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How To Make $10,000 PER MONTH On YouTube As A Beginner (ANY Channel)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Make $10,000 PER MONTH On YouTube As A Beginner (ANY Channel)

How To Make $10,000 PER MONTH On YouTube As A Beginner (ANY Channel)

how do you make $10,000 per month on
YouTube yo what's going on and Rene and
you're coming back at you with the
brand-new video and in this one we're
gonna be diving into my computer I'm
gonna go through and show you a couple
things that actually I apparently heard
I'm not allowed to show you with my
personal YouTube analytiks my CPM the
numbers behind that I'm gonna show you
everything I feel like that's something
I don't need to hide that's not like my
purpose a lot of people do YouTube like
big youtubers that you see which we are
gonna go through and break down you know
they make money to die that's their
direct source of income that's not
exactly the case in this niche but I'm
gonna go through and break down how a
small audience like I know that myself
just off YouTube ads I can make more
money than a channel with a couple
hundred thousand or a million
subscribers because of the rates the
type of people who are watching I'm
gonna break all of that down inside of
here but I want you to know that I know
people who when they have 800
subscribers not eight hundred thousand
eight hundred subscribers made thirty
thousand in a day in a day I know people
with a couple thousand who make five ten
twenty thousand dollars a month so a lot
of times you know this is just a very
very rough akemim or it can be less in
the entrepreneur niche usually one email
on an email list and one subscriber is
usually equivalent to about a dollar per
month so I don't make anywhere near that
off my personal brand because I don't
promote off that stuff I'm gonna go
through and directly show you everything
with my own YouTube ad revenue as well
as a couple of their income streams that
are directly correlated to that so with
that being said you guys if you're
trying to build a YouTube channel
whether it's for your personal brand or
just a regular influencer type of page
where maybe you don't feel comfortable
putting yourself out there that's
totally fine there's a video I made a
couple days back toking about how to
grow 10,000 subscribers a month so go
ahead go back on the channel and watch
that if you haven't because that's a
little bit more about the growth you
obviously need attention attention
breeds well I guess money you know like
you need the eyeballs on you so with
that being said let's start off inside
of socialblade if you guys don't know
what this is
again we broke it down in the last video
toking about growth this is a very
helpful resource that actually you can
use for YouTube Instagram
obviously you don't make money directly
off Instagram so there's nothing there
but you can search up any youtuber you
want I've also pulled up rice
I'm gonna go through tok about a few
different people to different niches
because that affects your ad rates so
just the direct you know when you're on
YouTube and you see an ad the person who
recorded that video is getting paid for
that unless they're playing copyrighted
content where then that person gets the
money from that they're making money off
that ad but there's a very drastik range
in the ad rates so if you guys are
familiar with
let's take Jeff my friends Jared garage
for an example you know they have I
think around nine hundred thousand
subscribers they make a lot of car
videos they're CPM is like one like they
make next to nothing off YouTube and
they get millions of views so like I
make more than them just stuff to add
revenue and I get way less it's because
of the type of audience so if you have
someone like Rice gum or Jake Paul
inside of there like their stuff I'm
gonna go through break that down there
CPMs are gonna be lower because it's
kids know they can still get like three
to five I think Jake is probably around
like a five maybe a ten CPM again it can
it can drastikally change based on a
whole multitude of reasons but it's very
interesting I'm gonna break all of that
down so there is this website social
blade this gives an estimate of what
people make and I used to use this very
closest so for example for rice gum
usually you could take about like the
middle that's what I used to think to be
accurate so I'm like okay he's making
100 km month off YouTube so they're
estimating he's making a minimum of ten
thousand and a maximum of a hundred and
seventy two and you can do this for any
youtuber so you know an estimated like
let's say a million dollars a year and
you can go through see his growth as
well the estimated daily earnings all of
that so I used to believe that to be
very accurate now that I have my own
channel and I come over here and they've
estimated my earnings if you were to do
the same theory I'd be making like nine
hundred to a thousand dollars a month
I'm making an exponential amount more
than that okay so theoretikally if you
were to apply that then / - rice gum you
know I'm making anywhere between like
six to eight or nine thousand a month
off the ad revenue with five hundred
thousand views so five hundred thousand
views for me and my audience is
equivalent to let's just call it six
thousand to be conservative so if you go
to rice gum and apply that his daily
views is three times that so
theoretikally when they're saying you
know you could take that middle estimate
he's making three grand a day let's just
call it six to be generous theoretikally
he should be making eighteen if you had
the same CPM as
so we don't know his CPM there's no way
to see that that's his ad rate you can
only see that in the backend of YouTube
so this might get me screwed I might end
up having to delete this video or
