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how to make a profitable website using dropshipping

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

so if you're anything like me you,probably clicked on this video because,you're looking for a brand new way to,build sustainable passive income online,from the comfort of your own home,without any fancy degree prior,experience special talents handouts or,einstein level iq and whether that's the,case or whether you're just interested,in learning about new ways that people,of any age are working from home in,front of their computer to make crazy,amounts of money online i got you so,look dropshipping has taken off over the,past couple years and i get it with all,the new gurus swirling around online and,social media and friends and family,toking about it it can be difficult to,get your hands on the right information,it can all seem so overwhelming and,ultimately the easiest thing for you to,do is to convince yourself that the,business model is too competitive,saturated or dead and not give it the,fair shot that it deserves and that is,exactly why i created this video right,here to break down an easy step-by-step,guide into this brand new business model,and take your first few steps into the,online world of creating a business that,is passive sustainable and can generate,you income for years to come from the,comfort of your own home and look i get,it why should you listen to me over some,other 21 year old kid making videos in,front of his laptop at home my answer to,that is over the past three years i've,generated over seven million dollars in,online sales with e-commerce created a,life of financial freedom and,generational wealth for myself through,the skills that i've built up all,starting with drop shipping and my goal,is to provide you with real no,information with the utmost transparency,without trying to shove a paid video,course right down your throat,so i just want to say thank you so much,for clicking on this video and,congratulations for taking your first,few steps into the crazy world of making,money online but most importantly grab a,pen and paper as you watch this video,because at the end of this video it'll,be time for you to take some serious,action and i want you to be prepared so,strap in clear out a little workspace,for yourself and go ahead and smash that,like button so i can help impact more,people with this real no guide,to getting started with drop shipping in,2022. and just before we jump into the,value of this video i do want to,announce the weekly giveaway remember,all you have to do is go ahead and smash,that like button comment something,insightful down below and make sure you,subscribe to the channel the winner will,be announced for a custom built drop,shipping store built by me and my team,and outright ecom in my next week's,video let's get straight into this all,right so first things first load up your,computer go over to google and type in,shopify.com or hit the link in my,description if you guys want an extended,free trial click on shopify and click,start free trial,go ahead and type in your email and,create a password i recommend creating a,brand new gmail account as it is easier,to keep all your business stuff in one,place instead of cluttering it in with,your personal emails,and create your store name and honestly,this part doesn't really matter because,you can always go back and change the,name and purchase a new domain name,later so for now i'm just going to call,this nathan's first store not actually,my first store but that's what we're,calling it shopify is going to go ahead,and ask you a few questions whether,you're just starting out or if you're,already selling,what you can do is just go ahead and,skip this entire part as it's not super,necessary in the beginning and you don't,really need to answer those questions,however you do need to put in your,country and then hit enter my store so,if you made it to this part you actually,made it farther than 99 of people who,say they're gonna start an online,business you now have your own dashboard,and storefront with shopify so the home,page here is basically gonna prompt you,to complete a bunch of steps in order to,get your store up and running next thing,we have an orders tab over here which is,gonna track and manage all the orders,that are gonna be coming through later,the next one we have products where,you're gonna be managing the different,products and inventory that you have the,customer tab where you're gonna control,everything that's customer related in,one single place,analytiks where you're going to see the,daily view you know how much you're,making your average order value,conversion rates all that important,stuff a marketing channel we're going to,keep track of all the different ways,your marketing on your store discount,codes if you want to make unique,discount codes for certain people to,shop and lastly but most importantly the,online store sales channel itself where,you're gonna be creating the website,choosing the theme adding blog posts if,that's what you want creating other,pages like a contact us and a track your,order page making the navigation menus,and the footer menus different,preferences about your store and just,before we jump into actually building a,store i do want to run you through just,the most important things that you,should fix up on your settings so the,first thing over here in store details,you want to change the currency to usd,i mean,90 of my customers i would say come from,the united states and if you're on the,same boat i would recommend having your,currency set to usd,[Music],and just go ahead and click save,besides that you can start to fill out,your billing information so they can,bill you eventually when you get off of,the free trial you can start to set up,staff accounts if you're working on this,business with somebody else you can,start to set up your bank account so,that they can actually pay you when you,make orders and beyond that there's not,a whole lot that we need to do