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How To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate For Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate For Shopify Dropshipping

The above is a brief introduction to How To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate For Shopify Dropshipping.

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How To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate For Shopify Dropshipping

what is going on everyone hidden here
coming back at you with a brand new
this one's gonna be cool I've got my
watermelon this is by far the most
effective way to eat it do not judge me
in the comments but let's jump right
into this video that's how to increase
your sales conversion rate with Shopify
there's a lot a lot of different
variants that go into why your
conversion rate is what it is whether
it's high low and normal you know
whatever normal even is you want to try
and get that up as much as possible
because you don't want to be paying for
traffic or even if you're sending
organic free traffic that you control
you don't want to send that somewhere
just have people not buy it you want as
many people to buy obviously so that you
make as much money as possible but what
practikal steps can you take try and
raise your conversion rate especially if
it's low right now the first thing I
recommend you attack and solve as a
problem is abandoned carts I know we
toked about that as one of the apps in
yesterday's video but that's huge if
someone has expressed interest in your
product gone out of the way to maybe
choose the size of the color they want
add it to cart and start the checkout
process to the point where you have
enough information to follow up that's
huge you definitely want to contact
those people they're gonna have a very
high likelihood of coming back and
finishing that but that's why I use apps
like consistent card to help me follow
up with those people and revive those
old leads so just to touch on this real
quick because I don't want a lot of
people reaching out asking this is what
do I actually saying my email follow-ups
the notifications with consistent cart
all that stuff I try and offer them more
values so my first one in the sequence
is I think two or three hours after
they've abandoned their cart I'll send
them a normal follow-up email 24 hours
after I'll send them at I think it's a
15% discount code then a full day after
that one I'll set I'm a 25% coupon code
and usually that one hits home with they
haven't bought already if they don't buy
on that
chances are they're not going to I do
set another one like a week later just
to remind them just in case anything
were to happen I don't try and get my
hopes up about that but do whatever you
can to try and increase your abandoned
cart return ratio that's something you
definitely want to focus on get
something like consistent car you can
watch yesterday's video no you need to
optimize optimize optimize what does
that mean that means experiment means
change your prices your shipping prices
the color is the logo the headline how
your products are ordered everything
experiment and optimize with what works
and then keep trying new stuff if you
test a ton of things on shipping find
what works okay move on and now attack
another problem your headline your
colors just experiment with all the
different variables and figure out
exactly what the best formula is for you
and you
storm one thing I like to do is to
attack them one at a time so I'll do
something like if I'm doing a free plus
shipping offer I'll change my pricing
I'll have it
995 versus 1295 I'll see how people
respond and most of the time actually my
free plus shipping offers are a random
number you don't necessarily want them
to be a retail price like ending in 95
have it be like 10 87 or 931 something
kind of random like that and again
that's just something to test out you
don't have to do that but figure out
what works best for you experiment
experiment experiment I cannot drive
that point home enough now one thing
people tend to overlook but you
definitely don't want to look past your
actual products what you do to pick your
products do you just think it's cool
found a good price or a good deal on
Aliexpress that's not how you should be
picking your products you need to do
research figure out what's about to blow
up try and identify trends before they
happen there's a lot of things that
people jump on too late I saw that with
fidget it's a ton of different clothing
products and stuff like that you just
want to find what's selling what's
moving and try and catch that early but
you can't just pick random products what
you think is cool you have to do
research but if your numbers aren't
looking too good a lot of people aren't
buying you're getting a very low
conversion rate on your store that means
your products probably bad if you've
already experimented with all the other
variables that I just toked about but
I'm curious to ask you this what do you
think your biggest problem is on why
your conversion rate is not where you
want it to be why do you think it's low
if you think it's high why do you think
it's not higher let me know in the
comments below I'd be very curious to
see that so I can build videos on that
answer your question maybe help you out
what that being said I also want to say
thank you subscribers have been going up
so nice if you haven't already hit that
subscribe button be sure to do that
below I'm gonna leave my Instagram in
the description as well so you have any
questions that I'll hit me up on there
sure to leave a like and I'll see you
guys the next one peace

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