something if it's not allowed sorry
YouTube but right inside of here the
last 28 days I get a chunk of this
YouTube absolutely cuts your balls off
with the amount they take that's the
total YouTube ad revenue this is the
amount of views or the at least the
monetizable views so as you can see
right here the playback based CPR or CPM
excuse me I don't really look at that I
don't know all this stuff the lingo all
I know is that this right here my CPM is
28 which is ridiculously high and it's
been steadily climbing I remember when I
hit like 15 and Jeff from Jairaj what
the hell like mine's at 1 or don't - and
you know then it's like 20 then it's
common at 20 to 25 and now I just
checked and it's at 28 so I need some
sort of viral video because that'd be
worth a lot so it's really crazy to see
but that's exactly just the revenue you
can go through and break all this down
it shows you some of the videos so this
is just in the last 28 days the total
revenue from a video so for example one
video had a video right here with a 54
CPM on that individual video I don't
know exactly why or how that's all
broken up but you know 28 seems to be my
average so on the last 28 days just this
one video I made in just 28 days it made
so that video I think I get a chunk of
that I get like 40% or 55 as some sort
of number YouTube takes like roughly
half so that's why I'm getting about
half of this so like seven thousand four
four hundred thousand ish views so
that's how you guys can go ahead and
break it down there's a lot more stuff
on there so that's just with YouTube ads
I'm gonna tok a little bit more if you
haven't watched the YouTube growth video
go watch that this is the thumbnail for
you can go look at that
but um I'm gonna tok about other income
streams because if you pull someone like
Rice come again I don't even think he
really posts all that much people get
mad at him he's got over 10 million I
he's definitely making millions look I
don't know him personally I don't know
anything about that but you know if
they're selling merch doing brand deals
like faze banks for an example if you
guys know them I have friends of mine
who are extremely close grew up with all
the phase guys banks made I believe it
was twenty five thousand dollars off
three story posts so a company sent him
I'm actually I can explain it so they
don't think
no but um they a company sent him
something like it was cool it integrated
with his brand it wasn't even like it
was you could tell them was an ad
obviously but 25 grand for a story post
on Instagram three of them just back to
back to back explaining something so
they make a lot of money off this stuff
you know with other stuff all their
businesses I don't know exactly what
they do the person I can gauge for you
the most accurately would be Jake Paul
because I do have connections and I know
a lot of friends that are friends with
him so Jake made about 55 million last
year now if you were to think about it
logically and this is in 2017 there's no
way that you made an average of 5
million a month right that would be
roughly the 55 million so the thing he
may like 55 maybe 60 some around there
so there's no way it was just 5 million
a month that had to have been growing so
I bet he started maybe one or two and it
ended it like 10 which averaged it out
so you carry that in come over to this
year I would not be surprised at all at
all like literally it would not faze me
if Jake made over 100 million dollars
this year like not at all but the fight
that's going down from what I'm
recording this in a few days or whatever
in London or the UK or wherever it is
like plus the ad revenue on his stuff
the merch sales I know from someone who
actually lives in his house again I'm
not gonna say cuz I don't want anything
to come back to me he on a low day on a
low day makes $100,000 off merch like
it's crazy the amount of stuff coming in
there you know it's ridiculous so
there's other incomes and he also if you
want to think about YouTube equity
started teamed up which has team 10
which is a branch of it which is prime I
believe that's his primary you know
that's his primary venture but he now
has equity in like 12 or 13 other people
where he takes like 10 to 30% of their
brand like all of the money they make
for a long time so the income streams
that branch off of him starting with
YouTube and he started on vine then very
quickly moved to YouTube and it just
blew up so this is like probably 400 to
500 days worth it yeah look 689 you can
see right there the amount of uploads so
he has been going for like nearly 2
years and you can just see it just blew
up sixteen point four million subs like
his you know again we don't know what a
CPM is this could be so far off like he
could be making millions a month off the
YouTube ad revenue I don't think he
quite is I bet he that's somewhat
accurate right around there which is
crazy it's definitely a multi six-figure
a month thing now for me this is just
off my personal brand if you guys want
to see some of the videos for an example
what I do the only affiliate offer I
push the only thing that kind of makes
sense is right here I put it in almost
every video it's in all of my Shopify
videos is the free 14-day Shopify trial
so I primarily teach ecommerce this is
what I do on the channel that's my main
business my main source of income and so
people are gonna sign up for the website
which I don't own they're just gonna
sign up for it anyways might as well
sign up through my link right it makes
sense perfect offer it's not really like
people don't feel like they're being
advertised - I don't even mention it so
I leave it there and that's do the
Shopify affiliate program which you do
have to go and get enrolled in and apply
through but that right there makes me at
one point my highest month it was four
thousand dollars in a month so it pays