in the,very beginning in the settings so now,it's time to find our first product so,that we can actually start making some,sales,down here you'll notike this section,called apps you just want to come over,here and click add apps it'll take you,straight to the shopify app store if you,click the link at the bottom and this is,where you want to be to go ahead and get,an app that allows you to import a,product in one click now oberlo was a,big app that allowed you to do this,before i'm not even too sure it's still,on the shopify app store no it's not in,fact it's been completely removed and,this is the best way for beginners to,get started was to use oberlo and one,click add a product from aliexpress to,their store but with oberlo gone we need,an alternative and deezers is actually,partnered with overload to kind of pick,up and take over where oberlo left off,but good news for you is that deezers is,actually a whole lot more complete and,allows you to automate so many more,tasks that oberlo just didn't have the,functionalities for the first thing you,want to do is go ahead and click on this,app and then just click add app and it's,going to give you again a 14 day free,trial so you don't have to spend any,money out of your pocket go ahead and,click install app,and then it's going to prompt you to a,page where you need to create an account,for yourself,now don't get scared away by the 499 per,month enterprise plan as all we need,right now is the basic free plan and,just go ahead and click get started the,next thing is that we need to go ahead,and link deezers to aliexpress so if you,just click this logo right here it's,going to take us right through to,aliexpress and ideally you want to,already have an account set up if you,don't it's super quick and easy to make,an account on aliexpress,just click authorize and then you're,going to get this little support bot and,obviously what we want to do at this,point is start importing products and,figuring out which products we want to,sell on our store it's going to take you,through a really quick guide but i don't,real

How to Create a Dropshipping Website with WordPress | Dropshipping Business Setup for Beginners

hi guys today we are going to see how,you can create a Drop Shipping website,with WordPress let's say you want to,start a Drop Shipping business where you,can sell products from other,manufacturers or sellers instead of your,own products you can do that by watching,this video so after watching this video,you will be able to create a Drop,Shipping website like this where you can,display your products on your site,and your customers will be able to,purchase those products so instead of,selling your own products we'll see how,you can get products from other sellers,who are already selling their products,and once we get their products we'll see,how you can sell them on your site for a,higher price so for example let's say,you get a product from a seller for ten,dollars and you can sell the same,product for 12 on your site so the,external amount will be a profit for you,so anyone is visiting your site will be,able to purchase this product and once,the customer purchases the product,we will be able to receive the email,with your details like this,and once you receive an order instead of,delivering the product by yourself we'll,see how you can pass this order to the,supplier who sells the product,and pay them the actual amount they,charge for the product,so now the seller will deliver the,product to your customer,and you can keep the extra amount that,you charge for the product as a profit,for making the sale,this means you don't need to keep any,products in stok as you're not,delivering the products to your,customers,next we will also see how you can notify,your customers about the tracking,details of the orders and then finally,we will see how you can customize your,site to any style you want just by using,drag and drop,so this way you can start your own,dropshipping site with less investment,and get profits for each sale okay now,this video is not sponsored but it is,supported by those of you who have,purchased our courses and a super fast,web hosting on webspace kit you can,learn more about these by clicking the,links in the description and get a 40,off coupon,so I'm brand for website Learners and,let's start creating a Drop Shipping,website using WordPress now if you want,to start a Drop Shipping business in,India you can watch this video,so to create a Drop Shipping site we are,going to do five parts the first part is,to pick a topic for your website now,choosing a topic is very important for,your dropshipping site as it helps your,site to stand out let's say you're,selling mobile phone accessories on your,site,and when someone views your product and,purchases it they will know you're,selling accessories for mobile phones,and for other gadgets this will help,your customers to remember your site,easily and encourage your customers to,return to your site and they might also,recommend your site to other people,so it is recommended to have a specific,topic for your website instead of,selling random products,now if you're selling different products,on your site it becomes harder to keep,track of all the products that you're,selling and to check the quality of the,products this also makes the site less,trustworthy so pick a niche for your,site and sell only the products that are,related to it so to make it easier for,you to choose a topic for your website,we've made a list of popular topics for,you so just click the link below this,video,and it'll take you to this page now to,see the list of sample topics just,scroll down and click here,and you can see we have a lot of,different topics which you can choose,from,so for this video I am going to choose,this one as my topic which is bags,once you've selected your website's,topic we can now go to part two of this,tutorial which is to find the products,that you want to sell,now I'm going to drop ship the products,from a website called AliExpress if,you're from India you