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how to give free shipping on shopify

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads


[Music]. hey guys, welcome back to my channel. my name is tia and if you're new, please don't forget to subscribe. so today i'm back with a business video. i'm gonna be showing you guys how you can add free shipping to orders over 50 or over whatever amount you choose. so, yeah, let's just get right into this video. okay, so the first thing you want to do is go into your shopify admin and you're gonna look at the panel on the left, go to settings. once you get to settings, you're just gonna click shipping and delivery. i may have to like blur some of these stuff out, but once you get here to the shipping and delivery screen, you're gonna go to manage rates. it's going to be in that first box, the one that says shipping. so you're just gonna click manage rates and then you're gonna scroll all the way down to domestik, united states or whatever country you're in. so, um, you're going to you see how. i already have mine here and it says free shipping on orders over 50 and 50 and up, and the price is free for the customers. so you guys won't have anything. so i'm going to show you how to get this. so you're going to click add rate and then you're going to see set up your own rates and that's what you're going to want: to click and you're going to put the rate name. my right name is free shipping on orders over 50, but again, you can make it anything that you want it to be. so, for instance, if you want it to be free shipping on orders over a hundred dollars, you can add that. or if you want to do- i don't know- free shipping on whatever, you can pick that. once you decide on the price that you want the free shipping to apply to, you're just going to put that price in here. so i'm just going to add the 50, because that's what's here and, by the way, this rate name. your customers can see that. so you want to make sure that it looks professional and it says everything like it's clear, so that when they're checking out they don't have any questions about if it's free shipping or not, and all you want to do is just click, done and that's pretty much it like, literally that's it and it's just gonna be applied and this will only be applied. so i'm just gonna assume everyone, or whoever's watching this video, is located in the us, so it's going to be free shipping to everyone who orders in the us. however, if you do want to make the free shipping applied to international, like internationally, you can also go in here where it says rest of the world, and just literally do the same thing that i just said and it'll do that. so that's pretty much it. this is really like probably the shortest business video i'll ever do, but to check, to show you guys that it did work, and just so you guys can see from a customer's point of view how it's going to look, i'm going to show you guys. so let's go to my website and i'm going to do this times 3, so that the free shipping can apply, and view cart: oh, it's actually four anyways, it's eighty dollars for four. so we're going to check out- and this is a bundle, by the way- and check out. oh, and this is a way for your customers to not have to put in a discount code. however, if you do want to apply free shipping, like for like a sale or something, a random sale- like let's say, you are doing a sale for father's day and you want to apply free shipping for order 75 and up, you're gonna go into your discounts panel and that's where you're gonna go and add that discount. um, i'm just gonna put like my email, okay, i'm definitely gonna have to blur this out because that's all my info and we're just gonna continue to shipping. so this is the shipping screen and, as you guys can see, it shows the free shipping on orders over fifty dollars. okay, so this is a perfect way to not have to worry about your customers applying discount code or trying to keep track of all the automatik discounts that you have. so i do prefer this way and obviously every website, every store, is different, so, depending on how much your products are for that's how much you would want to make the free shipping over, and it's just a nice thing, especially for a customer to order from you a lot, so that they know, like, if i order over a specific amount, i get free shipping and they can just purchase all the stuff that they want and yeah, so it just says free shipping on orders on 50 and it literally says free and, of course, if they want to pay for shipping, they can like if they want to do, like overnight shipping or whatever, but most people are definitely going to click the free shipping and that's it. if you guys want to see a separate video on how to create discount codes. like, if you're super new to shopify and you're a beginner and you want to see that, let me know down below and i'll definitely do that video for you guys. anyways, i hope that you guys found this video helpful and that you learned something new, and if you have any questions, of course, comment down below and i'll respond back. and yeah, that's pretty much it. don't forget to like, comment and subscribe if you're new, and i'll see you guys in my next video. bye [Music] you.

