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how to make money facebook ads

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022 (For Beginners)

hey guys michael steele here in today's,video we're going to tok about the,multiple ways to make money with,facebook ads this year this is a full,guide and a complete tutorial,more with that after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike fizz here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it is the fastest and the easiest,way to make money online,but with that being said let's go over,the first step before you actually go,and start making money with facebook ads,you need to find out who all your,competitors are,so it's always a good knowledge to just,get all of their facebook pages up and,ready,and what you want to do once you have,like a list of 10 to 20 of your top,competitors of whatever space you want,to go into,you want to scroll down all the way down,here and see this thing called page,transparency,we want to do is click on see all and,scroll down and then just type in go to,ad library,now what happens is you will now see all,of the ads that they are currently,running right now with facebook ads,so you're probably wondering what do i,need to do now well now,you need to go and create a separate,email be it like,your name facebook ad testing at,gmail.com,and what you need to do is start logging,in,and seeing all of the different things,that they are currently selling right,now,how are they selling what are their,email marketings like what is their,sales pages like,what is being sold at the back end you,want to go down here,put your email address in you want to go,down here put your email address in,why is this the case well let me put it,this way if they're spending money,on 590 ads they're not idiots okay,they're not going to keep on spending,money if it's not making them money,right so meaning if they're spending,money right now and if i scroll down to,here they've been spending,money on this since november 9 2020.,odds are this funnel or this sales,process,is making them money so if it's making,the money as you can see it's like this,insider,cheat sheet secret black book right and,same thing here,11 steps to make facebook ads at work if,they've been,running it and spending money since,november 2020 do you think,that they're still making money from it,like think about a company's,only goal and focus is to make a profit,so it could pay for the salary,of the employees and the override costs,the only reason why they're spending,money on these ads is because they know,that they're actually making money and,working,right so as an entrepreneur or someone,that wants to make money with facebook,ads,would it make sense to go into a realm,where you have no idea what it is,how to make money with it or how to,actually succeed with this at scale,or would it make sense to model what is,already working,right so that's why you create a special,little email address you log,in you put your email and you see,exactly what emails are sending out,email marketing is huge i would say,facebook ads is maybe 20,the rest of it the 80 is in the sales,process,the emails that you get sent out the,offer that's being present prevented,facebook if anything is is really just,like facebook has done all the hard work,right,if you just give facebook the best,images the best videos and the best,sales process,they will literally find the customer,for you but that's why you got to find,out what's already working for everyone,else's right,and with this it's pretty simple to use,like you could literally take something,like this go to fiverr,and be like hey take a screenshot of,this be like can you make something very,similar to this,you're probably wondering where am i,going to get ideas on facebook ads or,seo secrets and whatnot,well if you go to something like,pinterest and you go to search just type,in,all pins just type in facebook tips,who this sex five simple tips to create,facebook content 13 tips to beat the,facebook algorithm,i would just model what what's already,working right maybe say like,seven tips to beat the facebook,algorithm or something like that model,things that work,if you see a lot of marketing is just,modeling what is already working,the fact that i typed in facebook tips,and this is the first thing that pops up,means that a lot of people enjoy this,content,the fact that these people are using,these bribes or these,lead magnets or these things to get your,email address,odds are it's because it's already,working why reinvent the wheel when you,could model what's already working,like i said you go find a bunch of,things to model off of from pinterest to,get ideas,for you know your cheat sheet that,you're gonna give for the email address,and then you can literally go to fiverr,and they can create it and make it more,beautiful for you for 10 bucks,right now comes time to how to build,like a sales process like this,well it's like pretty simple right like,with the free software below and you can,get access for a free 14-day trial i can,just click on select template,and just like that i have something very,similar to this,right look at that the only difference,is i just got to change it up so you,could change this picture you could,change this image you could even change,the coloring,say you want the entire thing uh purple,you can just go,down type in background i can literally,change,the color to anything that it is that i,want if i want it all black if i want it,red if i don't want this,at all you know i can change this turn,it to a different color right you can,even change the text in the fonts and as,you can see it's starting to look,very similar to this and if you notike i,literally created something very similar,like that all i got