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How To Pick Your Products/Niche For Dropshipping

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Pick Your Products/Niche For Dropshipping

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How To Pick Your Products/Niche For Dropshipping

question we think about these glasses I
was gifted a pair of them honestly I
think did the ugliest thing I've ever
seen in my life but with that being said
let's jump into today's video which is
how to pick your product and your niche
for your dropshipping store so this is a
question I've been getting a lot and a
lot of my friends who do drop shipping
are starting to do really well get this
all the time so I definitely thought I
would address it so first you're gonna
pick your niche right then you have to
pick all the product you want some
people will do a storm just one product
you know I have a friend doing about 30
to 50 K a month right now profit from
just one product right that's all his
story is it's one product which I
wouldn't even count that as a niche
that's just like a product page a
product store but when you're gonna have
to pick your niche you have to decide
something right who do you want to
target men or women that's the first
decision and then from there what do you
want to be doing do you want to do
accessories clothing entertainment
sports what like any like pick the big
categories and just break it down from
there and figure out exactly what you
want to do you know do you want to sell
men's hats okay
now you have something going for you now
you can look at Facebook you can go into
the targeting see how many people are
actually following these other brands
for men's hats how big the audience
sizes all those different things but one
thing you definitely think about is
passion when people have a passion for
something it is much easier to get them
to open up their wallet and spend their
money so you want to find something that
people are super super interested in
whether it's pets pets is a very very
good one you know you have a dog store a
cat store a bird story and I've I've
looked into that too much but you get
super niche specific with having to a
specific pet like an animal type or
whatever or you could go from the route
of having like a general pet store you
know kind of like something like Petco
but online where it's like you have a
dog section a cat section and an other
or whatever you know pick a couple
animals but it's always good to niche
down you know if you're gonna do
something do it just focus like laser
focus on one thing but besides the
practikal aspects I'm like figuring out
how many customers you have how many
people are actually interested in all
that stuff there's one thing I always
always recommend you and that's make
sure you break it down first before you
start the store before you do anything
don't look at what products you have an
idea you want to do go on Aliexpress and
look how many orders they have try to
find other stores with them and figure
out how well other people are doing with
them because if other people are
crushing it then you can crush it too
you don't want to be the first person
entering a market space for something
you know unless you really really know
what you
you just want to take what works because
then you know other people are already
making money with it so one thing I do
want to point out really quick before
you actually try and like jump in and
get everything going is I know I toked
about like having you know one nation
you know the passion around that but you
don't want to have just a big store with
all these different things right
just because you offer more products and
you can promote different things and
test it out does not mean you're going
to make more money let's say you just
want to do a clothing store right and
you have men's club in women's clothing
baby clothing that's like something a
massive retailer we're doing it's gonna
be tough for you to get traction so you
can make sales unlike one specific
product but I would highly highly
recommend you go focus in like okay take
babies for example right that's
something people have a passion around
right you can tap into that mothers who
are on Facebook and waddling you know
they've new more babies you're gonna
sell them clothes and stuff you can like
attack that from you know don't you want
the best for your child you can really
mess with their emotions you like find
something like that right so niche down
with babies and focus on like newborns
right or you know something specific in
a larger category so just keep trying to
niche down and sum yourself down so once
you pick something try and break it down
like three times further and just get
that super specific passion now when it
comes to actually picking products I
know I said like look for how many
orders it hasn't Aliexpress as for
number wise definitely make sure it has
over like a thousand orders because that
mean you know has some traction people
are interested and if people keep
ordering it that's usually an Aliexpress
in itself as a drop shipping site so if
it hasn't over a thousand orders that
means people are getting some sales with
it they keep buying repurchasing
especially from that seller specifically
the higher order number that they have
means more people are drop shipping from
them or maybe not more but less people
are but they're making more sales right
so you know they're getting sales you
know people are making money and it's
profitable if there's a ton of orders as
well as it's one of the best deals so
you might see 50 different listings for
the same product but the moment the most
orders is probably the cheapest has the
best fastest shipping the best customer
service all that right there's a reason
people keep ordered from them so there's
you use that credibility a lot of people
ask me like how many products I have on
my store how many do I need to start
with and I always try and like jump past
this just because I think it's not
important but if that's gonna get you
hung up on it then here's my
sir take about 15 to 40 products and get
it going
setting up your store you know if you're
brand new to shop for whatever might
take you some time to learn the platform
but don't spend more than like four or
five days on it don't spend three weeks
researching products picking products
trying to get 250 open your website that
is ridiculous since I first started my
store every single thing has changed all
the products have been cycled through
found new ones found better ones I look
back and I was a complete idiot of what
I did and odds are you're gonna do the
same thing so just make sure you pick
some solid products do your research
figure it out get it going as fast as
possible just test and implement as fast
as you can because that's actually
taking action that's the practikal steps
you need to take to learn and figure out
what works and what doesn't for you
everyone's different I might get
different results than you for a certain
product you know for whatever reasons
sonic try and keep this video short as
possible I got stuff to do I got stories
to build we're trying to launch our new
redesign of it which I'll definitely
tok about other videos but pick your
main niche right niche it down to a
passion then find 15 to 40 products on
that do some research look at which ones
are quality have good orders try and
find other people's stores like I
recommend looking on Facebook for that
most definitely but build your store
based on that right get it going as fast
as possible
I recommend starting with influencer
shoutouts I just made my last video on
that I definitely want to make videos
breaking down exactly how I structure my
influencer post I made a video on how to
find them like how to reach out to them
but I'm gonna definitely dive more in
depth and like exactly what I look for
in an influencer and you got to be
careful of them being an engagement
there's all these different things that
we'll get into but that being said
definitely sure to subscribe
dropping videos every other day and who
knows I might eventually kick that up to
every day right now I'm just been super
focused with all this business stuff and
I just don't have the time you know
filming a video might take me 10 minutes
or so then it takes another 30 to edit
another 10 20 to upload get a thumbnail
made so it's a good hour and a half at
least invested into every video but I
definitely want to do that for you guys
I do want to start doing live streams so
kind of let me know what topics you guys
would want to see for that just drop a
comment down below
well that being said I'll see you guys
in the next one beat

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