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How To Make $100/Day With Shopify Dropshipping (For Beginners)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Make $100/Day With Shopify Dropshipping (For Beginners)

The above is a brief introduction to How To Make $100/Day With Shopify Dropshipping (For Beginners).

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How To Make $100/Day With Shopify Dropshipping (For Beginners)

you know what is going on everyone hatin
here coming back at you with a brand new
video and in this one we're gonna be
toking about how you can actually start
making a hundred bucks a day
with Shopify drop shipping now to some
people this might sound like a lot like
oh there's no way I can reach out I
don't know anything about the business
and to a lot of people that might also
sound like that's nothing
and both you're right it's just a matter
of perception of where you are with your
journey and financial situation isn't
right now let me tell you something with
e-commerce and social media right now
just being as hot as it is it is so far
within reach of realistik to make a
hundred bucks a day a thousand bucks a
day okay with Shopify dropshipping
especially if you're leveraging
Instagram influencers which we're gonna
tok about this video you just need to
reverse engineer it right if you're
trying to hit a goal hit a milestone
what's the best way to get there
reverse-engineer it and figure out how
to work backwards so if you want to make
100 bucks a day what does that mean what
do you have to do to get there what are
the steps we're gonna be jumping to my
computer here imma show you guys exactly
what I'm toking about with that and how
I would break it down so with that being
said let's jump into my computer okay so
if I was gonna try and figure out you
know I had a new store whatever maybe
I'm new to the business knowing what I
know right now the fastest way and you
know how I would strategize to actually
get to a hundred dollars a day as soon
as possible would be by leveraging
Instagram influencers no reason for this
is just because it's not too complicated
it's kind of a it's a simple business
model okay we should put simple model
and what I mean by that is it's not
something super in-depth and complicated
like Facebook yeah there's a lot of
variables that go into it you know
you're gonna fail spend money and test
just like any other source of traffic
but with my experience in my opinion I
genuinely believe this is the best way
for someone to get started especially if
you don't have any experience with
Facebook Ads
so you're just gonna need to break it
down right you got to do the research
obviously before you get into your store
figure out the Instagram influencers
before you even starts but then you have
those shoutouts lined up if we go down
here how many shoutouts do you actually
need to start making 100 bucks a day
okay in my opinion I would say 2 it just
depends on the size of the page page
size for that would be anywhere from
like 100 to 300 k plus obviously it can
be a lot more okay so two shoutouts
that's typically what it would take
every single day to make that $100 okay
and we're toking about $100 profit here
so in that revenue that could be
anywhere from like I would say 200 or
300 is dependent on your margins and you
can get really really good margins with
Instagram influencers that's one of the
reasons why I like it but you have to
work backwards
okay two influencers a day right now how
many influence our pages do you actually
have to be in contact with and running
shoutouts on to get to a day because
that can be hard I would say you have to
have at least ten in the pipeline okay
this is not some professional video -
I'm just a random Google Doc I'm no alex
becker whatever but ten in the pipeline
so that means because obviously let's
say you have to influence or pages you
can't be running a shout out on each of
those every single day you're gonna over
saturate the page you're gonna diminish
the audience and it's not going to be as
effective for you anymore
so ten in the pipeline let's say you're
running one two two a day that's gonna
last you you're gonna be cycling through
about every week okay ten in the
last year week okay so that means you're
doing one to two a day maybe I'd try and
average about two to a day for a week
and then you have to cycle through and
get more okay so one two a day so the
biggest thing I see people mess up on is
this right here they're not having
enough influencers in their pipeline you
know they might say oh I can't find
influencers I tried you didn't if you
actually looked you'd be able to find
them they're not that hard to find I've
made a whole video on that if you want
to go back on the channel to look like
it's not like they're trying to hide
from you you know they want to make
money - that's kind of why they're doing
what they're doing and they aren't
influencer so you can definitely find
these pages you just got to know how to
look and where to look but a hundred
bucks a day now that might sound simple
might sound complicated whatever there's
a lot of variables that go into it now
it's not just the Instagram influencers
you can be advertising on an absolutely
amazing page on Instagram and you know
maybe you don't make any money maybe you
don't make your hundred bucks right what
are you doing this situation I would
then go look at your store right because
if your store is not set up properly if
you don't have the right apps plug-in
using scarcity using the app horrified
you know have a countdown timer that is
gonna be one of the reasons for sure
that's affecting your conversions right
if you're getting you know let's say a
lot of a lot of visits and a lot of
initiated checkouts but no purchases
maybe you need to go back and look at
your purchasing process where you know
fill in the blanks where's the hole
where's the crack that people are
following through you don't want to be
losing those potential customers here's
the thing too once you figure out to
make a hundred a day right here that
it's really not that hard to scale to
200 okay because it's the same exact
principle all you're gonna have to do is
more shoutouts maybe run it on a bigger
page maybe get more frequent stuff on
the current pages without trying to over
saturate it and if you're running a shot
up on a page like you know a couple
times a week two or three times that's
like it's not
certainly to much as long as you're
doing different types of ads so if
you're doing a shot up for let's say a a
cat toy and the next one is for a cat a
little shirt or something like you know
different products that still relate to
the niche you don't hit them with the
same ad the same exact copy so that's
why I love leveraging Instagram
influencers to get to these milestones
you know you can usually make anywhere
from like a hundred to five hundred
bucks a day that's the range I'm in
right now and then the best thing which
you have to be able to utilize is use
that to grow your email list but mainly
focus on your pixel for Facebook so
building a lookalike audience and doing
a little bit of retargeting that's where
you're gonna see the massive growth and
that's where you can get to the
multi-thousand dollar days ten thousand
whatever as far as you want to scale so
just if you're a beginner or whatever
make sure your Facebook pixel is
installed is installed in your store put
it on you know I'm not gonna explain
that right now it's super super simple
literally take you thirty seconds you
can go Google how to do it that's a
major key so then just focus on
Instagram influencers I've made multiple
videos on this not got more coming this
week I've got a cool project dropping
Friday that's gonna relate to this a lot
help you guys out with so much of this
stuff on Instagram influencers but for
right now I would focus on trying to
figure out how to hit these milestones
if you haven't already because
consistency is the name of the game
that's one thing a lot of people can't
do when it comes to e-commerce they
might make you know thirty thousand
dollars in a month but the next month it
might only be eight and then the next
month is fifteen then it's twelve you
know it's such a wide it varies so much
and I personally don't enjoy that
volatility I want something a little bit
more consistent that I can count on so
if you don't have sales or results or
you're not at mini milestones or maybe
you're making fifty bucks hundred bucks
a day but it's not consistent leverage
Instagram influencers start you know you
can go back on the channel watch the
videos if you haven't already where we
tok about picking pages making the post
everything so use that do about two
shoutouts you know spend anywhere from
like ten to forty bucks on those
shoutouts start making some money test
pages that work when you find a page
that works you can run it on in a couple
times a week test more products see what
products work best but that is by far
the best initial strategy when you're
coming out of the gate with a new
ecommerce store or even if you've had it
and you don't have many results so
that's by far what I would recommend get
into a hundred bucks a day guys so so
realistik you've just got to put in the
work to effort do the research and test
enough I really hope this gave you at
least an ounce of value if you haven't
joined the family already
what are you doing hit that nice-lookin
subscribe button down below and drop
like if you enjoyed and i'm gonna see
you guys tomorrow the next one peace

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