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how to make $10 000 a month by dropshipping

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How To Make $10,000 Per Month With Shopify Dropshipping (NO PAID ADS)

so this is how beginners can achieve ten thousand dollars per month in revenue with no paid ads. that means no facebook ads, no google ads, doing it on a very small budget. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is kamil, also known as the ecom king, and in today's video, i've got an absolute game changer for those that are beginners or for those that are on a low budget, looking to do shopify drop shipping. now, what i'm going to be sharing with you guys today and teaching you step by step, is a strategy that's enabled me to do a hundred thousand dollars in one single day using no paid ads. now, i know that's gonna sound very hard to believe, and that's why i'm gonna put proof on the screen and i'm also gonna show you a shopify dashboard very recently that's using this strategy. so you guys can see that it's extremely serious and it is real. so if you're looking to start shopify dropshipping as a beginner and you have a low budget or you don't want to risk too much investment, then this is a great option for you. now i do want to make it extremely clear that, because you're not investing so much money, you will have to be investing a decent amount of time to make this work. that means about one to three hours a day. the more time you put in, the more likely you are to succeed with this strategy. now, just to give you a breakdown on how this strategy actually works. to clarify it with you is: basically: you leverage famous influencers, audiences or influencers with a big following on facebook, instagram, tiktok, wherever they are, which gets really high engagement and they have a loyal community. and what you do is you basically consult the influencer and say to them: look, i know you're promoting other stores, why not start your own brand? and i would advise you on how to do it and i'll even do it all for you. you just need to listen to my expertise and my advice. and in return for you doing that, you take forty percent of the company. they take sixty percent of the company. so if you're able to achieve ten thousand dollars per month, you take four thousand dollars. they take six thousand dollars because there's no paid ads. that's a lot of revenue and a lot of profit to generate. now that's just a quick breakdown on how the strategy works. now there's a lot that goes into it and that's what i'm gonna be teaching you step by step today i'm literally gonna be teaching you the exact strategy from the very beginning to the very end, and i've also created a free google doc sheet that's about 80 pages long, that's going to give you the scripts, the step-by-step tutorial, and that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, and i'm giving you completely free. so make sure we hit 2 000 likes. you can redeem that free google doc sheet in the pin comment and in the description below. and for those that are asking, why did you give all of this away for free? why would you not just keep it to yourself? at the end of the day, i can't reach out to all the influencers in the world and do this strategy, so i might as well share it with you guys. [Music]. as you guys can see on the computer screen, i'm inside of a shopify dashboard and this is one of the most recent stores that we've used this strategy with, and you can see, in the last 90 days we've achieved 35 000 euros, and the reason why it's in euros is because the influencer is based in europe. now, if you take a look at the graph, you can see a large spike over a week period. now that was when we did a pre-launch for the influencers product and you can see, it generated this income just off one week of pre-launch. and the reason why it's completely flattened out is because we're waiting to announce the official launch and once we do that, that's when we'll get consistent revenue. for example, i did a video on how we did 435 000 euros in three months using the strategy uh, just to prove that this is completely legit. if we go over to orders and then go to drafts, you can see that there's no draft orders at all on this shopify store and, as you guys can see, no draft orders at all. so, as you guys can see, i'm in that free google doc sheet. so make sure. we hit 2 000 likes and the first thing we need to do is we need to find influencers to partner with. that's the first step of this process. so step one is you need to sign up to a website called influencerspycom and there'll be a link in the description and in the free google doc sheet. now, for those that are wondering, this is what the website looks like and i'll be showing you exactly what to do in the next few moments. but if we go back to the cheat sheet. what you want to then do is step two: go to the influencer section and change the filters by countries: us, uk, canada and optional europe. now, this really depends on what countries you can most leverage. now, if you're somebody that's from spain and you speak spanish, maybe you might want to do spain and may do native spanish. that way there's less competition, because most people that are watching this will probably be from the us or the uk to speak english and only english. but if you're able to find a market- for example, we make a lot of money in the french market because my business partner speaks french, so we're able to partner with french influencers, and that way it's less competitive than these top performing countries. but anyway, even if you can't, these other countries are completely fine. now, where it says followers, you want to be doing between 500k and 2 million. now, where it says categories, this basically means the niches that perform the best as an influencer and the top performing ones, in my opinion, from my experience, is animals, health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle. then, where it says language, change it to english, unless you're doing a different country in a different native language. now, as you guys can see, i'm on influencerspiecom now. do bear in mind that this website is a french website, so you will need to use google chrome to translate it into english, and it works completely fine. but this is an absolutely gem of a website to find influences. it's the one that i've been using for the last two years now. it is a paid tool, so you do need to pay for it, but it is a very cheap tool to use compared to everything else that you would have to pay for if you're running paid ads. so once you've got the pro plan that you need, you need to head over to influencers and you need to go to all. so this is what it will look like when you come to this part of the website. it might say world. you