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how to put ads on instagram

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

The BEST Way To Advertise On Instagram In 2022 (SECRET)

there are three things you need to know if you want to create effective, high converting and profitable instagram ads. first, you need to be using the right kind of ad format. you see, instagram has changed a lot over the past few months and there's one kind of ad format that's working better than pretty much any other kind of instagram ad right now. if you choose the wrong ad format, or worse, just go along with the default settings and leave it up to instagram to decide where to show your ad, it doesn't matter how smart or funny or creative your instagram ads are, they're just not gonna work. next, you need to script your ad in a very specific way, known as p-a-s-o or paso. this is going to hook your viewer right from the start, keep them engaged throughout your ad and get them to take action at the end. but don't worry if you've never heard of this before- most people haven't- so i'm going to show you exactly what it means and how you can incorporate it into your instagram ads. and lastly, you need to use something called sequencing. sequencing is an advertising strategy that not a lot of people know about, but it's been proven to increase your ads consumption by 87 and the amount of conversions you get by 56 or more. understanding how sequencing works won't just make your instagram ads more effective, but you'll see how you can apply this to any and all marketing and advertising you create from today forward. sequencing really is the closest thing to a marketing magic bullet that i've ever found. so let me show you how it's done, starting with the all-important ad format. fun fact: you probably already knew this, but instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. now they all about that video life. the head of instagram, adam massari, said this last year, but they backed it up by changing the algorithm and pretty much wiping out any hopes of organic reach from photos and replacing everybody's feeds with video, but not just any kinds of videos: a very specific and very familiar looking kind of video known as the instagram reel, a short form vertikal video with all the makings of its competitor, tiktok. in fact, it's pretty obvious that instagram reels is a direct copy of tiktok. but all is fair in love and war- and this is war anyway, i guess instagram figured: if you can't beat tiktok, you might as well join them or at least copy exactly what they're doing. and so instagram hopped on the tiktok bandwagon, essentially leveraging the popularity of this new format and did everything they could to get their existing users to adopt this new reels feature. now, this next part's worth paying extra attention to because it's going to serve you for many years to come. anytime an app like instagram or facebook or tiktok or whatever launches a new feature, they give that feature a bit of a head start, a little extra push and some algorithmic support in order to try to get it to catch on a little faster. essentially, the way it works is that they reward the creators and advertisers who use their new features by giving them a disproportionate amount of new reach in order to help them get this new feature in front of as many people as possible. and that's what happened with reels, exactly like what happened with lives and stories and carousels and, well, anything and everything they ever launched. this is why, while you want to be careful to not chase after too many different shiny objects, you also want to be able to capitalize on new trends, because they often offer these massive first mover advantages to the people that adopt those early tiknologies and early tools. long story short people like reels, and instagram wants you to use reels, and not just organically either, but is a powerful advertising tool that right now is getting better results than pretty much any other placement on instagram, and you can safely test out story placements alongside your reels placements with just the click of a button, and creating an instagram reels only ad is really pretty simple. now, if this is your first instagram ad ever, then it's important to understand that facebook owns instagram, so the way that you create instagram ads is actually through the facebook ads manager. so in order to run instagram ads, the first thing you need to do is sign up for a facebook ads manager account. once that's done, you're pretty much off to the races. so to set up an instagram reels ad, all you need to do is first log into your facebook ads manager account and, once inside, choose your objective and targeting options- i'll tok about that more in just a minute- and then choose manual placements and select reels. you can upload an existing reel that you already have or you can create a brand new reel from scratch, which is usually what i recommend. this is because, when you're upgrading your marketing strategy from free organic traffic to paid online advertising- and real money is on the line- you want to make sure that you're doing everything in your power to optimize this ad for the highest likelihood of success. okay, next up, let's tok about how to script your ad for maximum impact, because, make no mistake, the advertisers that are getting the best results with their instagram ads right now are thoughtful and strategic and very careful about what they say and how they're saying it. if you're the kind of person who's comfortable just getting in front of the camera, hitting record and trying to nail it in your first shot, that's awesome. you have a gift, my friend. most people, though myself included, are gonna benefit by just a little bit of prep work and some planning to make sure that we say the right things in the right way at the right time. in fact, even after having created thousands of ads over the past 10 years for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes, i still spend most of my advertising time on writing and editing my ads in order to make them as powerful and impactful as possible, and over the years, i've found that whenever i get stuck or just can't seem to get inspired or come up with anything new, all i need to do is go back to one of my favorite copywriting frameworks of all time- paso. so let me show you what that looks like now. vaso or paso stands for pain, agitate, solution and outcome. this is a proven formula because it gets right to the core of what's really important with your message, which is your customer and their problems. you then agitate the problem by showing them just how bad it is before moving on to the solution- your solution, and then wrapping it all up with the outcome and the results that they'll experience. now, obviously, you're going to want to jazz it up just a little bit more and make it specific to your business and your market in your industry, but to show you what this might look like in the real world, here's an example of a grizzly bear self-defense course known as bare jitsu, a popular and practikal martial art. up here in canada. there's nothing worse than going for a nice walk in the woods only to be confronted by an angry bear. face to face with this 800 pound giant of the forest, your options are extremely limited. you can't outrun it, outclimb it or out fight it, that is, unless you're armed with the skills of bare jitsu, a non-lethal martial art crafted in the back country of canada's most remote wilderness that can help you defend yourself against one of the forest's most dangerous predators. after you learn the art of bare jitsu, you can walk freely, safely and confidently, knowing that you have the skills and experience to conquer anything that nature can throw at you. [Music]. okay, now that we've got that covered, next sequence: a strategy that's been proven to increase the consumption of your ads by 87 and your conversions by 56 or more. there was a us-based advertising research study done by adaptly, facebook and refinery29. their goal was to try to find out what advertising strategy worked best. option a was to create a single ad with a single call to action. essentially, one ad, one call to action, which is pretty standard in how most people do their advertising.

