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how to make $100k a month dropshipping

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

How To Make $100K Per Month Dropshipping On Shopify In 2022

what is going on, guys? justin wall here with my good friend and partner, nick perrone. in this video, we're gonna be walking you through how i'm currently scaling my brand to multi-six figures every single month and actually building a real foundation with custom packaging, great supply chain and incredible customer feedback score. make sure you watch the whole video. throw a like in the video right now as well, to help out the channel, and make sure you watch the entire thing, because you'll be very happy you did. [Music]. you know it is no longer 2020 or 2021, right, obviously you could still get massive, massive, massive screenshots. very, you know, quickly and you know, over some, over certain amounts of time, but more now than ever. okay, it's consumer based. okay, it's actually experience based. it's facebook experience based. okay, it's no longer. um, you know, just try to scale with the re, the high revenue. immediately. you're supposed to actually focus on consumer satisfaction. this point: quick shipping times and giving the people who are watching your ads on facebook a good user experience. that's how facebook is ranking you these days. it's not just based on your likes and engagement. okay, if it's a poor user experience or because you're flooding the engagement on the actual ad with, uh, you know, page post engagement ads. it's about actually giving the end user a good experience as they watch your advertisement. okay, high quality, high feedback scores on your facebook page- this has never been more important. okay, quick shipping times- that has never been more important. user generated content has never been more important. now, more than ever, is the time that you actually need to go above and beyond with focusing on a real foundation and not just focusing on large volume scale. okay, quite frankly, lots of people love the huge screenshots in 100k days, all this great stuff, right, and that happens within time. but, quite frankly, one of the most important points that we have to realize here is we need to build a foundation before we actually build our house. right, and now more than ever, is that really, really important? okay, so you know, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, you should be able to go ahead and launch products and get to 40 50k day with a matter of weeks. right now, it's more important. you focus on the actual end user experience, not only on the advertisement- okay, watching your ad- but also focusing on fulfillment and over delivery with your product quality. okay, custom packaging, going above and beyond and being a real brand is ultimately what is cool these days and what is working these days. let's tok about testing before we even have consistency- okay, where we don't even have a brand yet- what that looks like- and let's move into what it begins to look like as we start to see consistency. i think that will help everyone out. so, first and foremost- you know anyone who's been watching us- right- we use the 2020 rule. the 2020 rule is getting 20 products ready to go. okay, assets built, product landing page copy, thumbnails, everything for 20 products, because let's go ahead and manage expectations real quick. guys, your first product, in many cases, will not be a winner. we've had that, okay, many times or so of our students. but you have to manage your expectations. it's not the commonality of your first product will be a winner, okay, and you have to manage your expectation properly, and that's what too many people in the game don't really push forward is actually managing people's expectations, and that's why you know people will test your products, be new to drop shipping and say, oh, it doesn't work, right, because they don't have their expectations proper. so i want to go ahead and set up expectations for everyone watching right now. you have to be committed to the game. okay, because this works, clearly, and you just got to be committed to it and know, look, your first product will probably not be a winner and you could just go out and say it's not going to be a winner, okay, even though, yes, it could happen. it's happened many times to us and our people. but you should manage your expectations properly and that's why we go ahead and build up 20 products before we even do anything, because i know, even though i've been in the game or i've been selling online for who knows how long, okay, i know that if i'm building a list of 20, like my first product probably won't be a winner, even though i'm very experienced. okay, probably won't be. there's a chance, yes, but i want to go ahead and move forward consistently and properly, which means that your consistency is built off the momentum of how you're testing, moving forward. so, if you're building a list of 20 products, targeting sheet, video, landing page copy and having it all before you spend a single cent, and then ordering it from highest aliexpress order count to lowest aliexpress order count, you're allowing yourself to have the highest hit rate. okay, because what really your pixel wants is that momentum of purchase, pixel data constantly going and constantly being fired. okay, and that's what works well for us- is preparing yourselves in advance. okay, for the actual path ahead, and that's why it works so well, because you're constantly moving forward and testing one product at a time, one after another. you can hit it on your third, sixth, ninth or eleventh or fifth right and, quite frankly, if you're doing great product research with multi-platform validation- which what that means is looking at youtube, looking at ebay, looking at amazon, looking at aliexpress, cross-referencing different channels that give you similar data- to say, hey, this is doing well here, here and here, i want to go ahead and market this product and put it on my list, build a list of 20.. it's kind of like waking up for school in the morning back when we were in high school. right, you set your clothes up in the morning because you want to set yourself up for success. you don't want to wake up and then put like your head through the sleeve or wear the wrong clothes. right, you want to. you want to look good in high school, right, so you want to go ahead and set yourself up for success. okay, the day before, and that's kind of like how the 2020 rule works. okay, with that being said, when you have these 20 products