just want to exit that one off as a filter and you can see here the country. so here i'm going to want to select the countries that i mentioned in the free google docs. i'm going to select the uk, i'm going to select the us and i'm going to select the other ones that i want to do. then, where it says followers, this is where you want to be doing this one or this one or this one, these three. now, unfortunately, you can't select them all at one time. you have to do it one per time. so i'm going to start off with this one right here: 100 to 500k. and then where it says categories, this again is where you want to start to select the ones i mentioned before now. you can divert in the other ones, but it's completely down to you. now it's probably best to do the ones that you might have knowledge in or you have personal interest in, because it will help you later down the line. so, for example, i might want to do animals, because i like animals myself. now, for this example, i've just selected beauty. now, where it says language, it's very important that you select the language that you can actually speak in, because you're going to have to connect with these influences and speak to them. so if you select spanish and you can't speak spanish, then that's not going to work. so i'm going to select english. and then where it says audience, gender, age and so forth, it just depends. now for my industry, i'm going to select female, because it's more female populated, but on yours it might be both. now, once you've selected the filters, and

How to make up to $10,000 a Month Dropshipping from home

a company can sell products using the drop shipping business model without ever keeping an inventory of them. after a customer puts an order, the business notifies the products manufacturer or distributor that the order has been received and should be included in the customers shipment on behalf of the drop shipping company. the manufacturer or distributor ships the product directly to the customer. ordering is straightforward: the customer pays the drop shipper. the manufacturer or distributor is compensated by the drop shipper. the product is delivered to the customer by the manufacturer or distributor. the drop shipper is essentially a marketer. drop shipping is a cost-effective method for startup business owners to sell products without a lot of overhead, because no inventory is required. additionally, it avoids being trapped with unsold inventory. in this video, we will guide you to start a drop shipping business in six simple steps. before starting, don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more future updates. number one: choose a business concept. a company concept outlines your products and target market. because there are so many alternatives available with drop shipping, you should start with a small selection of goods that you believe will actually appeal to a certain market. spending some time on this is essential because the concept serves as the cornerstone for the goods you sell, the design of your website and your marketing. it's important to keep in mind, though, that because setting up a drop shipping product line is quite inexpensive, you have the flexibility to make modifications if you feel you made a mistake or your interest in the product changes. number two: source products. a company idea does not ensure that you will be able to obtain the goods needed to cater to your target market. spend some time researching products before you create a website. to discover the greatest wholesale pricing for the product, look for several wholesalers who sell the same items. the most well-known online stores include wholesale central, worldwide brands, salehoot and aliexpress. you may look for print on demand: books, furniture or clothing. custom graphics are printed by print on demand clothing firms onto a variety of clothing types and brands, such as t-shirts, socks and jackets. number three: select suppliers. once you've identified the goods you wish to sell, it's time to decide which provider will be responsible for sending the goods to your clients. when selecting a provider, keep the following in mind: quality: choose a supplier that offers the quality you want your company to represent. one business model is to charge more for better quality products. profitability: you should be able to make a reasonable profit on the product. consider shipping and transaction costs in your calculation. reliability: you want to choose a supplier that sends products in a timely fashion with reasonable shipping expenses and times. the best way to check for reliability is to order a few products from the supplier and note the process. return policy: when possible. find a supplier that offers a return policy. many don't, so you need to check on this before making any final decisions. number four: build an online store. to sell your goods, you must create an online store. an online store is a website that is created to assist you in attractively displaying the goods you have for sale and that has the shopping carts required to handle the transactional processes. for a novice, building the store can be challenging. there are a few moving parts, which is the cause. a content management system, such as wordpress, shopify or squarespace, is required to construct a website. a built-in payment gateway, a domain name and web hosting are required to accept payments online. number five: register your business. the business must be established as a separate legal entity from your personal assets. it entails coming up with a name and submitting paperwork to your secretary of state to form an llc or corporation. following the successful completion of your online application, the irs will issue you a tax identification number. open a bank account that is connected to your payment gateway using this tin number. the state tax agency should also issue you a sales tax id, often known as a resellers permit. the majority of states demand that you pay sales tax on purchases. sales taxes may also be required of you in the states where you sell your goods. number six: market your business. you cannot simply create a website and antikipate that thousands of people would visit it. the new company needs to be promoted. because it is online, you are more likely to spread the news about it than you would with other companies in your neighborhood. sign up for social media groups that are pertinent to your company. then start contributing in a useful way. dedicated business pages should be created on facebook, instagram, tiktok and other social media sites. post frequently on new releases. specials are practikal advice for your target market. this is it for today's video. what do you think of our video? let us know in the comment section below. thanks for watching.

