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how to place ads on google

Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

How to Set Up Your First Google Ad: A Beginner's Guide

Google Ads is an effective way to promote your business and reach potential customers. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to set up your first Google ad step by step.

Step 1: Switch to Expert Mode

- Click on Switch to Expert Mode to get full control over your new campaign.

Step 2: Create a Campaign Without a Goal's Guidance

- Click on Create a campaign without a goal's guidance to keep full control over your campaign.

Step 3: Select a Campaign Type

- Create a Search campaign using simple text ads.

Step 4: Determine What Happens When Somebody Clicks on Your Ad

- Create ads for an online store selling standing desks and type in the URL of your online store.

Step 5: Define General Campaign Settings

- Give your campaign a name that reflects what you're advertising.

- Deselect Display Networks to avoid wasting money on useless clicks.

- Enable the Search Network if you want your ads to show up on the standard Google search engine.

- Define a start and end date for your campaign and set an end date if you don't plan on regularly checking your Google Ads account.

- Define your ad schedule if you only want your ads to show up at a specific time during the day.

Step 6: Targeting and Audiences

- Click on Advanced search to find the locations that you want to target.

- Select United States and change the target from presence or interest to presence to ensure that your ads will only be shown to people who are physically located in the United States.

- Select a language of your customers, which in our example is English.

- Skip the audience tab if you don't have any audiences yet that you can remarket to.

Step 7: Budget and Bidding

- Decide on the currency that you want to use to pay for your advertising costs.

- Set your average daily budget to $10 to not spend more than $300 in one month.

- Leave the focus on clicks and set your maximum cost per click bid limits to $1.

- Set up conversion tracking using Google Analytics to maximize your conversions.

Step 8: Ad Extensions

- Add four sitelink extensions that lead to different pages on your online store.

- Add some call extensions to increase your click-through rate.

Step 9: Ad Groups

- Dedicate one ad group to one keyword group to make your ads as relevant as possible for your keywords.

- Define your keyword match types: exact match, phrase match, and modified broad match.

Step 10: Ads

- Create your first ad for the keyword and ad group standing desk.

- Add three headlines and make sure to include your keyword standing desk.

- Use your keyword once or twice in the ad description and use up as many characters as you can.

Setting up your first Google ad may seem daunting at first, but following these steps will help you create an effective ad campaign that reaches your ideal customers. Remember to regularly check your campaign settings and adjust them as needed to maximize your results.

Google Ads Tutorial 2022 [Step-by-Step] Adwords

want to show up on google shopping search results then we would run a shopping ad and so shopping ads are going to be very good for e-commerce stores or for people who are selling products online and then we have display ads which i just mentioned a little bit earlier and these are going to be more for people who want to increase brand awareness or they want to just kind of get their brand out there and they want to have people see their ads across the web and then we have video ads and so video ads are going to be really good for people who want to run ads on youtube right so if you have a youtube channel and you want to run ads on that channel or if you want to just run ads on youtube videos that are related to your product or your service then video ads are going to be a really good option for you and then we have app ads and so app ads are going to be really good for people who have mobile apps and they want to increase downloads or they want to increase engagement on their app and so you want to select the right campaign type based on what you re trying to accomplish and what type of ad you want to run and so in this tutorial we re going to focus on google search ads because i believe that s going to be the best starting point for people who are just getting started with google ads and so we re going to click on google search and then we re going to give our campaign a name and so you want to make sure that your campaign name is something that s going to be easy for you to identify later on so for example if you re running multiple campaigns for different products or different services you want to make sure that the name of the campaign is going to be something that s going to be easy for you to identify later on and so for example if we re running a campaign for a marketing agency in new york then we might call this campaign marketing agency new york and then we have to select our geographic location and so this is going to be really important because you want to make sure that your ads are only showing up to people who are within your service area and so if you re a local business then you want to make sure that your ads are only showing up to people who are within a certain radius of your business and so you can select your geographic location and then you can select your language and so you want to make sure that your ads are only showing up to people who speak your language and then we have to set our budget and so this is going to be really important because you want to make sure that you re not overspending on your ads and so you want to set a daily budget and then you want to set a maximum cost per click and so the cost per click is going to be how much you re willing to pay every time somebody clicks on your ad and so you want to set a maximum cost per click that s going to be within your budget and then we have to write our ad and so this is going to be really important because you want to make sure that your ad is going to be very targeted and very specific and so you want to make sure that your ad is going to be something that s going to catch people s attention and it s going to be very specific to what they re searching for and then you have to select your keywords and so this is going to be really important because you want to make sure that your keywords are going to be very targeted and very specific to what people are searching for and then we have to set up our billing and so this is going to be really important because you want to make sure that your billing information is set up correctly and then you can launch your ad and then you can monitor your results and make adjustments as needed and so that s a basic overview of how to run and operate google ads and so i hope that this tutorial was helpful and i hope that you feel confident in running your own google ads and so if you have any questions or if you need any help feel free to reach out to me and i would be more than happy to help you out.