I Found the BEST Way to Run Instagram Ads in 2023

if you've ever run Instagram ads and it didn't go so well, it's probably because you were just blending in with every other Advertiser, with no real strategy. before you do that, did you know that there's a better way to run Instagram ads that are going to get you much more profitable long-term results and spend way less of your money? well, I found it, and in this video I'm going to break down my exact strategy so you can get your results from this to this using just one ad type in a very affordable budget. and the reason this ad strategy works so well is because it plays into actual human psychology and known buying Behavior. the big mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to advertising on Instagram is they run an ad to a cold audience who doesn't know them yet, asking for a sale or for their email address. but the problem is buying decisions just aren't made that quickly, so you end up spending a lot to advertise to people who just aren't worth the money because they aren't ready to buy yet. they're not warmed up to you as a business yet. so how can we reach those same people for a lot less money? that's what this video is all about. I call it the omnipresent reels strategy. omnipresent just means showing up over and over again in a smart sequence of ads that consistently put you in front of your target audience more often than your competition, and it mimics the way people might naturally find you online, gradually getting to know, like and trust you. this sequence just puts it all on hyperdrive, helping quickly move people from never heard of you before all the way through. I'm ready to take my money now. Meanwhile, your competition will just fall away into the sea of mediocre Instagram advertisers banging their heads on the propeller of negative Roi, and this strategy works best using the Instagram reels ad placement. it's where the most eyeballs are on the platform right now, since it's what Instagram's pushing the most. they're no longer an image sharing app. they're, in this short form, video business, and they want you to be making reels. so if you give them what they want, they'll reward you with more views for less money. now this is a two-phase strategy, so phase one involves just a single, specific real ad designed to attract your ideal customers, and then phase two involves a specific variety of reels, each created to hit on a different psychological trigger. that all add up to your prospects feeling like they know you and what you can do for them. so this works dramatikally better than just throwing out a single ad asking for a sale and just hoping it hits, because it never does does. so let's jump right into phase one, where we'll create what I call your magnet ad. so this ad shouldn't even remotely resemble an ad. okay, it isn't going to mention your business or your paid services at all. the only goal of this reel is to attract the right people, who would be perfect customers, and get them to watch at least part of your video, and to get everyone else to just swipe on past, and the way you're going to do this is to Simply create a really short clip that's closely related to your business Niche, that either informs or inspires on that topic. then the idea is: anyone who's interested enough to watch it would likely be your perfect customer. so what could this video be about? first of all, you don't need to dance or point, or dance and point or follow any of the latest trends from tiktok. in fact, I would definitely advise against going with anything trendy, because those Trends change all the time, and the beauty of this strategy is, however green it's designed to be, so you should be able to create the sequence just once and have it last you for a year or more. and in case you're stuck for ideas here, a great all-purpose prompt for your reel would be to think of your ideal customer's biggest problem or stumbling block that's in their way right now. then just make a short video giving them the one piece of advice or the three tips or the truth behind the common myth that's standing in their way. the idea is you're inspiring them that what they want is possible, and maybe you're even giving them a shortcut to a quick win that they can achieve on their own. for instance, if you're a window cleaning company, you might start out saying something like: if you can't keep the outsides of your second story windows clean, here's a secret trick you can use. then you'd simply teach them the trick or the three tips or give them the best expert advice on your subject. now this is the part I always get the most questions about in the comments. so come back to me here. you're going to want to choose the engagement objective at the can campaign level. then, when you get to the ad set level, they're going to ask you to set your conversion location. you'll choose on your ad and then, under engagement type, you'll choose video views. then, when it comes to budget, I recommend starting out setting this right around 10 or so. this is going to be enough to start building your custom audience of your best customer matches. so who will you show your phase one magnet ad to? generally speaking, the more wide open you can leave your targeting, the more leeway you're giving Facebook to put its algorithm to good use. and spoiler alert, the Facebook algorithm is smarter than any human brain could ever hope to be, so trust it to work out for itself who your best prospects would be. the only reason you might want to narrow it down is if you're a local business, in which case you'll specify the geographic area you want your ads to show in, or if you're a super Niche business, like if only hair stylists or classic car collectors would be interested in what you have to offer. in that that case, you might want to apply a very basic interest targeting option. but easy does it? here? you definitely don't want to get too granular and restrict that algorithm from doing its thing. we want big audiences for phase one. so now that our phase one magnet ads are running, attracting new prospects to your business every single day. it's time for phase two, and here's where things get really interesting, because phase two involves 10 different reels- ads that each satisfy a specific objective. it'll be shown to your prospects in a repeated rotation, so you show up in front of your audience on a set schedule of two ads per day. now, if that sounds like a lot or if you're confused at all by it, don't worry, I'm about to explain everything. so let's start off with the ads themselves that I recommend you create and keep in mind these should all be very short. they can be up to 90 seconds long, but honestly I'd keep them anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds if you can. so we're not toking about producing 10 big, big long videos here. if they're simple, they're short, and you can do this, I promise okay. so here are the different ad types that you'll need. so first, you should start with two helpful tips or how to style videos. these are all just about delivering even more value to your custom ad audience, so they're pretty much in the same style as your magnet ad. each delivering a quick tip or two orb action steps. it'll help them get a result that they're after, and for extra bonus points here if you happen to have any clips of you delivering these tips from a stage or during a podcast where you were interviewed as an expert guest- anything that puts you in the spotlight as the expert. by all means use that. next, you want to create two advice Style videos, so these are a little different because you're not giving Specific Instructions, you're just giving them your two cents. you know the same kind of advice you'd find yourself giving to your customers or clients all the time. just keep it to one piece of advice in each video to make them super, super simple and really easy to understand. next, you want to create one inspirational video, so this is where you essentially let them know what's possible. like if you're an accountant, you might tok about how structuring your business as an S corp can save you a bunch on taxes.

