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How To Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns 2021 (Ecommerce Tutorial)

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How To Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns 2021 (Ecommerce Tutorial)

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How To Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns 2021 (Ecommerce Tutorial)

yo what is going on everybody
shurikonasa here so how to optimize
google shopping campaigns in 2021 and
onwards now a few months ago i actually
had already released a video on how to
optimize shopping campaigns the proper
way however in 2021 and onwards i've
started doing the things a little bit
differently and it's best that i teach
you guys all these things as well so
before we actually jump right into this
video i want you to do one thing take
just two quick seconds to destroy that
like button down below for the youtube
algorithm so that i can put out more
videos just like these ones and let's
just get right into it without wasting
any more time so how to properly
optimize shopping campaigns the best way
for me to actually show it to you is
actually to go in and really optimize my
google shopping campaign and we're going
to be optimizing this google shopping
campaign right here it is actually a
general testing campaign if you guys
don't know what a general testing
campaign is you can watch some of my
previous videos i released on setting up
these general testing campaigns or you
guys can get the google ads mastery
course which i have just released the
link will be in the description down
below it is a full-on course which goes
over exactly how to set up set up
campaigns like i have set them up here
how to get the same kind of results i do
how to do over seven figures every
single year with your ecommerce store
again the link for the google as mastery
course will be in the description below
but let's go ahead and do some campaign
optimization we're gonna be going inside
this general testing campaign right here
and if we go into the product section
we're going to be looking at a few days
worth of data specifically this entire
month and i'm recording this video on
this 22nd of august but we're going to
look at the entire data for this month
to see exactly how things have been
going so as you guys can see right here
changing the time so weekly the row as
and all of that stuff has been sort of
fluctuating during this time period of
course these numbers are not fully
accurate simply because of the
difference in the google tracking
algorithm and also some missed sales
here and there but overall things are
starting to go back up with the change
of the season now middle of august
especially the beginning is usually the
slowest time period for e-commerce
simply because most people are just
enjoying their final days of summer
they're outdoors out and about not
really spending any time indoors trying
to shop online and so forth so because
of that usually this time period is very
slow however later on after
more towards the end of the august early
september things really start to pick up
the road starts to go back up but how do
you go in and how do you properly
optimize a google shopping campaign now
we're gonna be dividing this
optimization into a set of two different
steps step number one is optimizing the
product this is where we actually go in
and begin with the product optimization
and we start looking at the data the
products are giving us before actually
deciding whether to go in and whether to
exclude a certain product whether to
increase the bid and so forth depending
on what kind of campaign you currently
have going on so that's exactly what
we're gonna be doing with this google
shopping campaign as well the first
thing i like to do is set up a few
filters and these are the following
filters the first filter is product
status ready to serve this lets you only
see those products which are currently
not already excluded within your
campaign saves you really a lot of time
with all of the scrolling just to go
over all of the excluded ones second one
is impression greater than 500 we do not
want to be looking at products with
impressions less than 500 simply because
that is just not enough impressions to
be deciding any kinds of actions on a
given product you need to really let it
run let it optimize and let it get
enough data so that you can go in and
look at the correct product because
again anything less than 500 and there's
just not enough eyeballs going on that
product as of yet in order to make any
kind of accurate judgment so once you
have set up those two filters then we
start by ranking by the most cost here
initially all we're trying to do is
we're trying to see which products spent
the most money profitably and which
product got you the sales profitably and
for the time period actually i like to
look at about seven days to eight days
worth of data including today or this
month's worth of data depending on what
my budget is of course if your budget is
very high right now this campaign is
running at a 330 a day budget every
single day it's going to be spending a
lot of money you don't really need to be
looking at 30 days worth of data or so
so if you're just starting out i
recommend looking at this month's worth
of data or last 30 days if you are at a
mediocre budget meaning 50 100 150 even
look at last 14 days worth of data
finally anything above 250 300 and above
look at about last seven days to eight
days worth of data so we're going to do
exactly that because with google ads it
takes about 7 to 14 days for it to even
accurately record all of the conversions
and associate them with the appropriate
product so just because of that we might
want to change it to seven to eight days
maybe sometimes even 14 days so let's do
just that so once you have set up those
filters now we start looking at the
products trying to identify which
products basically got you the sales
which did not get you the sales and so
forth and you want to be looking at the
overall cost basically you can only
spend up to 1.5 times to two times your
profit margins without a sale so for
instance let's say for example this
product right here i get i sell this for
140 approximately and let's say i get
this for 100 so my profit margin is 40.
