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Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles





what's going on everyone Haydon here and
I'm coming at you guys with a super
specific video that's been requested by
multiple people every single day I know
they make a lot of content toking about
influencer marketing shoutouts and how
you can use that for your Shopify store
but a lot a lot of people have been
asking me how to like actually qualify a
page go through like select which one
you want to do which one you don't so
I'm gonna try and throw up some
screenshots give examples and go through
some very random accounts no I have not
run shout outs on any of these pages
these just random ones I've found and
again like your store is probably in a
different niche than mine and you know
all these different pages I'm going to
show you so these will have absolutely
no influence on you I would not
recommend using them but I'm gonna go
through you know some good ones some bad
ones and I kind of break down what I
look for so first things first been
actually looking through a pages you
want to make sure it has good organic
and real engagement now organic does
mean real but at the same time that
could just be an engagement group which
means you know if you go in the comments
section and there's 30 comments and
3,000 likes that's a pretty good ratio
right but if you go through the comments
actually scroll through it and all those
pages are just very similar pages that
means those aren't real people you know
those are just there are real people but
they have influence or pages that are
similar so what these people basically
do is they're all in a big group
together every time someone posts are
gonna like they're gonna comment and all
that on someone's post to help boost
them up but those aren't the people you
want to be commenting liking all that
stuff you want real people who are you
going to be potential customers so
definitely look through the comments you
know most people aren't engagement
groups but if you have far more people
who are just regular normal everyday
people then accounts that are similar to
theirs that's what I'm looking for I
definitely want those real people now as
for like legitimate numbers and stuff
toking about engagement if they have
let's say 50,000 followers I'd be
looking for at least 2,000 likes on
every post I also do take into account
to show you guys some examples here in a
little bit but like their post
description how are they structuring it
does it look like does it not look
like how are they using their
hashtags all those different things are
gonna play into the fact because that's
gonna affect how my post is gonna reach
people how many people it's gonna reach
who it's reaching obviously you want to
make sure you get in front of the right
audience so that's all the stuff we're
gonna break down but right now I'm gonna
try to find a random account you know
I'm gonna just pick a niche I'm gonna
throw up a screenshot right here and
tok about it alright so the first we're
gonna look at is luxury cars dot
now I just have no connection to this
thing I just randomly found the account
but if you look at it they've thirty
nine point one thousand followers and
you know they post luxury cars cool
stuff like that now so if we're actually
going to break down their account if you
look at one other posts here I'm gonna
throw them up on the screen fifty four
hundred likes fifty-two fifty-three
fifty-three you know so they're getting
about five thousand likes which is
really good but this where you need to
look a little bit further look into
their comments right I'm gonna try and
throw up a screenshot of this they have
at least twenty to thirty on every
single post but which is good good
engagement rate for all of it looks very
good in organic but all these pages are
other influencer pages you know anywhere
from twenty thousand to a hundred
thousand followers which is not what
we're looking for that means they're
sending all their posts into a really
really big engagement group maybe
multiple and boosting their posts onto
the explore page every single time they
post and they're not going to do that
for your shout out so it's gonna be very
ineffective right because you can't
judge right now what your post is going
to do on this page because their current
numbers aren't exactly accurate those
are just boosted now one thing you could
do is a story shout out you'd have to
have them post on their story and kind
of show you a screenshot of what the
results are looking like that might work
but for this specific page I would say
it's a no-go unless the price is like
five dollars then I'd test it but it
page like this it's just all boosted
that's engagement groups that's a no-no
the next page we're gonna look at is
foods and tips again I'm just jumping
around random pages and random niches so
if one of these pages falls in line with
your store go ahead and do shoutouts on
them here's my opinion on this one so
first thing I see is six hundred fifty
five thousand followers that's good
they have five hundred ten posts that's
a lot of credibility they've been around
they're posting consistently they're
probably at least a year old because
most people post once a day so 510
that's a good almost two years but now
look at these actual posts they
specialize in viral content which means
they're getting twenty thousand three
hundred thousand five hundred thousand
whatever it is they're getting hundreds
of thousands of views on all of their
posts which is really really good so
let's try and figure out why they're
doing that first of all this type of
content is stuff that could hit the
explore page really easily wants to get
some traction so we got to figure out
what they're doing to get that traction
you know it could be engagement groups
it could be fake like boosting on it or
it could just be a really really good
page it's like doing well means to
Graham API or anything but just by
scrolling through the comments here
they're getting about a hundred comments
most of these are legitimate people a
good amount this is kind of half and
half from what I'm seeing yeah
definitely a lot of these are from
engagement groups but at the same time
there's also a lot of comments that are
reason being is because it's just
getting so many views hundreds of