How to Setup Shipping in Shopify 2022

edwin anthony. here again back at it for resolution design and here again at another tutorial, just making it very simple for you guys how to set up shipping, and this is the 2022 version. i know i've been out of the map for a little bit, but i just want to give you a very quick tutorial seeing how i'm working on everything else with the academy. let's get right to it. so we're just going to set up a simple shipping, but strong disclosure. there's different type of companies. so if you're watching this, you're either one of two types of companies. you are either a drop shipping company, in other words, you're using a drop shipping company to supply your products, such as oberlo, aliexpress- you got all these other companies drop shipping right. you're either that type of watcher right now or you're a private supplier. you're a business owner that you have your own supplies. you get them shipped out to either your house or you get them shipped out to a private fulfillment center, and in that case, this is very, very most catered to you. but let's tok about those that are in drop shipping, guys. if you're in drop shipping, especially if you have more than one drop shipper, uh, just please keep in mind that those drop shipping companies, as orders come in, right inside of shopify, and it communicates to the drop shipping companies. they have different shipping carriers that they use in order to ship the product to your clients, and maybe even different shipping methods, prices, so on and so forth. what we're trying to solve here is, just straight to the point: how do we set up free shipping so that anybody who comes into your store, they just buy something and it's free shipping, that's it. or, if they want to set up, you know, hey, pay 6.99. that's what we're going to learn here today, so let's get right to it. okay, let's, let's jump right into it. so what you guys see right here is a demo store that we're working for a client, and the first thing that we're going to do is go to the bottom end corner on the lower left, where it says setting. so, right here, where it says settings, uh, what we're going to do- what, what- and what we're going to do is go to where it says shipping and delivery, and then, from here, you might see a screen like this. remember, shopify is changing all the time, so, depending on when you're watching this video, this can change, and if it does, let me know down in the comments so that i could go ahead and make an updated video. it's important for you guys to have these updated videos so that we could go ahead and, you know, give you the latest and greatest. so let's go right ahead. uh, right here we have shipping and we have manage rates. there's no rates so far, and one of the first things that we need to do, if you see the screen right here, is to create a profile, right, because without that, we cannot set up, okay. so, first step, what we're going to do is we're going to go right here where it says manage rates, and once we enter here, you'll notike some of the products that you have already set up. we're not going to dive into that, but notike how there isn't a focus to a country or anything of that sort, right? and so, again, considering in this specific scenario, we're going to pretend that you are a business that not only do you sell internally, meaning that you have your own products physically in your personal warehouse, but that you're also doing some type of uh connection with drop shipping. so you're doing a hybrid, right? that's what we're gonna do in this example here. so, right here, what we're going to do is. we're going to scroll all the way down and you'll notike that in this partikular example, we have two areas where it says not shipping from guys. it's very important that, before we even come here, if you're not seeing this below, you don't see an address, you don't see anything like that. let's go to where it says location, because i'm sure i'm gonna see some comments saying, hey, i didn't see that screen. go to locations first, right, and make sure that your location or your business address is located there. and when i say business address, um, it could be like a po box, right. but if you're gonna do like a po box, just keep in mind that the address for that po box, the post office, is literally the address of that location. so if you go to gps and you want to say where is that, where's my post office, it has a physical address, right, that's the address that you want to do. and then address number two: you'll put the po box and then the rest of it comes out like that, okay, so that's just an fy, a little bonus for you. so once you have your local area set up and you've already attached your drop shipping, let's go right here where it says manage rates, the physical address of your location plus the drop shipper you know, app, rather, if it's oberlo, if it's a whole bunch of these other places, and you'll see right here that will say add rates. and so this rule that i'm applying for this client, we're going to do first free shipping and, as an example, i'll do like a basic shipping, so that it's very easy. uh, remember, everything that we're doing is times two, because we're applying this globally, meaning that it's gonna be applied for the whole store. okay, that's what that means. let's go to the drop commerce first. we're gonna add a rate right here, click on that and it says add new rates and from here, within that