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How To Make $3,000/Mo With Affiliate Marketing | ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Published on: December 10 2022 by Jason Wardrop

How To Make $3,000/Mo With Affiliate Marketing | ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

How To Make $3,000/Mo With Affiliate Marketing | ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

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00:00:00 00:00:06 Today I want to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing and I'm gonna show you exactly how I went from zero to
00:00:06 00:00:10 Over three thousand dollars per month with affiliate marketing in just the last couple of weeks
00:00:10 00:00:14 I'm gonna show you guys everything I did right everything I did wrong and believe me
00:00:14 00:00:16 There were a lot of failures now
00:00:16 00:00:18 I was able to get to three thousand dollars per month
00:00:19 00:00:22 promoting a program called click funnels now click funnels
00:00:22 00:00:27 The great thing about it is it is a software company and they charge a monthly software subscription
00:00:27 00:00:32 So when I get signups on their software, I get paid out a monthly recurring
00:00:33 00:00:36 revenue retainer for giving all those people signed up
00:00:36 00:00:41 And for those you guys wondering what click funnels actually is it is a sales funnel builder software
00:00:41 00:00:45 So long story short it helps business owners make sales for their business
00:00:45 00:00:45 and
00:00:45 00:00:52 if you're an affiliate that basically is you're helping other companies promote their products and because you're helping them promote their products are going to
00:00:52 00:00:56 Give you a little payout to incentivize you to continually promote their products
00:00:56 00:01:01 Now the great thing about click funnels, which we'll tok about here in just a second is click funnels pays out
00:01:02 00:01:07 40% commissions to their affiliates, which if you think about it, that is absolutely insane
00:01:07 00:01:15 they take care of all the development all the support and you get 40% of the Commission's just to sending somebody to their software and
00:01:15 00:01:22 On top of that they have several other trainings and programs and if that person that you sent bought something else
00:01:22 00:01:24 You still get paid?
00:01:24 00:01:30 40% off of all of those sales so pretty powerful pretty cool. So let me just jump on to my computer right now
00:01:30 00:01:35 So I can show you guys proof that the money was actually made and then I'll share with you some strategies
00:01:35 00:01:41 And really quick before we do that if you guys are interested in affiliate marketing if you want a hundred percent free train
00:01:41 00:01:43 This is not some type of webinar thing. Nothing like that
00:01:43 00:01:46 I will have a link down to an affiliate marketing bootcamp
00:01:47 00:01:53 that you can just jump in you get tons of free training on how to do affiliate marketing with paid advertising with
00:01:53 00:01:59 Organic traffic any type of advertising you can really think of it's all in there. It's a hundred percent free
00:01:59 00:02:03 So I'll have a link down below to that. And with that said let's really jump on my computer now
00:02:03 00:02:04 alright
00:02:04 00:02:05 So here we are in the backend
00:02:05 00:02:06 affiliate
00:02:06 00:02:09 Dashboard for click funnels as you can see here the last 30 days
00:02:09 00:02:13 made over three thousand dollars and then I've got this date range for all the
00:02:13 00:02:16 Products that they can you can offer and sell for the last 30 days
00:02:16 00:02:20 I can show you guys this and then here are the last week of data
00:02:20 00:02:26 So you see like we go 1880 433 197 390 438 over a thousand bucks yesterday
00:02:26 00:02:31 Which is awesome 207 today already and so you can see right here at last seven days
00:02:31 00:02:34 Twenty one hundred dollars in the last 30 days a little over three thousand
00:02:34 00:02:38 I'm gonna show you guys and explain why that is the case here in just a second
00:02:38 00:02:44 But basically the way clickfunnels affiliate program works is they have so many different products and offers
00:02:44 00:02:49 They have books they have trainings. They have their software all these different things that you can go through and promote
00:02:50 00:02:52 So, let me just show you how this
00:02:53 00:02:59 $3,000 right here is broken down. So you've got the last 30 days its range. You've got they've got a 30 day summit
00:02:59 00:03:03 I didn't promote that to make anything Philly a boot camp once again didn't promote that to make anything
00:03:03 00:03:10 And then this clickfunnels Affiliate Center. This is actually having people sign up for their software. So their basic plan is
00:03:11 00:03:14 $97 per month. I had 21 people sign up on that where you can see