to do now,is go to fiverr and be like hey i need,you know the,the cover design right and you just put,it on there and bam,within like five seconds i literally,created something like this you could go,ahead and give me their email address,you could even,ask for their first name if you want i,just gotta click on that change this to,first name enter your first,name you probably won't wondering like,there's a big space on between it well,you can just go in here,make it a little closer and just like,that you're good to go and you could,already get started with this,now that's the first step modeling,exactly what type of bribe or landing,page is working for them,the second step is actually putting,really good ads and creatives,so this year everything is just campaign,budget optimization you really want to,focus on that because facebook,wants to do all the hard work for you,essentially what this is is you give,facebook a bunch of different audiences,maybe five or ten audiences,and facebook will choose which one is,most profitable to spend the money on,right so that's the first step right you,wanna let facebook do all the hard work,right,remember twenty percent is facebook 80,is the sales process that i just showed,you now when you go down here,you want to go pick the objective that,you want people to actually take so do,you want people to purchase do you want,people to give their email address do,you want people to hop on a call,whatever it is that is what you need to,optimize,for because facebook is really good at,finding people,that are just like that so put whatever,conversion that you want,like i said it's either emails it's,either phone calls,or it's either purchases for anything,and then you want to,toggle this over which is dynamic,creative okay,that's one thing that you want to do,right there and as you can see what i,like doing is setting the time,at 12 the following day and then here's,where you put in your audiences,okay you could either put us you could,do the ages right here you could even do,25 plus,if you're selling something more,expensive and then you could put,whatever interest that you want,since these people are doing seo and um,like marketing and whatnot i can,literally come in here and type in,digital marketing,and just like that look at this

Using $5 Facebook Ads To Make $500 | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2022 😎

in this video i'm going to show you a,new and improved much better way of,getting traffic for your affiliate,marketing business using facebook ads,facebook ads is really like notorious,notorious for affiliate marketing being,really really difficult they don't even,like it mark zuckerberg goes out of his,way to slap affiliate marketers they,don't like you promoting other people's,products using their ad platform but i,found a much better way to do it it,slides under the radar it doesn't matter,about the ios 14 update all that stuff,none of that stuff matters it works,extremely extremely well your conversion,rates are going to be super high,and you can sell affiliate products,using facebook ads using this method now,let me show you inside this video let's,go but before we get started if it's,your first time on this channel i'm the,infamous joel and your boss hates me,because i show you how to live a life,for freedom passion and fulfillment and,if you're infamous too make sure you,subscribe to the channel now let me get,into this facebook ad strategy that,nobody's using right now i'm going to,reveal it to you in this video and i've,been using it myself for a little bit,and it works extremely extremely well,facebook usually does not like you to,promote other people's products via,affiliate marketing they usually set,that stuff down it's really really hard,to get the right data it's really really,hard to get going it's just really,really hard okay but i found a loophole,a much better way to still use facebook,ads to scale very very quickly just,using two to five dollars a day in your,ad spend and you can grow using this,method now let me show you now first and,foremost i'm gonna tok about how to set,this thing up and then i'm gonna back up,and show you a large kind of like,overall view of how this works okay it's,very very very very simple in theory,right it's simple to look at it and,understand it and say wow that looks,like it definitely works but once you go,out and start doing it it will shock you,actually how easy it really is and it'll,also blow your mind as to why having,other affiliate marketers just done it,this way the entire time because,facebook will not bother you they will,not shut down your ad accounts they,won't target you they won't hate you and,you can make a crap ton of money doing,it this way it also cuts the time almost,like 90,where you're starting an organic free,traffic strategy using facebook and i've,done some training of on that on this,channel so you can look at that but it,cuts your time by like 90 percent to get,leads get people fast get people,interested in your affiliate offers,start making sales immediately by using,facebook ads and they don't have to be,super expensive two dollars a day five,dollars a day something like that you,can easily start getting sales this way,now let me show you how to set this up,first and we're gonna go over to our ads,manager just to show you how to set this,up now inside of your ads manager you're,gonna go ahead and create an ad and i'm,just going to show you,exactly what you want to do most,ads gurus out there on the planet and,they're teaching you affiliate marketing,ads and stuff like that with facebook,this is where you get in trouble first,and foremost as you go for conversions,absolutely not we're gonna go for,traffic i know it seems counterintuitive,a lot of times like well i don't