box, it's strictly toking about that drop shipper. so, remember, if you have multiple drop shippers, you're doing what i'm showing you right now: multiply times, a few times all the drop shippers and then finally doing the same thing again for your local area, right? or for your address. so, right here, what we're going to do is, in this box, we're going to create a shipping zone. we're identifying exactly where in the world are we going to ship products to, not that we're physically shipping them, but where is the drop shipper shipping them. you understand what i mean. that's what i mean. so let's go ahead and create a shipping zone and in this shipping zone, my client specifically stated that they want to ship exclusively to the continental us, and that's exactly what we're going to do. so i'm gonna type right here the zone name, zone name- you could type whatever it is that you want- uh, continental us- excuse if i miss. type things of the sort right. and then from here, uh, i'm gonna see if i could type in usa to see if it pops out: no, okay, so united. okay, here we go, united states. all right, so we have it selected here and we have a nice little expansion right here. if i click on that, i get to see everything that's from within here. okay, so i see all the states. now, this is considered everything. we're including territories and all that stuff, if you select that box. so let me say that one more time: if i select this box over here, us, by default it's going to select not just the states but also its surrounding territories. and so if, for this focal point, if we want just the continental us, i would have to uncheck those areas where we do not want to provide shipping. so imagine that customer is from hawaii and they're not part of the continental us. when they go to check out, it'll just not let them finalize the purchase. it'll say: look, we don't, you know, ship to that area at the moment. check us, check back. oh, it's pretty soon. i can't tok today. i need more coffee anyways. so let me show you how that's done. all right, so in case, if you guys don't know, this is what i did. i unchecked alaska, american samoan, micronesia, guam, hawaii. uh, i took out what else? marshall islands, i took out north mariana island, palau, puerto rico, i took out virgin islands and all of the armed forces, okay, so i went ahead and pressed done on this one and you could see that it's tagged as well. not tagged, but labeled as continental us, or at least that's how i put it there. so that's just part of the process. so now it goes into. so what rates? now that we have a target focused towards where we're shipping to, what are the rates going to be? that's what this is about now. so let's go here where it says add rates and we have some options.

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free shipping or not? that is the question that we're going to be answering today. so many people selling online have fell for the myth that you make more sales when you offer free shipping and print on demand. sellers are currently leaving a ton of money on the table because they are paying for the shipping to get their products to their customers, and some of them may even be missing entire sales because they're offering free shipping. yes, i did just say that because you are offering free shipping, you might be actually missing out on sales completely. people might see that you offer free shipping and then decide not to buy, and in this video i'm going to tell you why. i didn't mean to rhyme right there, it just kind of came to me. but if you guys want to see the rest of this video, stik around, because we're going to jump right into it. [Music]. all right, folks, what's going on? joe robert, here, i am the founder of podninjascom. you are now entering a guru-free zone. i make videos here on my channel giving you actionable advice to start, grow or scale a print-on-demand business on shopify. if you're new to print on demand, make sure to check out the links down in the description. we have a ton of resources for you. you can get started with the pod ninjas training program for free. the link is down in the description. also, make sure to join the pod ninjas facebook group. we have over 20 000 print on demand store owners there. so if you guys want to join a large community on facebook and get even more print on demand training and tips, make sure to check it out. the link is down in the description. click the like button and also subscribe to my channel if you're not already so. today i felt compelled to make this video. i felt compelled to spare you all from the peril that is free shipping to deliver you guys from making no sales to making a bunch of sales by beginning to charge shipping on your print-on-demand stores. yes, i know, we've all been conditioned to think that free shipping is the way, or that people will only buy if there is free shipping, because people don't want to shell out the couple of dollars for shipping of their orders. why do i say this? well, when you offer free shipping, you actually make less money. someone's got to pay for the shipping, and if it is not the buyer, it's you. and before we actually get into the breakdown today, i'm going to show you guys a whole bunch of shopify stores. i'm also going to show you some other businesses online that are not offering free shipping, but before we get started, let me know down in the comments if you offer free shipping on your store and if you