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How To Create And Run Instagram Ads (Quick Tutorial)

hey guys, today let's learn how to create and run Instagram ads well, over here on our Instagram public applications on our devices, our or our phones. well, all we need to do over here is actually download the application called the ad manager. so when you search onto your app store, I want you to head on over onto the ad manager so search for ads ads manager, which should be offered by Facebook and Instagram as well. as you can see, we have this application called The Meta ads manager. so if you do want to head on over and run some ads and also create some ads over onto your Instagram page, you could actually use this application because, since it is by meta, which is the company of Facebook and Instagram, you could actually use this application to create your ad. but first of all, you do need to create an account first, so click on continue now, since I do already have my Facebook already logged in, it actually automatikally detected my Facebook account, which is also linked to my Instagram account. so go ahead and continue with your Facebook account and click on yeah, continue. okay, perfect. so if you want to head on over and run your ads, I want you to actually click on over onto the plus icon right here in the very bottom, so click on the plus icon and then I want you to run some campaigns and stuff like that. so, basically, to create your ads, you actually need to create your an objective over here. so, as you can see over here, you can actually choose, um, some post engagement, some video views, some website traffic and a lot, bunch, a lot of uh other options over here available now, since, as you can see here, there is an Instagram logo- logo to my business. so that is basically, um, what we're after, which is good because we don't really have to to keep in mind, or rather to think about, uh, if this ad is going to run on Instagram, so go ahead and continue with that. and, of course, um, just choose a which objective that you want and click on continue. and, of course, I think I want to choose maybe, my reach, so go ahead and click on reach. and basically all we need to do once we are here now, is actually choose what type of AD we want. as you can see here, image for all placement accepts for story ads. so just choose this specific image over here. you can change that clicking on over 100 format. you can change it onto a carousel, a single video or a hosts. you can also choose to make it a post. okay, I think I want to choose a post for this. you can now get it and now, basically, you could choose to create a post, and if you do want to create a post, you can just add any text over here, and as well as an image, if you'd like to, and then basically, you click on continue and the next step will also become the um audience, um, basically editing what specific audience you want this to, you know, be targeted to, and, as you can see, all we need to do is click on to the next icon right here, and then also some of these options that we can actually edit and change, and the next step is, of course, for us to actually pay for the ad to be run. so go ahead and just enter your credit card details so that meta could actually run your ad on Instagram as well, and then click on continue and then you should be able to run your ads on Instagram. okay, guys, thank you guys for watching this video. I'll see you guys in the next one, and again, this has been how to web.