can watch this,video as AliExpress is not available in,India so to find the products we are,going to do two steps the first step is,to create an account on AliExpress so to,create it let's close this,open this,then click the first tool which is,Aliexpress,and it will take you to this page,here fill up these details,and click create account,so now we are supposedly created our,account on AliExpress,once you have created your account we,can now go to step two which is to find,products later to your topic,so to find their products let's click,here,now here search for the topic you have,selected I am going to search for office,bags,and you can see we have got different,types of office bags now here you can,select from which country you want to,ship the products I want to ship my,products from Spain,so let's click here,and select Spain,in the same way you can select any,country from where you want to ship the,products next here you can select the,country to where you want to sell the,products now I want to sell the products,in the US so I am going to let it as,United States once you have done this,you'll get a list of products that are,shipped from Spain to United States,this way you can make sure to get only,the products that can be shipped to the,place you are planning to sell next we,need to find good products that can be,sold on our site so to find a good,product we need to check a few details,about the product so first just scroll,down,and look for the product that has high,sales performance as you can see here,this product has top rated sales,performance so let's click analyze,and you can see this product has Excel,and Logistiks once you have checked this,next we need to check the product,details and the customer reviews,so let's go back here,click on the product,now here take a look at the product,and the product description,and then check the customer reviews,as you can see the customer review looks,good,once you're satisfied with the product,next we need to check the seller's,review as the supplier is the one who,will be shipping the products directly,to our customers we need to find the,best seller for us so this is the last,and important thing that we need to,check as you can see here the seller's,review is good,so once you have checked all the details,and if you're satisfied with the product,and willing to sell it,just click here to add the product to,your wishlist,in the same way check as many products,as you want to sell and add them to your,wish list,so now you know how to find products,that you want to sell once you have got,the list of products which you want to,sell how will you sell these products or,where will you sell these products so to,sell these products we need to create a,Drop Shipping site so next let's go to,part three uses tutorial which is to,launch a dropshipping website on the,internet,once you launch your website your site,will be live on the internet and can be,accessed by anyone now we are going to,launch a site using webspace kit,webspace kit is a super fast WordPress,hosting designed by website learners but,why choose web space get over other,providers we purchase hosting from every,popular hosting provider on the market,right now and hosted the same website on,each host after testing each of these,websites we could see that wsk had the,fastest load time compared to all the,other hosting providers and this,provides SEO benefits as well so that,your website will have better chance of,ranking on Google you can see the full,comparison video here,and that's why we recommend wsk,so to launch our site we are going to do,two steps the first step is to pick a,name for your website this will be the,domain name of your website which people,will have to enter to visit your site,for example if you want to visit YouTube,you go to youtube.com and google.com to,visit Google so similarly to choose your,own domain name,let's go back here,now close this,and click here,and then click get hosting,now just enter the name you want for,your website here,now you can choose any name based on the,topic that you selected,as I have selected

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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can,be overwhelming with so many different,steps and strategies it's hard to even,know where to start so in this video i'm,going to share my exact strategy for,starting a new drop shipping store from,scratch and in the last couple months,i've built a new store with this,strategy and that store has already done,close to 900 000,in sales so if i had to start over today,this is exactly what i would do if,you're new here my name is jordan and,i'm currently documenting the entire,process of growing my online business,with as much transparency as possible so,that i can lead by example and help you,start your own online business this year,so if you're interested in starting your,own online store and you want to follow,my journey make sure to subscribe for,new videos every single friday all right,let's get started firstly i want to show,you some live results that i'm getting,with this exact strategy so it's around,halfway through the day and i've already,generated around 3 800 in sales on this,store the profit margin is pretty good,as well i've done almost fifteen hundred,dollars in profit which is almost a,forty percent profit margin and if we,take a look at yesterday's stats you can,see i sold around sixty seven hundred,dollars and made around eighteen hundred,dollars in profit i just wanted to prove,to you that this is working right now so,you know it's worth your time to watch,this whole video so there are four main,things that go into building a,successful drop shipping store the first,one is your product the second one is,your store the third is your marketing,and how you get customers and the fourth,is running your business and shipping,out your orders now i'm gonna break down,each of these one by one as simple as,possible so let's get started with,products so without a winning product,it's pretty much impossible