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How to Make $10,000 Per Month in 2023 | What is Dropshipping Explained

here's exactly what you should do if you really had to make ten thousand dollars within the next 30 days. it will take you about six months from the day you discovered Drop Shipping to understand the fundamentals and make your first transaction. your first ten thousand dollar a month won't come for another six months. it can take you two more years to really reach your first one hundred thousand dollar month. due to potential problems today, some people are in multiple six figures each month. therefore, this was a really difficult Mountain to scale. could you learn Drop Shipping from scratch and Advance more quickly, without a doubt? so pose the ultimate question to yourself: how precisely would I do this if I had to make ten thousand dollar Drop Shipping in the next 30 days? this video is meant to accomplish that. skip all the filler and go right to the main Stuff: how to go from having nothing to becoming a proficient, all-around drop shipper who can print money from a laptop. but before we jump into all the details, please like And subscribe below for the YouTube algorithm. step one: select a quality product. foremost things first. you need a quality product when you drop ship. if you're just getting started with Drop Shipping, it's likely that you have no product, what kinds of items sell well. as a result, it will be difficult for you to identify that one million dollar product that will make you a fortune. therefore, what you may do is develop a foolproof tiknique that would always lead you to profitable products. I personally rely on it to find products. this is exactly what I would do to uncover these amazing products if I just did 30 days and needed to make ten thousand dollars. foremost things first: what makes the product successful? the profit margins on this item are very high. additionally, it offers some advantages or features that you can use to market the product most essential there is a genuine Market need for. it can take you testing 25 different things until you find the one big product that ends up going viral and making you a ton of money. even though it seems so straightforward, the best tiknique to choose a successful product and even comprehend where to seek for products is to consider what items and categories are popular right now and what will sell over the following two months. as your first step, for instance, given that it is winter, you may Market a Cutting Edge compact heater for the bedroom. this one is a little strange, because all I'm saying is to stop and think to identify things that are truly selling. I use manea personally. it helps because sometimes you have no idea what sells. so just seeing what other people are offering inspires your own creativity, which can lead to you discovering a winner. but as soon as you start to focus on things that you believe have a lot of potential, run them through this next test. if they pass, it is game on. you must visit Google Trends and enter the product there. just enter mini heater if it is a mini heater. a short search reveals that this product gains traction at the end of September and reaches its peak at the end of December, suggesting that it may do well. however, since we already know that these things are likely to sell well and we pounce on them before anyone else does, there's competition and the test for that product was unsuccessful, you must throw it away and get a new one. obviously, you may still make money from it, but when I mentioned 30 days in this video, I meant it like. this is what I would do if I had to earn money in 30 days. so isn't there a significant holiday approaching in the next month or so? that is comparable to the world's largest gifting holiday. it might be called Christmas. I think you guys know that Christmas is coming up and everyone gives gifts to people at that time, so we can take advantage of that and choose a niche to offer to people during this holiday. we could select the gifts for spouse specialty. thus, the general specialization is to sell things to spouses for their significant others. this product and Niche pass with flying colors, and this should be the case with any product you guys are examining, according to Google Trends, which shows that it takes up momentum around mid-november. now that you've chosen this broad category and Niche, you need to focus on what's referred to as a hero product, because it will be the primary source of your income. this product will be the one on which you will concentrate your efforts. the best course of action, in my opinion, is to choose five to ten products in the area you decide on, because you probably don't yet know exactly what product to sell. for the sake of discussion, let's stik with presents for the husband and conduct research on that to determine what goods we can offer in this market and potentially earn a ton of money. then, precisely how do you do this? knowing the niche, all you have to do is enter gifts for husband or gifts for my husband- into the Google search bar- something along those lines- and then all of the items on the Google search page, with the prices and pictures, are items and deals that websites and businesses are actively marketing and advertising, which means they are actively making money from all of those items. it implies that all of these products have the potential to succeed and might be great for