thousands of views a lot of regular
people are bound to comment so this is
kind of one of those metal accounts
where you got to make a decision
is it worth test in it because obviously
your post probably isn't going to go
viral and get hundreds of thousands of
views they're not going to put you in
their engagement group you can ask but I
don't think that would really make a
difference at all you want to reach the
right people so for this page I wouldn't
really test it out unless you have a
really cool video ad for a product
that's on your store something that can
go viral and get traction you could do
an Instagram story shot up for them you
just have to ask for a screenshot of one
of their current story posts and kind of
see exactly you know what their numbers
are looking like how many views how many
clips all those different things ask
them for the statistiks if people are
hesitant don't exactly want to give you
their statistiks and they kind of back
away and avoid that question that's a
big red flag so be careful with that
oftentimes I'll even ask them for a
screenshot of their data you know if
it's a business page if you're like
alright show me some screenshots of your
insight so I can see how many people are
meant how many are women to make sure my
products are actually aligned with their
audience now this next one I'm going to
show you is a perfect example of
something I'd be willing to test out
they aren't a lot of engagement groups
but it's a solid page good organic reach
and I would probably try and do a story
post for this page and that's a vol
summer or evolve summer however you say
this page right here seventy six point
five thousand followers 106 post quality
content this is stuff that hates the
Explorer page all the time so if you
post some sort of female swimwear or
whatever you get a lot of traction with
the post like this you just would
probably want to ask them for their
audience insights because typically you
know just you gotta think outside the
box here a lot of men are probably
following these pages not just women
because it's not really centered around
information about bikinis like something
women would be searching for this is
more like look at the hot girl all the
men follow you know so you want to make
sure you're targeting the right audience
and if they have 90% male following you
just advertise them male products right
because they're never gonna see that on
a page like this so it'd be a good way
to attack them because this page isn't
all used up but they're getting anywhere
from like five to eight thousand likes
which is really really good that Zach
very impressive for a page of this size
you've seen about a 10% engagement rate
that's what my pages were looking like
when they were really booming then it
died off and that was completely legit
so I wasn't using a ton of different
engagement groups like these people are
if you look at all that I'm going to
throw up a picture of the comments 98%
of the comments is all similar pages
which is fine for a story post you just
want to make sure you know how many
people you're reaching before you
actually pay them so I'll usually ask
them you know what's your average views
and then if they have a current story up
I'm gonna say all right send me the
screenshot right now how many views that
has you know it's been up for four hours
as a thousand views all right we're good
to go for 10 bucks I'm definitely gonna
try it
know one thing I do want to clarify is
most of the shoutouts we're testing and
running our story posts because you can
test it a lot easier it's cheaper you
know story posts are new especially with
the swipe up feature most people don't
know how to price them that well yet so
you can usually get them from like five
to thirty bucks for a page anywhere from
like 20 to 300,000 followers that's kind
of the range I'm looking for for actual
story post and if it goes well in there
then I'll test out you know package deal
for another story post or two as well as
a main post on their page so really the
key points when trying to qualify a page
you need to look at is go actually
scroll through their comment section see
who is leaving them right it's just a
ton of other pages like I've toked
about similar pages influencer pages not
just regular people like 100 followers
that just means they're leaving comments
like nice cool good one love it all that
stuff that's something to stay away from
now again shoutouts are very low entry
cost which is like you know I toked
about that compared to Facebook ads but
you know it's it's usually worth testing
out an influencer or shout out on their
page if they're getting some sort of
traction they have 5,000 likes they're
getting a couple thousand views on their
story you know for ten bucks it's worth
it at the worst a couple thousand more
people are gonna know about your brand
so you definitely want to make sure
you're super selective with who you pick
especially if you're gonna pay them for
a shout out I'll reach out to a lot of
people who I kind of think are okay just
cuz most people won't respond I did make
a video on how to reach out to
influencers but it's really really tough
to get them to respond so once you build
that list of ten to thirty input sirs
who can get your results every time they
post just get their phone numbers or
whatever a quick way to contact them and
then you can stack right now what that
means is you're just gonna spend an
entire day you know every week every
other week whatever it is to go through
pay them line up the post and they're
gonna be posting every single day every
whatever it is all these different
accounts for you and then you just sit
back and watch the orders come in and
you can work out other things for a few
weeks so that's one thing you definitely
look forward to just reach out to as
many people as possible I know I've
toked about that in other videos but I
hope this answers the question that I've
been getting all the time and actually
how do I pick pages you know people
really want it screen shot so I hope I
was able to throw all those up there and
they look good I'm really new to editing
everything but if you want to keep
seeing daily videos like this be sure to
subscribe drop a like and let me know in
the comments and I'll be sure to get
these crank it out
take care

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