just,want traffic trust me you're gonna want,traffic for this strategy for this,strategy it works extremely well so,we're gonna tell,uh facebook that we want the campaign,objective to be traffic you can call it,whatever you want you can do all this,stuff later on but i'm just gonna show,you at a bird's eye view how you wanna,set this up,we don't want uh well actually it's okay,it's okay if you have campaign budget,optimized here that's fine your daily,budget like i said can be like like two,dollars a day five dollars a day uh,something like that it could be really,really cheap because all you're gonna do,is you're going to use ads facebook ads,as a leverage okay you're going to use,them to leverage your lead flow on,facebook this is for those of you who do,affiliate marketing on facebook you do,organic outreach you send friend,requests you post all day you try to get,people interested in your stuff this is,going to,boost your traffic tenfold and it's,going to boost your entire business your,conversions everything okay so let's go,to the next part here we have that going,two dollars a day and i just want to,show you where you want to drive traffic,you'll either enter more details blah,blah blah we're gonna go website because,we are still gonna send people to a,funnel but i'm gonna show you how it's,broken down and how it's different than,any other funnel you've ever seen or,especially any affiliate funnel okay so,let me just show you how that works you,want to set an end date most of the time,i always tell people have an end date in,case you forget because i always i,always have ad campaigns i forget you,know that i even have them on so i'm,just spending money you can make this,anything you want you know your audience,okay i can't tell you what to put here,you know your exact audience so you know,exactly who you're gonna target what,you're gonna target interests and things,like that uh this is location i always,go united states because i like to i,like to just aim at the the best,audience possible i mean i know a lot of,people do the whole tier one thing uk,australia i know everyone says that i,just go united states and then later on,i'll worry about expanding into other,markets okay now this is the important,part where we go to detail targeting,and we're going to select one,one group of people with one similar,interest not 10,not also interested in this and this and,this and this doesn't matter okay just,get rid of all of that and only one,interest at a time you can create,multiple sets if you want to but each,set,needs to have one interest the best way,to test the best way to know what's,going on inside of your ad campaigns,okay so if i search here and i put,affiliate marketing,which most of the time that's what my,audience is into right here affiliate,marketing we have a very very giant size,of 13 to 15 million people in the us but,that's fine with me because it gives me,the ability to reach as many people as,possible with this partikular ad,campaign it works really really well,usually in an ad campaign you don't want,that many people to target because you,can spend a lot of money reaching a lot,of different people but this ad campaign,this strategy is designed to get you the,highest volume possible,at the lowest cost possible okay so,that's the goal we want to get very very,high volume very low cost we're gonna,hit next and now i'm gonna this is the,ad creative right this is what the ad is,gonna look like this is totally up to,you you design the ad maybe it's a video,more than likely it should be an image,images work better for this strategy,don't do a whole video just a quick,image i'm going to tell you what that,image should say in a minute i'm going,to tell you what the whole funnel the,whole outline looks like but first,before i do that make sure you smash,that like button underneath this video,to let the youtube algorithm know that,this is an awesome video this is a new,strategy and more people should see it,don't be greedy okay don't be greedy and,hold this you know strategy back for,yourself,let's share it with everyone on youtube,okay now with that being said let me get,into the rest of the strategy okay so,this is what the entire strategy looks,like from a bird's eye view okay i hope,you guys can hear me my chair is making,a lot of noise but this is the whole,strategy this is a facebook,group strategy okay,facebook group strategy so instead of,the traditional affiliate marketing,strategy where you're taking people from,your ad campaign or from your organic,campaign however you're running your,m

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PAANO KUMITA SA FACEBOOK PAGE 2022 | how to earn money on facebook page |AJ PAKNERS

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Fastest! Make +$17,000 Per Month With Clickbank Facebook Ads || Facebook Ads Affiliate Marketing

seventeen thousand dollars a month right,so in this video i'm gonna show you how,you guys can start make money online,with affiliate marketing using facebook,ads for beginners so this video is,completely for beginner if you're a,beginner so this video is for you so,before we gonna start this video make,sure you guys must subscribe hustlers,club hit the bell icon and let's get,start this video so first step is you,guys came to clickbank.com right now i,am in marketplace of clickbank and i'm,gonna select a product that product,converts phenomenal from last couple of,years and still this product converts if,you came scroll down and click on home,and garden niche and you guys can find,that product which today we're gonna,promote through facebook ads if you,scroll up and you guys can find the,number one product is ted's woodworking,second is like my and the third,product is like brain training for dogs,so today we're