment section down below. and, of course, please subscribe to our channel, if you haven't already, and hit the bell icon so you know when we post a new video. now let's get started. [Music]. the biggest reason for seeing ads in the stok apps is the MSA or me UI system ads process that runs in the background. in previous versions of me UI you had to keep toggling the switch off multiple times before it actually got disabled, but in our experience it's much simpler to deactivate it in me UI 11. open the Settings app, look for passwords and security and select authorization and relocation. over here you'll see MSA listed with a green little android logo. toggle it off while you are here. do the same for get apps to, which should be the last one in the list. you will get a 10 second warning message asking you if you are sure you want to do it. after the countdown, press revoke. in case it doesn't let you toggle it off in the first, go try it again till it's off. even if you reboot your phone, a message should still be disabled. apart from this. now go back to passwords in security, select privacy and scroll down to the user experience program section over here. disable the toggle switch for user experience program and send diagnostik data automatikally. below that, you'll see add services. disable personalized at recommendations for that as well. these steps alone should take care of any ads that you might see within the stok apps, but this won't stop those same apps from flooding your notification shade with spammy alerts. for that you'll have to open the individual apps and disable the notifications from each one. here's how to do that: open me video and tap the profile tab at the bottom right corner. next, tap Settings. now disable online recommendations, push notifications and personalized recommendations. open music and tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner. tap Settings. then select advanced settings and scroll all the way down and disable receive recommendations. you could disable the other settings below it as well: [Music]. open the file manager app and tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner. tap Settings. then tap about and then disabled recommendations. [Applause]. open the downloads app and tap the three vertikal dots icon in the top right corner. next, disabled show recommended content: [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. open the browser app. then tap the hamburger icon in the upper right corner and tap the Settings icon over here. disable content field if you don't want any weird content randomly popping up on your screen. apart from this, go to advanced and make sure show ads toggle is disabled. now move back a step in the main settings page of the app and then tap on privacy and security over here. make sure personalized services is disabled. [Music]: open the security app and tap the call icon in the upper right corner of the app. it is the feature settings section. over here. tap cleaner and disable received recommendations. down the list. you can also disable the remind to clean option. go back a step and, in the main settings menu of the app, scroll down and disabled received recommendations. for more privacy. you could go to data usage option and disable report data usage input toggle. open the themes app and tap the my page tab in the bottom right corner. tap Settings and disabled recommendations. [Music]: open the folder and long press the name to rename it. you'll then see a toggle switch to turn off promoted apps. [Applause]. now that we have taken all the steps to get a read or at least to minimise ads and unwanted notifications from the stok apps, it's time to deal with the excess apps that come pre-installed. there are plenty of them, including daily hunt, WP s office, Opera Mini and some small games - such as Ludo, master for pewter, glass, etc. thankfully, most of them can be uninstalled, including ones like me community, me store and me credit. to do this, long press on the app you wish to uninstall and tap app info in the pop-up bubble. after this, simply tap the uninstall button at the bottom and confirm the action by tapping ok. after this you should be left with a leader looking: me I 11 interface dan. when you first set it up, while you should see lesser to absolutely no promotional alerts of ads, some stok apps might still send you alerts every now and then, and if you wish to disable these alerts from such apps altogether, then there's a way to do that as well. to do this, simply long press on the alert from the notification shade and you'll see a toggle switch to turn off notifications from the app altogether. disable this and you should never receive a notification from that partikular app. if you want to proactively do this for other apps too, then simply go to the Settings tab, tap notifications, scroll through the list and disable notifications for any other apps you wish. this is how I disabled unwanted ads, blocked spammy notifications and remove bloatware on me y11. but I really wish show me would disable ads and spam by default. a phone with a good Hardware shouldn't be held back by a stream of spam. I really hope this process makes some new UI xi much more usable and less intrusive for you. that's all for now. leave a like on this video if you found it helpful and definitely share this video with others. thanks for watching and for all things. tik. log on to gadgets 360 com. [Music].