you. Second Step: research method. after some products spent searching online, you can quickly create a list of five to seven products that you might be able to offer. the problem is that we only have 30 days to raise ten thousand dollars in order to locate the most potent, most effective products from this broad list you have. I would therefore distill these options down. how do you do that exactly? there is, however, one more research tiknique that, in essence, will seal the deal and guarantee the product is ready for testing. it needs the reliable AliExpress. so check out the famed AliExpress website and look out the product or products you wish to sell there. basically, all you want to do is compare the prices on AliExpress to those that you see on Google. you are good to go if the product passes all prior tests and has at least a 3X markup, have plenty of room for growth and profitability. so it's in full swing. I understand that everything sounds easy, but if you had followed this advice when you first started out, you would not have tested as many Goods that were simply not viable for sale. instead of some of the junk you tried to sell, you would have chosen things of considerably higher quality. this is unquestionably the largest error that dropshippers commit. simply choosing a subpar product is what it is. so finding items to sell doesn't always have to be an emotional process. it could be something different, but if you simply look for something that adds value for the customer, you will generally choose better products. what comes next then? there are two options available to you. there is one path you can choose. if you don't have any money, take it. and if you do, don't worry either. I have a plan for you, regardless of where you are. let's start with the budget friendly options. this one is incredibly easy and with a little effort, you can produce crazy bread for free. first off, you must a product with far greater likability and viral potential. I would pass on a product as basic as a bracelet, because it lacks any true shock value and wow effect and instead choose something more fresher and cooler that will go viral. it is extremely easy. in order to apply it to whatever product you want to sell, you must reverse engineer exactly what makes their content go viral. the idea here is to broadcast two to five videos of the product every single day until it arrives as a product. while the product is being delivered, you must construct and put up a Shopify site. share these videos not just on tiktok, but also on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. don't you think you could get at least a few videos to go viral in 30 days if you posted five videos every single day? most likely, and if you start pitchi?

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How To REALISTICALLY Make $10,000 A Month From Home | 2023

ten thousand dollars a month, otherwise known as the standard American Dream. getting to this coveted six-figure income is what a lot of people strive for and, with the rise of online businesses and social media taking off, it makes it seem easier than ever really choose the path that you want to go on in life, leading to essentially ultimate freedom. but I'm sure, as you know, there's millions of videos online saying this is the best side hustle. try crypto, try Forex, Drop Shipping, wholesaling, YouTube automation- it's essentially endless. but what's the most realistik path to actually achieve ten thousand dollars profit a month? well, I'm here to fill out that little hustle car of yours with gas, plugging in ten thousand dollars a month on the GPS and then hit cruise control. it's a weird analogy, but what I'm basically saying is I'm gonna lab the exact plan of how to get to ten thousand dollars profit a month and, as a reminder, this is all from your laptop, so you can do it anywhere you want. but, as a quick disclaimer, there are so many different routes you can take to get to this coveted six figure income, but the advice in the plan that I'm gonna give you is what I've seen personally work for me and I have first-hand experience in look, before any of my online businesses, I was already headed towards that six figure income. I was working in supply chain, making 98 000 a year- just shy of that 100K mark. But what I absolutely hated was that I was working for myself and my salary was essentially capped, so how hard I worked didn't really equate to the money that I was making. that entrepreneurial Spirit really led me in the path that I'm on now and put me in the position that I'm in. and if you're watching this video, I'm sure you're in the same boat and you're headed that way as well. so congrats to Future you, because by watching this video, you're already taking the step that 99 of other people will not be doing. but before we get into the exact plan of how to achieve that 10K a month, let's do the giveaway. so for the giveaway of this video, since you guys love it so much, I'm going to be giving away a custom built Shopify website made by me and my team at Ecom remastered. this complete, ready to go website is built on a custom premium theme and it has 10 products already loaded onto it. so if you're wanting to start e-commerce or Drop Shipping, you can really hit the ground running and skip over all that BS of learning how to make a website and make it converted. and here's all you got to do to enter: you have to leave a like on this video, hit the Subscribe button and then