haven't got started yet, let me know your thoughts if you are going to offer free shipping or not. if we get to 100 comments on this video regarding the shipping question, i will pick somebody at random and whoever wins will be able to jump on a coaching call with me. i'll announce it on a future video once we hit 100 comments. so let me know if you guys plan to offer free shipping or if you're currently offering free shipping right now down in the comments. i'll pick someone at random to have a coaching call with me. i'll announce it on a future video. so, like i said, when you're offering free shipping, you're making less money, and another thing that i said is that when you're offering free shipping, there's a chance that you actually might be missing out on sales completely, and in this video i'm going to break it down and i get it in 2020. a lot of you think that the only way to do online business is by offering free shipping. but what i want to do is show you, guys, three massive websites that are not even doing free shipping themselves. here are three websites that you have definitely heard of. okay, they don't offer free shipping on every order and they are still making sales. they are still accepting new payments from new customers every single day, and i know what you're thinking, joe. these are massive brands. of course, they can get away with not offering free shipping and charging their customer shipping, because they're big brands and people will pay for the shipping anyway because they really want those products. but how can we actually do that with our print on demand stores? people are not going to pay for shipping with us. they want free shipping. joe, i hear you, i really do, but what i want to do is i want to show you actual print on demand stores. these stores are some of the biggest print on demand stores out there and they are charging shipping. you can see here this store. i'm not sure if you ever heard of it, but if you haven't, you can check it out. it's a massive print on demand store. they have a really big social media presence and they are charging shipping. why are they doing this. well, if they didn't, they'd be making less money. you can see right here that when we put this product into our cart, when we go to checkout, shipping is being charged. now, of course, they do have a threshold where, if you spend over a certain amount, you can get free shipping, but if you're just going to go on there and buy one product, you're going to have to be the one that pays for that shipping. one of the reasons why it's important to do this is because, if you're a print-on-demand store that's using any sort of paid traffic to promote your products, if you're doing free shipping, you're not going to have as much margin to play with when it comes to running your ads. if you're charging for shipping, that means you can spend more on the ad because you have a higher profit margin which, like i said, will allow you to spend more on ads. it's a very smart strategy because, overall, if you can acquire a new customer, you're going to hopefully be able to increase the lifetime value of that customer and make money over time to make up for what you spent on the shipping. still not convinced, i took a look around and basically the only place that you can get free shipping every day, on every single order. online is amazoncom. they are the free shipping connoisseurs, right? that's why we all think that we have to offer free shipping, because amazon does it. but one thing to note is that amazon actually charges people an annual membership fee. here's another thing: i think that you could actually make more sales if you charge for shipping. why is that, joe? well, when you offer free shipping, right, you're actually raising your price to cover the cost of shipping, right? well, when you offer free shipping to the customer, that means you're paying for it. so that means that you're making less money. so what do you do? you increase the price of your product. and what happens when we increase our prices? you make less sales because people like to buy something for cheap from a facebook ad. see, i would much rather sell a hoodie for 39.99 and then charge five bucks for shipping, compared to selling it for 47.99 and then doing free shipping. well, to me, 39.99 is a much more attractive price point compared to 47.99. a lot of people, regardless of the shipping cost, if they see 47.99 as a price, they're just simply just not even going to consider buying it. on the other hand, if it's 39.99, they might make that impulse buying decision that they want it, and then, when shipping is layered in for a couple of bucks at checkout, they're still going to go through with the sale. don't believe me? well, test it. test it on your own stores, see how it goes. change your prices and offer free shipping, and then change them back and charge the customer a few dollars for shipping. here's another thing is: i don't just make random videos on youtube. everything that i tok about on my channel are things that i've actually tested in my own businesses. i don't just wake up one morning and think of some random thing that i want to tok about and make a video about it. i've been running print-on-demand stores since 2016, and i've also been teaching print on demand for several years as well, and i've worked with hundreds of people. so anything that i'm toking about on my youtube channel is things that we've all tested. we've seen th.



