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how to make a multi-product dropshipping website

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Shopify One Product Store Vs Multi Product Brand

what's up everybody? theme rhino from themerhinocom: welcome to a new video. in today's video, we're going to be dissecting the differences in the similarities, the benefits, the pros, the cons to the one product shopify store and the multi-product shopify store. so, on my website here- or not my website, but uh, there is a website- legion athletiks, for example. it is a multi-product store. all right, when you come to the website, you have a shop, it has a bunch of different products that you can purchase and you know that is what's typical in the landscape today a lot of the times. if we look at all the e-commerce stores, uh, that are created on the internet, majority of them are multi-product stores. however, we have also, on the other hand, a one product store. now, the one product store emerged from the advent of the internet when people were creating landing pages. so for those who don't know, i just want to make sure i'm recording here for those who don't know: in the beginning, the internet really didn't have as many one pro multi-product stores. back in the year, uh, 2003, 2002, 2005- even multi-product stores were not very common. it was actually very rare and when people wanted to buy stuff, they would create like a check or they would send a check through the mail and that check would be cashed and the product would be sent to you, assuming that you're not buying from a scammer. now, the case with that is is, oddly enough, through time, it just so happened that there are more multi-product stores now than there are one product stores now to not even tok about the history. let's forget about the history. yesterday, we toked about the one product store, the theme from theme addo or theme auto. you guys can go ahead and check it out, i'll leave it in the description- and we also mentioned alpha, uh, wolf, wolf of shopify specifically- and you guys know i've spoken about uh, these themes specif a lot on my youtube channel- right for a multi-product store. i toked about the different psychological biases that consumers have when it comes down to purchasing a product, the things that they want to see when it comes down to making a sale or decision making, right, and you, as an entrepreneur, you have to ask yourself the critikal question is: what is it going to take to get this consumer to buy from me? and that's really, guys, the hurdle, the biggest step from step a to step z when it comes down to becoming a beginner in e-commerce and business alone. you have to figure out for each individual business what is going to make that consumer buy a product from me. what is it? what is it going to be right? is it going to be the ad? is it going to be the price? is it going to be the benefits? what is it going to be now? with that being said, a individual who's running a multi-product store, just like wolf, or even, for example, like legion athletiks here, which is a website that has many different products, even if we go on to alphalete, right, if we go to alphalete here and we click on their website, this is an example of a multi-product store. right, with many different products. when you look at a website like this, there's a focus that every product, in a way, has to be marketed, has to be promoted. okay, now some can piggyback off of others. so, for example- let's just head back here- this is the main product. let's just say this is the main product. not necessarily is, but let's just say it's the main product in the world of e-commerce. uh, we don't use the words main product, we use the words flagship. so in this case, let's just say it's the flagship, it's the product that majority people go to buy. okay, even though that's not the case for this specific website. let's just say: it is well, a product like this or like that or like that can piggyback off of it, because when traffic comes to in search of us, you know a single product or a specific product. uh, consumers can take a look at other products. now, something that i will say for everybody to realize is: for a one product store, the, the situation is completely different. let's just say, and let's imagine for a second that this page, right here, is a one product store. imagine that there were no other products on this website, no other benefits. this website would suffice and do very, very well for a one product store, but in that notion, consumers are not buying any other products for you. so realize that there are pros and cons to each. in its own nature, a one product store is very laser focused. a multi-product store is diverse in nature simply because of the multiple products that it offers. now, one is not better the? uh than the other. it depends on what kind of entrepreneur you are, at least for the beginning, at least for the start. majority of people are watching this youtube channel, are beginners. they maybe have never made their first hundred thousand dollars online and they want to figure out how the reality is. is that, as an entrepreneur, depending on what kind of uh knowledge, what kind of books, what kind of courses that you have been exposed to, you are pre-conditioned to be better at developing one or the other, whether it be a one product store or whether it be a multi-product store? now, just for reference for people who haven't watched since the beginning of the video, this is not an example