00:03:14 00:03:18 That was a good chunk of change right there the full suite plus the final hacks
00:03:18 00:03:22 This is a webinar that they have that they sell for a thousand bucks
00:03:22 00:03:25 And I had one person buy that which was four hundred bucks
00:03:25 00:03:30 which is pretty awesome and we'll tok of in the second why that is so awesome actually as well and
00:03:31 00:03:34 Then full suite right here have seven people. This is their
00:03:35 00:03:38 297 dollar monthly membership so you can see made some good money off that
00:03:39 00:03:44 Counts on hold share funnels only. I don't know what really that means but down here
00:03:44 00:03:49 You've got your recurring revenue metrics so monthly recurring revenue right now. We're just below
00:03:50 00:03:58 $3,700 and potential trial em are almost 9000 which is pretty cool and then we've got some people trying and
00:03:58 00:04:00 moving on down
00:04:00 00:04:05 You can see how this current monthly recurring revenue is all broken up. So we've got 3,700
00:04:05 00:04:08 We've got 24 on the startup 22 on the full suite
00:04:09 00:04:15 3 accounts on hold and you can kind of see how this all works down here. Alright, so moving down
00:04:15 00:04:20 They've got this dot-com secrets book which russell brunson their founder. He's the founder of click funnels
00:04:20 00:04:23 he has written two books now, I believe and
00:04:23 00:04:29 This is one of them das constant secrets. This is for book. This is probably what I don't know
00:04:29 00:04:31 I like them both, but this is probably my favorite
00:04:31 00:04:34 And so I started promoting this and I'll show you guys
00:04:34 00:04:39 exactly the strategies here in a second what I did why stop promoting this and
00:04:39 00:04:43 So 25 sales made about two hundred twenty three dollars, which not bad
00:04:45 00:04:49 Expert secrets is another book did not promote this at all. You can see down here
00:04:50 00:04:55 Photo hackers cookbook final scripts didn't promote either one of those final University. This is the cool thing guys
00:04:55 00:05:00 They have something called a stiky cookie, which I did not promote funnel University
00:05:01 00:05:02 I don't even know what that is
00:05:02 00:05:09 But apparently somebody that came in through my affiliate link bought this and so made a hundred and eighteen dollars. Which kind of nice
00:05:09 00:05:11 This lead funnel swipe file
00:05:11 00:05:13 I did promote this as you can see
00:05:13 00:05:15 23 sales made two hundred thirty dollars
00:05:15 00:05:17 tok about that here in just a second
00:05:17 00:05:24 Network marketing secrets did not promote that and then the one funnel away and you can see made eleven hundred dollars there, right?
00:05:24 00:05:29 So let's start out with strategy number one k. So the first thing I tried was
00:05:29 00:05:34 To go through and sell this dot-com secrets book. So let's click on this link right here
00:05:34 00:05:39 So basically what the funnel looks like is you're giving away this book for free
00:05:39 00:05:39 Ok
00:05:39 00:05:44 So you give away this book for free and then they have a different order bump
00:05:44 00:05:47 Which is basically selling another product where that one's thirty seven bucks
00:05:47 00:05:55 You can make almost fifteen make another fourteen eighteen one eighteen. So you have this whole little you know, this the sales funnel
00:05:55 00:06:00 Well, I thought because I have a YouTube following okay?
00:06:00 00:06:07 I've got another YouTube channel almost fifty thousand subscribers everyone there wants a builder business generate leads make money all that good stuff
00:06:07 00:06:09 And so I was like, you know what?
00:06:09 00:06:11 I'm gonna set up a YouTube ad
00:06:12 00:06:16 Retargeting all those people and send them to this page to give away
00:06:16 00:06:21 This book 100% free now quick note guys. You can't do that
00:06:21 00:06:25 I actually did not know that as part of the Terms of Service and you cannot run a paid ad and since so
00:06:25 00:06:27 This is the affiliate link right here
00:06:27 00:06:32 You cannot run paid traffic on Facebook YouTube or Google and send them directly to this page
00:06:32 00:06:38 Which I had no idea. So that was completely innocent, but I stopped doing it because it really doesn't work anyway, so
00:06:40 00:06:45 So this is that that off right there. I do a YouTube video to my warm traffic my warm audience
00:06:45 00:06:50 I got a lot of clicks and that's where I got 25 books sold made two hundred twenty three dollars
00:06:51 00:06:56 But I was I probably spent closer to six seven hundred dollars to make this money
00:06:56 00:07:01 Which I set a budget for myself before getting in this whole affiliate marketing task
00:07:01 00:07:03 He studied kind of try this out play around with this
00:07:03 00:07:06 And so I was like I was fine with the losses because I knew you know
00:07:06 00:07:10 If you're starting out just brand new with anything. You're gonna have some losses, right?