that means i need to be getting sales at
about sixty dollars to eighty dollars if
i have spent over sixty to eighty
dollars and i have gotten zero sales for
this product that simply means that this
product has gone over the profit margins
i now need to exclude this product that
also means that every 40 to 60 dollars
spent i need to be getting one single
sale so if we look at this right now we
can see that i've gotten roughly five
sales at 115 dollar spin that is a very
good number because that is below our
profit margin so obviously we would not
be excluding this however let's say for
example this product right here four
thousand seven hundred dollars that i'm
selling it for but let's just say that
sixty dollars is my profit margin for
this product and it already crossed 60
dollars that means i'll let it run for
maybe about 20 to 40 dollars again 1.5
times to 2 times my profit margins
before deciding to exclude that product
so that is exactly what i do first rank
by the most cost and i go one by one
through all of my items right over here
and make a list of all the item ids
which are not matching this criteria
which i need to get rid of right away
because simply put those products are
wasting my money instead of my campaign
spending money on the right products it
is spending money on those products
which are again not profitable not
showing any types of results i would
rather divert my budget from those
products the bad products to the good
products which are actually getting me
sales and so forth so what i'm gonna do
is i'm gonna go through my list really
quick and make up a list just for you
guys of all of the item ids that i need
to exclude before we move on to the next
step all right so what i did is i went
ahead and went through my list one by
one and looking at the same exact data
which i just mentioned i went ahead and
created a list of a few item ids which i
personally need to exclude right away
simply because they're not matching our
main criteria of selling within 1.5 to 2
times our profit margin so these are
going over our profit margins they are
not profitable for us at all in that
case we will need to go in and exclude
those products so once we have done that
we want one to phase two of step number
one and that is ranking by lowest ctr to
highest because now we want to be
looking at all those products which have
a less than 0.10 to 0.15 ctr because we
want to exclude those products
immediately they are not profitable for
us they're not getting us the desired
clicks and what this is doing is because
these products have a very very low ctr
they're bringing our entire campaign ctr
down to below one percent and as i've
always mentioned in my youtube videos if
you want to have a good quality score
you need to number one have a good bid
or number two have a very high ctr
obviously with us we're drop shippers we
want a little bit as low as possible so
that we can get enough profit to
continue our business but that also
means that we need to focus on number
two and that is having a very high ctr
with google ads again all these products
contribute to your campaign's overall
ctr if it is less than one percent in
any way then it is just going to damage
your campaign and you're going to have a
very low quality score so in order to
avoid that we need to get rid of all the
products which have less than 0.10 to
0.15 c turn now this actually really
applies to you if that product with 0.10
to 0.15 ctr or below has gotten you zero
sales because if it is actually getting
your sales at that low ctr you want to
leave it running because you don't want
to mess with what's already working you
only want to mess with what's not
getting results basically so getting rid
of those products with very low seaters
is extremely important especially those
with zero clicks and above 500
impressions like these ones for example
these are definitely those that avoid at
all costs and i don't want to run within
my cabin because they are really
damaging the campaigns overall ctr so
i'm going to repeat the same exact steps
go inside the campaign and actually
start by recording all of the products
which i then again need to exclude which
match our current criteria of less than
0.10 to 0.15 ctr without a sale now a
special note in this case however there
are some products like these ones right
here where they've gotten you one click
but only about 864 to 852 792 even
impressions and their ctrs are less than
0.10 to 0.15 now this is a special
area when it comes to actually looking
at the metrics simply because for
products like these you actually don't
want to exclude them simply because i
only like to exclude products which are
not getting me one click every 500
impressions if it's not getting you one
click every 500 impressions naturally
it's going to have a less than 0.10 to
0.15 ctr so in this case it already got
me one click by 500 impressions so i
need another click so two clicks by 1000
impressions if it does not give me two
clicks by 1000 impressions that is when
i would go in and actually exclude that
product however in this case since that
is not the issue i would not look into
excluding product like these but for all
others that do match this criteria you
want to definitely go ahead and exclude
them so that is phase two of step number
one of excluding certain products within
your product section now you want to
move to step number two because now the
product section exclusions are done we
want to now move on to the keywords
because we want to make sure our
campaign is ranking for only the right
keywords not the bad ones it's not
spending money on any of those so here's
what we do we want to come over the
search term section and within the
search term section we want to set up a
few filters filter number one added
slash excluded it needs to equal none
and and filter number two impressions
need to be greater than 300 now i put
333 in this case but naturally it needs
to be above 300 because again with
keywords it's a little bit different