leave a comment down below. the comment can be anything at all. it can be maybe your favorite side hustle or what your New Year's resolutions are, and, and somewhere in this video I'm going to be announcing the winner of last week's giveaway. so make sure you're paying attention. all right, with all that being said, good luck and let's get right into the video. alright, so let's get right into it. step one- and this is probably not going to be any surprise to you at all- but I think the very first step in achieving that ten thousand dollars a month profit is starting a Shopify Drop Shipping Store. this is where most YouTubers actually started off, probably some YouTubers that you actually follow, like Via heza, Jordan Welch, Sebastian georgou and actually myself. but there's a reason for this. one of them is it's such a low barrier to entry. you really don't need that much money to start off. Drop Shipping is also a relatively easy concept if you've been living under a rock and you don't know what Drop Shipping is. in a nutshell, you basically build a Shopify website. you Source a product that you want to sell and you think has demand. you upload that product onto your website. you design the landing pages, make it as converting as possible. you then create advertisements and you usually run paid traffic on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, or you can go to the organic route, which is zero ad spend of organic tik tok or organic Instagram reels and once that traffic comes onto your website and purchases that product from you, you then fulfill that product through your supplier, who sends it directly to the customer. you're essentially like a marketing middleman, but with the model you don't need any inventory at all, which is why the barrier to entry is so low and it's so relatively cheap to start. not only can you actually make a good amount of profit coming from Drop Shipping, but the reason that I included it as a first step is because there are so many high income skills that you learn from running your own econ store, from website design, ad creation, analytikal skills, marketing skills, managing people, supplier negotiations, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO and more, and I'm not going to cover everything A to Z and Drop Shipping in this video, because I do that already on my channel. so if you're interested in it, make sure to check out my other videos. but for the sake of this argument of making ten thousand dollars a month, let's be super, super realistik. if you start off a Shopify dropshipping store, let's set your goal to be three thousand to five thousand dollars net profit a month, you obviously can make a lot more money depending on how much time you dedicate to this and how quickly you scale up your store. in Drop Shipping, profit margins range anywhere from 15 to 65: 15 on the lower end if you're running page traffic and it's not running very efficiently, and 65 on the high end if you're doing more organic traffic. so you don't have to pay any of those advertising costs. but with Organic traffic it is less consistent and is a little bit harder to scale if you're solely doing organic. so keep that in mind. but let's break it down. so if your goal is four thousand dollars a month profit on average, and let's say your average profit margin is about 30 percent, that means you need to generate about 14 000 in revenue on your store and if you're selling a product, that's 25. this means that you need to sell 560 units a month. but if you break that down even further, you only need to get about 19 sales a day, and this doesn't include upsells or cross sells or post purchase. that number could get even lower. if you're just trying to hit that 14 000 Revenue now, let's say you hit your average goal of four thousand dollars a month from Drop Shipping, it's not going to come overnight. I'll be honest with you. you will have to put in some work on the front end to learn all of the systems and how the whole thing works in general. but three thousand to five thousand dollars net profit is very achievable. my first successful month in Drop Shipping after the break-even point, I made about fifteen thousand dollars give or take and then the next month after I believe it was around eighteen thousand dollars. so you could definitely over achieve this if you put a lot of time and effort into it. but for the sake of this example, for 10K a month, let's go back down to four thousand dollars profit a month as your goal for Drop Shipping. now let's say your store is up and running. it's been a few months and it's very consistent and you're making 14 000 Revenue a month. now the next step to achieving that net ten thousand dollars profit a month is isolating the best skill that you've learned in your e-commerce Journey out of all the skills that I mentioned before that you will learn from e-commerce and Drop Shipping. let's say you landed on ad creation. let's say that you're the most interested in this. your ad creatives perform really well. you do a great job. you love editing the videos for them, you love coming up with the scripts and your tiktok organic has been running crazy. you've been getting millions of views. this is clearly your best skill and you need to identify this because it could be something else. it could be SEO, it could be email marketing. whatever it is. they're all high income skills and this next step will apply to all of those, so you can now take this skill that you'v.