ready to go, you should be testing one at a time. okay, one. don't be testing three or four or five at a time. if you're not experienced, test one at a time. if you do have some experience under your belt, maybe two to three at a time- you got some ad spends tucked away as well. you could do so. okay, it's what we like to go ahead and do. but when you're first starting to move in this process, do one product at a time and start to understand the kpis, ctr, cpm, cpc, etc. and start to understand how things perform and how to read them right and, quite frankly, what the store looks like when you start to populate all these products is. i like to start off with a generalized store with a bit of a niche down touch, for example, general products on the store. but i like to go ahead and, a lot of time, do a tropical theme on my logo. we'll have like a palm tree in it or something like that, be something called like windy cabana or something like that. okay, that was actually the things of one of our previous. okay, and quite frankly, what happens here is you begin to have more of a niche down brand appeal while still having the actual ability to have a general store and test other products. it's just that the vibe and the aura is a bit tropical and it makes you feel a bit more brandy on that store, even though you're testing multiple different items and, quite frankly, your homepage should kind of correlate that same ideology, having some more consistency on the home page with the similarities of the products there. you could still sell cat food on a, let's say, chair store, but because your cat food's not on the home page, it's on the back end where you're testing, but your homepage should look more brandy. so, overall, in short, start with a generalized store with a niche down touch and then begin to move forw.

How I Make $100K A Week Shopify Dropshipping (Strategy Revealed)

what's going on, guys? today i'm going to be showing you how i make over 100 000 per week with shopify drop shipping, and not only am i going to be revealing the entire strategy transparently, but i'm also going to walk you through the entire process and show you how you can implement this in your drop shipping store. also, make sure to smash the like button, because once this video hits 2500 likes, i'm going to be releasing a document with 10 winning products that have made thousands of dollars per day. so if you guys do want that, make sure to hit the like button, but without further ado, let's get into the value. alright, so i know that there's going to be tons of critiks who doubt that i'm actually making a hundred thousand dollars per week, so let's get this out of the way. i'm gonna hop into my phone, i'm gonna show you guys the sales and then i'm gonna break down this strategy. all right, guys? so here's the proof. i'm gonna refresh so you guys know this is real. we're already at ten thousand dollars today and if we go to the last week- we go from wednesday to wednesday- you're gonna see. when we click apply, you're going to see that in the last seven days we did 127 000. so now that's out of the way. let me show you how i actually went out and found this viral product. okay, guys, so i found my 100 000 per week product using this tool called droppy spy. why i really love this tool is it goes out and it analyzes millions of facebook ads and it actually takes the most viral ones, puts it in front of our face and what we're able to do is we're able to find these trending products before anyone knows about them. so let me show you exactly how we can actually use this tool and find some amazing products. alright, so the first thing you're going to want to do is sign into your account. if you don't have an account yet, i'll leave a link down below for a free trial. but basically, what you want to do is come over this filter section, and what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to come over to econ platform and click shopify, because this is going to make sure that we're only seeing viral facebook ads coming from shopify stores. so the next thing you're going to want to do is come to this post creation date and what we can do here is search by different parameters. so if we only want to find recent winners, we could go to the last two weeks and we could set this up as a filter, and then all we need to do is come over this reactions and we'll put it up to about 500. so this is gonna make sure that it's only showing us ads with over 500 likes and then we're just going to click search here and all we need to do is filter by likes and it's actually going to bring us the top liked ads in this period of time, so we're able to come on, drop ease by and we're able to see all these viral products that are actually being scaled right now. so that's how the tool works, but the settings that actually found me the product was coming over this filter and going for the last 30 days, so you could go from january 1st all the way to february 1st, and then what i want you to do is filter by the likes again so we can find the top liked products in here and now what i recommend you do is just open a few of these products up and you actually look through their engagement, and what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to come to this comment and you're going to want to filter by newest, because one thing that i highly recommend you look out for is recent comments, because you want to make sure the ads being scaled right now. so that's how i found the product, but let me break down some criteria that you're going to want to look out for to increase your chances of being successful. okay, so the criteria that i recommend your product match are: number one: the 3x rule, meaning that you can go out and sell this product for three times the price on aliexpress, and i usually find this number by looking at the competitor selling price for droppy spy. number two: it is a problem-solving product or has a massive wow factor. for example, the posture corrector, what this device does: it gives you better posture, so it makes the selling of the product much easier because you have a clear value proposition. and then number three: has at least 10 facebook comments in that very same day, and i honestly recommend about 20, because this is going to tell us that that advertiser is spending tons of money on that current ad, which means that it's very profitable. so if it has that, then that's definitely a very good sign. now that you guys understand the criteria that i'm going out and looking for. let me show you how i'm actually designing the product