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How to Run Instagram Ads, Complete Instagram Advertisement Tutorial, Freelancing Tips and Tricks

If you want to increase Instagram followers or you have a product that you want to sell, If you also have a client for which you want to run ads on Instagram. So in this video, I will tell you completely about Instagram ads, How do you run your Instagram feed and story ads. I will tell you everything in this video. So watch the complete video and subscribe to the channel If you want more content like this. This skill also has a high demand on Fiverr, As you see. I searched Instagram ads and we got 5,400 services. You can easily outrank this If you follow the Fiverr methodology series. This skill is very important. I will tell you in detail about that skill in this video. If you guys like my work, You can support it. on pateroncom/letsuncover: The link is in the description. Go and check that. The important thing I want to tell you here is, If you don't know running Facebook ads, That video link is also in the description. I will tell you about everything in that video. I already make videos on YouTube, Google and LinkedIn ads. That videos link is also in the description. Make sure to watch them. Those videos will be beneficial for you If you want to sell these skills online. This is an excellent skill and has high demand online Because you are bringing customers for clients. If you also want to sell your own products, I think this is a basic skill that a Freelancer knows about, Because you need this skill once in your career. for example, you have a skill and you want to sell it's services online. You can find clients through advertisements. So let's go to the Pc screen and see how we do this work. As you see, I am on my PC screen and my Facebook account is opened. There is an Ads manager option on the left side of ads. Click on it and you see Ads Manager is open. In my Facebook ads video, I will tell you how you create a Business Manager account And create an ad account in it. Everything is in it. you can watch many things in that video. The link is in the description. After going there, you also go to the ads manager from here. If you click on home, all your business accounts are opened. We can go back to the ads manager. The first thing is you have to create a campaign. Click on create and here enter your goal for the campaign. We select traffic because we want traffic on our link. After selecting, we continue it. Now we have a name option. We write Instagram ads. After that, enter your camping details. We select auction and for the camping objective we choose traffic. You can enter your spending limit, But we set it later. After that we click on. next You have to double-check that the traffic you select is the website. Scroll down and select the budget. Select thousand rupees budget. You can select the schedule of the ad. As you see, our start date is 3 March and the end date is 6 March. Here at the bottom you have the audience option. If you have any save the audience, you can select them. But if you don't have any save audience, you can create them. For example, I have my website where I sell tee-shirt, shoes etc. I have to show my advertisement to these types of people. We are toking about Instagram, so we have to make sure to target Instagram In Location. you can select Pakistan or any specific location you can. For example, I select Lahore and you see we have an area option. We can increase or decrease it After that. If you want to add more audience to it, you can. For example, I also add Multan. We can also set the radius of it. After doing this, we come to the age section. So you have to identify what type of age group you must show your product to. As an example, If you are selling sneakers, Obviously You will not select an old audience, because they will not purchase your product. If I am running Freelancing ads, I will select between 18-40.. Or it may be 35. I can identify the age group in my YouTube analytiks And add them here. So in the gender we will select all. If you have any specific product for a gender, You can select it from here. You must select all in one case if your product is for both genders. After doing this, you have detailed targeting There. we can select interests and behavior. For example, If someone has an interest in shoes, You can select from here. It takes some time but you will get them, as you see a lot of interest shown here. For example, I select shoes and write Nike shoes. You see we got a lot of options. I select Air Jordan. I am selecting the type of people who are interested in these things. If I want someone whose interest is in clothing or tee shirts- As you see a lot of interest shown- You can select all of them, But we only select tee-shirt If, for example, you want to reach people beyond these targeting details. That helps you to increase the ad performance. Basically, Facebook identifies this and shows what type of people this ad will be shown. If you want to select this, you can, But it will require some additional cost. Below all languages, you can select the languages. For example, if I don't want to share the ads with those who like my Facebook or Instagram page, Or I can also target people who like my page, Friends of people who like my page. I have all of the options I can set. For now, we will leave this. For example, If I want to show my ads to new people, I can select this option And add my page link here. In placement, we have automatik and manual placement options. This is very important. if you want to run Instagram ads, You have to select manual placement. after selecting it, You have to unselect Facebook audience network and messenger. Below are some options. you just have to select Instagram stories, Like this I have done. Now there is just Instagram and we only want to run ads on Instagram stories. If you want to run ads on your Instagram feed, Just select it and unselect the remaining options. On the right you can see what it will look like. You can also see Instagram and Facebook stories. We can run ads on Instagram feeds, stories and explore sections. If, for example, I upload a video or post on my Instagram page, Its reach will not be much Here. if you want to select a specific Device or operating system, Or if you want to target someone only when they are on wifi, You have all of these options. Here is a brand safety option. If you don't want to show your ad with specific content, You can do this from here. Below you have optimization and delivery option. So our primary goal is Links clicks. People swipe up more and more. There are also some other options you can see On link clicks. Instagram only shows ads to people that were interested in it. On cost control, we can enter the maximum cost for one link, Select the impressions. it is also best. As you know, we select links to click in delivery and optimization. This aim is that Instagram will only show your ads to those who are willing to click, And at the bottom you can select how you get charged After doing this. click on next. Now here we have to create an ad. Enter the ad name. for example, we write Let's Uncover, And you have Facebook and Instagram page options. Obviously, we have to run ads on Instagram, so that's why we select Instagram. Switch the preview on. After that we have a format option. You can choose a single image or video. carousel and collection. You have to select a single image or video. After that, go to add media and enter the image. if you want to run an image ad, Or if you want to run a video, enter the video ad. For example, I click on a video ad and enter a short video I made for my channel. This is a 59-second video and I enter it. Now we have a preview of how our ad will show. After that we have some options. We select on the website, so enter the URL. For example, I wish more and more subscribers on my channel. This is just an example I am giving. You have to select website URLs and targeting by yourself. Like on start, we have target shoes. You have to enter your.

