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How to Post Video Shooting Service to CJ?

Published on: November 30 2022 by CjDropshipping.com

How to Post Video Shooting Service to CJ?

How to Post Video Shooting Service to CJ?

startTime durationTime text
00:00:00 00:00:05 II think India to show you how to use
00:00:02 00:00:08 video shooting service provided by CJ
00:00:05 00:00:12 JumpShip you to use this service you
00:00:08 00:00:15 need to log in to our website yep the CJ
00:00:12 00:00:18 Junction account with your procedure
00:00:15 00:00:21 account our video shooting service
00:00:18 00:00:25 allows you to post a video request on
00:00:21 00:00:29 products from CJ stores in individuals
00:00:25 00:00:32 there depending on where the prod has
00:00:29 00:00:35 come from there are three different ways
00:00:32 00:00:38 to use this service and I will introduce
00:00:35 00:00:43 it to you one by one product from Fiji
00:00:38 00:00:47 you can click my CJ and go to our rocky
00:00:43 00:00:49 place to search products suppose you
00:00:47 00:00:52 want to request the video shooting
00:00:49 00:00:56 service on this product you can click
00:00:52 00:01:01 its image and then click video shooting
00:00:56 00:01:04 request and confirm then this electron
00:01:01 00:01:07 will sent will be sent to us and if you
00:01:04 00:01:14 want to check its status you can click
00:01:07 00:01:17 my CJ and clean my videos producing
00:01:14 00:01:20 request and you will see your request
00:01:17 00:01:22 here Li means we're still reviewing your
00:01:20 00:01:25 request and you will get back to you in
00:01:22 00:01:31 two working days then it will be putted
00:01:25 00:01:36 and add to an added two video orders
00:01:31 00:01:39 here you can pro say to pay choose any
00:01:36 00:01:42 method here you feel convenient and
00:01:39 00:01:45 proceed to pay parades after the
00:01:42 00:01:48 payments will begin to shoot the videos
00:01:45 00:01:51 for you when it is completed you can
00:01:48 00:01:54 download video here and second for
00:01:51 00:01:57 products around stores you need to send
00:01:54 00:02:02 us a sourcing request first and this is
00:01:57 00:02:05 free so click sourcing posts awesome
00:02:02 00:02:11 request and feel the phone here stirrup
00:02:05 00:02:13 down Sumeet okay and when the smart
00:02:11 00:02:19 thing is completed you can click
00:02:13 00:02:22 we've details real Prada detail and
00:02:19 00:02:26 clear video shooting request to send us
00:02:22 00:02:29 your request and repeat what we've been
00:02:26 00:02:32 through previously to check status make
00:02:29 00:02:35 payments and download and lastly for
00:02:32 00:02:40 products from individuals
00:02:35 00:02:43 let's go patching my CJ and click my
00:02:40 00:02:45 videos video shooting recognized and
00:02:43 00:02:49 here to post the video shooting requests
00:02:45 00:02:51 and we need to choose individual product
00:02:49 00:02:54 and fill the phone here to submit and
00:02:51 00:02:57 then move on to the next steps which
00:02:54 00:03:01 already have introduced before that's
00:02:57 00:03:01 all about it thank you for watching

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