page, because it vastly differs from the standard approach. so how this method differs from the standard approach is we're gonna be using this tool called gem pages, and gem page is an intuitive landing page builder. and why this tool is really cool is we're not constrained by any design element. so let me show you how i actually built my product page using this tool. all right, guys. so the first thing you're going to want to do is come over this product page section over here and then just click create new template over here. and what's really cool about gem pages is they have tons of different templates that we can actually start off to build our landing page. so i'm gonna choose this sale page style number two, click start editing and then i'm gonna show you exactly how i would design my website. once the template's done uploading, you should be on a page exactly like this. so what's so cool about this landing page builder is you can drop an element anywhere, so i could add an image anywhere and i could put it in any position i want. so that's why this tool is so cool. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to create a product page, super similar to my 100k per week store, and i'm going to show you guys how i design it and what it actually looks like. and for the product i'm gonna be designing around, it's gonna be this shovel over here. so give me about 15 minutes and i'll check back with you guys and show you guys the finished store. all right guys? so there we go. i just designed this product page and this product page is literally identikal to the product i'm scaling to 100k per week. as you can see, it's really easy to use gem pages and create visually aesthetik websites just like this. so i definitely recommend, if you haven't used gem pages yet, to definitely try designing product pages like this and test it against your standard shopify conversion rate. if you guys want to see a more in-depth tutorial on how i actually design these landing pages, i will leave a link above, but this was just kind of a brief overview on what my product page actually looks like. so now that you guys understand how i'm merchandising these products and building my websites, i want to reveal the entire advertising strategy that's making me over 100 000 per week. all right guys. the first thing i want to go over is how to be successful with facebook advertising, and i can pretty much summarize this into one word: content. content is king. if you have a bad ad with a low ctr, even if you did have the best advertising strategy in the world, you wouldn't be able to be successful. so, with that being said, let me remind you how important it is to have an engaging advertisement. let's remember that the facebook ad platform is an auction based platform, which basically competes ads against each other, and the one that facebook determines most likely to succeed will be rewarded massively with cheaper cpms and more engaged traffic. before we get into the ad strategy, i want to show you guys some real results using this strategy. so you can see, this month we've already spent twelve thousand dollars and we have a three x roads throughout the entire account. and if we actually navigate to last month, you're going to see that we spent 91 000 on ads and we had over a 2x row as overall. so you can see that this strategy is definitely working. so let me walk you guys throug.

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How I Make $100k/Month On Shopify WITHOUT Dropshipping

let's get real for a second. drop shipping is not the most sustainable way to grow on shopify in 2021. oh man, now don't get me wrong. it is an amazing way to get started, but it is extremely hard to scale for the long term. and, just to be clear, i've made well over seven figures with drop shipping, but it's just not how i run my business anymore. so in this video, i'll show you exactly how i'm making over a hundred thousand dollars a month on shopify without drop shipping. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my ecommerce brand with as much transparency as possible. so if you're interested in starting your own online store, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. all right, now let's get started. firstly, i want to tok about some of the pros and cons of drop shipping. i think the major cons with the drop shipping business model are pretty clear: terrible customer experience. due to slow shipping times and a lack of quality control. you typically have a poor customer experience, which ends up with a bunch of bad reviews and upset customers, which kills your long-term potential. for this reason alone, this business model is much less sustainable than the one i'm going to share with you today. and another major con is that it is extremely low hanging fruit for anybody with a decent skill set to come and just steal your product like that. now, drop shipping is not all bad. there are some benefits to it. i think. for a beginner with next to no money, it's a pretty good way to learn the basic skill sets and having the freedom to test a variety of products without having to spend a bunch of money on ordering inventory. so i'm not against drop shipping all the way, but it's just not how i run my business anymore. so how am i currently running my shopify business? well, it's surprisingly simple, but it's so much more effective. basically, i'm running a branded shopify store. this is a store that focuses on selling one main product or a variety of products that are directly related. this store has a premium look and feel similar to the biggest companies out there and, as opposed to drop shipping, i actually hold inventory for this product and ship it with private shipping lines. now, as a beginner, this might sound a little overwhelming to get to this level, but i promise you it's possible and it's so worth it. so now i'm going to share my three steps for going from this traditional drop shipping model to building a brand and making money without drop shipping. so the first step is to find a winning product. now, honestly, you could just pick a product and go directly to ordering, inventory and fulfilling it in-house, but i don't think that this is the most effective way, because if you can't get the ads for that product to work, you're going to be stuck with inventory and you're going to lose way more money than you need to. so i would totally advise finding your first winning product with drop shipping. there's a specific type of store that i recommend testing products on that has the highest conversion rate and is exactly what i use