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How to Increase Feedback on eBay Fast when Drop Shipping!!!

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

How to Increase Feedback on eBay Fast when Drop Shipping!!!

How to Increase Feedback on eBay Fast when Drop Shipping!!!

what's up marked from the
a shitty the boss girl and we doing a
video on feedback I've gotten this
question multiple times how to get
feedback fast how to get feedback when
you starting out right now this is a
kind of weird question especially that
I'm gonna tackle video how to get
feedback fast because the truth is is
not very necessary so first yeah so
first let's tok about how to do it and
then we could see why it's not necessary
okay so watch your world video
and subscribe but let's
get into videos wait I was different
people ask me a lot like how do I make
the buyer give me feedback because I
most of them won't and I wouldn't ask no
I would sleep in their price they might
have not been happy but we're just
saying can you leave me feedback okay
I'll leave you some feedback right
that's what you brought it up because
that's exactly what I don't ask for
feedback for that same reason right they
get an item with the Walmart tag with
the Amazon box with a higher price and
they give you no feedback just chill the
out at least for you drop shippers
dropship anyway we do right now how when
you first started how do you get the
beginning feedback so I already I was
using an existing account and you saw
the random from one more thing yeah
but I had like 11 feedback I didn't have
a huge amount and I've maybe bought a
couple of things
I cover things not to get feedback just
because I'd use the account right but
then when we start the second account
there wasn't zero yeah it didn't have
any feedback so like okay so those of
you guys who want to get feedback you
can get feedback by buying stuff right
I've suggested a couple times of buy
some ebooks but don't systemically buy
eternity books because in the ebay
clause there is feedback manipulation
something like that and they could shut
your down for that right so if you
wanna buy ebooks to get some feedback I
would say buy one a day or one every two
three days don't just go buy a ton also
sell some stuff from your house
like just sell anything right so you can
get some feedback yeah and but feedback
is not that necessary a lot of people
think like because you have a hundred
thousand stuff more people buy from you
most people just want to know you're a
real person and you have positive
feedback so even with a bi and feedback
that helps even if you don't have a ton
of feedback like so who was I toking to
who at zero feedback and 40 something
sales someone recently had like 40
something sales and zero feedback and I
just tells you this not that important
it doesn't boost up it doesn't help you
boost and reach up in like the eBay
search I mean yeah if you have 50,000
feedback you may get more trust but it
doesn't like double the amount of sales
you're gonna get so I wouldn't be too
concerned just start and get it
going a lot of you guys who are asking
these questions I feel like it's almost
trying to justify not doing
yeah I think and feedback would be more
important if you open a new account and
you're trying to sell items for five
hundred dollars right I as a buyer would
not buy something for that amount of
money come on over a hundred dollars or
hundred pounds is where I would take the
time to look at someone's feedback if
I'm like investing or spending
but buying something for 20 pounds 30
pounds I'll probably would even check so
yeah so yeah so hopefully I answer your
subscribe to channel if you have any
questions leave it in the comment
section we'll make videos answer your
look in the description for the
free stuff later

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