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How To Pick The Facebook Ad Targeting For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Pick The Facebook Ad Targeting For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

The above is a brief introduction to How To Pick The Facebook Ad Targeting For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store.

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How To Pick The Facebook Ad Targeting For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

what is going on everyone hatin here
back again with another video and this
one I thought I'd show you how to pick
your Facebook targeting in your interest
for your drop shipping store so let's do
I got my notes here on my computer so
you know it's about to be good but
jumping right in here you know there's a
lot of different things with picking or
targeting just Facebook ads in general
that people don't really understand but
when it comes to the targeting that's
the biggest thing I struggled with and I
think that's like the pain point that
most people have especially once they
already know how to build the average
sales copy have a really congruent you
know flow as they you know have their
customers go from the first scene
advertisement the product all the way
through the purchasing process which is
something I'm super big on you got to
make sure the colors are right the
pictures are right the water market of
having watermarks on your photos just
little things like that you know knowing
what to do what not to do is super super
important but the Facebook target is
definitely one of the things that really
had me stumped in the beginning it's
like a solid month so now that I finally
have campaigns starting to do okay you
know I'm by no means making a ton of
money but they are profitable and I'm
trying to scale them so I thought I'd
start sharing some value now the first
thing I want to tok about is the big
six what is the big stik as you might
ask good question well the big six is
like whenever you're trying to pick a
product or a specific niche you know for
whatever you're trying to sell think of
what are the big six brand the big six
companies big six stores whatever it is
those big six and you're gonna build off
those you want to find those find
similar stores that are smaller than
that that you can target on Facebook
right too many people just let's say
they're doing sunglasses they're gonna
target hawkers Koh ray-ban Oakley and
like two other major brands or whatever
you know I'm not very good with
sunglasses but that's all they're gonna
target the problem is their target is
gonna be through the roof it's gonna
make 30 million reach and unless you
have like a hundred thousand dollar day
budget that's not gonna be very
effective I don't know if my scale is
off or whatever but it doesn't matter
don't just target the big six right
build off of that you can have split
test work those big sakes a big five
whatever it is those main part companies
are part of your targeting but you're
gonna need a lot others too and I always
recommend splitting it up right to
different split tests one for small
targeting one for big targeting for the
small one you're gonna have a list of
about twenty to thirty and in the big
one you want to go like three to eight
most people gonna ask if you have twenty
to thirty how are you gonna get it to a
small audience you know I always
recommend when you launch an ad
especially for the small targeting you
really want it between like 250 and
750,000 but how are you can actually get
it down if you have 20 or 30 you know
different stores and brands you're
targeting well it's the same thing we
toked about in the last video uncheck
that little box at the bottom right now
Facebook is spending your money and just
absolutely wasting it if you don't check
that box you know you can go back and
watch that last video and see you know
what I toked about with that but along
with that you know to narrow it down
more this is something I do in every
campaign doesn't matter what the product
is narrow your audience so you can have
two separate filters click you can
either exclude or narrow always narrow
down and do it by purchase behavior
click suggest or browse or whatever go
down to the purchase behavior you can
select something that's super super
relevant so why would you not want to
target people who are interested in 30
different sunglasses companies and have
a history of buying women's accessories
right whatever category sunglasses would
fall under and you know for every
product it's the same principle in the
same core concept but you really want to
make sure that you have multiple
different tests and you're narrowing
down your audience most people I see
other issues they don't even know about
audience size what works what doesn't
and they're just wasting money so I want
to make sure especially if you're
beginning that you're least shooting in
the right direction not completely
wasting your money now you are
definitely gonna be spending some money
in the beginning not necessarily wasting
but learning I spent a few hundred
dollars you know actually I probably
spent well over $1,000 on Facebook Ads
just until I actually had some
profitable campaigns not necessarily
with drop shipping but just with
everything you know to learn the skill
it's a very very important skill and if
you could call your learning curve in
any way whether it's by buying a course
toking to mentor watching youtube
videos whatever it is do it right it's
gonna help you significantly and why
would you not want to make things go
faster always work at an accelerated
pace of anything you do and try to 10x
it very very quickly
now back to the point of the actual
targeting right when I'm toking about a
list of 20 to 30 different companies
that you want to be targeting in your
more niche down split test I'm toking
people between like 20,000 and 750,000
in their total reach you really don't
want to be pushing brands that are over
a million because you can just add those
to your bigger split test right that's
why we're doing - that's why we have
multiple different campaigns we're test
different things but for this one keep
it small keep it narrow if you have a
list of 20 to 30 with you know a couple
hundred thousand on average ideally a
little bit smaller and if you combine
that by having your audience narrow down
with the purchase history you're gonna
crush it right if everything's congruent
your ad is good everything set up the
right way the products go to lines up
with the audience and you just keep
testing you're eventually gonna hit
something that works and it's gonna work
really really well now how do you
actually find those twenty or thirty
brands and stores to target that's by
far one of the biggest issues I've seen
people have and I've had that same exact
issue myself and I still do well I tried
this utilize Facebook write everything
you need is on Facebook the advertising
is on Facebook but you also have the
customer history you definitely want to
be picking you know who you're targeting
your interest based on what Facebook's
gonna recommend you and that suggested
box once you type in you know six or
seven different brands that are very
very relevant and similar it's gonna
give you ten twenty thirty others now
don't just select all of them you know
because Facebook's recommending it take
the time right don't be lazy go search
each one on Google right make sure that
they at least have similar products a
similar theme and vibe on their store
because sub-1 right most little bit some
ones you don't want to do those ones
that don't because you just be wasting
your targeting space by doing that now
another great way to find targeting is
to go to the people who are liking the
bigger pages that you're already
targeting and spend the time digging
through their likes who they're
following and you know what content
they're posting will products they're
buying all that you can see that on
their Facebook page you just see all
their brands in different stores because
typically let's say someone's interested
in sunglasses they're probably gonna
have shot the round or looked at a few
or at least liked a couple posts so you
know if you dig around and look a little
bit you can kind of see who people are
following what they're like in that is
gonna take some time but if you're
desperate for targeting go do that like
we toked about in the last video I
really really need you guys to uncheck
uncheck remember uncheck listen uncheck
that little button that's right under
all your interest in your targeting when
you're you know setting up your campaign
just going down once you get on your
target in place everything set up
uncheck that box and watch how much it
drops you know it'll go from nineteen
million to five
thousand and that drop is just drastik
that right there is like the one thing
that really helped me like get my
campaigns not necessarily profitable but
at least better biggest thing for me
that made my campaigns profitable was
the actual post itself
what layout to use how to set it up what
to say you know when to put in your
product what pictures to use what colors
all these different things
it was the actual post that really
started pushing things over the edge for
me as well as the targeting right it
wasn't really anything else I had
everything else down that's just basic
scale but it was the targeting and the
pokes for sure that's it so I definitely
want to make sure I can jump on you know
I'm still waiting on my camera in the
mail I definitely definitely want to
make more videos like ideally jumping
into my computer and showing you guys
exactly like how I set up my hands what
I tok how I pick my targeting and
hopefully even you know going through
building to store it setting up product
product descriptions which are really
really important so those are the type
of videos I def and want to be making on
my channel for you guys but definite let
me know in the comments below what type
of videos you guys want to see I'd be
more than happy to answer your questions
there and you know maybe a video will
come out of it you never know also if
you haven't already be sure to subscribe
trying to get to 500 subs by the end of
this month I'm gonna do that by posting
the most fired content you guys have
ever seen providing so much value
helping you guys out as much as possible
and posting consistently so stay tuned
for that
see you in the next one

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