Instagram Ads full tutorial in Tamil | step by step Instagram ads

welcome. welcome to turn expert Amory. I am Pedro Sangeeta is Abhishek nama. third, on the Instagram marketing: la mala video Cal. create money through Instagram. the business profile epic create under the hashtag strategy. if we create under the post every create under there an area very every video is now a GTV layer. people are there in the Mariana polymer single Instagram learn imparted on Ramu Camano is shown in the kappa kapa haka pure topic and now the Instagram layer advertised under there. it okay if a topic about advertising on Instagram Ipoh Instagram l'homme Wilker business profile earlier in the day, a patina Ning go repost 14 in now under image Kokila, new insights and promote a painted in the button info. okay, now promote a printer button. learning a trick: burning Athena next. immediate, you will clean them. agree on a decree it for know on the profile al not even the recipient of a Kinema other than the profile visits into the Instagram blur on the popular on you assume there being a row more interesting on a Content vets evening. yet Laura, image is a lot of interesting. I Erica a patina budget, other visually appealing products or service ID in Decorah. Google Oliver, Julie appealing. I a rather on the create panel we were to post a lot more holiday Adam and Rihanna budget learning when they're over on a profile. knock on door. Tom appeared in a finger Instagram la montaña profile, a Parker they obtained today. or important an activity etiquette, yeah now profile or thermosiphon, demoted moon, moon, moon, moon, oh, and this only the post are arranged for. need another theory? Oh, are they mother Oriole Sam III, you only come home with a female fat. a poster, easier on lollipop, c'mon you. so Instagram low profile visits, a base for new your call to action of much it adds, create fundraiser or a popular on a booty. so easier the pond, Amanda, now mostly Instagram linaria followers, way no. Annika, very Englishman, nor Cano and Emani non-equilibrium, uh, current profile: is it Sunday Birnbaum, there I did their website people in number on the website mature kinga website Lapua of your action I'd grown up. green drama tree, for example, ecommerce, Eli. e-commerce in their course is not a 3lf, an angel' service, is it so? whereas on a website, oh you details along path, there are the couple of my own action. atychiphobia in the business, learning aid in the website obtained or call to action useful are home courtesy are direct messages will occur. take a message and put ionic website Eli Anika messages. they interact. funny on this. now the customer of convert Pinocchio, wife with a prima, Nikki Ramona. direct messages of wind rocks, you know, Brookline, the move, Alerian, the option, create one along, but rather either tower, third, me a Facebook Lee, a poem that manager learning I'd create for now. now other paths you only could become a soda courtesy- very cool in the video part appearing that are there. so either Lana profile, Ola website, all a direct message. you click one of the cup Rama create audience in the mariana audience window, mingott target Fernando opportunity in the artikle beginning or a audience name see ningún an area audience. create a new Korea by purely reckoning a continuous Instagram. so humble, clean the audience. now even gotten to the rear of the audience and each phone that now I usual. I in the wood lyrical, they in the matryona interested counter in the age group, Opry interim and the audience over QH sequence so that yep, another column, a Anika o in the audience are young Latino use for now may of Nenana to Nome, so audience name ding up. or to the cup Rama in the location love audience accompanying it in a location honey target 20 o'clock. next interest interest now see, for example, if you're into education arena, higher education, lay interest. 