[EASY] How I Make $10K+/Month Dropshipping With NO MONEY - Shopify Dropshipping 2022

all right, you want to know how i made 10 000 with zero money, drop shipping in under 30 days. i'm about to show you, and it's absolutely insane- something you've never seen before. if you watch this video all the way through and you use the actions, you can see it for yourself. this is by far the best method- hands-on, and it's proven to work over and over. we actually just started a brand new store this past week and it's already doing anywhere between 50 and 100 per day on autopilot. zero ad cost, nothing, just the product cost. and we are good to go. it is running, it is getting sales and it is something you've never seen before. so stay tuned. what's going on, guys? my name is sam jacobs and every single week, i provide value on how you can scale your own ecommerce business from scratch. over the last few years, i've generated over five million dollars for my own e-commerce businesses and i want to show you how to do the same. every single week, we give away a custom-made shopify store. all you got to do is comment the word shopify right down below and you'll be entered. make sure you're subscribed as well, and hit that like button to help push this video out to the public. so big problem about dropshipping is: sometimes you can get so carried away with spending so much money on so much different expenses like marketing and soon enough, you can see your bank balance go lower and lower and lower, especially if you're not spending time to learn and level up now, although spending money on ads is the greatest and fastest way for you to scale your ecommerce business to the seven figures, if you want to go ahead and actually get free sales in the beginning, just to get your feet wet, this is going to be a great strategy that works for 2022 and beyond. actually just use this strategy to go from zero to ten thousand dollars in under 30 days with zero ad spend. this is a store that you can see that we just did it with and, after a while, was just generating us a few hundred dollars on auto. now what i'm gonna do is i'm actually going to show you the entire store. i'm going to show you why we chose the product, how we set up this entire strategy, why it works so well so you can use it for your own. i'm literally uncovering everything and i've never seen anyone do this before. so if you do respect and value what i'm doing. make sure you hit the subscribe button for tons of videos to come. also. just a quick reminder again: if you want to win that custom-made store, comment the word shopify right down below in the comments and a little more about why you like this video overall. so with that let's begin. so you guys seen it before on the channel the hulafit. this is the famous story that broke all rules for us and it really allowed us to realize we can make money online without spending money at all. how crazy is that? let me show you how we did it. so this store is something that we've been showing on our channel a lot and you can watch a ton of videos on the in-depth strategy on how we took the store, uh, and made over a hundred thousand dollars, and we're close to a hundred thousand dollars in under 30 days. but something absolutely went crazy. after we stopped running ads for the store, we started just to get sales out of the blue and soon enough we realized why and we took this strategy and started using it for other stores and it's crushing it: zero ad spent, zero spend on marketing at all. the product that you see is called the hula thing and for most people it's just a regular hula fit, or, yeah, it's a hula fit. we created that name and that's what allowed us to separate ourselves from all our competitors. we built a real brand around this product and a quirky name that everyone could remember. as you can see, on this product itself, we were selling it for 39.99, getting it for around 10 to 15, with a great profit margin. now, when we are looking at this product, there is a few things that we want to implement, and this is something that you need to do if you want to set this strategy up correctly to get free sales. number one: domain name. domain names are super important. you want to make sure you choose a domain name that people- one will remember, two is catchy and three, that will rank for the product. when we were setting up the domain name for this product, we're asking ourselves: what are people going to remember this product as? so we just looked at this product in a hole and we looked at it and we're like, hey, this looks like a hula fit. right, it looks like a hula hoop, but we added a little twist and we created our own name for the product. a great website that you can use to find your own domain name is something like nameless, so all you got to do is just type in a keyword, for example, let's say hula hoop, press generate, and then you can do something like medium or name style. you want to do something like real words and press generate- okay, and you get to choose something from here automatikally for free. now, again, you want to keep something that is rememberable. we called it the hulafitcom, so anyone can remember that name. and obviously, whatever your product is, try to get the name related to that product so people remember it easily. when it comes to choosing your logo, try to make sure that your logo color matches the color of the actual product. that can really help with