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How To Make Your First Shopify Sale in 2021

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

How To Make Your First Shopify Sale in 2021

in the past 30 days my shopify store has
done 750 000
in revenue if you are struggling to get
your first sales
with shopify this video is for you
i'm going to break down three key
factors that i used over the past 30
to generate that amount of sales that
you can use
to generate your first sales on shopify
how's it going my name is dylan pearson
i'm the founder of ponder.com
if you're new to my channel welcome
super happy to have you here
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subscribing and hitting the like button
it really helps out my channel and i
greatly appreciate it
as i mentioned i have three keys for you
to start generating sales
with shopify now i have them right
here so without further ado here's
exactly what you need to do to generate
your first sales before covering the
three keys to your first shopify sales
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and now let's get back to our video
don't worry about plugins don't worry
about adding fake social proof
there's three things and that's it
now let's break this down the first part
is market demand
let me ask you a question did you
validate the market before you started
selling a product
if you one said no or said what does
that mean that's a huge huge concern
if you don't validate your market i have
huge concerns
that you will ever be able to generate a
so how do you validate a market it's
very simple
all you need to do is go to
type in your market so if you were
selling jump ropes
or selling nike shoes or selling
um something fitness you would type in
home fitness you would type in
uh workout you would type in whatever
industry you're in
let me okay electronics ipads speakers
whatever it may be whatever the industry
you're in search it on trends.google.com
what you're going to see is a trend line
you want to make sure that trend line is
consistent over the past
five years in the usa if it's consistent
for longer
better but what you don't want is the
fidget spinner
so in trends.google.com you can actually
your market versus a previous market
compare it against fidget spinner what
you're gonna notike
is fidget spinners have a crazy trend
that goes way up and then way down
that's not what you want
you want a consistent line over time
if you see that you have validated your
market congratulations
by validating your market what you're
going to be able to do
is you're going to be able to hit a
facebook audience that's in demand
i'm assuming you're using facebook ads
to drive traffic here
then you're sending that facebook ad
traffic to your shopify store
to generate sales if you don't and
notike how market is the first key to
all of this if you do not have
a in demand market these last two
do not matter so that is step number one
go to trends.google.com
and validate your market step number
two facebook ads link ctr
don't worry about five dollar a day
budgets or a b over cbo or
horizontal scaling versus vertikal
scanning scaling or all these ad hacks
there's no such thing anyone that tells
you to do specific ad hacks
is lying this is how you validate your
facebook ads are going to perform
look at your link click through rate
link click through rate is the best
judge of the alignment of your audience
with your creative and your targeting
think about it like this if you have a
one percent link click through rate
and a thousand people see your ads
that's ten visitors on your website
if you can improve your creative and
your targeting to get a five percent
click through rate you're going to have
a thousand impressions and send
50 visitors to your website
if you have any sort of stable
conversion rate you're now going to be
five times the amount of revenue
just by improving your link ctr
so that is step number two make sure
your facebook link ctr is above
a minimum of two if it's lower than a
two improve your creative
improve your targeting and it's as
simple as that
once you get up to above a two above a
three closer to a five
and it's still not generating sales well
now i have the final answer for you and
the part that is going to start driving
those sales
step number three is optimized
shopify what does this mean does this
mean go find some cool trendy plug-in
that's supposed to drive sales
absolutely not what this means is
improve your dang landing page
how do you do that there's a free tool
hot jar go ahead and install hot jar
onto your shopify store this is
actually going to allow you to view your
customers screens in real time
yes it sounds creepy and it kind of is
creepy but you can get real insight into
the customer shoes
speaking of customer shoes be the
all too often when i'm doing these live
streams or people in my full-time econ
program they ask me to
review their story and i asked them a
simple question have you went through
your own store as though you were the
would you buy your product from your
website the answer is no you didn't do a
good enough job
by using hotjar you can watch your
customers in real time
create heat maps to see where they're
leaving where the drop off is
and optimize your website go through
your website from homepage to product
page to the checkout experience
if any part of it makes you unengaged or
fix it just by doing these two things
you can figure out why people are
leaving your website without buying
the next awesome thing about hotjar is
they have a survey feature
let me ask you a question what's the
best way to get feedback from people
didn't buy from your store it's to ask
by creating a survey on your website
that shows within
45 seconds to a minute you can put a
survey on the screen that says
are um are you going to buy today or is
there anything from stopping you from
buying today
if they hit yes there is you can ask
them what
quite often you're going to get the
specific reason that they're not going
to buy from you
if it's the price well boom now you know
you need to improve
your landing page improve the
copywriting improve the imagery
you didn't do a good enough job
convincing them that the price price is
if it's feedback or social testimonials
reviews well now you know that you need
to show
that there's other people that enjoy
using your product
if it's shipping times or return policy
now you know that you need to make your
return policies
contact us page and faqs very blatantly
by doing this you're going to know
exactly why people are leaving your
website without buying and you are going
to start generating your first sales
with shopify it's truly as simple as
don't get caught up with all of these
plugins and ad hacks and
all of these things that you're going to
see on youtube you're going to get
distracted from
the real three key things that you need
to do which
i promise you are right here on this
don't overthink it put the time in put
the work in and you're going to start
driving sales
let me know if you have any questions
down in the description below this video
i'm always answering comments within the
first 24 hours
so make sure to leave it as soon as
you've seen this video to get it
immediately with that said thank you so
much for watching if you haven't yet
make sure to hit the like button
and subscribe before heading out thank
you so much and i will see in the next
dylan out