of a one product store. i'm just telling you. imagine it is okay now, with that being said, like i said, not one is better than the other. now i'm gonna lay out the pros and cons to each individual one and, based on the information that i already said, some of you can deduce information and come up with conclusions for yourself, but let's go ahead and clear it out. when you're creating a one product store, the focus is simply on one product. yes, there are upsells, yes, there are cross sells, yes, there are down cells, but the main focus, the flagship, the most of where your advertising money is going to go, is the landing page on which that one product lies. okay, as opposed to a multi-product store, a lot of your advertising dollars are going to be diverse into traffic, uh, uh, diversible traffic within the web pages of your store. what do i mean? let's just say, um, we have, for these top products here, we have, let's say, 50 000 web visitors on each, and then all the other products of the store have 2 000 web visitors each. well, in that case, we would run retargeting ads to focus on each individual product and we would take our profits about 30 percent and reinvest it into ads specifically for these top six or seven products. okay, now, the reason why that is this is just normal e-commerce. this is what entrepreneurs do in the space of e-commerce. it's kind of the numbers that we work with. that's why, a lot of the times in the entrepreneurial e-commerce space, you'll hear people say: the law of 33. right, if you're gonna buy a product for, let's say, a dollar, you ideally want to sell that product for at least three dollars. now, obviously, in this case we're not toking about aliexpress or anything like that. but imagine you buy something at wholesale, after shipping, after all these kind of expenses, for ten dollars. well, it might be ideal to be able to sell the product for at least 30 so that you can spend 10 on the actual product, 10 on the advertising, and take the other 10 or the last 10 and put it in your pocket, which you are eventually going to pay taxes for. this is why i say at least 30.. and this is where now marketplaces come into play, where you have the- uh, a premium market, you have a budget friendly market and then you have kind of the in between right. so if you're working on competing on price, think again now. with that being said, okay, it's easier to sell one product for one product store. then that should be obvious, but it's not obvious to everybody. meaning, let's say i create a website with many different products, it will be harder for me to sell just this one product than i will on other stores. i had beginners ask me before: uh, you know, i only have x, you know this one product in stok. should i make my website more- uh, you know- professional by adding more products to it and the?

How to Create a Multi Product Dropshipping Store Using WordPress

in this video, i'm going to show you how to make a multi-product drop shipping store using wordpress. this tutorial is going to be a continuation of a tutorial i've already made on drop shipping, and this partikular website was about a single product dropshipping store. so in this tutorial, i'm going to show you how to expand your single product dropshipping store into a multi-product dropshipping store, and i'll leave a link to this tutorial in the description down below so that you can watch it and build up on it. the online store is already designed. all what we need to do is add our product to the existing one. so at the moment, if you go to the shop page, you'll see a single product. so i'm going to show you how you can add extra products to your store, and i'll also show you how you can tweak your home page to feature some of your products. so if you want to learn how to create a multi-product dropshipping online store, keep watching. [Music]. hello guys, this is sonic here. artikle pages, web, where i do web tutorials, just like this one. so if you are new here, consider subscribing. that's it. let's jump into the video. so to create our multi-product dropshipping website, first of all you need to log into your sjc dashboard. so, as you can see, in here i have only one product- and that is the same product you are seeing right here- and i've already identified the products i want to add to my store, which i've already shown you during my last tutorial. so, without wasting further time, let's go ahead and add our products to our store. so, take note, first of all, you need to import these products to as you see, and later you go ahead to as you see and add them to your store. so what i need to do is just click on this icon right here. if you want the previous tutorial. you know what that means, so i click on it and it is important to, as you see. so, as it is important, you can go ahead and import the rest of the products. so i'll go to the next one and i click on the icon right here. this icon, take note, is an hdc icon. it's just an add-on. you need to add your google chrome browser so it is imported. so i'll do the same thing to the rest of them. so what is still important? let's go to asuc and check up the already imported ones. so you see that now i have six imported. i click on it. okay, the rest are also imported. so what i need to do is push all these products to my store by just clicking on this icon. if you also want, can go ahead and edit your titles because aliexpress they come out with web titles, which i've already shown you in the previous tutorial. so let me show you how