to test and find the winner. i'm selling today and i've gone ahead and created a sample of exactly what this story looks like so you guys can get some inspiration. so let's take a look. this is a sample store that looks identikal to the one that i found my winning product on. i would classify this store as a broad niche store in the plant and gardening niche. what a store like this allows you to do is freely test products, just like you would be able to on a general store, but with a premium and trustworthy feel that you would have on a legitimate brand. a store like this is not too difficult to set up. i'm using the impulse theme for this store and it took me a couple hours to put it together. if you want to see a step-by-step guide on how i built this store, i've included a full tutorial inside of my ecom toolkit viral vault, which you can check out in the link down below. so step number one: build out a nice professional, broad niche store, test products with facebook ads, and once you find that winner, it's time for step two and taking things to the next level. so step two is stop dropshipping from aliexpress and improve your fulfillment. this step alone takes your brand to a much higher level. now your customers are happier, you feel better about your business and you're going to be making so much more money in the long term because of it. to get away from drop shipping is quite simple, and i'm gonna break down exactly how to do it right now. so without a doubt, the best website for sourcing your products when trying to stop drop shipping is alibaba. alibaba allows you to connect directly to the manufacturers of the product, so you don't have to pay the extra middleman prices that you would be paying on aliexpress. this also means that you're going to be getting the best possible pricing for your product and be able to order your products in bulk. so, as you can see, on this store i'm selling a variety of plant and garden based products, and if we do a quick search on alibaba, you're gonna see a lot of the same products for so much cheaper than you would find on aliexpress. for example, to fulfill this product on aliexpress it's going to cost us around 15, but once we validate the product that is working, we can actually find that same product on alibaba for only two dollars and 50 cents a unit. and if we do an order for over a thousand pieces- which is totally fine as long as the product is working- we can actually customize the product and directly put our logo on it, and if we do at least 500 pieces, we can put our own logo on the box. these three things alone are going to elevate your store to the next level. you're going to be making more money per sale, you're going to have your product branded and a better unboxing experience for your customers. if you guys are looking for some incredible products that are super untapped, make sure to tap into the march expo that alibaba is hosting. this is where they unveil a lot of the newest designs and products that have yet to hit the market. it's very similar to going to a trade show in person and getting to be one of the first people to look at these products before they take off and, as you can see, they're going to be showing you the new product arrivals. they're top ranking products in all categories and they're even going to show you their personal recommendations for products that are going to take off this year. so i'm going to put the link for this down below. make sure you guys take a look at this, because you're going to be able to find some incredible products there. so once you've searched around and found the best supplier for your product on alibaba, it's time to start working with an agent. an agent is somebody that can reach out directly to that manufacturer, negotiate a better price for you and handle all of the fulfillment process for your store. there are a ton of people that offer this service. the company that i use is called ecom ops. i'm not sponsored by them. i literally use them in my store and they do a tremendous job. i'm pretty sure they're booked up with clients. but, like i said, there are a ton of options for agents and i'll go ahead and put a couple of them down below in the description. so to get away from drop shipping, it's really not that difficult. the hardest part is actually testing and finding that winning product. but once you have it, it's not hard to get away from drop shipping and start holding your own inventory. and once you get past that stage, it's all about just growing your business further. these are really the things that i'm focusing on right now in my brand, trying to take this to a multi-seven figure a year level. i'm primarily focusing on building out my team further, you know, hiring more customer service people, hiring people to manage my social media page, hiring people to create content, more people to run my ads. i want to build a squad of motivated people so that we can really

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How To Make $100k/Month Dropshipping ONE Product

now in this video, you're going to learn the exact same steps you need to take in order to make 100 000 per month drop shipping just one product. i'm going to show you how to find a product, how to market it, how to build a store and the fun around it and, at the end, how to get sales for it. also, to make this even easier for you guys, at the end of this video, i'm going to show you one product that's currently hot and selling right now, with the exact same marketing angle. so make sure to stik around till the end of this video now before we dive in. you might be asking yourself: why should i even listen to this guy? and i can tell you: i've done this over and over again myself and i've helped several other people achieve exactly the same. so if you're serious about getting to one hundred thousand dollars per month with your drop shipping business and just one product, and you should definitely watch this video until the end. now the first thing is finding a product, and this is where most people struggle and probably give up now. you're not going to nail it on your first try, but i've toked to people testing 20 or 30 different products without finding a winner now by following what i'm about to show you. this will not be the case for you, because the problem for most people that are testing 20 to 30 products is that they are listening to the advice of people that have never done it before, and what those people advise you to do is to scroll through facebook, go through instagram and take a look at the likes or like what type of