00:07:10 00:07:13 You're not gonna like figure it out first thing and if you do you're pretty lucky
00:07:13 00:07:19 So that's the end of the day and also with the clickfunnels stiky cookie, which I toked about a little bit earlier
00:07:20 00:07:25 The cool thing is is I sent a lot of people here and even though I only had 25 book sales
00:07:26 00:07:27 potentially one of them
00:07:27 00:07:28 might have bought like
00:07:28 00:07:34 some other product or they might buy some other product in the future where I can make money down the road whereas
00:07:34 00:07:42 This case study everything I'm doing right now is with paid traffic because I wanted to go through and scale these up results up quickly
00:07:42 00:07:46 Where I'll tell you more results on organic methods later
00:07:46 00:07:50 but there's no way you could go through and get to thirty seven hundred dollars a
00:07:50 00:07:55 Month in just about six weeks with organic methods. It's just it's impossible
00:07:55 00:07:59 So if you're watching this and you're like, oh man, I'm gonna do exactly what Jason did and not spend any money
00:08:00 00:08:02 You're not gonna do that just it's not not a thing
00:08:02 00:08:08 Okay, so that was that was a case study number one go through use my YouTube following
00:08:09 00:08:13 Promote it with paid advertising to get the dot-com secrets book get him into click funnels
00:08:13 00:08:17 Funnel have the stiky cookie make all this money and it was a flop
00:08:17 00:08:23 So I stopped doing that after about a week thing was spending about a hundred dollars per day making two hundred twenty three dollars
00:08:24 00:08:28 that has the second test that I did was I went over and I was like
00:08:29 00:08:29 You know what?
00:08:29 00:08:31 I'm gonna stay with these like low tiket ions
00:08:31 00:08:34 because if I can get a lot of people into clickfunnels University or in the clickfunnels world
00:08:35 00:08:39 Then they can do all the remarketing and with the stiky cookie. I can make a lot of money
00:08:39 00:08:40 okay, so I was like
00:08:40 00:08:41 You know what?
00:08:41 00:08:45 I'm gonna go through and I found this offer that I believe is kind of new where I had never seen it
00:08:46 00:08:51 This leave funnel swipe which it could be. I don't know. I don't know how long stir around but basically what it is
00:08:53 00:08:55 is it's a seven dollar product and
00:08:56 00:09:00 you all show you guys right here and you get all of their different lead funnels and
00:09:02 00:09:09 it's only seven bucks and they pay out $10 for every sale you get now what most people don't realize is they're like
00:09:09 00:09:11 Oh, man, how come they're paying out ten bucks for every seven dollars
00:09:11 00:09:18 will they have this one-click upsell for 37 bucks right here and that's exactly how they can easily do that and be profitable because
00:09:19 00:09:19 guys
00:09:19 00:09:25 They're making a lot of money off this I've done in this enough to know that those one-click upsells work and they work very well
00:09:25 00:09:28 So even though they're paying you out ten bucks for every seven dollar sale you make there
00:09:29 00:09:33 They're making good chunk of change down here with this one-click upsell. So I thought to myself
00:09:33 00:09:38 You know what you can't run paid ads directly to their their checkout pages or directly to their sales pages
00:09:38 00:09:40 your affiliate links
00:09:40 00:09:44 What I'm gonna do is gonna blast an email to my email list
00:09:44 00:09:49 For this low tiket seven dollar offer right here. That was a genius idea
00:09:49 00:09:53 I've got on this email list got about twenty thousand people. I was like, I'm gonna make a ton of money and
00:09:54 00:10:02 I only made two hundred and thirty dollars k23 sales, which you might look at that and be like, oh man
00:10:02 00:10:05 That's awesome. But you got to look at the opportunity costs
00:10:05 00:10:09 So I sent out I had I usually do for emails every time I'm doing a promotion
00:10:09 00:10:14 I think I sent two emails out on this I could tell as a flop and so I canceled the other two emails
00:10:15 00:10:18 Because usually when I do a promo to that list
00:10:18 00:10:22 I'll make about eight to ten thousand dollars in
00:10:22 00:10:29 Sales, and that's just that that's all profit because it's to my email list is just blast down a couple emails
00:10:29 00:10:33 So a potential eight to ten grand versus two hundred and thirty dollars. I
00:10:34 00:10:39 Chalked that up is also a loss right there. Okay, so then I thought you know what maybe?