to change the title of a partikular product so that i take care of the rest. so i'll click on edit imported products and this is my title here. so i will make it a humidifier. so i'll remove all this. maybe i don't need chrome, so i'll make it usb car humidifier. you can sync the price and then the stok as well. then you save it, it's saved, i close it up and i push it to my store. so, as you see, it's doing its thing right here. i can go ahead and work on the rest. so i'll change the tatters to all the products and get back to you. okay, i've pushed all my products my store. so i exit out of here. i don't need these pages anymore. i'll go over to my products page or my shop page and refresh the page. perfect, [Music]. however, these prices you are seeing right here are the default prices from aliexpress. so we need to change them to our own pricing so that we can add our profit margin. awesome, so i'll go over to the back end of my website and i'll go to products. so this is my first product. i'll just go ahead and edit the rest of them. so i right click this and open it in a new tab. maybe i don't need this image in the description, so i'll just take it off. i'll change the category to air purifier and i don't want to make this product a variable product. i don't want my bias to be choosing from so many variations, so i'll just keep it as a simple product. and let's check the price of this product start from two dollars to eight dollars. so i'll make my regular price 80 and the sale price. i make it 58.99. maybe 82 will be 80.99. now go ahead and update it. let's view the product perfect. so it's no more available products. i exit out of here and i'll go ahead and change the prices to all the products and get back to you. okay, i've changed the prices to all my products. the next thing i'm going to do is to display some of the products from my home page. so i'm on the homepage of my website. i click on edit with elementor. so since this website is no more about a partikular, single product, i can remove the features here. then i display some of my products on the home page. so i click on the plus icon right here to be able to add a new section, and i click on add section, then i choose single column. now i can go ahead and exit this partikular section. i'll go to elements and i'll drag in the heading elements. i center it, change the text to feature products. i'll go to star and i change the color to black and the typography. i change it to monsterart. click here [Music]. i have one setup right here. next i go over to elements again. then i grab the text editor and drop it right here. so this is where i'm going to display my products. so i'll go over to google to search for comments, shortcuts. i'll go ahead and click on the very first one. let's scroll down to example of product scenarios and i'll grab best selling so products. just select it right, click on it, copy. go back to my website. take note we are under visual. click on text. then remove all this. then paste in my shortcode, update it now. let's go to the home page of our website. see how it will come up. okay, this how to appear. let's create some spacing up here and also down here. so i'll go back to elementor. so i click on edit section right here. there i go over to advanced. i will delete the values here. then top i make it 50 and bottom i make it 25.. perfect for better. so the number of products to be displayed here: i can change them. if i click on the pencil icon there i go to content text. so currently it is showing three products and it is as a result of product limits right here. so i change the thread to eight. in the number of columns, i make it four. so i will now have eight products being displayed. updates, let's go ahead and refresh our page also. this is perfect. so this is how you can display some of the products on the homepage of your website, even though you can make one of your product as your flagship product. but you can go ahead and change this buy now button to point to the shop page of your website. currently this is pointing to this partikular product if i click on buy now, so it will take me to this product. but if i want all the call to action buttons to point to the short page of my website. how do i achieve that? so i go back to elementor. then i click on the buy now button. so in here link. i remove it, then i search for sure and then the short page will pop up. i click on it. so the text. i'll change it to [Music]: shop now. then here, maybe this partikular one. i'll leave it, since i want to keep one of the product at my flagship product. okay, this one too. i'll change it to shop now and i'll change the link to shop. perfect, and i'll leave the rest as they are. update. you can preview it. so if i click on shop now, it will take me to the shopping of my website. awesome, so now that we are done with altering our home page, let's go ahead and do some customizations. this buy now button points to the first product. i don't want it that way. i want to make it sharp now so that it will point to the short page of my website. i click on customize, then i go ahead and edit the header by clicking on the pencil icon right here. i have my button in here. i click on it in the text. i change it to shop, now a link. i'll go and grab my shop page link. let me go to the back end. i'll get it from there. just click on this shop and this is the link. i select it, i click copy, go back to customizer and i paste it in here. so my button is now shop, now publish. it is published. i exit out of h.

