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How to Install Pinterest Tag with Google Tag Manager

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

How to Install Pinterest Tag with Google Tag Manager

How to Install Pinterest Tag with Google Tag Manager

we already have videos on our channel
covering the targeting options you get
for pinterest
as well as all the ad formats and specs
but before you even get that far in the
campaign setup
the first thing you actually should do
is make sure that your pinterest pixel
tag is loaded on your website this is
going to allow you to track visitors
that you can use for audiences
but also to record conversion actions to
prove the worth of your campaigns
so that is exactly what i'm going to
cover in this video i'm going to show
you the easiest way to get the pinterest
on your website and then we'll go over
which conversion actions you can start
right now within pinterest ads i'm in
the main overview section
so i'm not sure which view you're going
to be looking at when you're watching
this video but to start setting up the
conversion pixel we need to click on ads
and then go to conversions i will admit
this account already has had the
pinterest tag set up
so if you're setting this up for the
first time or you just got into a
pinterest ads account for the first time
you will not see this pinterest tag
section on the page going through the
pinterest ads account setup for the
first time they will walk you through
the setup and you will get a pop-up that
will have step-by-step instructions on
how to add the pinterest tag with tag
so in my case to kind of replicate that
i'm just going to configure my base code
but as you can see here there are three
ways you can add the tag to your website
so one over to the right
you can choose to email the instructions
to a developer
if you're not familiar with code and if
i say the word tag manager and that
completely goes over your head
choose the option to email the
directions to your developer who can get
the code on the website for you
if you're really familiar with how your
website is structured you're okay
updating any templates or code on your
website you can choose the middle option
which will be adding the manual tag to
your website it's really not worth me
going through it because
every website is going to be structured
differently so that's something that
you're going to have to figure out on
your own if you choose that option
but the easiest one like i said is all
the way to the left is choosing a
specific partner integration
the most common one and the one we're
going to run through is google tag
manager but you can see you have other
options to add the pinterest tag to your
we have a few clients on shopify and the
easiest way to add it to that platform
is to use the integration option here
even though we have tag manager on some
of the shopify platforms too
but you see there are other integrations
available if you are using any one of
so we could choose from one of the
partners that we see here and if you
select google tag manager
there will be some step-by-step
instructions personally i think the
easiest thing to do
is to leave this window open so i can
copy the tag id that i had to blur out
that'll be the specific id for your
account i'm going to go into another
screen where i have google tag manager
open already
i'm in my tag manager account you can
see on the left hand side i've already
on the tag section
i'm going to go up and click on new to
build a new tag
before we can save and publish anything
we have to name it next
click on tag configuration you can go up
and use the magnifying glass to search
for the pinterest tag
or you can just scroll down until you
see the native option and there it is so
let's choose that one
now i'm gonna hop back to my pinterest
screen then i'm gonna highlight and copy
the tag id
so when we hop back into google tag
manager i'm gonna paste it in this first
field where it says tag id
for the base cold only just to get it
tracking on every page of your website
there's really nothing else you have to
do with the tag
but what we have to do is add a trigger
to your tag
this is telling google tag manager when
to fire this specific pinterest tag
so if i click on this option i have a
few other triggers in here and we're
going to tok about some of those soon
but there will always be an all pages
set up within your google tag manager so
then i can have this specific tag id
fire on
every single page of my website that's
with the understanding that you have
tag manager installed on every page of
your website but if you know you do
you can save the tag and then you'll
have to make sure you submit the tag
we have a version name just in case it
breaks anything on the website which it
never has
and then i can publish it now that we
know this is good i'm going to hop back
into pinterest and then we can verify if
the tag is working
i have the tag on my site now and i know
i mentioned before we've done this
so that's why you see this main
pinterest tag section on the website but
now you should have one pop
up especially if you're starting to see
events come through if you just want to
if you've had the main pixel installed
on your website one of the ways you can
test it out is to go to test events
add in your website and then click
launch pinterest is then
opened up another window with the
website that i added when testing the
event but i'm going to hop back into
and now i can confirm my website is
receiving activity
i'm going to click jump to the website
choose another page
hop back into pinterest and another
event has fired off
since i chose all pages each page view
is going to fire off a different event
another way that you can test out if the
base code is working on your website
is to add the pinterest chrome extension
this one is so easy to find
if you google it yourself literally just
google the title of this pinterest tag
this is pretty much the same thing that
facebook microsoft ads
twitter has to verify that your tiger
pixel is working on your website so
let's add this one to chrome
i had to resize my browser a little bit
so you can see my chrome extensions
but that little red circle with the
number one to it i understand it could
be hard to see depending on what device
you're on so i apologize
that red circle is going to be the
pinterest tag helper if i click on that
i had to blur it out again but it's
confirming which tag id
is on this website and it's finding no
issues with the tag specifically on this
and the only event i'm firing right now
