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How to Make Better Decisions in 2021

Published on: December 12 2022 by Anton Kraly - Drop Ship Lifestyle

Making decisions is an inevitable part of our lives. Whether big or small, every decision we make has consequences that can shape our future. With the start of a new year, it's the perfect time to reassess our decision-making process and learn how to make better decisions in 2021. In this article, we'll explore some tips and tricks to help you make better decisions.

1. Define your goals and priorities:

- Write down your goals and priorities

- Evaluate each goal and priority based on its importance

- Use this evaluation to guide your decision-making process

2. Gather information:

- Do your research and gather all the information relevant to your decision

- Consider both pros and cons of each option

- Identify potential risks and benefits

3. Consider your options:

- Evaluate each option based on the information gathered

- Consider the impact of each option on your goals and priorities

- Narrow down your options to those that align with your goals and priorities

4. Seek advice:

- Seek advice from trusted sources, such as friends, family, or experts in the field

- Consider their opinions, but ultimately make your own decision

5. Take action:

- Once you've made your decision, take action

- Follow through on your decision and evaluate the results

- Learn from your mistakes and successes to improve your decision-making process in the future

Making better decisions is a process that takes time and effort. By defining your goals and priorities, gathering information, considering your options, seeking advice, and taking action, you can improve your decision-making skills and make better decisions in 2021. Remember, every decision you make has consequences, so choose wisely.

How to Make Better Decisions in 2021

Anton Kraley, founder of E-commerce Lifestyle, records a podcast episode after a coaching call to share his framework for making better business decisions. He notices that many new business owners focus on the wrong things and make poor decisions. Kraley emphasizes the importance of knowing your business's North Star, evaluating your choices based on data, and collaborating with others to make better decisions.

Framework for Making Better Decisions:

1. Know your North Star:

- Identify your significant goal in your business, whether it be quarterly or yearly.

- This will help you determine if the decisions you make will get you closer to your goal.

2. Evaluate your decisions:

- Determine if the decision will help you get closer to your North Star goal.

- Don't waste time on decisions that won't have a significant impact on your business.

3. Base decisions on data:

- Use data to make decisions, not just feelings.

- Combine data and gut instinct to make the best decisions.

4. Collaborate with others:

- Discuss decisions with others who may be affected by them.

- This can lead to better decisions and collaboration opportunities.

5. Keep a change log:

- Keep track of the decisions you make and their outcomes.

- This will help you learn from past experiences and make better decisions in the future.

Anton Kraley's framework for making better decisions involves knowing your North Star, evaluating choices based on data, collaborating with others, and keeping a change log. By following this framework, business owners can make better decisions that will help them reach their goals.

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