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How To Make Money Dropshipping With iPhone 13 Release

Published on: December 16 2022 by OnHOW

Are you excited for the upcoming release of the iPhone 13? Did you know that you can use this highly anticipated event to make money through dropshipping? In this article, we will discuss how to make money dropshipping with the iPhone 13 release.

1. Research the Market:

Before you start dropshipping, it is important to research the market to see what products are in demand. Use tools like Google Trends and Amazon to see what iPhone 13 accessories are popular. Some popular accessories include cases, screen protectors, and chargers.

2. Find a Reliable Supplier:

To succeed in dropshipping, it is important to find a reliable supplier who can provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. Some popular dropshipping suppliers for iPhone 13 accessories include AliExpress, Oberlo, and SaleHoo.

3. Create an Online Store:

Once you have found a reliable supplier, it is time to create an online store. You can use platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce to create your store. Make sure to choose a theme that fits the iPhone 13 aesthetic and showcases your products.

4. Marketing and Advertising:

To drive traffic to your online store, you will need to invest in marketing and advertising. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to create targeted ads. You can also collaborate with influencers to showcase your products to their followers.

5. Customer Service:

To ensure customer satisfaction, it is important to provide excellent customer service. This includes responding to inquiries promptly, providing accurate product information, and processing returns and refunds efficiently.

In conclusion, dropshipping with the iPhone 13 release can be a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. By researching the market, finding a reliable supplier, creating an online store, investing in marketing and advertising, and providing excellent customer service, you can successfully make money dropshipping with the iPhone 13 release.

How To Make Money Dropshipping With iPhone 13 Release

In this article, we will discuss a strategy for making quick money online by taking advantage of the timing and opportunity of a product release. Specifically, we will focus on the release of the iPhone 13 and how to capitalize on the demand for related products such as cases and skins.


- Start a Shopify store with a team for one product page, focusing on the iPhone 13 case.

- Add products from Amazon or AliExpress and design the store in advance of the release date.

- Once the iPhone 13 is released, be the first to advertise on platforms such as Facebook or Google AdWords to capture the attention of potential customers who are actively searching for related products.

- By being the first to market with a quality product, you can take advantage of the high demand and low supply to make a profit.

In summary, by understanding the timing and opportunity of a product release, you can position yourself to be the first to market and take advantage of the resulting demand. With a little preparation and the right strategy, you can make quick money online and capitalize on the latest trends in any market or product.

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