How To Place Google AdSense Ads On Blog Website

In recent years, drop shipping has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses without the need for inventory or storage space. eBay, being one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, has made it easy for anyone to start a drop shipping business. However, drop shipping from the Caribbean can be challenging due to its geographical location and limited resources. In this article, we will explore two more ways to overcome these challenges and succeed in drop shipping on eBay from the Caribbean.

Sub-heading 1: Find local suppliers

One of the biggest challenges of drop shipping from the Caribbean is the distance from major supplier markets. However, there are many local suppliers in the Caribbean that can provide unique products that are not readily available in other markets. Here are some ways to find local suppliers:

- Attend trade shows and exhibitions: This is a great way to meet suppliers face-to-face and see their products first-hand.

- Join local trade associations: This can help you connect with other businesses in your industry and gain access to suppliers.

- Use online directories: There are many online directories that list local suppliers in the Caribbean.

Sub-heading 2: Optimize your eBay listings

Once you have found your suppliers, it is important to optimize your eBay listings to attract buyers. Here are some tips:

- Use high-quality images: This will help your products stand out and attract more buyers.

- Write detailed product descriptions: This will help buyers understand the features and benefits of your products.

- Offer competitive pricing: Research your competitors and offer pricing that is competitive but still profitable for you.

- Provide excellent customer service: This will help you build a good reputation on eBay and attract repeat customers.

Drop shipping on eBay from the Caribbean can be challenging, but it is possible with the right strategies. By finding local suppliers and optimizing your eBay listings, you can overcome these challenges and succeed in your drop shipping business. Remember to always provide excellent customer service and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

Google Ads Tutorial 2022 (Simple Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Set Up Your First Google Ads Campaign: Step-by-Step Guide

Google Ads is a powerful tool to advertise your business online. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to set up your first Google Ads campaign.

1. Create Your Google Ads Account:

- Go to ads.google.com and click on the Start Now button.

- Create your Google Ads account by signing in with your existing Google account or creating a new one using any email address.

- Switch to expert mode to access all options for your campaign.

2. Define Your Campaign Type:

- Click on Create a campaign without a goals guidance.

- Select your campaign type; in this example, we will create a simple search campaign with text ads that show up when people type in specific keywords on Google.

3. Set Up Your Campaign Settings:

- Give your campaign a name.

- Untick both the search network and display network options.

- Define your location and language options.

- Set your daily budget and bidding options.

- Add ad extensions to make your ad larger and more attractive.

4. Set Up Your Ad Groups:

- Create ad groups that target a specific intention of your customers.

- Define all the search terms that your ad should show up for.

- Use the keyword match type tool to narrow down your keywords to the ones that have the intent behind them to find somebody who can build a responsive website.

Setting up your first Google Ads campaign can be overwhelming, but following these steps will help you get started. Remember to define your goals and target audience, and regularly monitor and adjust your campaign for optimal results.