gonna promote this offer,like a dog training offer they give you,like average 30 dollars it's a decent,amount of commission and this is a low,tiket offer and this offer converts,really fast because look low tiket,offers converts really really fast and,you guys can see gravity is 98 it's a,really,really good or you call it decent,gravity like almost almost 100 people,are making money with the software from,last three months and these people are,consistently making money so this offer,still converts really well let's see the,sales page and then we're gonna go and,promote through this offer with facebook,ads okay so this is the sales page you,guys can see there is no sales video,there is only text based sales page we,call the tsl there is a small video but,not the sales video okay,and scroll all the way down,and you guys can see,like instant access and that's the,product so go back we're gonna promote,this offer because the software converts,really well from last couple of years,this is not a new offer it's a very old,offer but still the software converts,phenomenal in the market so click on the,affiliate page let's see what this,vendor provides us so you guys can see,there is a professional dog training,coach you guys can see read about it if,you want scroll down you guys can see,a like about the product and,scroll down,and they give you banners free giveaways,email swipes and promotional videos and,just keywords that's it so he did not,provide you a lot of stuff so don't,worry we go back but still we're gonna,go and promote this offer so we selected,this offer now what our next step is we,go to like dashboard of system e dot io,so again we're going to create a landing,page if you're promoting uh your offer,in facebook or google ads you must need,a landing page right so right now we're,going to create a landing page so i'm,going to click on funnels,and again system e.r is completely free,if anyone don't know i'm going to log in,in a second so i'm going to create a,landing page simply click create and i'm,going to name my this page here so i,added a name dog training click custom,and create a landing page okay so right,now you guys can see a lot a lot of,templates pops up you guys can select,any template because we're gonna delete,every single thing from that template,and we build our landing page completely,from scratch so again i'm gonna select,that template now i'm gonna and now i'm,gonna just simply click edit page and,now i'm gonna delete every single thing,from this page because we're gonna build,our landing page completely from scratch,okay so you guys just simply click this,and delete,and i'm gonna delete every single thing,from this page and then i'm gonna show,you okay,so right now you can see like i deleted,every single thing from this sales page,and now we're gonna build this sales,page completely from scratch but we just,did not delete that footer and without,that we delete every single thing so i'm,gonna create a small and very converting,landing page right now so first thing is,scroll down i'm gonna add an image here,drag and simply drop here and you guys,can see the image is added now i'm gonna,scroll up i'm gonna add one headline,below this and the last thing is you,guys can see these are the two rows two,columns simply drag and drop that these,two columns okay once you add it now,what we're gonna do is scroll down and,you guys can see button i'm gonna simply,drag and drop that button here that's it,and now i'm gonna click on that,background first i'm gonna change the,color of that background to white,like this because white looks good and,now first i'm gonna upload one image,okay so click this i uploaded that image,i download this image from uh the google,and now i'm gonna upload here okay so,give me a second i'm gonna show you,which image so right now you guys can,see i uploaded this image brain training,for dogs and i download this image from,google you guys go to google and type,brain training for dogs and you guys can,find a lot a lot of images like this,okay this kind of a lot of images you,guys can find in google but i'm gonna,uh like little bit a little bit small,the size to go like 500 let's see,and 500 sorry and now 500 looks good now,i'm gonna click on headline i'm gonna,add my headline here like how old is,your dog go with like h1 and we're gonna,go with like font google save,and,acme i'm gonna increase the size,like,go with like 100 let's see how it looks,like it looks decent now we're gonna set,up our button click this,and scroll down,and first i'm gonna remove this subtext,here first let let's change the color,first let's go go with like red color,and scroll down,again i'm gonna click on red color once,you change the color then simply scroll,down and you guys can find shadows so go,with like blurry shadow scroll up and,you guys can see the rounded corners so,i'm gonna go with like 25 so you guys,can see i literally add 25 in all the,columns and you guys can see this is how,our button looks like the corners is,rounded and it looks really good now,scroll up and you guys can find one,thing is like subtext so i'm gonna,remove subtext,and i'm gonna add one thing here like,i'm gonna paste it so you guys can see i,added like less than six months and now,scroll down i'm gonna add one icon so,you guys can see i added this icon and,i'm gonna adjust the size of this font,or means like,at the text i'm gonna increase a little,bit let's go with like 35 and let's see,how it looks like so it looks really,good so,i'm gonna what i'm gonna do i'm gonna,click this and you guys can see this,this icon this button click this and,they will duplicate the button for you,so now we're gonna simply drag and drop,that button here and now i'm gonna click,this and i'm gonna change that text so,you guys