to have,success with drop shipping thankfully,there are a ton of products out there,that you can sell every single week new,winning products pop up so the,opportunities are always fresh there's,really only three things that i look for,when determining if a product is a,winning product the first thing is if,the product has been recently trending,on facebook and instagram what i mean by,trending is that there is a ad that is,getting a ton of views shares comments,and likes and people are going crazy for,the product this is a great sign that,you can make money off of this product,because people are already interested in,it as long as you do something a little,bit better than the person that's,already selling it you can swoop right,in compete with them and make money,selling that same product this is,exactly what i've done for every single,one of my winning products and it's,worked time and time again the next,thing i look for is mass appeal my,favorite type of products are the ones,that can be sold to the masses i don't,love the extremely narrowed down,products that only apply to a small set,of people yes they will buy the product,but if we ever want to scale and build,something big we need something that we,can sell to almost everybody it's okay,if it's a little narrow like it's only,for women or it's only for men but the,broader the better the last thing i look,for is good profit margins what i,consider to be good profit margins is,being able to sell the product for three,times the cost it takes to ship it out,to the customer so if the product costs,you around 10 to send it to your,customer you want to be able to sell it,for at least 30 and that's pretty much,all i look for in a winning product let,me show you a live example of exactly,what i'm toking about okay so this,product is an absolute banger basically,it is a garden privacy fence that you,set up in your backyard as you can see,this product was launched on march 8th,of this year and they've already got,over 70 000 likes on this post if you,check out the comments people are going,crazy for this they love it they really,enjoy the product but the people that,are selling it aren't doing a good job,and if we look at their video it's not,really that good and then if we go to,their website it's the same thing it's,really not that good this product has,great profit margins as well you can see,that it cost around four dollars on the,low end to ship to a customer and,they're selling it for anywhere from,1999 all the way up to almost a hundred,dollars per sale so if you came in and,made a slightly better video a slightly,better website you could clean up off of,this product and make a ton of money so,like i said that product is an absolute,banger and a perfect example of a,winning product now how do you find,these products the tried and true method,that i've been using for years is simply,just looking on your facebook and,instagram feed every single day you're,going to get targeted with ads for drop,shipping products eventually and every,time you get targeted with one of these,ads you need to show facebook that,you're interested so you want to go to,the ad you want to like you want to,comment you want to go to the website,you want to click add to cart and show,facebook that you're trying to buy stuff,like this so they will start,recommending you more products and your,feed is just going to become the best,product research tool that you have,that's my favorite method but i also,created a tool that automates this,process so if you want to check that out,click the link down below alright so,step number one is finding a product,that fits this criteria so once you've,got that product now you've got to build,a store now there are a couple different,types of stores that you could build you,could build a general store which is a,store that has a bunch of random,products all around it you could build a,one product store which is a store that,only focuses on selling one main product,or you can build a hybrid store which is,what i recommend building a hybrid store,combines the benefit of a one product,store and a general store with a general,store you have freedom to test a bunch,of products and with a one product store,you're limited but you're gonna have a,higher conversion rate and people are,gonna trust you much more than a general,store with a hybrid store you're,creating the same branded feel that a,one product store would have but with,the freedom to test a bunch of products,i think it's better if i just show you,an example so this is a sample store,that i created that would actually be,perfect for the product i just showed,you the store is called flora flow as,you can see it's pretty much focused,entirely on home and garden based,products it has a nice branded design it,has a good logo it's easy to browse and,shop around and overall it feels like a,trustworthy site i recently made a video,on exactly how i built this store so,after you watch this one feel free to,check that out the one tip i will give,in this video is to model your store off,of what's already working this is not,some brand new design i came up with i,just put my own little twist on what was,already working you don't have to,reinvent the wheel you just have to take,what's working and add a little bit of,your own sauce to it so i would advise,taking your product building a store,like this and filling it up with,products that are similar to the one,you're selling here's another really,good example of a hybrid store this one,is called arctik shirt and as you can,see they sell a bunch of home decor,products as well they have the moon lamp,this kitchen set they have bedding they,have all types of products but the store,is really nice branded and feels,extremely trustworthy in my opinion this,is the best approach for beginners so,give it a try next up you need to get,some traffic and customers to your,website personally my favorite method,for starting with a new store is,facebook ads it does cost a little bit,of money to run ads on facebook so i,recommend that you have at least a,couple hundred dollars