your conversions and branding. so now that you've got a great name for your product and a great domain name that people will search up, the next step is to make sure that your product goes viral on social media. now here's a strategy that you can use to get influencers for free to promote your product. you see there's hundreds of influencers out there on instagram, tiktok, that love free items. like who wouldn't want a free product? so what we did is we went out there and found influencers that met our criteria, usually influencers between five to twenty thousand followers and we just email them, as well as message them on instagram saying something like this: hey, this is the hulafit. we love your content. i would love to collaborate with you. would you like us to send a free product to you in exchange for a video? let us know exclamation mark. something like that will get their attention and those people who want a free product will go ahead and say yes and then you send it to their house. they make a video for you, post it on social media absolutely for free. you'll be surprised of how many people will actually go ahead and do this just because they want a free product. and this is exactly what we did. we even hired a customer support rep from upworkcom for three to four dollars an hour to email all these influencers for us on autopilot. once we got responses back, we sent them the product and they would make a video in return. now, as you get more and more people to post about your product, you can even go ahead and post it on your own. go ahead and make a tiktok page, order the product to your house and take a few videos. you can get a product going viral in just a few days. stay tuned because we're going to have a video breaking this down on how to go viral on tiktok organically to get sales. but for this partikular video, we're going to go over the strategy that worked for me, which was choosing the right domain name and then hyping it up on tiktok- social media for free. and as you get more traffic and traction, your website will rank on google. so let me show you how it all works. so, since all these potential customers on social media saw our product, our influencers used the word the huafit. they went ahead and looked it up on google. they typed in the hula fit and, just like that, you can see our website ranking on the first page of google. this, in return, gave us thousands of dollars of business every single week for free. seo is a huge part of your business and in order to rank on the first page of google, you have to go ahead and have a domain name that people search up. for example, i searched up the hulafitcom and the website popped up right away, as long as you go ahead and put the domain name in.

Building A $10,000/Per Month Dropshipping Store In 30 Days

in today's video I'm going to outline the exact steps I took almost five years ago today at this point, to scale my dropshipping store to 10K a month in 30 days, rapidly, and the exact steps I would recommend to myself if I had to start from scratch over again, from pretty much nothing, with little to no resources. now this is one of those videos. after you finish watching it you're going to totally reconsider what's possible with your dropshipping journey. and when it comes to my story with scaling that quick, it really comes down to a concept I always tell myself, which is find what works and make it better. one of the first stores that I really got to move big- and I guess you could say was my breakthrough in Drop Shipping- was a store around called pay Stitch. they're around till 235k in sales with about 50 to 60k in net profit. and when I look back at this now, I was doing everything wrong and I could have easily scaled that store way past this seven figure Mark by actually creating a more branded field to the store, giving me more repeat customers and a much higher profit margin. but I still made way more than I had ever made in my five years of working- my 95, a sales job, but I really wanted to make this consistent before I copied that. but I really knew that I wanted to go all out with my drop shipping stores. so at that point I just committed and I was fully all in. and that's really the story of how I ended up scaling my first store fast from pretty much just my spare change I had left over from my job at the time. so today's video, that's what I really want: to pull back the carton and reveal to you exactly how you can go and implement this, to showing you how I had those results in such a short amount of time. now, the first thing that myself and my students who have accomplished similar results- first thing that we always do is we make our drop shipping stores our entire life. you know, at the time, like I said, I was working my job and I'm not recommending this to any of you guys. like I, was a terrible worker for that company. it was a sales job in the gym and we had all these crazy targets to sign up this amount of people a month to keep the big guys at the top happy and we had all these leads to code. frankly, after my first month there. I never called any of them, I just marked them on a database as not answered and I had left a voice note and we would go to the city center and we had to handle free daytime classes. and this is perfect because instead of that I could have my laptop in my car and it would just park up and hotspot my phone so I could work in my store. I would pull back up to my boss