engagement this post gets, and this is deadly wrong. likes and comments are vanity metric. they are completely irrelevant. you shouldn't care about that at all. now. likes and comments- they are not an indicator if a product is selling good or not, and you should stop caring about that. you should take a look at real indicators. you should take a look at what i'm about to show you now. now, this is one of the places i love to go. these are the amazon movers and shakers and, if you don't know them, these are the best-selling products from amazon in the last 24 hours, and i find winning products like clockwork on there, and the reason for that is: like which products could be more in demand than the best-selling product that had made the most sales in the last 24 hours on amazon, the best, best-selling e-commerce platform in the world. so you scroll for this platform right here and you want to find a product you can drop to. because here's the thing: when you're trying to run facebook ads or some social media ads like, it isn't really worth it to run social media ads to your amazon listing. therefore, most sellers don't do it because it's pretty hard to optimize. now what this leaves to you is a completely untapped market by simply taking this product and start selling it on facebook. what i would advise you to do is go to this platform right here at least once a day and check out the best sellers right here, make notes and start testing them out on facebook. i have a more in-depth video on how to find products. i will link it at the end of this video, so make sure to stik around till the end. and then let's move on. now, once you have the product, it's time to craft a marketing angle, and some of you might think this is obvious, but most people are not putting enough time into their marketing angle, and this is why most people fail, because not only the product is selling itself, it's also the marketing angle. this is one of the most important things you can craft and you should put a lot of time into this- and in reality, you just need to know like three things. if you want to go more in depth, you need to know five things, but let's break it down to three things right here. you will need to know- let me write it out because it's very important- you will need to know your audience and, yeah, it's pretty obvious for most of you, but you will need your audience nailed down. people can't be your audience. it need to be like pregnant woman. it needs to be a narrowed down audience you can speak to. then the next thing you want to have is the problem of this audience. okay, what do they want to change in their life? and then you need to find out their desired state. okay, so, for example, if you are selling to overweight people- let's say you're starting- to overweight men, they promise that they are overweight. okay, they want to lose weight. this is their desired situation. but their desired situation is also to look good naked, to feel better, to be more healthy. okay, these are the things you need to tok about that. you will need to find out what that burning desire is for most people. i can tell you because i sold products in that niche- is to look better naked. they don't care about the health, as long as they look good. okay, now let me give you a little analogy here so you understand it better. and once you start understanding that, you will be ahead of most of your competition. so let's say, your audience is hanging out here on this island right here. okay, this is problem island. so make me a little. let me make a little problem below that: this is problem island right here, and people hate to be here, but they are trapped in here because, like, they can't break out themselves. so let's say, it's again the ovoid people. they are trapped on problem island. they are searching for a way out, but they can, like they find nothing that works. and then over here there is desired island, or desire island, okay, and this is where their dreams come true. this is the best island they've ever seen in the world, like everything's better on there. now, here's the deal. your product needs to be the bridge between those two things right here. your product needs to help them move away from their pain and get to their desire, get to pleasure and help them achieve what they want to do. so when you're selling a weight loss product. it's pretty easy, right? you tell people, hey, you don't look good. uh, when you're dead overweight, you were getting massive health problems. hey, try this out. our product will help you in 30 days to lose this and that amount, and you should be careful saying that on facebook. but you're making a promise right here that will get them to desire island and you're the bridge to helping those people. now, once you understood that, creating marketing angles won't be as hard anymore and you will find it pretty easy. if you're having troubles finding audience, problem and desire, you can simply go back to amazon and find out, like what the people that have the best sellers currently like, who they are toking to, who they are targeting with their messaging they have on the platform. because if you go back to amazon and you click on this one right here, like this is probably an audience for hobby photographists or videographers, okay, so this is pretty obvious. you could read through about this item right here. then this right here, like, read through all of this and find those problems out. okay, and this is exactly how you craft your marketing angle. now, once you've got your marketing angle, you want to build a funnel around your product. okay, why. when you're thinking about why i found another store, i have another video on that. it would take me a little while to explain. i will just link it at the end of this video right here. but just to give you the rough overview, a funnel has a better conversion rate. more people are buying more stuff and overall, you're making more sales, which equals more money for you, and this is why you should use a funnel. also, it's easier to build and it goes way faster. okay, a funnel could look a little bit like this right here. this is the push-up board funnel i'm you like. i use to make six figures in sales. but just watch the other video. i will link it at the end of this video right here now. once you've got the product, the marketing angle and the funnel done, it's time to take care of custom content, and this is very, very important. nobody in 2021 is going to buy from you if you're using those standard drop shipping videos you know everywhere. so you can close fiverr aga.