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$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

this is exactly how i made sixteen,thousand dollars my first month online,i'm gonna be going over exactly how i,was making thousands of dollars in my,first month online as a total beginner,through a method you might know of which,is shopify drop shipping so make sure,you guys leave a like and subscribe to,this channel and let's get into how i,did it so if you have no idea what,shopify drop shipping is you essentially,create an online website you add,products to your store and then,advertise your store and eventually make,tons of money in the process and so,during this time i was 17 years old and,i was scrolling on tiktok i found out,people were literally posting tiktoks,about their products and they were,getting millions of views which would,end up getting them thousands of dollars,in sales and honestly after seeing so,many people get rich off of tiktok,drop shipping i knew i had to hop on the,wave i stumbled across this tiktok,page called my soul lift and this guy's,second video on tiktok got 36 million,views and pretty much what he was,selling were these soul lifts that you,put in your shoes to make you look,taller and me being five eight i'm a lot,shorter than most of my friends that are,six foot six foot three and you know if,you're short like five five or five six,compared to other guys you're going to,feel insecure so i knew there was a,market for this product a lot of shorter,guys would want this product especially,if they're gonna go on dates go to prom,or whatever it is i see a lot of short,people actually buying this product and,i knew i had to do the same exact thing,he was doing because clearly he was,getting a lot of views and he was,getting a lot of followers during this,tiktok now this guy was selling this,product for 20 but i knew there was drop,shipping suppliers like zen dropper,alibaba and i knew i could get this,product for way cheaper from those,platforms and since i knew i could get,this product for way cheaper it was time,to create my own website and start,selling this product so i could start,making some money now the first thing,you want to do once you found your,product is you want to go on shopify.com,and create your 14 day free trial and,once you created your free trial you can,use either xendrop or oberlo to import,the products you found for way cheaper,and start customizing your store now my,number one advice for every single,person that's creating a shopify store,is take inspiration from people that are,already selling your product and in my,case this guy's soul lift website is,very very simple you do not want to over,complicate your website you want to have,no more than three main colors as this,example he's using red black and white,nothing else you don't want to have 10,different colors on your website makes,it really hard for a customer to,concentrate on what your brand is really,about you don't want to have long,descriptions you want to have videos and,gifts in your product descriptions,customers are not there to read,descriptions they're there to look at,what the product is doing and you don't,want to bore them out with long,descriptions and paragraphs because at,the end of the day you want them to,check out you don't want them to keep,reading and get bored of your website,and if you guys are looking for a,complete tutorial on how to start a drop,shipping store and create a website from,scratch i'll go ahead and link up a,really good tutorial up here so make,sure you guys watch that if you don't,know what you're doing and now let's get,into the part on where we advertise this,product so when it comes to marketing,the product you want to go ahead and,make two social media pages and the most,important platforms in my opinion when,you start off are tik-tok and,instagram other platforms like facebook,pinterest and youtube come later after,you start making some money but,definitely focus on those two in the,beginning if we go ahead and look at,this guy's instagram page it's very very,simple you know you don't want to go,crazy and buy a lot of followers on,instagram you can honestly buy 500,followers on buzzoid it's a very cheap,website to buy instagram followers just,to give you some credibility on tiktok,you do not want to buy followers because,it is going to affect the algorithm but,instagram go ahead and buy 500 followers,just for that boost of credibility and,when it comes to building the website,when it comes to creating the social,media pages just want to take,inspiration from your competitors and,people who are already making money and,getting views from your product and see,how the descriptions are how their,profile picture is and just take,inspiration because you want to do,what's already working and that's the,best way you're going to start making,money especially when it comes to drop,shipping so once you found your product,you created the website you started your,social media pages it's now time to,order the product so you can actually,start making tiktoks off of it tik,tok icon they,say what are the what are the numbers,now the one thing i do recommend is,order your product from amazon you can,literally look up the same exact product,you can get an unbranded one with no,logo on amazon so you can actually start,making videos off of it and amazon prime,it so it comes in one to two days so,once your product arrives you can,finally start making tiktoks finally,and the way you want to do it is,recreate their viral tiktoks and you,want to keep doing it every single day,and be consistent no it doesn't matter,if you post three of the same videos,that went viral because with tiktok,it's all about making sure you know,you're doing something that's already,working and that's already went viral,don't try to make original ideas and,make your own tiktoks for the first,few weeks of testing a product want to,recreate viral videos exactly how they,work the only thing you