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One Product Store Vs General store (Dropshipping 2022)

what's up, beautiful people, it's nas here. thank you so much for coming back to my youtube channel. in this video, we're gonna tok about one product store or general store. the amount of time that i get asked: should i? should i start a general store? should i start at one product store? how about my store? how about this? how about that? how about this? i'm gonna clarify all that stuff today. [Music]. before we get started, i'm gonna be giving away a 20-minute consultation call. uh, you know, to someone. uh, today is sunday when i'm posting this video, so i'm gonna be announcing the person by wednesday. whenever you win the consultation call, i'm gonna tag you. so this is what you gotta do, um, in order to win a consultation call with me. we can cover anything you need. you need to review your store, your products, your ads or whatever. uh, all you gotta do is make sure you go and follow me on instagram, then comment on my last uh post that i have what type of videos you want me to make on youtube. also, make sure you like this video and last thing you need to do is dm me the word consultation call and just wait till wednesday, and on wednesday, i'm gonna go ahead and tag you on a post on my story. uh, whenever you win the consultation caller, make sure you do that. and let's get into this video. first of all, just to make it clear: in this video i'm gonna be convincing you why you should be starting a general store. if you're just getting started with drop shipping, there's a lot of people reaching out to me asking me: hey, should i do a general store? but general stores are dead or this or this. i personally actually scale a lot of my products on general store. i recently started a niche store, not just because i'm i, you know it's better or the conversion is better. it's just because i was bored with my general store. there's no reason. i was just bored with the general stores that i've had. so i decided i'm just going to niche store, although i'm on product store again. but the reason i did it it was because i was bored with my general store, not because it was not converting, not because it was not- um, you know it was profitable or any of that. and let me tell you, if you're just getting started and you don't have crazy amount of time to just build these- one product store, buy domain. build one product store, buy domain, it doesn't work. the first product most likely won't work. there's all these people out there on youtube telling you that you need to start at one product store when they don't necessarily work on a first try or a second try or third try or any of that. especially if you're getting started. that could be very, very frustrating. the chances are the first 20 products that you've ever test is not going to be a winning product if you're just getting started. this is just a reality of the game. i'm here to keep it real with you guys. okay, in the beginning, you're learning, you're learning. i look at all these as a learning process. you know you're going to learn to make better creatives, you're going to learn how to put better product pages together and all that stuff. so that can be very time consuming and that's one number one reason why i would not start with a one product store if you're just getting started with drop shipping. here's some pros and cons that are put together about one product store and general store. i'm gonna go through them and i'm gonna get get to explaining why you should not start at one product store and why you should be starting and general store, one of the things that people tok about is that one product store, the chances of becoming a winning product is higher and they have higher conversion rate. now i gotta disagree with the with the fact that the higher chances of becoming a winning product, the reason is the products that the products that we're selling are for impulse buyers. i personally teach low tiket drop shipping, which means the products we're selling are under 60 bucks. now that means that people don't vendor around my store. i've downloaded hajjar. if you don't know what that is, it's an app that you can download on your shopify store. it shows you exactly what people do when they click on your ads. from the time they click on your ads and then get they go into your store. what do they do? when i have a winning product, i just kind of like just watch people what they do. maybe about two, three percent of people actually get out of my product page and click on other web like other pages of my store. why would i worry about the three percent? but 97 of people that are already decided that are gonna buy. they would go to my store, buy and leave. people don't think about it that much. when is it? when the product is 30- 40, they're just like buy leave. is not something that makes them think a little bit more. i notike when you go over, when the price goes over 60, 70, that's when people actually start thinking: okay, i got to think about it. let me see if this website is legit, let me see, let me see their refund policy, let me see this. but when you're selling products that are 30- 40, nobody really cares about going to your other pages of your store and think too much or over or question the store. okay, so that's number one reason why really, the conversion rate is not that different. i've tested one product store and the same product in one product and in a general store. the conversion was like barely any difference and honestly, even if it's different, i don't think it's because of the one product, so it's just the lock. number two, uh, that i hear about the pros is that, oh, you grab data for this product so you can scale it longer. not necessarily, uh, and also, a lot of people think that they could make it a niche store or sell related products again. here's another thing with tiktok, facebook, instagram- the platform is so smart these days that you don't really ever have to worry about the data. even though they tok about not tracking people and all that stuff, they still track people. they still know exactly what you like. that's