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How to List 1000's of Products to Facebook Everyday

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to List 1000's of Products to Facebook Everyday

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How to List 1000's of Products to Facebook Everyday

in this video we're going to cover how
to list products to a facebook shop
fast the products that you list
obviously matter a lot when it comes to
facebook marketplace drop shipping both
on personal
and on a shop page but ultimately
it's just a numbers game the more
quality listings you have quality being
the keyword there the more sales that
you'll obviously make and on shops
there's no limit to how many listings
you can actually put up in a day so you
can really scale this if you have a good
software that helps you list quickly in
today's tutorial i'm going to show you
how to list products from retail
super quickly using z drop now z drop
works great it's the software that i
built my entire facebook marketplace
drop shipping business using it's what
i've trained my va's to use so that's
why i stik with it i highly recommend
it so let me show you how it can help
list the shops faster all right so
assuming that you have the products up
it's going to be the same thing using z
drop as you would on facebook
marketplace but we're going to take them
to facebook shops right so the
difference here is copy to facebook
obviously takes it to marketplace
whereas copy to facebook shop takes it
to shop you just have to paste it in
there it doesn't do it automatikally
okay we have three example products up
we have one from amazon one from ebay
one from walmart this is obviously gonna
work with any of the websites that z
drop integrates with and you can find
them on the z drop home page as always z
drops link down in the description it's
the software that i use to set up my
entire facebook marketplace dropshipping
business as well as drop shipping on
sites like mercari and poshmark as well
right so the first thing you're going to
do here is you're going to go to your
facebook shop and you're going to come
over to catalog items and then add items
now there's many different ways to
actually do this you can actually upload
an entire spreadsheet you can use the
data feed you can add multiple items i
don't like any of those i personally
just like to copy and paste using shops
okay so this is literally what i tell my
vas to do and then they go out and they
do this you can list up to as many items
as you want on shops there's no limit
whereas on marketplace specifically it's
150 a day per uh actual account on shops
you can list as many as you want so
we're just gonna list one item and then
you'll see that it pulls it up with this
and if you have z drop up in the right
hand corner obviously and it's live
you'll see this paste data button so
when you're on a listing and you click
copy to facebook shop you'll see copy
done after you see copy done on that
paste data will be the last one that you
actually copied and then you'll see it
starts to work just like it would on
facebook marketplace or mercari or
poshmark or any of the other actual uh
marketplaces that it works with it's
just gonna start pasting the pictures in
pasting the title and pasting the
description in marking it up to whatever
you set the markup to be so right now i
think i have mine marked up to 40 i
believe um but you can obviously change
that or play around with it you can set
templates in z drop all this is stuff
that you can find on the actual z drop
youtube channel it's super easy and
there's a number of tutorials out there
that will show you how to do this it's
very simple but the key here is you're
just taking the listings copying them
over to facebook shop here and then
marking them up it's very very simple so
the first thing you're going to do just
like you would any other place is you
know you're going to want to straighten
the title up a little bit better you
know you want to keep some of the main
keywords in there but you kind of want
to change it to
really kind of fit what you want it to
look like so we'll say gear tray for
jeep wrangler um jl these are probably
like the model so we'll keep them in
organizer box console we'll say like car
organizer that'll be another good
keyword right and then we're going to
space these out so customers can read
them a little bit better and i always
take out like if there's any warranty
information after sale service or
anything like that or any indication
that it was like taken from ebay or
amazon or walmart or whatever site that
you're using okay so that's the the it's
obviously got the uh the pictures it's
got the title it's got the description
it marked it up from 30 from whatever it
24.99 to 34.99 which obviously is a 40
it's not going to be on sale the
condition is new and the category um
we're just going to say like car parts
and accessories and then go next this is
really up to you i always go like 30 or
50 because realistikally i don't want to
have to keep changing this quantity
unless it goes out of stok so in the
past i would say like oh just start with
five or ten but the thing is if you get
a couple sales on that you're going to
be going back and back into your
inventory after every sale and seeing if
you have to actually mark that quantity
up so i don't even have to worry about
it so i always say now just start 50. so
the shipping template is gonna be based
on what you set your store up to
actually have you should have already
done this when you're creating your shop
so this should you don't need to change
anything here i always skip the variant
step unless you're listing an item with
you know multiple colors multiple sizes
then this is where this variation
listing comes in and then you click
finish and there you go you listed an
item so now we're gonna click add
another item now with z shop
specifically you're gonna have to
refresh the page because the paste
button doesn't automatikally come back
up and there we go so paste data so now
we the if we pasted the data now it
would be the last amazon listing so
let's do one from ebay obviously it's
gonna work the same from walmart home
depot any of these these sites that z
drop integrates with but so let's copy
the facebook shop from this this ebay
listing okay the copy is done then we're
gonna come back paste the data there we
go we've got the pictures we've got the
title we've got the description now one
thing with ebay obviously is sometimes
the descriptions lacking and you want to
come down you want to copy some of the
specs here so we're going to just grab
this description
that's one of the things about listing
with ebay listings sometimes that i
don't always love but you also do want
to make sure that there's no like
warranty or specific seller information
sometimes if you do this there is more
information on like that ebay seller or
that it's an ebay listing so just be
wary of that and look out for it um but
other than that looks pretty good now
for the sake of the tutorial i'm not
going to actually go through and read
all this stuff and improve it i usually
tell my va's to obviously switch the
title up a little bit so that you know
you want to keep the main keywords in
there and obviously any sizes or
anything like that but one of the things
that you definitely do want to do is
switch your title up a little bit make
it your own so that people can't
literally copy paste your title and
figure out what products you're selling
and from where because god forbid this
would be like a hot selling product it'd
be super easy for somebody to snipe you
okay but for the sake of the tutorial
let's just show you
it marked it up again there we go 335.99
this item is not on sale um i always
recommend running promotions yourself
like don't just run like random sales
like you can you can just easily set up
a promotion in your actual store or on
your actual marketplace and run it to
like all your products instead of doing
it individually it's just a lot to
manage in my opinion condition is new
category we'll say like it's like an
outdoor tent patio garden tents tarp
shelves we'll go with that one again
quantity 50 shipping templates gonna be
the same as always and then finish it
now this was drawn out for emphasis to
kind of explain to you how to drop ship
using z drop on facebook shops and grab
those listings from amazon or ebay or
any of the websites that you're using
super quickly but obviously you can do
this very very fast in my opinion this
actually works a lot faster on shops
with z drop than it does on facebook
marketplace so realistikally there's no
reason that you can't be doing listings
in 30 seconds to up to a minute max
trust me once you get good at this even
if you train a va to do this you're
paying them hourly there's no reason
that they can't do like 60 an hour they
should be able to pump these out and the
z drop software makes this all possible
super quickly with the click of a button

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