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How To Get Sales WITHOUT Running Paid Ads On Shopify | FULL Dropshipping Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How To Get Sales WITHOUT Running Paid Ads On Shopify | FULL Dropshipping Tutorial

How To Get Sales WITHOUT Running Paid Ads On Shopify | FULL Dropshipping Tutorial

yo what is going on everybody shari
konosa here so how to get
sales without running any ads or without
wasting any money
a lot of people just jump into shopify
drop shipping thinking that
running ads and just spending as much
money as possible
is literally the way to make sales and
make a profitable drop shipping store
there is some truth to this however that
does not mean that that is the only way
to achieve success
of course at one point or another later
on in your journey you will have to
start spending some money
in order to start getting traction
faster however if you're just starting
out or if you're just looking for
better ways to kind of get more traffic
without spending an extra dime
this video is for you now for the
longest time i really didn't believe
that free traffic was the way to go
until more and more programs started to
become available
which basically gave you free traffic
just literally for signing up and by the
end of this video
you're gonna know exactly what i'm
toking about but without wasting any
more time let's just jump right into it
the first thing you'll have to do in
order to start getting sales via free
is to just destroy that like button down
below it'll take just two quick seconds
okay hopefully i've done that but
the first thing on my list which kind of
will let you start getting more and more
sales via free
traffic is something i like to call the
affiliate program now there are multiple
different apps available
on shopify which lets you create
affiliate programs
for your shopify drop shipping store and
one of these apps is called
reversion this is one app that i
personally used to use for my niche
i personally believe affiliate programs
is literally one of the best ways
you can start getting more and more
sales absolutely for free now this does
require that you have some
sort of traffic coming in already to
your store you can use the other free
steps i'll be toking about or you can
just run ads to get that traffic coming
in but
this affiliate program will be visible
for sign up on your shopify store in the
one of the menu section
and this is literally one of the best
ways to get free traffic simply because
these people are acting like
cheerleaders especially if they ordered
something for your store and got it and
actually like the product there is no
better type of advocate than that who
has had a good experience with you
or your business so this is why
affiliate programs are such a big
deal in 2020 and onwards not only does
it promote recurring purchases because
for these affiliates if they refer
somebody else they get a discount as
well so it promotes
recurring purchases but in addition
those new people that they refer then
come in and buy something from you
i can't tell you how many times from my
main niche store i've had such
positive affiliates just bringing me in
sales day in and day out and it came to
the point where i was considering
stopping ads simply because i was
getting a lot of sales
and i had over 500 affiliates for the
niche store so
when you have so many different
affiliates working for you it's
definitely a benefit for your store and
that also means that
less advertising costs for you one
benefit is that when people come in and
buy on your store
some of these people could be very
famous on social media so when they
take to social media to promote your
products not only does it build
awareness within their community
but the post also has the ability to go
viral and maybe even
reach more and more people so this is
one of the best ways
that you can kind of start expanding
your traffic source and just have a
lower advertising cost
in the end all you will have to do is
just download the refursion app set it
up on your shopify store
maybe set up some coupon codes and
discounts to give to the cheerleaders as
well as the people that they refer back
to your business but
an amazing thing you should definitely
be trying out in 2020 if you want to
kind of lower your advertising cost or
start getting sales for free but this
brings me to my next step which is
just doing seo now seo literally does
not take any extra time
away from your day or from the time that
you work on your shopify store
because when you're writing the
descriptions all you'll really need to
be doing is basically inserting some
most searched keywords into the titles
and descriptions what's going to happen
is that these keywords are going to help
you rank on google's pages
over time now this is one of the slower
methods compared to the other ones i'll
be mentioning but
if you plan to run your shopify store
for a long time this one is for you
never underestimate the power of seo
some of the other programs
which i will be mentioning very soon do
require proper seo tikniques so you
want to kind of start using seo in 2020
and honors if you haven't already
and if you're not even sure where to
begin i have a video on my channel that
you can check out after this one which
goes over
all my seo tikniques but seo is
literally one of the best and easiest
ways to just
start getting the extra traffic this
brings me to the third way of getting
free traffic
and that is using facebook or instagram
pinterest youtube
and just posting organically on these
social media channels of course you can
take to other channels as well such as
twitter or anything else you want to use
but these are the four basic channels
you want to start your journey on
if you really want to start implementing
those free tikniques if you really want
to start getting that free traffic and
various different ways you can use these
channels to your advantage one of the
best ways is to simply
start posting daily on the social media
channels now if you don't have a youtube
for your store it's fine but you should
definitely be posting on facebook
instagram and i recommend adding more
channels whatever is related to your
niche so maybe pinterest twitter etc
when it comes to youtube however here's
what you want to do you want to be
commenting on other youtube
videos and toking about your store and
maybe kind of referring the video back
to your store or maybe a product within
your store
what's going to happen is that so many
people watch youtube videos and if
especially if you run any store this
could really be beneficial to you
because then
the youtubers will start going on to