can see it's less than six,months and i'm gonna add one more thing,here and you guys can see i added like,older than six months and la right now,you guys can see our very simple and,basic landing page is done you guys can,see it looks super cool and this is like,these are like converting landing pages,these landing pages can work really well,like this is the offer like how old is,your sorry how old is your dog like less,than six months or older than six months,what you guys can do last step is like,click this and make sure go with like,open url and add your affiliate link,here and do exactly same with this click,this go with like open url and paste,that link here okay so you guys can see,we created a very simple and converting,landing page for facebook ads and okay,so if you want to create this kind of,landing page so go with it but i i,suggest you like do a little bit,different because a lot of people are,watching this video if anyone start,creating that kind of landing page might,be google sorry youtube does not allow,you to run ads because like everyone is,using that same landing page so i,suggest make sure do little bit changes,in your landing page okay so we are done,from landing page so our next step is we,guys go to like facebook and we'r

How to Make Money with Facebook Ads in 2023 (3 Steps to Make $1K a Day)

hey everyone we have managed over 1 000,facebook ad,campaigns and today i want to show you,how to make money with facebook ads the,top videos on youtube right now,show you how easy it is to create a,facebook ad,but what they don't do is show you how,to make money,with facebook ads look anyone,can create a facebook ad but let's face,it,facebook makes billions of dollars a,year in revenue,it's advertisers not so much unlike a,lot of the,other people on youtube we're brave,enough to actually,do the work we manage millions of,dollars in ad spend,to generate real results for businesses,i have a home decor client right now,that is seeing over,a 10x return on ad spend we spent,3 800 in facebook ads and they generated,45,000 in revenue i also have a client that,sells,paper supplies that is seeing over a 3x,return on ad spend we've spent over 30,thousand dollars in facebook ads,and to date they have made over 170 000,in sales last example here i'm also,running some,carousel ads for a client that sells,women clothing,we've spent thirteen thousand dollars so,far and it is already returning,27 000 in revenue now to be fair i did,not have any magic tricks,secret formulas or silver bullets to,generate these type of results,it takes money time and a great product,to be successful,but even still there are projects we,work on that are not successful,however there is a common theme we see,what the most successful facebook,advertising campaigns,and that is exactly what i want to share,with you,to help you make more money with,facebook ads,if you're new to our channel go ahead,and subscribe because you won't find,more valuable information on how to grow,your business,anywhere else but here my name is,sherman and i'm going to give you the,top three steps,to make money with facebook ads step,number one,create an irresistible offer the very,first thing,you need in order to make money with,facebook ads,is an irresistible offer you need,something that turns heads,stops scrolls and captures attention if,you sell an,inexpensive product that people normally,buy without thinking twice,then your product itself is probably,what you should use for your offer,for example smart baking company sells,gluten-free muffins,so this is their offer and here is the,ad they're running on facebook to,promote it,notike how they highlight what makes,this product irresistible,they boast about the warm and sweet,flavors while also,highlighting how healthy the product is,with their nutrition facts,now i don't know about you but that,sounds irresistible to me,especially if you like muffins now your,offer would be different,if you sell a more expensive product or,something that requires a little bit,more understanding,in order to make a buying decision in,other words if you are not,selling something that people buy,impulsively you should create an,offer that leads people to making a,purchase,you will have to first educate them on,the problem your product solves,or better yet helping them realize that,they have a problem in the first place,then you can show them the benefits of,your product or service and move them,closer,and closer to doing business with you so,here's a quick example,hubspot sells marketing software that,does a whole lot,from landing pages and analytiks to,email automation,and ad management there is no way they,can run a facebook ad,and expect people to click it and,immediately buy their software,which cost about ten thousand dollars,per year,so instead they run facebook ads to,irresistible offers that helps people,improve their marketing campaigns and,once you click on one of the,offers in their facebook ads it,redirects you to a,landing page to sign up for their free,offer,then they can collect your contact,information to continue to run more,marketing campaigns to you,and ultimately promote their marketing,software,but before i get too far ahead of myself,here here's my point,you need to have an offer that people,understand,and can act on immediately to make money,with facebook ads,if you sell an inexpensive product again,offer your product as that offer,and hopefully that alone is irresistible,and if you sell an,expensive product start with a free,offer to start getting people into your,pipeline,and then nurturing them from there step,number two build your retargeting list,remember this screenshot of results i,showed you just a few minutes ago,well do you notike anything in,partikular most of the purchases,came