hey guys, happiness here. welcome back to my channel, and this channel is all about different shopify's tutorial, small businesses tips, as well as entrepreneurship in general. so in today's video, i am going to be showing you, guys how you can go ahead on your shopify store and create a free shipping code. so, basically, your customers will be able to go to your website when they add things on their shopping carts and when they are on the process of checking out, they won't pay for shipping costs. instead, they will go ahead and use this free shipping code that i'll be showing you today. shipping costs can be very extra sometimes. that can make you lose some sales. that's why sometimes you can find you have abundant cards from your website, and this is because your customers may feel burning, like, oh, i really don't feel like i really want to buy these things, but i don't want to pay for shipping. so the free shipping card will help you to get rid of those abandoned cards and it will also helps you to make tons of sales and make connections between you, your brand and customers. so make sure to stay tuned until the end so you can know how to create this free shipping code. okay, and before i jump into this video. please don't forget to give me a big, big thumbs up. subscribe on my channel for more tutorials like these. leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about today's video, or if you have any question or any video recommendation, you can let me know down below on the comment sections. and, without further ado, let's jump into today's tutorial. so the first thing you're gonna need to do is to log in on your shopify store. so pretty much, you can go to shopifycom and then the link will come up. you can go ahead and put your email address and login. um, also, i will leave the link down below on the description where it can take you straight to the shopify page where you can go ahead and put your login information and login to your shopify store. so to get started, go on your left hand side and find a discount, which is right over here, click discount and this is the discount page is gonna look like. so if you haven't created discount before, this is how your page is gonna look like. so you can go ahead and click create discount card right over here, or you can click here: create discount. they will both take you to the same page. so i am going to click create discount and this is how the discount page is gonna look like. so the first thing we gonna do is to go ahead and name the discount code so you can pick the name of the discount you want to name for your free shipping discount. okay, so, for example, i personally i will go ahead and type free, so that will be my discount code name. or if you don't want to create a net, you can just click right up here generate code and shopify will go ahead and generate a card for you. so this is the code that shopify generated for you. but if you wanted to make it special, you can go ahead and name it to the name you want. so, for example, i am going to name mine as free. so on the type section right over here, you can go ahead and pick what kind of discount you want. so if you want percentage, fixed amount of a free shipping or buy x and get y, so you can go ahead and pick any discount code you want. but specifically for today's tutorial, i am going to show you how you can create a free shipping discount code. so i am going to go ahead and click free shipping and then go down here, but as we go and adding all the informations you will see here on the summary, like everything, will be updated from here. so as you keep doing it, your summer will appear right over here. okay, so now let's go ahead on the countries section. so on the countries section, on this section, you're gonna have to be specific on which places you want to apply your free shipping. so you can go ahead and select all countries, or you can go ahead and select countries. so i'm going to go ahead and click select countries and this box will come up right over here and i will go ahead and click browse so you can click. either you want to do free shipping only in united states or to the rest of the world. so i am currently located in the united states and i am running my business in united states, so i am gonna go ahead and create: i want to offer the free shipping only in united states and not the rest of the world. but if you want to offer the shipping in united states and the rest of the world, you can go ahead and do that, but i will recommend you not to offer free shipping to the rest of the world, um, because it might end up hurting your business because the shipping cost will be too way expensive and instead of making profit, you might end up making loss. so if you want to offer like a free shipping as as, as well as to the rest of the world, you have to be specific on a certain amount. so you have to meet your customers like halfway. maybe they're gonna have to buy like something and spend like 120 in order for them to receive a free shipping, and not just regularly. but if you're doing like um, free shipping like within united states, if you are located in united states, then this will be easy for you and you won't lose a lot of money and you might also make profit. even though you offered like free shipping and stuff like that, you won't end up losing money, as if you offer a free shipping to the rest of the world. so once you select united states, you can go ahead and click add and all the countries that you picked will appear right over here. so we are going to offer free shipping only in united states. now let's go ahead and move to shipping rates. so if you want to exclude the shipping rates over a certain amount of products, you can go ahead and click this box and select: uh, you want to exclude the shipping rate, so, for example, you can go ahead and put the amount you want. so let's say like 8.99, okay, but if you don't want to exclude the shipping rate, you can just go ahead and take that out. so this will be your option. now let's go ahead and set the minimum requirements. so it is up to you. if you want to set up a minimum purchase amount or a minimum purchase quantity of items in order for your customer to receive a free shipping, or you can just not set up anything. so you can either pick. if you want to set up a minimum purchase amount or a minimum quantity of items, you can go ahead and write up them over there, put the quantity, i mean, put the price amount, or you can just select none, so there will be no requirements and your customer will get a free shipping. okay, now on the customer eligibility. so pretty much here you are gonna have to select if you want everyone to receive this free shipping or just you have specific group of customers that can use this free shipping code. or if you have specific customers, you can go ahead right over there and search for them and put them here and they will be able to use the free shipping code. but you can just again, you can go ahead and select everyone, just like on this tutorial. i am going to put these eyes for everyone that everyone will be eligible for free shipping. now on the usage limit. so if you want to limit a discount usage, then check this box right over here, for example. uh, when i click that, i want to limit number of times that this discount can be used in total. so let's say, if you want this discount code to be used hundreds times, you can go ahead and select that. or if you want it to be used, like, only 20 times, you can go ahead and add that. and if you want to limit that one, this can be one use per customer- you can go ahead and select this box if you want. if you want to limit it to one use per customers and, again, if you don't want to set up this, use the limits, you can just go ahead and take them out by default. your customers can use this discount as many time as they want, and many customers can use this as many times as they want. again, you can go ahead and set up a limit usage so you want to lose money and instead of making profit you can make a lot of loss. so you have to pay attention on th.