00:10:39 00:10:44 what I need to do is have a little bit higher tiket item and I'll start promoting that and
00:10:45 00:10:48 Maybe because it's a higher tiket item. I'll be able to be making a lot more money
00:10:48 00:10:53 And so I went down and one of their offers that I I connected with and that's a big thing
00:10:53 00:10:57 Whenever you're going through and doing affiliate marketing you've got to offer what you connect with
00:10:57 00:11:03 You got to offer what you believe in because if you don't believe it, you're never really gonna make any sales. So I
00:11:04 00:11:06 Saw this one funnel away challenge
00:11:06 00:11:12 I'm huge fan of challenges and also a huge fan of funnels and that's why I've created this new YouTube channel right here
00:11:12 00:11:16 and so I went through and that promoted this to the same email list and
00:11:17 00:11:20 Once again guys, I made eleven hundred bucks
00:11:20 00:11:24 So like it was better revenue wise like income generated
00:11:25 00:11:32 However, if you could potentially make eight to ten grand and you only made eleven hundred bucks, I chalk that up as another loss. So
00:11:33 00:11:37 This is the fourth thing. And this is what has actually you've been working as of late and
00:11:38 00:11:43 I'm gonna draw it out for you guys cuz this is pretty powerful. So let me just jump over here to
00:11:44 00:11:46 Photoshop and
00:11:47 00:11:52 This is taking your marketing into your own hands, and this is a lot more work
00:11:52 00:11:55 Yet this is what has been working. Ok
00:11:55 00:12:00 So what I do is I send people from my YouTube all I've been doing with this
00:12:00 00:12:03 I haven't done any Facebook Ads. I have my whole other channel
00:12:03 00:12:09 It's all on Facebook Ads, but with all these experiments. I've been just I just been trying with Adwords and YouTube ads
00:12:09 00:12:15 So what I do is I've got a youtube video right here, and I'm sending it to a simple opt-in page
00:12:15 00:12:17 Ok, and I'll show you guys that here in just a second
00:12:17 00:12:21 So I've got a simple landing page because I want to collect someone's email
00:12:21 00:12:22 right
00:12:22 00:12:27 Like if you are sending people to a website and not grabbing their email right out of the gate that you can follow up with
00:12:27 00:12:30 Them you're wasting money. You're losing tons of money
00:12:30 00:12:35 And then after this I am not sending them to any of the click funnels products
00:12:35 00:12:42 But I have my own product for forty seven dollars. Okay, and on top of that
00:12:42 00:12:44 if we come back over here to
00:12:46 00:12:50 Click funnels little lead funnels right here. See this one-click upsell
00:12:50 00:12:54 I added a one-click upsell onto this page for fourteen bucks
00:12:56 00:13:02 Ok, so now if they'd shoot if they buy the forty seven dollar product I make 47 bucks
00:13:02 00:13:04 But then if they get this one check right here
00:13:04 00:13:09 That ups the order the cart value from 47 to 61 or right out of the gate
00:13:09 00:13:14 And then what I do is I have a second product right here
00:13:14 00:13:20 And this is also 47 bucks. Okay, and it's related to these products too here
00:13:20 00:13:25 Okay, and then on top of this I've got an upsell right here
00:13:25 00:13:30 Which is 197 and then I've got a down cell
00:13:31 00:13:32 which is
00:13:32 00:13:33 47
00:13:33 00:13:40 okay, so let me just show you guys exactly what this is and I'll kind of connect it how I
00:13:40 00:13:46 Make this work with the clickfunnels affiliate program because you might be thinking well if you're selling all of your own stuff
00:13:47 00:13:54 White like how is that even like promoting clickfunnels? Right? And it's a valid question. So here is the page right here
00:13:57 00:14:02 If you guys want this page I will this is like my highest converting landing page ever this style
00:14:02 00:14:03 At least not exactly the copy
00:14:03 00:14:10 but this style so if you guys want this grab a free 14-day trial tube the click funnel software just down below and
00:14:11 00:14:16 With one click I can share this exact landing page with you guys with a slant page template
00:14:16 00:14:22 You guys can kind of tweak it however you want. So I've got this get instant access to my free facebook ads quick start training
00:14:23 00:14:28 Okay, so they opt-in they're interested in Facebook ads and then this product right here
00:14:28 00:14:33 I'm offering my full on Facebook ads masterclass and honestly guys, I've got a lot of value in there