from a retargeting campaign that we,were running retargeting produced over,150,000 of the revenue generated from our,facebook ads campaign,folks if you remember one thing from,this video remember this,the businesses that have the largest,retargeting list,are the ones making the most money,through facebook ads,now retargeting is the process of,advertising to people who recently,interacted with your business,this can include people who recently,purchased your product,visited your website or just interacted,with your facebook ads,these groups of people are already,familiar with your business,and therefore are more likely to buy,your products or services this means,that the larger your retargeting lists,are the more likely you will be able to,make money with facebook ads,don't get me wrong the general targeting,options that everyone toks about on,facebook,is great it's a great place to start you,can target by,age interest location and so on,but the truth is is that those audiences,have the,lowest chances of converting you're,basically,advertising to complete strangers,the odds of them buying from you are,very low,and from my experience running facebook,ads,the chances of you making money with,facebook ads,are very slim if you're only using these,audiences so then what exactly do you do,if you do not have a retargeting list,well,the first thing you need to do is set up,facebook pixels on your website,so you can begin growing your,retargeting list,once that is set up you can start,creating remarketing audiences,inside of facebook ads manager the,sooner you start setting up remarketing,lists the better because once it's set,up it will,automatikally update with the people who,recently interacted with your business,for example i have gathered over 330 000,people on my blog remarketing list,in the last 180 days if i were to create,a facebook ad,for life marketing right now i would,start with,this group of people anyway building a,retargeting list,poses a challenge for newer businesses,with minimal traffic,so to get around this i recommend that,you use the general targeting,options available inside of facebook to,promote your website,until you build a healthy remarketing,list,you'll be gaining awareness website,traffic and more importantly building a,list of people that you can advertise to,in the future,a lot of people get caught up in wanting,to measure every dollar spent inside of,facebook,against the associated return and i get,that,but the truth is your returns will be,very low,until you grow your awareness and your,remarketing list,up to a level where you are crushing it,so that's the second key,to making money with facebook ads by the,way,if you're liking this video so far,please let me know by smashing that like,button below,step number three optimize your facebook,ads,the final step to make money with,facebook ads,is to optimize your campaigns as you,promote your,irresistible offer and grow your,remarketing list,you need to optimize your facebook ads,for performance this,involves testing multiple variations of,your ads,to determine which of them performs the,best for example,look at all of these ads that smart,baking company,is running to promote their offers many,of these ads,are promoting the same product but they,are testing different combination of,images copy and add formats to determine,which of them performs the best and then,on the back end we can measure,how the ads are performing according to,some of the quality,engagement and conversion rate ranking,factors,at ou

How To Make $20,000/Month On Facebook Affiliate Marketing (Online Business)

so this is five thousand dollars in,facebook earnings this is four thousand,seven hundred and six dollars in,facebook earnings and this is six,thousand and nineteen dollars in,facebook earnings so just like we have,youtube automation and making money on,youtube without making videos we also,now have facebook monetization so you,can also make money with facebook videos,without making those videos yourself,without expensive equipment like a,camera live thing microphones and all of,that stuff and you can also combine it,with affiliate marketing and make money,not only from reviews so facebook is,literally gonna pay you if you get,approved for facebook monetization which,i will show you how if you view so,inside of this video i will show you how,you can get approved for facebook,monetization and make money with those,views but i'm also going to show you how,to set up your facebook page in a way,that it also generates affiliate,earnings so you can also make money with,affiliate marketing and facebook and,make thousands of dollars a month from,your laptop or computer or hopefully,even just a smartphone device so if,that's something you want to see then,make sure to drop a like down below and,let's begin so if you go to google and,you search for facebook monetization,requirements you're going to be able to,see that in order to make money with,facebook reviews you will need 3 000,hours of watch time and at least five,active videos on your facebook page and,later on in this video i'm going to show,you a super simple trick that i feel,like no one has ever toked about on,youtube they will allow you to acquire,those at 3 000 hours of watch time and,get approved for facebook monetization,so you can make money from those views,besides the affiliate marketing that,will integrate with those faceless,videos remember you will not have to,show your face in the camera and at the,end of the video i will show you how to,actually get 3000 hours of watch time so,you can get approved for facebook,monetization and make money on facebook,literally by copying and pasting someone,else's videos illegally and i want to,show you a couple of examples right over,here we have a nine gag