Shopify - How to configure free shipping over an amount

but this video is a quick video I decided to put together due to a question that Nadia posted in the group, and this video will show you how to offer a free plus shipping product in your Shopify store, and in this case, we're wanting to offer a product with free shipping that's over a specified amount. in a Nadia's case, if it's over $100, she's wanting to offer free shipping. so, um, quick note: someone mentioned earlier that, well, there is a video that I recorded last week where I'm showing how to use Shopify and try celery to accomplish something similar and understand. there's so many different ways to accomplish things using Shopify and in some cases it makes sense to use Shopify. in some cases it may make sense to integrate a third-party application. it's just contingent upon what it is that you're wanting to do. so in this video we're going to use Shopify to do that. so let me jump on in. so here I'm starting off on my homepage and basically there's two areas that you're going to focus on. you're gonna focus on the product page or the product configuration, and then you're going to focus on shipping. so if I jump into products, you'll see that I already have three products Kirk created and they're just demo products: one for free shipping, paid shipping and regular shipping. the one we're going to focus on today is free shipping. so you want to make sure that, for the product that you create are the products that you're wanting to offer free shipping on. you want to make sure that you have a price that reflects the amount for which you want free shipping to apply and in this case, I set the price of this t-shirt very expensive, at $100. okay, so I'm going to jump over into my settings and go to shipping and right now I don't have any shipping zones set up, and that's what we're going to walk through now. so you want to click on edit and we're going to do a price based rates and I'm only shipping to the United States. and then we're going to click on Add rate and I'm just going to call this my free shipping offer. the minimum order has to be $100, right, and then I'm going to set a maximum order at, let's say, $499 and then I'm going to say free shipping. so you want to make sure that you click this free shipping rate. okay, click done, make sure I click Save, and then I am going to go back to my store. so I'm gonna refresh any day now, okay, and then I'm going to click on my shirt for $100, I'm going to add it to my cart checkout and voila: shipping is free. ok, so this is how you add free shipping on products that's over $100.

How to Setup Free + Shipping on Shopify (Dropshipping 2020)

yo, what's going on? everybody it's luke, and today i'm going to show you how to set up the free plus shipping shipping options. now, when you're a beginner drop shipper, there is one thing that entikes you when it's free plus shipping. one is because the data is super cheap to get. two, because you get sales relatively quick. three, because the cost per link is very cheap as well, and it's just like you feel more satisfied because you get orders quicker, and it's a lot of things that a lot of beginner drop shippers get into like it's the number one way of selling for beginners. but i know my very first store and how to set up free plus shipping. i was a little bit confused on how to set up the shipping options. so let's get right into that. so let's act like we are gonna set up a free plus shipping store. so let's go over to our products. and now this is my core store. so we're just gonna go over to beginner drop shipping course. now it's the same for courses than it is with uh products, so all you gotta do is go over to 0.0. now, actually, i just notiked that we're going to add in another variant called another one, because most of your guys's stores are gonna have two variants on the product, so i understand looking at that will be a little bit confusing. this is what most of your guys stores will look like like this. so what we're gonna do is go over to open bulk editor. we're going to change all of them to zero and then we're going to go over to add fields. now this is important because we really need to add this or people will be getting your product for actual free. so we're going to go over to weight and now we're gonna make our weight one pound. now it's a little bit confusing, but don't worry, it all makes sense in a second. so after we made our weight one pound, we're gonna go over here. we're gonna go to our shipping manage rates, and now you can see that we have a lot of raids going on and this is what the base shipping rates look like on every shopify store. so, first things first, we're going over here, we'll click the edit zone and we're going to check mark the rest of the world. now, for some reason, this doesn't work for me sometimes. so what you have to do, sadly, is go through each and