what you're still getting targeted with, the things that you even barely ever thought about, like two days ago at your grandpa's house, you know, um? so that's that's one thing. that data doesn't really. it doesn't exist. i actually notiked that brand new ad accounts do much, much, much, much, much better for me compared to the ad accounts that i already, like you know, had a lot of sales on. uh. that being said, though, uh, one thing about: if you consistently find a winning product on on an account, the chance of you finding and winning products on that account is higher. but i also notiked that brand new accounts do much better than all the counter didn't perform, if that makes sense. so data doesn't really matter. so i don't really see any benefit with starting in one product store just because of that either. now, these are the things that really really stop me from wanting to do at one product store. if i'm doing one product store, i can't test any other products. um, i have general store. i can test 10 products if i want to, and i can put it in one store, put them all in one ad account and test all of them at the same time. and no, it does not affect your data. i know a lot of people ask me this question. does it affect my data? no, pixel is this? like people tok about seasoning their pixel and all that stuff, but it doesn't really matter. it's this little code. and even tik tac on instagram, facebook, all of them. they said that most of your data is kept inside the campaign, so it doesn't really affect the other campaign consistently, even if you have completely different niches. i've literally scaled three products, completely different niches- and like i'm toking about the opposite, like in the same store with no problem. like is it does not. they don't affect each other. so don't worry about all that stuff. if they are going to affect the pixel, if they're going to mix up to mess up the pixel, it does not happen. it doesn't work that way. another issue that i have in one product store is not being able to bundle with any products. no, like you can't te.

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How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

this is the exact method that we're using to create our six figure and seven figure drop shipping shopify store designs, and i've just created an example one for you guys, and you can see how beautiful this looks. we have the thumbnail for the youtube video on the website. you've got the drop down menus right there to give people more information without having it all bulky on your website. then you've got the side-by-side images going over more details of the product, and then you've got the button. if we keep scrolling back up, you can see how beautiful this website looks, and i'm going to be teaching you exactly how to do this in this video. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sannon is the ecom kingdom. in today's video, i'm gonna be teaching you step by step on how you can create a one product store that looks really branded and professional and that converts extremely well in 2022 and 2023.. this tutorial is going to be around about 30 to 50 minutes long. i'm not joking. it's going to be step by step so you can carry and follow along with your laptop or your computer if you want to create a shopify store that looks like mine. now i'm also going to be giving you guys copy and paste templates that you can use on your store for things like privacy policy, terms and condition and shipping and delivery, and as soon as we hit 2 000 likes, i'll leave it in the pin comment and in the description below. so if you've been somebody wondering how to design a shopify store that's going to convert really well and look really appealing, then i'm going to give you the exact formula right now that will work with every product that you choose, and you can also convert this into a niche store if you want to, and this has been proven to work for me for the last 12 months because i'm using it right now in some of my six figure and seven figure stores [Music]. so before we can start creating our one product shopify drop shipping store, we need to have a product in mind that comes with good photography and good information to make our life easier and to give us the best quality store. now, if you haven't already got a product in mind, you can use a website like pixarcom and head over to the winners section, and this is going to show you loads of wooden products in different industries, different niches, and it's also going to give you all the relevant information about these products. so, for example, let's say i like this product, i'd click details and then it would show me everything about the product. now this is gonna be my product choice in the video. so this is the product that i'm gonna be using to design the website about. it's called the cordless air duster and you can see it's gonna give me the description and i can use this for my website. it's gonna give me the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, the amazon link, and later in this video you're gonna understand why it's important to have the amazon link, the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, also other stores selling it so you can see how they've designed their store and take good things from their store and repurpose it for your store. but if you haven't already got a product or you haven't got good information, then i recommend you use peekster to help you get that. so once you've got your product in mind, you want to head over to the aliexpress link for your product. you can see this is my product. it's got a thousand orders, 4.8 star reviews. you only want to be going with a product that has got good reviews and has got good photography, because if you scroll down you can see this is the photography that's going to come with my product, because this is the imagery that i'm going to be using on my website. so if it's not good photography, or if it's not good imagery or they don't have good videos, then it's going to make your website look bad. a great extra bonus is if your supplier can give you a video of the products you can see here. i've also