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How to get Your Business License in Flroda for the Tax Exempt account with Walmart

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

How to get Your Business License in Flroda for the Tax Exempt account with Walmart

How to get Your Business License in Flroda for the Tax Exempt account with Walmart

what's up guys this is mark from Diaz
um I was now about to Nelson was not
about to speak to me so let me make this
video really quick so I wanted my
corporations all three of my
corporations and cooperated in Florida
and in this whole tack the buckle we've
done a lot of videos about that I'm I
applied for a business license with one
of my corporations to get a tax exempt
account with one man and Amazon so I
figured I have to do a video on how to
incorporate but I will just show you
guys really quickly how to do this how
to get the business license in Florida
it's also a koala seals and use
it seals the news tax anyway so you go
to Florida revenue calm there's a link
right here that says register collect
two collectively taxes so you click that
then you scroll down and it says start a
new registration and then the
application starts is a pretty basic
application I'll do some of it that does
require personal information so you guys
can see it says this application can be
used for self purposes Eleuthera are you
applying for tax registration for a new
business and yes not previous addresses
were correct add you know so that's it
next does your business check yes
so sell products and services at retail
this is the purpose of why we want this
so that's yes no to wholesale no to
secondhand goods
no no sell products non permanent
location flea market cashews no surprise
a good meal and Internet yes shall
prepare the Mexican types of food cuz no
rental is nor until is no mine is rental
is no rent equipment when lease
no no so that is - yes hit next
charge admission or membership fees for
this no because this is this
whistling place operated coin-operated
no no no food no vending machines no
vending machines purchase items that you
will include you know no purchase items
are using a business that will not taxed
by the filament which is no no no use
died now provide pest control no no no
no security now next it's pretty basic
the last page of the business activity
sell gasoline no prepaid wireless no
sell tires no wanna operate try cleaning
no employ workers in the state of
Florida no because everyone is overseas
cell communication low make sales now on
a facility natural manner no extract oil
definitely not us electrified and pay
taxes resulting from a chanela electric
option now we just sellin online
florida so it's a corporation a c-corp
sales and use tax corporate it's on fire
em red silver sales and use tax so
that's all no next next alright so this
is where the placenta information comes
so guys love you guys shop you will just
want to show you that's pretty basic a
new I'll do another video on how to
incorporate in Florida but this is what
I did so far anyone can record in
Flowery don't need to in America and
across like between 70 and 100 50 bucks
depend on the type of cooperation but I
really want to enter like love you guys
later look in the description for the
free please have a good

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