have to do when,recreating a viral video is try to have,better lighting try to have better,quality but other than that recreate the,video exactly how you saw it because if,it got millions of views you don't want,to change up anything whether it was the,background or anything like that you,want to recreate the video exactly how,you saw it so once you start posting on,tiktok i recommend posting three,times a day every single day the times,that work for me around 3 p.m to 5 p.m,eastern obviously everyone is different,you have to test out different times,those are what worked for me do not miss,a single day of posting because if you,miss a day you can really screw up the,algorithm so definitely i don't,recommend doing that now if you're in a,different country you're not in the u.s,you know if you're in europe or italy or,anywhere like that try to recreate those,tiktoks but just do them in your own,language because you don't have to try,and get to a u.s algorithm you can,literally try and get in your country's,algorithm and trying to see if that,works but once you're making those tik,toks you know you're testing the,product repost everything on instagram,reels and be consistent on instagram and,be consistent on tiktok and you have,to make sure you're doing this every,single day to see if the product is,gonna make you a lot of money now,remember you can't have a link in the,bio of your tiktok page until you,have a thousand followers so that first,week you have to be trying to get a,viral video and push out your content,and that will eventually get you a,thousand followers if the first few,weeks you can't get a thousand followers,then you have to look at your product or,the content you're making because one of,the things you're doing wrong and,getting a thousand followers is not that,hard if you have a good product and if,you're recreating viral content and guys,this is truly the five step process on,how i was able to make thousands of,dollars my first month online without,spending any money on ads in terms of,drop shipping this is very very doable,especially i

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

you know what despite the several,successful dropshipping case studies on,this channel i still occasionally get,people leaving comments like drop,shipping is dead if it was ever properly,alive to begin with increasing e packet,rate it literally kills drop shipping,it's too late for this business,most businesses fail i will never waste,my time and money trying to start a,business ever again and if you're smart,you'll do the same thing,hmm yeah well okay obviously i strongly,disagree with those comments because,here's the thing a lot of people will,say things like drop shipping is dead or,it's too late or businesses don't work,and the reason why they're saying these,things is because they are making,several assumptions that are all wrong,and so if you are looking to start a,store it's crucial then that you,understand what these assumptions are,before you start drop shipping so that,unlike these people your store can be,successful because no it is not too late,one people won't buy from you they'll,just buy from amazon instead but wait,sarah you ask why would anyone buy,products from me if they can buy,products directly from amazon themselves,now it is absolutely true that if you,head on over to amazon that you will,find lots of products that can be,purchased directly from aliexpress,sitting on amazon's digital shelf as,well and of course if customers were to,purchase your products on amazon they,would then get to take advantage of,their prime two-day shipping so how on,earth could drop shippers successfully,dropship these guitar coffee spoons with,two to three week shipping via china's,cheapest fastest shipping option a,packet when a customer could come and,buy them on amazon with two-day shipping,i mean come on sarah just think about it,amazon is only growing in q3 2019 their,product sales were up over 17,from the same time in 2018. won't amazon,steal away all of our sales,no,no they will not you see here's the,thing there is some truth to these,comments amazon is arguably the better,deal for usa citizens it is better for,the consumer to purchase the products on,amazon so if they figure out that the,product that you are selling them is,indeed on amazon for purchase you can,bet that amazon will take that sale away,from you but you know what we literally,don't care and you know what drop,shippers never have the sorts of people,who see a product and decide that,they're going to research the absolute,best deal for it were never our,customers in the first place nope it's,the 44 of people that impulsively,purchase products online that we are,targeting and of course as shown by how,millennials are even more prone to,impulsive purchases with 80 of them,impulsively buying products the overall,percentage of impulse e-commerce,purchases for us to target as drop,shippers is only growing and growing you,see successful drop shipping stores are,built around that target customer the,type of customer that enjoys impulsively,purchasing products it also means that,the successful drop shipping stores are,usually built around selling products,that spike an emotion in a customer that,makes them think i need to buy this,right now it's why this aliexpress dog,caller has made hundreds of thousands of,dollars,the advertising dropshippers used spike,fear and dog owners pointing out how,many dogs dying in car accidents each,year from not being seen that is why,when recently i saw this comment from,this viewer asking why their online,store wasn't successful i pretty much,instantly knew that the store would be,selling extremely boring products and lo,and behold i was right now of course,this is actually a print on demand store,not a drop shipping store but the exact,same principle applies why would,somebody want to buy this hoodie when,they can go to amazon and find cheaper,hoodies and shirts with inspirational,messages on there because here is the,reality typing vision in a plain