got a video of my product, and the reason why is because you're going to be using this video on your website after you've edited it to be suitable for your landing page. now, once you've done that, you want to download a chrome extension called ali save and that will give you the option to actually download all the images by clicking this little icon once you've downloaded the chrome extension, and it will also give you the option to download the video. if you've got the pro version- for one dollar- and i'm not sponsored by them at all- and for the images when you scroll down on the listing, you will either have to contact the supplier and ask them to send you them, or you'll just have to print screen them, because you can't actually right click these images and save them, and some of the images in the listing below is actually better than the main images in the actual product info. now, once you've done that step, you want to head over to this link here, which is my exclusive shopify 14 day free trial link, and by using this link, you'll get 14 days for free, and sometimes you can actually get even more than 14 days for free. it just depends when you use the link. now, once you've set up your shopify account and you've started your 14 day free trial, your screen should now look like mine, and you want to head over to the bottom here where it says apps, and you want to click on it, and then it should open up this page. now, once you've done that, you want to go to where it says recommended apps, and then it should pop up this page, and then you want to go to at the bottom where it says shopify app store, and you want to click that link. once you're on the shopify app store search bar, you want to search for these two apps. the first one is going to be called auto ds. now, what auto ds lets you do is it lets you import the product through aliexpress and loads of different other websites, like cj, drop shipping and loads of other ones, and it will also automatikally fulfill every single order for you once you get orders on your website. now, an alternative to this used to be oberlo. that was the really common one, but they shut down now. another alternative to auto ds is actually ds's. now, i think auto ds is better than ds's because it actually gives you the automatik fulfillment option and loads more features. the only downside to auto ds is it does have a 30 day free trial and once that's done, it will then be a paid subscription. now, if you do not want to do that, then you should use dss, because it is free forever as long as you're on the lowest tier. now, once you've downloaded the also ds up, you want to head back over to the aliexpress link for your product, like here, and it should say somewhere around here: import through auto ds. mine's not saying it because i've already done it, but you want to click that grey button and it will import it into your website. now, once you've done that, you want to head into the auto ds app by going back into shopify, clicking apps, then auto ds, and you want to go to where it says drafts, and where it says drafts, it should show you the product that you've just imported and you want. you want to click the import button. after a few minutes it should show the product in the product section here as a live product on your website. now the best way to double check that this is actually worked is by going to where it says products in the shopify dashboard and making sure the product shows up under active now. as long as your product shows up here, then it has worked. so now we've got all that out the way. we can move on to the fun part of this video, which is creating the shopify store right now. so you want to head over to the shopify dashboard, go to where it says online store and then it should take you to a section that looks like this and it should have the dawn theme as the current theme. then you want to scroll down to where it says popular free themes and you want to go to where it says the refresh theme- this one right here- and you want to click the add button after a few minutes. after you've done that, it should now show it und.

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

having a bad website will kill your chances of success on shopify, even if you have the best products and ads. it's so much harder to see results with a low quality store. so in this video, i'll be sharing the exact store template that i'm using right now to generate over a hundred thousand dollars a month, and i'll be showing you, step by step, exactly how to easily build one for yourself. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my ecommerce brand with as much transparency as possible. so if you're interested in starting your own online business, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. also just want to say thank you guys so much for 50 000 subscribers. so to give back to you guys, i'm gonna do something that i usually don't do. i'm gonna give away a free one-on-one coaching call to one of you. to enter the giveaway, just drop a comment down below, follow me on instagram and dm me. when you're done, i'll be announcing the winner for this next friday. anyways, let's get started with the video. first things first. here are some live results that i'm getting with this exact template. so, as you can see halfway through the day, i've already done over 2500 in sales and if we look at yesterday's stats, you can see that this store is averaging around five thousand dollars a day. everybody is always asking about profit, so let's take a look. yesterday i did around fifteen hundred dollars in profit and today, so far, halfway through the day, i'm at around in profit, which is close to 30 daily margin. i'm not showing this to brag, but just to prove that this layout is working. today, i figured the best way to explain this would be to make a sample store that follows this exact template, so that's what i did. let's have a look at that sample store. so this is a store that i created in the home and garden niche- the type of stores that i like to build to test products look just like this. basically, we're building a nice, clean, branded store with good logo, good