with all these fake leads I had written down with fake numbers five minutes before I came back in the gym and that's really how I was able to fully take advantage of that job to get paid a salary. but I was using those hours to work in my business. I said no to absolutely everyone if they wanted to hang out. I didn't know what was going on in current affairs, I didn't care. I didn't care what anyone's opinion was of me at the time. I would literally wake up, go to the gym, go to work and work in my store. that's literally all I did in this time frame. you know, you just get so dialed in and you just get so locked on your target that everything else becomes obsolete. that was a phase I was in during my scaling period, and that's really a phase you need to get in if you want to achieve similar results. once you cut everything out, you make a decision and you get to work on it. it lifts such a burden off your shoulders and it makes the rest of the process so much easier. most people spend so much time on productivity and how to focus better, and the reality is, a lot of times they just need to cut more of the fluff out of their life and name what's left is the focus. so if you're making a decision to scale up your stores rapidly, you need to color things like drinking. you need a couple things like excessive social media use. you need a couple things like video games, porn, even catching up on friends. I'm not saying that you need to do that forever, but if you are serious about scaling your stores up in an extraordinary time- because let me tell you this, guys, scaling your stores from absolutely zero to ten thousand dollars a month, it's not normal- okay, from going from complete nothing to creating this online business and then turning it to the point where you can quit your job or, if you're younger, you don't even need to worry about getting a job in the first place. that's not normal. you need to be obsessed with this and usually what I see from people in my two courses is that if they are consistent with product research and focus on building a good quality store, they'll get their first couple of sales within about the first seven days. but that doesn't mean they're going to scale up to ten thousand dollars a month. so you need to understand here. if you're trying to emulate what I did and what some of my students have done to scaling up that fast in 30 days, then you're going to need to take extraordinary action. it's really time to Bunker down, cut a little distractions out. it's one thing to put all your head down and get super focused, but it's a completely other thing to put all that energy in the right place. because if you are trying to scale up to ten thousand dollars in your first 30 days- and you do that by, you know, optimizing your website or trying to find these Fly by Night top 10 winning products, like all these guys tok about. you know it sounds silly when I'm saying it, but it's really like where a lot of beginner dropshipping minds are. you really need to get this in your head, guys. the only thing that drives a business forward from zero to 10K a month is choosing one ad platform and one product you've done the research on and nothing else. you're going to have many clever ways to reframe that or Justify why this activity is actually driving the business forward, and all this and all that, but those are all just excuses, guys, because I'm telling you this right now, when you're going on that actual Journey from zero to 10K a month, the only thing that drives the business forward is those two things. when you do get to that ten thousand dollars a month, this is where you can start to clean up those systems. you might start to hire a VA to help with some email support and then you might get the Fulfillment process a little bit cleaner. those things are super important from that 10K to that 100K point. but again, at first the ball rolling. now the last thing you want to focus on, from going from zero to 10K in under 30 days, is you need to understand the difference between deep work and Shadow work, because at first you're going to be like: oh yeah, I'll just work 14 hours a day, but I promise you this: guys: you're not actually working 14 hours a day. there's actually a saying that goes. the absolute Max, a complete professional, can work and trust me, we're not at that level, but the absolute Max has four hours of deep work per day. so when people say they're working 8 to 14 hours a day on their store, on their business, trust me, the absolute Max- me and you- can do- is probably one to two hours of deep work. all this other buildings of answering emails and checking the website, Etc. is all Shadow work. but don't take this as you should. stop working after those one to two hours. make sure this is actually deep work of uninterrupted Focus. wake up, go through your morning routine- if you have one, it shouldn't be some four hour morning routine- then go to work. then, when you finish those one to two hours, then you can do all the shadow work, then recharge for the next day because if you do this, you're able to accomplish so much more than you ever could before. this is so important because this is really as complicated as it has to be. there's literally nothing else you need to do about that and I actually guarantee you guys you will hit that 0 to 10K in under 30 days. now this is all very well and good, but if you want to see how I took a brand new store Falling.