every continent and add them all in now. it's a little bit tedious, but it's definitely worth it. considering that if you're running free plus shipping, odds are, as you're doing, top five countries or worldwide, just to get more data quicker. so you want to have all these selected, or what will happen is people from canada or people from united kingdom will go to check out in your store and the shipping prices will be a lot different than what you think they actually are, and that might be why nobody is buying it from outside the united states. so after we change that, we're gonna go over to the rest of the world and we're gonna delete this zone. and now we have these guys. so what we're gonna do is the common theme is delete everything, everything that shopify set up for us. we don't want no more. so we're gonna go right here and we're gonna go to standard shipping and handling. and now we're going to make this base rate 1356, because that is the rate i like to have my free plus shipping at, and now we're going to put our minimum weight at 0.5 pounds and our maximum weight at 1.. so the reason why we put our weight like this is because, if you guys remember, earlier in the steps we made our product one pound. so now, if they add in one of those products, it will be 13.56. so that's pretty simple, right? but the tedious part is that you have to go through each and every one. but i probably should copy and paste this just to make this a little bit quicker. but don't worry, i'll go through them with you guys, we have to go through each and every one to add in the weights, and what i like to do is make it a little bit cheaper each time. so instead of making it, let's say, 26 for two, we'll make it 24, 61. that looks like a pretty good rate, and now we'll go over here: type in 1.5 to 2.. now the reason why we do this again is because with two of them added up equals two pounds, and if they only have one, it won't go through the 1.5, it won't go through that threshold. so you want to make it 1.5 to 2 and continuously do this up to probably like 10, because sometimes people try to add in like 10 to 15 free, free items, and even though you might think you went high enough- like having, like your maximum weight like 10, or not 10, like five- but they might actually jip you on like your price, they might actually screw you out of a lot of money. so you'd like to go up pretty high. so we go over here, do this once again. i have it copied. boom, and now we're going to add in our price to 33.91, based on order weight. now we're going to go to 2.5 to 3.. and then we're going to continuously do this like up to the moon, and i'll be back when i'm done. all righty. so i'm done with these. i'm only going to go up to seven because i think seven is a good enough price. i think if someone is spending sixty six dollars, uh, if you're doing free plus shipping, your product price should probably only be like one to three dollars, so it shouldn't hurt you too much. they're only going to get like 21 dollars out of you. but another step or another tip that i don't see a lot of people toking about when they're doing free plus shipping, and a tip that i didn't use when i first started free plus shipping is: you see how you have standard shipping handling for 1356 and like the one range. so if they add in one, that'll be the price range. well, what i like to do is do this, go into express shipping and handling and then make this one 15, 91 and then go to this point five and then one. so when they add in one now they have two options. so they could potentially pay two dollars more, and if you do free plus shipping, you definitely know how much that two dollars helps. per order value definitely could increase. so- and you want to do that. on the first two, i don't really go farther than the first two because if someone's willing to spend that much money, the odds are they probably aren't going to spend any more than that and plus, you don't really need to get that extra two dollars out of them if they're buying like three to four of them. so we're gonna do this- uh, probably 27.95, since the last one was 24, and then we're going to make this 1.5 into two. so there we go, and that is how you set up the free plus shipping shipping method. and now, once you add your item to your cart and go to the checkout, no matter how many you've gotten- if it's one to two to three- you will see the price matches up correspondingly. so you have now completed how to set up a free plus shipping shopify store. i know it's pretty tedious, but right now there is no better way to do this. so this is what we have to work with right now if you're trying to run free plus shipping. but anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. if you did, make sure to hit that like button and if you want to see more tips and tricks for shopify, make sure to subscribe. and as always, guys, it's been luke and i'm out.