white,circle is not exciting so let's compare,this hoodie to this hoodie what is the,difference between the two well the,difference is that one hoodie is very,boring and the other is extremely,interesting unique and unlike anything,people are likely to have seen before,which is why this hoodie's facebook,advertising campaign made so much money,for the successful aliexpress,dropshipping store freaky pet and of,course if you're ever wondering this,exact same answer applies to the people,that ask the question why would,customers not go directly to aliexpress,themselves well again it's because good,aliexpress drop shippers sell products,that trigger emotions on people and get,them to impulsively buy their products,so that they never even think to go,check if a product is on aliexpress,because they see and go that's so,amazing i must buy one now and by the,way if you've learned something from,this video and you would like to learn,even more about starting a successful,drop shipping store then be sure to,subscribe and click that little,notification bell next to it so that you,don't miss out on any of our videos two,dropshipping is a scam i just want to,quickly address this because these,comments are really dumb you know you,might have notiked that earlier in this,video i freely admitted that it would be,a fast superior financial choice for a,customer to buy this hoodie on amazon,with two day shipping for a fraction of,the price compared to what they would,pay for it on freaky pet and so what do,people say to that oh the customer can,get it cheaper elsewhere quicker that,makes your store a scam nope it does not,number one if it weren't for your,facebook ad the customer would never,have known about that product that they,really enjoyed getting in the first,place people really love this hoodie and,we're really grateful that it was,advertised to them and they bought it,you had to pay for that advertising to,do that which you pass on to the,customer amazon doesn't advertise,products customers have to find them,themselves and number two as an,entrepreneur you are in no way obligated,to offer your product for the lowest,price here are two coffee shops around,the corner from my apartment they are,across the road from each other i walked,into coffee shop a and bought my,favorite coffee a long black for three,dollars and yes i know that overseas the,phrase long black might conjure up some,different thoughts but here in new,zealand and over in australia too a long,black simply refers to pouring an,espresso shot over 100 to 120 mls of,boiling water to create a stronger,version of an americano with creamer,next i went into coffee shop b and again,order long black but this time it cost,four dollars completely different prices,for an extremely similar product and you,know what coffee shop a's three dollar,coffee was the best would you say that,coffee shop b is a scam for charging a,higher price for a worse version of this,coffee no you would not pricing is,entirely subjective and is actually,determined by the customer not you you,present the customer with the price and,it is up to them to decide if that price,is worth it or not and at the end of the,day if freaky pet are able to create a,marketing campaign that gets people to,purchase their hoodie for a higher price,while being entirely upfront about the,shipping times then they 100,deserve that sale 3. drop shipping is,saturated perhaps the most bizarre of,all the claims is that drop shipping is,dead and it's over since well it's,saturated and the truth is when i see,comments like this it blows my mind,because this comment literally makes no,sense here is what market saturation,literally is it's when a product has,been maximized in a market in other,words when all of the people who would,want that product have bought it already,and here is what drop shipping is drop,shipping is when a customer buys a,product that you've listed in your store,for a markup price when they do you go,to the manufacturer and you purchase,that one product for the wholesale price,and then have the

Buy A Profitable Website For $114? Crazy Flippa Profit Hack :)

flippa,search online businesses for sale what,1500 bucks,117,200,these are pretty cheap i wonder if they,make any money or get any traffic,negative 800 a month and they're asking,20 grand get out of here i don't know,why you'd buy a business that loses,money wait a minute what's that 21 000 a,month in revenue and they're only asking,yes ladies and gentlemen that is correct,today we are looking at the powerhouse,that is flippa where you can buy and,sell websites that make money are gonna,make money have apps have software and,full-blown businesses for pennies on the,dollar,sometimes sometimes it's more like,dollars on the penny and flippa was,founded in 2009 they've sold over 300,000 digital assets since then it has,over 3 million users and it boasts over,400 million dollars in sales,that works out to an average sale price,of just around 1300,now all of what i just said is going to,be very important because in this video,we are going to unlock the power of,flippa and show you exactly what's going,on even if you don't intend to buy a,business wait what this video is going,to be valuable even if i'm not buying a,business yeah even if i don't have any,money yeah because we're gonna show you,how to unlock the hidden secrets of the,flippa website to find profitable niches,business ideas domain names and more so,if you're excited smash a like button,and commit right now to watch this,entire video because i don't guarantee,things often but i guarantee that if you,watch this whole video you're gonna get,lots of aha moments that's gonna help,you learn how online business works so,that you can put some money,in your pocket,hopefully,you have bigger pockets are you ready,let's get started,[Music],so here is a list of 50 different sites,for sale on flippa that we analyzed just,for this video you could see here that,these range from a couple of bucks to,like 238 000,yeah just for one website and what we,did is