How To Make $100k in 3 Months (Shopify Dropshipping)

for the last three years, ever since i looked like a prepubescent man-child, i have been obsessed with online business, finance and investing, and i have been lucky enough to be able to make a full-time income strictly online. so i combined everything that i have learnt and created a plan to make 100 000 in three months, and in this video, i'm going to be showing you exactly how i plan to do this and, more importantly, how you can do this as well now. in my time, i have tried almost every online business that you can think of. i built logos, websites, did social media marketing and i did find success with a lot of these businesses, but the one business that completely changed the game for me was shopify drop shipping. now, don't click away. i know you have probably heard so many horror stories about dropshipping being dead and fake gurus flooding the industry with courses that are straight trash, but i am here to tell you that shopify dropshipping is most definitely not dead. you just need to go about the right way of doing it. now, to truly explain this 100 000 strategy, i first need to take you back to 2017, which is the year that i started this whole journey. it was the month of october and i had just watched a youtube video from someone who started a shopify dropshipping business and was able to make over five thousand dollars in one day selling bracelets. safe to say, that completely blew me away and i knew i had to try out this business for myself. now, for those who aren't aware, shopify dropshipping is an online business where you create an online store, add products to your store and then promote them through online advertising, and when you get a sale, you ship that product straight from the manufacturer to the customer, meaning that you don't have to touch or even see the products that you are selling. so, after watching that youtube video, i took the leap of faith and drained my entire 500 bank account to start a drop shipping store and purchase some ads. now you may be expecting me to say that i made thousands of dollars and arrived to school the very next day in head to toe designer drip, but i lost everything. i made a few sales here and there, but i was spending hundreds of dollars on facebook ads and was making practikally nothing back. for some reason, though, i kept going. i knew that i was only 15 years old at the time and, in the big picture, i didn't really have anything to lose. i was willing to risk my money to learn, so i decided that i wouldn't give up on shopify drop shipping, which is, hands down, one of the best decisions that i have ever made. so i saw that youtube video in october, tried it out, failed, lost hundreds of dollars. but i kept going and one month later, on november 15th, i made my first profitable sale. i remember being at school constantly researching and testing products for my shopify store, and one day i decided to test out an advertising concept called influencer marketing. this is where you contact a big influencer or big instagram page and pay them a fee to post your ad and promote your product to their audience. in my case, i was selling these pineapple dad hats and i paid an instagram page with a few hundred thousand followers fifty dollars to post my ad on their feed and promote my product. if i remember correctly, it was about 7am and my first influencer ad went live. i was at school that day. so when the ad went live, i went to school, put my phone in my locker and then came back a few hours later to check it, and when i came back, i saw something that had completely changed the game for me, my shopify store had made over 200 in sales and, for the first time in my life, my shopify dropshipping store was profitable, and from that day, everything changed. for the next 12 months, i was building websites for clients, running my dropshipping business, and i was slowly getting better and better at this whole concept of making money online, which brings us back to right now, in 2020, where i have built and worked with more shopify stores than i can count and i have loved every second of it. now, the real reason that you clicked on this video in the first place is to hear my one hundred thousand dollar three month plan. so let's get into that now. the keyword here is plan. this is a goal, not a guarantee, and if i don't happen to achieve this, it won't tear me down because, as you already know, my business journey was full of ups and downs and failure is completely normal, but, with that being said, we are still going to try our best to achieve the goal. so let's get into this right now to make the actual money. we are going to be using the same shopify drop shipping model to sell products online now. i'm not toking about selling phone cases and dad hats on instagram meme pages, because that ship has most definitely sailed and the shopify business has evolved a lot since then. instead, i'm toking about starting a real e-commerce business selling a legitimate product which can actually generate a long-term income. now, just to prove that this model still completely works, i'm going to log into shopify and show you guys a store that i'm currently working on, which is based in the united kingdom. so, as you can see, yesterday it did 770 pounds in sales. i'll go ahead and throw up a screen recording here just so you guys can see some more stats of this store. but the 770 pounds that we made