Google Display Ads Guide 2022 - Step-by-Step Google Display Ads

In this video, the presenter will show viewers how to create Google display ads for their business. Google display ads are image-based advertisements that can be placed on websites that have partnered with Google to sell advertising space.

Uses of Display Ads:

Display ads are great for raising brand awareness or letting a specific geography know about an event or business. They capture customers at the top of the sales funnel to make them aware that a business exists. However, display ads are not very effective at the bottom of the sales funnel in terms of making sales or generating leads.

Making Display Ads:

To make display ads, users need to create a new campaign in Google Ads and select website traffic as the objective. Then, select display as the campaign type and use standard rather than smart display campaigns. Users can then plug in their website URL and select their location, language, and budget. For manual cost per click, a good bid in the UK is typically around 15 pence per click.

Targeting Options:

There are several targeting options available for display ads, including audience segments, demographics, keywords, topics, and placements. However, the presenter recommends not messing with the placement targeting.

Google display ads can be a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness and make potential customers aware of a business's existence. However, they are not the best option for generating sales or leads. By following the steps outlined in the video, users can create effective display ads for their business.

Google Display Ads Tutorial (Made In 2022 for 2022) - Step-By-Step for Beginners

In this video, Ivan will be showing us how to create Google Display Ads step by step, using the latest interface and outlook of 2022. He will guide us through the process of setting up a Standard Display campaign and targeting the right audience.


1. Go to adsgoogle.com and sign in or create a new account.

2. Click on Campaigns and create a new campaign.

3. Select Standard Display campaign and enter your website URL and campaign name.

4. Choose the location, language, and ad schedule (if needed).

5. Set the budget and bidding type (Manual CPC).

6. Select the targeting options for your audience segments, interests, and remarketing lists.

7. Choose the ad format and create your ad.

8. Review and launch your campaign.


- Start with tier one countries for better quality traffic.

- Set a lower bid compared to search ads as the traffic is less relevant.

- Target your audience based on their demographics, interests, and life events.

- Use remarketing lists to target people who have interacted with your website before.

- Choose a visually appealing ad format with clear messaging and a call-to-action.

Creating Google Display Ads can seem daunting at first, but by following Ivan's step-by-step guide and tips, we can create effective ads that reach the right audience and achieve our advertising goals. With the latest interface and outlook of 2022, we can stay ahead of the game and make the most out of our advertising budget.

12 Google Display Ads Best Practices and Strategies

Hello everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel. In this video, we'll be discussing 12 Google display ads best practices and strategies that you can incorporate in your own campaigns. We won't be going into too much detail for each individual strategy, but I'll refer you to some of my different videos throughout this video tutorial to show you how to set up things like conversion tracking, smart bidding strategies, and data segments. Let's get started with our best practices checklist.

1. Conversion Tracking and Smart Bidding:

- Click on conversions under the measurement tab in your Google Ads account.

- Set up your key performance indicators, such as purchases or leads.

- Incorporate value if you're able to, so you can optimize for revenue or total value driven to your business.

- Set your bidding strategy to focus on conversions or conversion value.

- Use Target CPA or Target ROAS bidding strategies to drive conversions for your business at a specific cost.

2. Target Your Data Segments:

- Use remarketing audiences to improve your return on ad spend.

- Create different data segments based on website visitors, app users, YouTube users, or customer lists.

- Target people who have visited your website or watched your YouTube videos.

- Create custom combinations to reach more specific audiences.

3. Use Similar, Custom, and In-Market Segments:

- Avoid broad targeting like Affinity segments.

- Use similar segments to reach people who are similar to your website visitors or customer lists.

- Use custom segments to target specific groups of people based on demographics or interests.

- Use in-market segments to target people who are actively looking to purchase similar products or services.

Incorporating these 12 best practices and strategies into your Google display ads campaigns can greatly improve your results. By tracking your conversions, targeting your data segments, and using similar, custom, and in-market segments, you'll be able to reach more qualified leads and improve your return on ad spend. Don't forget to check out my other videos for more in-depth tutorials on each individual strategy. Happy advertising!

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