out every two weeks I made like twenty
two hundred and like twenty four hundred
it's like forty five hundred but it's
like an average of like 2,500 to 3,000 a
month that's just extra money you know
that pays a chunk of rent on a place
that pays for whatever you want to do so
just by leaving that there that's
extremely beneficial you know with
something on just just leaving an
affiliate offer and I'm sure other
people you know other youtubers or
whatnot depending on what they do have
affiliate offers all over their stuff so
if you want to go down here to my
estimated daily earnings so as you can
see if you're calculating it all let's
just call it a conservative six thousand
dollars a month that's $200 a day
so with this they're estimating lowball
by about four times maybe five so it's
really interesting to see that I'm not
that big of a channel like I just
crossed eighty five thousand subs at the
time of this recording so it's really
interesting to see you know what you can
actually make off that and again this is
just one thing then you add in other
stuff like if I were to host some sort
of event which I've never done charging
for that or do some sort of like if I
have a course that I'm offering which is
currently closed for those you have been
asking it's been closed for a while but
you know selling courses through that
people can make a lot of money through
that and so that builds off of your
audience that's why a lot of people
build an audience in a specific niche
and that's why I personally actually get
a lot of big people not even youtubers
but primarily big people who are blowing
up on Instagram like I'm not gonna put
them out there again for privacy but
let's just say people with viral videos
in a big space like what you know
they're hanging out with Drake like they
got pictures like all of them follow
like all the celebrities they know them
and they directly DM me like asking for
help because they know I'm making more
money than they are because the thing is
just because you have an audience just
because you have followers does not mean
you're making money
it really doesn't so you got to be able
to capitalize on that you know it's just
attention is great but how are you
monetizing on that a lot of these
smaller channels can make a lot of money
without necessarily having to like have
a massive reach like you don't need 16
million subs
to make a crap ton of money you really
don't like to start making money enough
to be a massive influence or you can
start making money on YouTube with a
very small amount just make sure that
you're posting consistently and this
goes back to the whole growth video that
I made a few days back just posting that
value every single day like hidden what
they hit them with it just build
something in a specific niche build an
audience around that because then
eventually you can start monetizing it
like that was not my goal when I first
started I couldn't monetize my channel
at all with ads themselves or with any
sort of offer or program or consulting
or anything I ended up doing until about
10,000 subscribers so I could have done
it way prior and like I said I know
someone who made 30 and there's a 32 or
35 thousand dollars in a single day in a
single day with 800 subscribers that
person launched a course so it's really
crazy to see like people make a lot of
money that you wouldn't expect like
there's a lot of people making six
figures probably six figures a month as
well off YouTube so if you guys want to
get started grind a channel go back and
watch that video I made I'm gonna leave
it a link down below as well here's the
thumbnail for you can go check it out
it's just a couple days ago on the
channel but that's just what I've done
with my YouTube so far it's what other
people have done I hope that breaks it
down you can use that site social blade
to get a really good rough estimate on
how much money people are making the
views what goes into that it does depend
on the niche so if it's some sort of
business entrepreneur type niche the
odds of people buying a product on there
are a lot higher so that means that ad
space is more expensive for companies to
get those viewers to see their ads so
that's why my ad rates are higher and I
make more money per view so while I
might not have millions of views and I
don't necessarily need it
my CPM is higher so it definitely
doesn't make up for the difference but
for what I'm doing you know I can't
complain I don't do YouTube for the ad
revenue your money that's not the goal
that's not what I'm doing so it's like a
nice bonus income on top of everything
so if you guys have any other questions
about anything with like being able to
monetize a YouTube channel growing a
YouTube channel or
what sort of offers you should do even
what nice you should build it in for the
nice you got to make sure it's something
you know something you're passionate
about you know depending on what you
want to do is a lot of different options
let me know what that is in the comments
down below I'm gonna be active in there
answering all questions so feel free to
hit me up in there and if you did enjoy
the video be sure to drop a like and hit
that subscribe button that's literally
all I ask like I'm what does it says 385
videos into YouTube I've been posting
every single day for about 10 months now
that that's literally all I ask in
return show some love it's free reply to
people in the comments if you get a
second just be positive that's it drop
the like drop some smiles in the
comments down below or something and
make sure to join the family we're
closed they're not 100k 100k so I'll
just come in soon you guys I do
appreciate it hit that subscribe button
and with that being said I'll be seeing
you tomorrow in the next video peace

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