is just the base code
probably want to go around check a few
pages especially all the important ones
to your site
conversion action pages shopping cart
pages all the good ones and if it's
working well then you know your base
code is set up properly
now what we just ran through was the
base code
just pretty much tracking an audience
and when people are visiting your
while that's pretty helpful the next
thing we probably want to do
is get some specific conversion actions
set up and we can
also do this within google tag manager
what if you want the tag only to fire
off when a user performs a specific
action for example maybe you want your
conversion action
to be when a user hits a specific thank
you page maybe you want a fire event
when a user just adds something to a
another option that i use fairly
frequently and have used in a lot of my
event-based tracking demos
is when someone watches a video on your
website we can also set up those types
of actions
within google tag manager so i'm going
to hop back into that platform
you do have the option to go within your
pinterest tag and then you will be able
to duplicate it and make edits to your
new version
but i'm just gonna go and create a new
tag again my goal with this tag
is to have pinterest fire an event every
time someone watches an embedded youtube
video on our website the tag
configuration is going to start the same
this time i'll search for it we need the
pinterest tag i want to head back to
pasted my tag id in and for the event to
fire we don't want just the base code
i want a specific event and i purposely
chose this one
because when we look at the event
options within this specific tag
watching a video is one of the events
that we can create
but you can see there are event
categories for add to cart
if they hit the checkout page there's
custom options if you're not finding
anyone that's already preset in here
specific page visits perfect for your
custom confirmation urls if someone
performed a specific search on your
signed up on a form and view a category
but i already have watched video
selected so i'm going to choose that one
and then going down to my triggers i
already have a youtube views trigger
if you want to know how you can record
specific events of users viewing your
youtube videos embedded on your website
you can watch this video right here we
already have another demo in place
so to recap i obviously have the right
pinterest tag i have my tag id in place
i specifically chose the watch video
event to fire
and then my trigger is telling pinterest
to only fire
this event the watch video one whenever
someone watches
a video on my website so i'm gonna go
and save this
i gotta submit and publish it otherwise
it's not going to work but do understand
you can preview
all of your actions and test them out in
tag manager before you publish anything
i don't want to do the preview mode
right now so i'm just going to submit it
hit publish
and now let's go back into pinterest
again and test out this event to see if
it's working
i'm back on the test events page it's
going to make me type in my website
again but luckily
google has it memorized let's launch our
website in a new browser
and luckily for us we have videos on our
i'm going to click on one to get it
going and hopefully fire off the event
i apologize for having to look at that
face again but a few things happen
i know i have it cut off but i can see
within my pinterest tag helper chrome
a few events fired that's because this
specific trigger
is going to record when someone plays
the video and when someone pauses it and
that's exactly what i did
so i can see that firing off my tag
helper i'm sorry i cut it off for this
specific view
but if we go back into pinterest we see
there are two
specific events now that is happening
due to how i have the trigger set up
if i only want pinterest to fire off
when someone plays the video i'm gonna
have to go back in
and reconfigure my trigger to only
record when someone
plays the video and you can see within
that video trigger demo that i mentioned
you will be able to include what you
want within that trigger and what you
let me run through one more scenario i'm
going to do a little bit of fast
forwarding so you don't have to see me
set up a manual tag again
i duplicated the tag it's got the same
id you can see i call this one
c a speak and that is one of the pages
that michelle and i have on the website
instead of watch video i have the event
to fire as a page visit
and for the trigger i created a new one
for anyone who goes to the cspeak
page just to show you what it looks like
this trigger will only fire when someone
lands on a page where the url contains
see a speak very common page visit one
we personally do not recommend using any
basic page view as an event to fire and
however you can create these page view
triggers if you are using
website-based confirmation urls after a
person has completed a purchase
if they fill out a form to contact us
request a demo start their free trial
you see where i'm going with this
perfect for those confirmation urls if i
close this out
save this new tag publish it one more
time adding in the version name again
let's click publish and then let's hop
back into pinterest one last time
we're back in the main tag manager
portion within our pinterest tag
and now under the pinterest tags section
you're going to see the event history
depending on what events you have set up
within your specific pinterest tag id
you can look within the past three days
or within a custom range to see when
these events have fired
we have a few options here if i want to
remove and just see the watch video one
where you can see
a lot of it has happened fairly recently
from the testing i was doing within this
and that's how you can watch to see when
these specific events are firing
like i said tag manager is the easiest
way to do this
i'm sorry i couldn't go through every
single type of trigger option that is
out there that could help you fire
specific events within your account
we're gonna put some of our favorite
google tag manager resources within the
video description
where you can go check out how you can
record some specific events on your
add them to google tag manager and then
you can use that to fire off those
events to start recording some pinterest
specific conversions
thanks for watching our video if you
found it useful give us a thumbs up
we release a new video at least once a
week so if you want to see more from the
paid media pros channel be sure to

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