your website this has been one of the
most powerful ways that i've personally
been used in order to get that free
traffic literally millions of people
watch youtube
videos if you're in a popular niche or
you're a general store and wanting to
a popular product just take to youtube
and start posting on other people's
videos but in addition
you want to start commenting on other
niche related pages especially for the
other social media channels like
instagram pinterest etc basically go
these advertising platforms find any
community pages or any types of
magazines related to
your store which actually have a social
media presence or celebrities etc
and start commenting on their photos
what's going to happen is over time
people are going to start notiking your
especially if you put something valuable
and not just randomly throw something
in and then people will start going to
your website and buying your products
but of course
this process does require time just
because you posted a comment today does
not mean that tomorrow you're going to
be doing a lot in sales but along with
posting daily on your social media
channels along with commenting on these
other niche related pages
here's also what you want to be doing
follow other people
who follow these niche related pages
what's going to happen is that when you
follow these people they're going to be
interested in your page because you just
follow them randomly and 7 out of 10
they will follow you back what this is
going to do is it's not only going to
help build your brand presence
but it's also going to help build your
followers list so you have more and more
followers and you don't have to end up
for followers because without followers
your page will definitely look
empty so definitely start following
these other users while also
posting daily on social media channels
and also using other people's
accounts as leverage but this brings me
to the next way of getting free traffic
and that is
signing up for the google ads and bing
ads free traffic program and this is
the seo section really comes into hand
with google's
new program which is known as the
surfaces across google platform what is
happening is that google is now
posting all of your products for free
within a section inside the google
shopping button so it should be at the
section at the very top or if you scroll
down sometimes it'll be at the bottom
this section is completely free nobody
that is ranking within the section is
paying a single dime
to have their ads shown there but it is
the best way to kind of start getting
free traffic because literally
google is giving you this free traffic
just for signing up for their program
now to sign up for this program
you will have to sign up for a google
merchant center account if you haven't
and then once you do that just go inside
the settings section and you'll be able
to see
the instructions on setting this up but
this is something you literally can do
within five minutes have it set up and
then you'll start getting
free traffic based on how you do seo and
necessary things that are related to
selling on google ads but in addition
bing ads also just recently released a
program where now they offer free
traffic for anybody who signs up
for this free program if you already
have a bing ads account you should
already be eligible
and have this running on your account
but if you haven't even used bing yet
make sure to sign up for a bing ads
and then you should be able to see again
this in the settings section which you
can sign up for
and start getting that free traffic but
these two things are literally something
you have to do if you don't do any of
the other things because
it literally takes about five to ten
minutes of your time but let's move on
to the next thing which you can do which
going to facebook groups and posted
within the facebook groups
there's a lot of niche related facebook
groups where a lot of people engage
a large population of the world does
have a facebook account so what you want
to do is you want to find
especially if you're in a niche you want
to go on facebook and find pages related
to your niche
or if you're trying to sell a product
within a popular niche go to the pages
related to that product
you can simply find these pages by
typing in something for instance like
i love x if you're trying to sell a toy
you can find pages related such as i
love toys or i love kids
or i love my child etc and then post
within those pages
links to your toys but this is one of
the most commonly overlooked things a
lot of people fail to do simply because
they aren't even aware that there are
facebook groups available where you can
actually post for free
a lot of people know influencer
marketing on instagram but nobody really
facebook influencers to market their
products so this is one thing you
definitely want to start doing and if
you want to actually spend money on
these facebook influencers
i released a video a couple of months
ago where i show exactly how
i find winning facebook groups and
facebook pages to post my ads on you can
check that out
on my channel after this video but this
brings me to the next point and the
final point on the list and that is
commenting on other people's blogs now
when it comes to blogs
a lot of blogs out there which have a
lot of traffic coming in
you want to find these niche related
blogs via google or facebook
and start commenting at the bottom
linking back to your website because
what happens is especially if you use
google ads
the linking back to your website is
known as is a very good thing in
google's eyes because
as the google algorithm crawls through
their blog
and it gets to your link it's going to
connect this link back to your website
and kind of rank you higher
because someone else is linking to your
website now so this kind of adds
authority to your website
compared to any other website out there
and if this happens more and more often
google is really going to start pushing
your listings up to the top especially
the free ones so this is again
where seo can also come into hand
because if you implement this strategy
along with seo
this is where you start getting the real
results where you can then start ranking
higher and higher
for the free traffic program as well and
if you follow all of these things and
put them together
that is when you can build a real
sustainable business that will run
without any types of ads but of course
you want to throw in
some mix of ads to keep things going if
you found any type of value in this
smash that like button and smash that
subscribe button and i'll see you guys
next time

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