organize all the data from,monthly profit to page views or traffic,how many keywords they rank for in,google the value of the traffic how much,organic traffic they're getting,according to the ahrefs keyword tool the,current price for the site on flippa and,whether it's an auction or a buy it now,kind of deal and you could see we,analyzed a ton of sites and we found,that the total monthly profit of these,50 sites was just a hair under 80 000 a,month total traffic was about 500 000,visitors they got over 172 000 keyword,rankings in google the ahrefs traffic,value,was actually right around half of what,the people were saying on flippa more,about that later the ahrefs traffic,again,right around the halfway mark of what,the listing says and if you were to add,up all the sales prices of these sites,you'd be out of pocket a cool million,bucks and to show you exactly how this,works i went ahead and dug into a domain,that already sold yes this is a website,that sold for 62 hundred dollars now we,could see according to the ahrefs,keyword tool a 50 million rank 1900,backlinks 807 referring domains over 750,keywords ranking in google 180 visitors,a month from that traffic and the total,traffic value is only 64 bucks that,means in order to make profit you need,to own this site for like 10 years i,don't know about you but i ain't got,that kind of time to make my money back,which is why i'm gonna show you these,four things right now number one how to,research private listings number two how,to find recent sales like i did here,using the spy method number three three,ways to value a site or business and,number four as a business owner a,website buyer a domain investor,what is it that i'm ultimately looking,for so i can make the most profit,possible and looking at that site that,sold for sixty two hundred dollars they,said it was making about four hundred,and fifty dollars which may or may not,be true this is an older listing and i'm,looking at stats from today but still we,need to pay close attention to this if,we want to make money because we could,see here this was about ice shavers,which may or may not be profitable we,need to look at the affiliate offers in,a little bit more detail and we could,see the keywords it ranks for are not,that great we have snow cone machine,which this one i could probably turn,into profit that might be,a reason to buy this domain but probably,not at 6 000 bucks because i could rank,for that one with any domain it's not,that competitive hint,what you just learned there is very,important to your ability to make money,keep watching to see where it fits in,commercial how to clean ice makers so,all kinds of stuff about snow cones and,snow cone makers and everything like,that but if you ain't got six grand to,spend on this site don't worry there's,other ways to get around this and i,probably personally wouldn't buy this,for six grand either and another little,tip for you i actually was able to find,this using the wayback machine that's,right you can go to web.archive.org,type any website you want and see what,it looked like back in time and this is,super helpful to my profit line because,if i can find a seller that's doing a,lot of this stuff like this guy here who,has 57 transactions totaling 151 000,i can actually go in and see what's sold,look it up and why now this is very,important because we could go through,and see this one sold for 2200. but if i,click here you're gonna get a 404 error,that says this listing doesn't exist,anymore however if i take the entire url,plug it in the wayback machine i can,actually click here and see what the,listing looked like back in february and,now i know that this site actually sold,for 2200.,and now it's time to do a little,snooping if i can take this image of the,website and find some specific things,that are going to stand out in google,and then google them i can probably,locate the site that sold boom there it,is damn my internet's pretty fast then i,could take that site put it into my,ahrefs keyword tool see what keywords it,ranks for and see if the website's worth,it and according to these results i,would have bought this for 2200 bucks,in a heartbeat but since it's not for,sale anymore now i know i can go find,internet speed test stuff,domains for speed tests or other,websites for sale and use this niche to,make a bunch of money,money,and what i want to do is pay close,attention to what's going on on these,sites see if there's some that match the,price model that works for me and if,there are i could pick them up and,resell them there are tons of people,that are on flipa that are buying sites,building them up reselling them for more,than they bought them for now we're,going to tok about this in a minute but,let's take a look at a couple others,here's one i found that was for the work,from home reviews type niche now i'm not,going to reveal the site but the traffic,wasn't that impressive i could see that,the ahrefs rank was about a million 3,900 backlinks and only about 2 700,keywords with about 2500 visitors a,month and the top keyword was all about,different reviews for different make,money products now the rankings are okay,i probably could build this up to do,really well but it's starting at twelve,thousand dollars there's a thirty two,thousand dollar reserve and the buy it,now is 130 grand i would probably do a,heck of a lot better with a lot less,money if i bought a domain at auction,and built it up myself and to learn more,about my auction methods check the links,in the description for those videos so,that one probably wouldn't be that great,of a buy for me i did find a site about,air purifiers that was making 62 dollars,a month which had an asking price of 3,000 and that actually matches a domain,that i found at auction that i got for,only 300,which i could probably get to do similar,rankings and this is actually a domain,that i bought as part of our high tiket,niche program where you could actually,go in and get the domain that i get we,build it for you we help you set it up,and then we help