yesterday in sales equates to about 1 000 us dollars, and the best part about all of it is that we only spent 150 on an instagram promotion to make those sales, meaning the profit is about 650 us dollars in a single day, and we haven't even started scaling the store yet. after increasing the ad budget and expanding this business, the 100 000 goal can be completely hit with just one store like this. so i am now going to walk you through exactly how a store like this works and, more importantly, how you can start one for yourself. uh, let me get into this. how's my hair look. does it look really the other way? you're right, you're very much in the frame there now. if you have seen me before or are subscribed to this channel, you would know that i am very against the whole scene of fake gurus and they've rented lamborghinis and terrible courses and all that. but in all seriousness, e-commerce really is a booming industry and there is a lot of money to be made as a beginner. so the store that i was just toking about, which did one thousand dollars in sales and six hundred and fifty dollars in profit in one day, can definitely be scaled up quite high over the next few months. after increasing the ad budget, the plan for this store is to cruise at around three thousand to four thousand dollars per day in revenue mark and aim for a minimum of one thousand dollars per day in net profit for the next three months. this store in partikular isn't selling a product from aliexpress, but is instead selling a customizable product. it is very similar to this store pup socks, where a customer can upload an image of their pet and the team behind the store will print that picture on socks and ship it directly to the customer. it is actually a very cool gift and it is something that i would personally buy just for the joke of it. unfortunately for me, though, everyone always says my dog is ugly, so if i got a pair of socks with her face on it, i'll probably get roasted. in my opinion, if you are wanting to sell custom products, then using print on demand is definitely the way to go. print on demand is very similar to drop shipping, in the way that when you get a sale on your store, the printing company will supply the blank canvas or t-shirt or whatever, manage all the printing and also manage all the fulfillment. so you don't have to worry about any of the shipping and the printing company will manage everything. this video isn't sponsored or anything. i don't have any affiliation with printful. this is just the one that i've personally used in the past. so if we go ahead and click products, you can see everything that they offer. so let's check out the socks. you can see that these socks aren't.

The Fastest way to get to $100k a Month is eBay Drop Shipping Sales

okay, what's up, guys, mark from the Ashley here. I was thinking I'm this is a video. I thought I won't make him before, but because of a comment that happened today, because of a comment that someone made on Ryan's video today, I figured I'll do it right. so, basically one second. so basically, how I started on ebay drop shipping is that a number of years ago, this had to be mm. I wasn't Costa Rica, I was in Nicaragua yet, so this had to be 2011. so six years ago I didn't realize he through. six years ago I was blogging, I had a finance blog and as dude, okay, but I was bored as- and it was a very weird market, right. so one of my clients who also became my friend, his name is Greg. he was drop shipping on ebay through this company called elite drop shippers. I'm not trapped around anymore. they're like 200 bucks a month on your doing yourself. I just train them anyway. so in the American easy League dropshippers, right? oh, that's it alright. so he came to me and he's like: hey, Mark, I'm drop shipping on ebay. and when he said, unlike, he had like 900 listings and I was selling like one or two items a week. so he's like: I know you've been making money online for a while. maybe you should check this out and let me know what you think. so that's how I got into eBay dropshipping right when I was in college I had up a PayPal account and I didn't have money when I first got and eBay dropshipping, so I did another way to pay- paypal, have since done that and whatever. anyway, I digressed so I started drop shipping by using this dudes account, Greg, and we built up as a counter hundred thousand- I also- and my responsibility was just listening and we shared the profits and then I did that with a couple other people. right, and the reason why? so? I personally think I personally like listening. I put a little like finding items to sell, get and get in the item, so I like the process of generating income, generating revenue. I hate customer service. I hate ordering that's monotonous as so I was willing to focus on the listening portion of things and give half the profits of multiple times as pin given, given someone else five thousand dollars a month. just do the customer service fulfillment side of the business and, looking back at it, I think that's why I was able to learn as much as I learned that quickly and that's why I was able to build. I literally went from zero to seven- a hundred thousand dollars a month, six times six- to four accounts and I think- and when I think back to the time- like there were days I spent 16 hours just listing right. this is before software, before therapy, before I knew I was doing. but I was spending 16 hours listening, trying