this is a,massive facebook page that is also,getting millions of views in their,videos like 1.3 million videos 1.3,million views uh 100 000 views 28 000,views 1.2 million views and so on and as,you can see they're not actually filming,these videos this is someone else's,content that they're they're posting on,their facebook page and they're making,money from those videos so for example,batch this is a really active page like,six hours ago a few hundred thousand,views 20 hours ago 1.1 million views 20,hours ago literally less than a day ago,uh two days ago 1.7 million views uh,four days ago 1 million views 30 days,ago 800 million 800 000 views uh and a,few days ago 1.6 million views and you,can see once again that these videos are,just compilations of someone else's,content that is either posted on tik,tok instagram reels or all the other,platforms so they're just acquiring,someone else's content combining all of,that into a single compilation so the,videos are gonna be more than two,minutes long and they're reposting that,on their facebook page and are getting,millions of views and also making a lot,of money from facebook monetization here,we have another facebook page euphony,they're pretty much doing the same thing,and are getting hundreds of thousands of,views on their videos that they're,reposting we also have alex lee who is,also doing the same thing reposting,viral content on his page and he's,getting lots of views on those videos so,now that you know what you need for,facebook monetization and now that you,know that later on in this video i will,show exactly how to get it and now that,you saw all the different examples of,people that are already doing this,successfully let me show you the full,step-by-step process now because,facebook monetization is not going to be,your main revenue source you will have,to use some affiliate marketplace like,for example digistore24 clickbank and so,on and the reason for this is because,even with youtube automation that i'm,personally doing like we toked about it,in so many videos on this channel i'm,not relying like specifically just on,youtube ads to make money from those,faceless youtube channels that i'm,running but i actually include affiliate,links so i also do affiliate marketing,with those videos in order to literally,double my income with the same amount of,views that i'm getting and i want you to,do the same thing on facebook so you can,for example go to,digistore24.com or clickbank.com those,are two different affiliate networks,where you can find a lot of different,affiliate offers and you can sign up for,free you can create an account to start,promoting different products or just,fill out some basic details about,yourself and then log into your brand,new account once you log in you are,going to be able to go to the,marketplace and here on the left hand,side you have all the different uh,categories and niches so you can choose,the product which you want to promote,from a specific niche and this obviously,has to be in the same niche that your,facebook page is about so if you want to,start a facebook page that is posting,fitness related content then you want to,find the health and fitness niche so i'm,going to try to find it if it's,available on,digistore24.com and i know it is so it's,right over here it's fitness and health,then you select a niche and then here on,the right hand side you can select an,offer to promote for example this one,over here is going to pay you forty four,dollars per person that you refer which,is eighty five percent commission on a,single sale then we also have this one,thirty eight dollars per sale four,dollars per sale this is a really low,tiket offer these are all in the same,niche of fitness and health so just,choose the offer which you want to,promote and then grab your affiliate,link so maybe just gonna go with the,first one which is like the ultimate,keto meal plan which is paying me,44.52 per person that i refer so for,this step you will have to copy your,affiliate link of the product which you,want to promote on your facebook page,the next thing you're going to do is you,want to go over to instagram or thick,doc and there you want to find a theme,page so a theme page that is reposting,someone else's content on their page so,what they're actually doing is in most,of the cases those pages in that,partikular niche like for example in,this case fitness and health they're,reposting content from other people and,they're just leaving credits in the,captions and obviously those people,people are satisfied with that because,they're getting free exposure so more,people are going to see their profile,and more people are going to see their,videos and this page is also satisfied,because they don't have to create a,content themselves they can just,re-upload someone else's content and,grow their instagram page now you will,not have to start an instagram page you,just want to open up a theme page in,your niche whether you choose cooking,whether you chose fishing business,crypto it doesn't really matter you just,want to find a theme page on tiktok,or instagram then you want to open up,their reels or their videos and then you,want to see what is working and what is,performing well for them so for example,if i compare all of these different,videos you're going to be able to see,that this one is getting more views and,more likes than all the other ones on,the page so what i will do is i will,click on the video and then i will copy,its link so we're going to be able to,find that link over here i'm going to,copy that and i want you to do the same,thing for yourself as well find a theme,page in your niche and then copy links,for different videos then what you,simply want to do is you want to search,for instagram video downloader or tik,tok