than products for one single product you
can be ranking from anywhere between 10
keywords all the way up to a hundred so
that's why the impressions number has to
be a little bit generally lower just
because of the sure fact there are mil
thousands and thousands of keywords you
could be ranking for within your google
shopping campaign so that's exactly what
we're gonna do and once we do that now
we look at the actual keywords to
determine which keywords to completely
kill for keywords we don't really like
to be waiting until it reaches the
profit margin because as i already
mentioned you could be ranking for
thousands and thousands of keywords for
just one individual product so instead
here's what you do you want to be
waiting for those higher tiket products
up to 20 dollars spent to 25 spent for
one single sale for all other products
which are lower tiket
10 to 15 spent should be enough to let
you know whether it is a good keyword or
a bad keyword and that is exactly what i
follow by when it comes to excluding
keywords based on the cost itself so
what you want to do is again rank by
most costs the least once you do that
select all of the keywords which do not
match this criteria for instance this
keyword right here it's for a low tiket
product but it's already spent over 15
dollars even over 25 dollars and got me
zero sales so i'm going to go in and
exclude that this product right here
same thing here this product is sort of
a mid-tiket item so i would let it run
for just about two dollars more until it
spends 20 dollars but this is looking
like a keyword that might not be good to
rank for simply because of the very low
ctr and usually you'll see keywords have
very very high ctrs in this case some
keywords have low ctr so those we
definitely know if we also look at the
cost and it's not performing that it's a
bad keyword but but we move on now in
the third keyword right here this is for
a very high tiket product so this is
good enough and as you guys can see
these keywords have not even spent up to
what we wanted to spend so with keywords
it's going to be a little bit more time
to before you actually can go in and
optimize your campaign but here's
exactly how you add a keyword as a
negative keyword you want to click this
button right here which says add as
negative keyword and then go ahead and
select campaign from the drop-down and
click save and that is pretty much it
you have now successfully excluded this
keyword but that is phase one of step
two which is excluding the keywords by
based on the cost now once you have
excluded all the keywords which are
based on the cost we now go over to the
ctr section we want to rank from lowest
to highest and we want to repeat the
same thing as we did before all keywords
with less than 0.10 to 0.20 in this case
because usually if you're running the
keywords from greatest to least you'll
be able to see that some keywords
actually have very very high ctr so
those keywords with very low ctrs
actually are not ideal at all you want
to just completely get rid of them so in
this case again 0.10 to 0.20 so these
are all kinds of the keywords which are
bad and not something we should have on
our store so we're gonna do exactly that
i'll meet you guys again once i've
selected all the keywords which i need
to exclude so what i did is i went in
and it chose all of the keywords what
needs to be excluded because they do not
match our criteria and once you have
done exactly that you need to go on to
phase three because with keywords there
are actually three phases of to step
number two so when it comes to keywords
you also need to be looking at those
keywords which completely do not make
sense at all because you might not be
selling that product at all on your
store so for instance there's a keyword
here with a very low ctr and that
keyword is the word dogs of course my
shopify store i do not sell dogs so in
this case i would need to immediately
exclude that keyword regardless of what
the ctr is regardless of how much money
it's spent if it was getting results or
not because in general that is not a
relevant keyword to what i'm selling at
all so in cases like these it does not
matter how much the keyword has spent
how much the ctr is and so forth you
need to get rid of these keywords
immediately otherwise you're just going
to keep on wasting money on a keyword
which has nothing to do with any kind of
products that you sell on yours so that
is the second phase of excluding all of
the keywords and again you want to go in
here choose campaigns and then scroll
all the way down before hitting save to
exclude all of these keywords
successfully and these are the two ways
that i fully optimize my google shopping
campaign to ensure that it is fully
optimized on a weekly basis now i say
weekly because you do not want to be
going in and optimizing your campaign
every two days every one day even every
three days and so forth i recommend you
wait seven to 14 days before making any
of these changes and whatever day you
choose to make all of these changes make
sure to do the product changes as well
as the search term changes all on the
same day you do not want to be doing
these separately i recommend doing it on
the same day just to avoid making too
many adjustments to your shopping
campaign because when it comes to google
ads you can actually hurt your campaign
much more if you end up doing all of
these optimizations unnecessarily so
these are the two great methods of
optimizing your shopping campaigns in
2021 and onward successfully if you're
looking to find more ways to optimize
your campaign because there's a lot of
more detailed ways on how to optimize it
how to scale it and so forth again i
just recently released a course called
the google ads mastery course which you
can find the link for in the description
but if you guys found any type of value
in this video drop me a like subscribe
if you haven't already and i'll see you
guys next time

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