images, multiple collections inside of that niche, high quality products and images and, overall, a trustworthy and legitimate feel. i get dms every single day of people asking me: why am i struggling to see results? and then i look at their store and it looks like this: if you take the time to make a nice, clean, branded website, seeing success with ecommerce is going to be so much easier. this kind of store is perfect for testing products because it is branded, it has a trustworthy feel, but it's also broad enough that you can test a variety of products without being too constrained. i like to call this kind of store a hybrid store. it basically bridges the gap between a general and niche store. building a store like this is really not that difficult, so i'm gonna break down how to do it right now. the first thing that you're gonna need to come up with is a clean name and logo. to come up with names, i highly recommend you guys check out this tool called lean domain search. basically, you can take any word or phrase that you like and plug it into here and they're gonna show you websites that are ready to go that have this word inside of it. so in my case, i used the word flora because it fit perfectly for the home and garden space, and i scrolled and scrolled until i found the name flora flow, which i really like. all of the names on this website are available to purchase for the com domain right away, so i would take some time and try to come up with at least five phrases that would fit with your branding. so now that you've come up with a name, you need to create a logo now. i know graphic design might be intimidating to a lot of you, but nowadays there are a ton of tools that make it incredibly simple. one of my favorite tools to do this is actually called canva. canva has a bunch of these logo templates already built into the app, and it's actually what i use to build the flora flow logo. you can literally scroll through their library and find a clean logo for your brand in seconds and know this video is not sponsored by them. i just really like their product. so, as you can see, the template that i use for the floraflow logo is right here. i literally typed in flower. i looked at the options, i found this one and i just simply typed in the logo name and then i made it a little bigger, centered it in the middle and i deleted the bottom and i made a logo for the brand in 10 seconds. now, look, it's going to take you longer than 10 seconds and you shouldn't rush the process, but i would highly advise you guys. use that tool to build your logo. i'm also a big fan of photoshop. for my brand that i'm running right now, i designed my logo in photoshop, but it's a lot more advanced and not very beginner friendly. once you've got a name and a logo, the next step is to build out a nice home page for your store. now, when you're running ads to this store, typically you're going to send people to the product pages. yeah, you might have a cool product, you might have a cool product page, but if your customer starts browsing around your website and they get a weird vibe, they're not going to spend money with you and even if they do, the chances of them remembering your brand and buying again are so slim. so this is the exact layout that i use for all of my home pages. let's break it down. there are a ton of themes to use on shopify and it can kind of be overwhelming. this store is actually built on the impulse theme, which is by far one of my favorite paid themes, and if you're looking for a good free theme, i recommend that you guys check out debutify. i've used both of them and personally i like impulse a little better, but if you're on a low budget, debutify is an amazing option. first things first. we need a nice and clean header. try to come up with something creative that introduces the people to your brand in a very inviting way. now i could have easily wrote the best products for your home and garden, but i think it's much better to put something that has a little bit more flair and life to it. so in this example, i put stylus essentials for the modern home designed to elevate your lifestyle. if you're struggling with copywriting, just go look at some of the biggest brands out there. in terms of this image and all the images on the site, shopify actually provides a bunch of really sick free images and a lot of people don't know about this. so if you go down to image and you click on change and you go to free images, you can search up almost anything. so in my case, i searched up flower and you'll see that shopify has a bunch of these really nice high quality images that they're constantly updating almost every single week, and they're really fire. the next thing i do is typically put one of our collections on display. in this case it's the best sellers, because those are my favorite products on the store, so i wanted to put those front and center and when they click on it, you're gonna see that these are our top selling products and a nice, clean, organized page. we also give them an offer with up to fifty 50 off on the select products, and it's just something that gives them some incentive to click and start shopping. the next thing that i really like to do is show some type of mission statement for the brand. i think that this really helps your customers connect with you and feel like they're a part of something greater than just buying a product. so you can see, what i put here is that we want to help over 10 000 people create their dream environment through providing our own unique products worldwide. now, this is going to be different for everybody, so make sure that you come with something unique for your brand. and once again, i just took the image directly from shopify. now, the next thing that i threw in here: it was just a promotion. you don't need to have this, but i included it because i thought it looked nice, so you can just see it's 50 off of our spring and summer collection. and then i just put a little blurb about stay at home and stay at peace with these essentials t.

How To Handle Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers [Shopify]

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