00:14:34 00:14:41 Most people charge like a thousand bucks for what I'm selling for 47 bucks right here and then this $14 product
00:14:41 00:14:47 Right here is how to use facebook Messenger bots so you can kind of see how that flows
00:14:47 00:14:50 You got the Facebook Ads, so they're getting a facebook a mini course
00:14:50 00:14:51 That's what their opt-in for free
00:14:51 00:14:58 Facebook Ads masterclass like all my Facebook guys training for 47 bucks and then a $14 upsell one-click upsell
00:14:58 00:15:05 Okay, and that is the facebook messenger box because that ties in really nice with Facebook Ads and then right here for 47 bucks
00:15:05 00:15:09 Which this is way too cheap. I need to up this right here, but it's working for right now is
00:15:10 00:15:11 my top
00:15:11 00:15:13 three lead generation
00:15:13 00:15:20 Sales funnels that they can just they can just have like the one-click copy and paste into their click funnels account
00:15:20 00:15:21 Okay
00:15:21 00:15:26 So that is the beginning that is the start to getting people signed up on click funnels cuz I say hey
00:15:26 00:15:32 Look, I have my top three sales funnels two of the three have actually made me over a million dollars, which is pretty awesome
00:15:33 00:15:37 and so I say all you got to do is just you can get the template just create a
00:15:37 00:15:43 Basically, I give them the templates I give them training house set it all up and then they create a clickfunnels account inside the training
00:15:43 00:15:45 so that's how I get them into click funnels one way right there and
00:15:46 00:15:52 Then right here for this one 97 I say hey, are you looking to build a Facebook Ads marketing agency?
00:15:52 00:15:57 Because that they just bought Facebook Ads training they just bought facebook Messenger bought training. They just bought my templates
00:15:58 00:16:02 They might be interested in learning how to build a Facebook Ads marketing agency
00:16:02 00:16:09 So I've got this 197 product right here. And then this 47 bucks is basically how to generate leads on YouTube
00:16:09 00:16:12 So that's just kind of like another not super related. I could probably do a little bit better with that
00:16:12 00:16:17 I probably do a Google AdWords train. I just don't have them created quite yet. I need to build it out and
00:16:18 00:16:21 This guy's the whole point of this funnel
00:16:22 00:16:24 Is to pay for my ads?
00:16:24 00:16:26 okay, cuz right now
00:16:26 00:16:31 My goal is to get up to one thousand dollars per day with this funnel
00:16:31 00:16:36 I've been spending right around four or five hundred dollars. I've been testing this stuff out and
00:16:36 00:16:40 Right now we'll just kind of kick in I want to show you guys
00:16:40 00:16:43 The stripe account this has been kicking in
00:16:43 00:16:47 So this is the stripe account all this has been going - you can see today
00:16:47 00:16:54 Made seven hundred seventy one dollars and it is 2:30 p.m. In the afternoon. So potentially so some more sales come in and
00:16:55 00:16:57 then we've got
00:16:57 00:17:01 1458 that was made yesterday, and then let's just go back thirty days
00:17:03 00:17:05 So we've got
00:17:05 00:17:11 thirty four thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars that has come in in the last thirty days and
00:17:12 00:17:14 This is what I've been doing guys
00:17:14 00:17:22 Doing the sales funnel. Okay, and then I'm introducing them to click funnels through these sales funnels these lead templates
00:17:22 00:17:27 Right here and then the biggest part of all this because this is just my initial
00:17:28 00:17:32 Break-even funnel how I'm getting people to actually sign up on
00:17:32 00:17:37 click funnels program and how I'm getting these four hundred dollar commissions is
00:17:37 00:17:41 Because then I get them on to my email list
00:17:42 00:17:43 Also
00:17:43 00:17:48 my mini chat list now mini chat is a book messenger bought and
00:17:49 00:17:55 I am following up with all these leads that are opting in right here. Which right now I'm getting about 150 leads per day
00:17:56 00:17:58 so I'm following up with all of these and
00:17:58 00:18:04 Initially this first like three emails. I'm sending them back to go by through this funnel
00:18:04 00:18:07 The reason why is because then I can go through and recuperate more money right there
00:18:07 00:18:14 And then after that first three days, I usually wait a couple days and then let's say like seven days later