to figure out water, less water. so go through all the training and I had access to and they're trying to figure out what the I was doing. if half of that time was spent fulfilling orders and Ansel dumb ask questions, I would suggest that I would not have been successful at job shipping right and I see all the lot. to come back to Ryan, my brother, and Ryan is very similar to myself and there's another guy who wasn't DHE me, his name is Eric. he had an issue where he was listing get item sold really quickly but then he couldn't. he just couldn't keep up with customer service and he lost two accounts and he asked me: he was like mark, I can't do the customer service. I don't like the customer service. I like do just give away half the money someone else and do it in their account and explain to them that they have to keep up with the customer service to keep their account um violet or keep their counseling or they lose the business. what that does is that it puts the responsibility on the owner of the account to make sure I don't the own account up, and then you could focus on getting things sold and I think I think I went through that process through necessity. but I think it's a very valuable structure because a lot of you guys the biggest issue an ebay drop shipping is get anything. so that is the most challenging part of the whole process and a lot of you guys who have suggested this to make like, no, that's too much money to give away, but you have to, especially now where the, the, the, the landscape and listen- ebaycom is so competitive. I think that's the best structure. I think that's the best structure for someone, for someone who has a decent eBay account and then someone who has a drive and motivation to get up every day and try to figure out what to sell to make that money and yeah. so I just wanted to kind of go into that because I know a lot of people are like, why doesn't Ryan get his own account? like I know Ryan, like Ryan is my brother, like I know a couple people who have the same issue. I personally- he had customer service. when I get that message that is a email on eBay, I literally feel sick and I don't know why Carlos is touching himself anyway. yeah, like I don't know, every time I got a message, a customer service message, I would literally feel sick, just like ah, because no one is going to be massive, like hey, thanks for the item. like 90% of customer service messages are negative, right, I personally just can't deal with them. so, guys, a lot of you guys, I suggest a lot of one. the easiest way to be successful: drop shipment. if it's a partner, separate the responsibilities and the person responsible for listening would learn a lot faster. and a lot of you little tweaks that I figured out, like change a change, like the type of response you get from watches when I change the price on all nights- and there's a lot of watches- I just generate chills. a lot of those little tweaks that I figured out to generate sales I would not have figured out. if maybe I would have figured it out by, I would have taken a lot longer right. so the customer service unfulfillment part of the business. it's more reactional part of the business, right? so, and here you guys shrug Leverett, one of the two, the two arm, whether it is final things to sell or service in the clients. my suggestion to use: find a partner and then we should at partner who's responsible for generating sales, is driven and ready to bust ass on a daily basis, and that is the easiest way to get a hundred thousand dollars in sales right, I have listed recently, I listed today. I shall recorded by the video photo, but I listed today and I know a lot of people are complaining me as competitive. yeah, it is more competitive than when I started, but to me it still is not as like. so when I started it was not competitive by the nav software. now it is competitive and I have software. so to me it's the same thing. like it is actually not harder because I have more tools. think a lot of you guys just get rented, who have all the tools, have a disadvantage because you think that it's gonna be easy, or you think I don't know. but I have the two different. I have my experiences to compare to. so I don't think it is that difficult and I'm telling you once you get someone that's driven and wants me like, like black back you've, like she's sitting over here at a computer and she wakes up and like I don't see how, when she wake up, like I usually get here after he wakes up, but she just sits on the cube, ranganna, we're done. like she's here as a cheap country we could go to the beach. I guess we should go traveling because she should see Nicaragua and said, yes, sitting in this house, imposed on eBay, but in order to get that, you need to be driven on a daily basis. a lot of people ask me how to get to make in ten thousand dollars a month. when I think back tit, it was because I was so grateful that I figured out how I could make three dollars. I might feel sale ever. I mean three dollars and it was like one for that week. I was so grateful for figuring out there there's a way to make money online. I wasn't about to give that out. I know a lot of you guys have tried everything and failed, but just what not feelings about having I tried to keep it movin. I know I went all over the place for this video and I apologize, but I hope you guys took something from this love you guys. shot will make that money if you have any questi.