00:18:14 00:18:18 I start introducing them to the click funnels
00:18:20 00:18:21 Trial
00:18:21 00:18:25 Plus, I I just barely had some of my first
00:18:26 00:18:28 Emails get sent out promoting
00:18:28 00:18:35 Their high tiket funnel hacks webinar right here. Okay. So this is their funnel hacks webinar
00:18:37 00:18:43 Which is like $1,000 tiket item and that's where that 400 dollar sale came in and the same thing with my mini chat
00:18:43 00:18:45 Okay, my mini chat
00:18:45 00:18:51 Response right here. Same type of thing. I'm not necessarily promoting this funnel right here because you don't really want to do that
00:18:51 00:18:55 but I'm inviting them to go through and get connected into my world and
00:18:55 00:19:03 I have some like different YouTube videos different things that is basically indoctrinating them on click funnels and some of the different products and offers
00:19:04 00:19:05 so
00:19:05 00:19:12 Long story short, what can we take away from all this craziness that I've just told you if you are running paid advertising
00:19:13 00:19:17 First things first, I would not focus on the low tiket items
00:19:17 00:19:21 Okay, the low tiket items are going to be really tough to actually go through and make work
00:19:22 00:19:27 Second if you're doing paid advertising, you can't send people directly from the paid ads to the affiliate pages
00:19:28 00:19:34 more than likely those ads are gonna get shut down by Facebook or Google and if they don't get shut down by Facebook or Google
00:19:34 00:19:40 It's against clickfunnels Terms of Service. So you can't do that. Anyway, so the best way to do this is
00:19:41 00:19:42 to have your own
00:19:42 00:19:44 product or your own opt-in page
00:19:45 00:19:47 Okay where it doesn't have to be your own products
00:19:48 00:19:55 But let's say you've got this landing page template right here you opt-in and then you can send them to one of these higher
00:19:55 00:20:00 tiket products and I consider one of these monthly recurring right new
00:20:01 00:20:05 Things right here to be a higher tiket product because over the time
00:20:06 00:20:10 You can actually have them go through and pay you. Let's say over the course of a year
00:20:10 00:20:17 You could be making a few hundred bucks off that or one of these webinars. It's a higher tiket item where you go through
00:20:18 00:20:25 Right, here you go through and like one person buys a thousand dollar tiket item. You made four hundred bucks. Okay
00:20:25 00:20:28 So anyway, that's my quick like consensus
00:20:28 00:20:32 I'm sure I'll have more updates for you guys later as far as what to do with organic methods
00:20:32 00:20:39 but as far as paid advertising methods in the last six weeks or so that I've been doing this this is what's been working and
00:20:40 00:20:43 I'll share with you guys because I just think it's fun and
00:20:43 00:20:48 Hopefully you guys get some benefit out of it. Now if you guys are looking for more in-depth affiliate marketing training
00:20:49 00:20:52 I'll add a link down below this video. And once again, I'm not selling anything
00:20:52 00:20:55 This is a 100 percent free train actually put on by click funnels
00:20:55 00:21:01 So they go way more depth on how to actually make sales with their program with paid advertising
00:21:02 00:21:06 With organic strategies. So if you have absolutely no money, you're like man Jason I'm strapped for cash
00:21:06 00:21:08 I have no money to do do any of this
00:21:08 00:21:12 We're gonna just jump in this free training and they have several
00:21:12 00:21:17 Strategies leveraging SEO YouTube all these different free methods these free hacks
00:21:17 00:21:20 So if you guys don't have the budget use those
00:21:21 00:21:25 Scale up and then once you make some money put that money back into your business
00:21:25 00:21:28 to then be able to promote it more and more so
00:21:28 00:21:30 Anyway, guys, hopefully this video was helpful
00:21:30 00:21:35 If it was give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below and everyone's brand new here because I just launched this channel
00:21:35 00:21:37 So make sure you subscribe
00:21:37 00:21:43 So that I can share more content with you guys about sales funnels about click funnels about just making money
00:21:43 00:21:47 And with that said guys, thanks so much watching and I will see you in the next video

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