11 that in learning a yoga class is not a thing, arena yoga exercises like healthy living, latest along that in the Missouri interesting and then area choose panic law, namely type Annapurna Instagram suggestions for the turtle, so other were changing around a memory, not interest only in the endured regular at one o'clock. Arthur age and gender. age a prenup are you will end up with enjoy sue Collini or not, target for you know, but you know depending on if order product told the services so other welcome didn't your accumulated other than male. are you to body uniform really the put Nino and them over a target audience or a a German ten o'clock I did the gender, another male, Allah, female ax most of the services car, their car, their, but Silla services gender when the rhombus Pacific cargo opening a e-commerce record, women specific are a lot of products in Capri now women named Atlas, select monomer dragon, yet nary appear in a phenomena in the audience gender default of its Rhonda just a location of what to put it wrong that in mañana para P, now the only cost when the company amo printed but in the mod retargeting, illumining, advertise for now the audience rectangle, yeah, in the target funny, ponder the Romagna we show he's down the digital marketing gear will over period Vantage. either when they use phony come a bit rising, yet nary a period I know the students get a pace of, or their energy is only 2009. the target audience, alumina, a broader budget, Dana, enecon, the cost come here for him. so you could either rubber Tubber on a wish Jim audience at Target under the now and the digital marketing, every advantage, see they'll now and then a morality, Neil, you newspaper, your fandom, be other put into the northern on digital marketing. so you put America, put your advantage and in the tower over da, da, correct. I use funding that next Inanna, Oh, Miriam, low-budget upload duration. so a lark more budget limitation is only pain, Nana, or dolly ki fly land, just you much it. so I mean Allah. and they get then a not collected. I in that a Tundra, yet in a road bike within an ally cannot run from. perhaps I'm putting to the. so we either know you could total approximate about thrown thousand two hundred rupees, misprint Armenia over a period of six days. thousand two hundred rupees. niyama Thomas, confirming yet a patina Instagram. they, mr evening, are actually total charge Kentucky GST or say to not charge for no, so another plus GST up into the editor conga, next estimated reach. so the target audience crooning. if you're spent when an approximate americlean through your entire of micawber recording your each one a la nina solid instagram, is it your idea? curricula, apne into the Kahana, exactly, there are not of more prints, alumni and sometimes room become eonni reach for now and the samantha meaning in hobby huh o in order content and elope interesting I will do Opry into. there is no sin. assume your homage, ask them are even the Mari reach you on the host when they're coming. so we'll alike. so in the mother-in-law or Delia, a omelet ipanema, sorry. on target audience on Illya. so either tower, ok, Instagram either. on the Instagram, Lee ending up on the Cordillera added a day mother evening a Facebook Ads manager, virtual Instagram, la ad run along. now on the Facebook Ads manager s step by step, I apprehended a a pre into this for a video land. I explain: Bonnie Rica in order channel a buoy face to catch step-by-step apple indra video. you tell Eva perón de under a gleam of Instagram. or oh you, poor nah, are the lower part motor. so Facebook ad manager, up into the apron, I hear. come either on the guided creation of team Salonga, easily a step-by-step am liqueur Facebook given the booty to pop moon. so if of a strainer come the not left hand side parting in a campaign ad, set an ad. America, other marie center section, land. if on the create a new campaign, happy miracle. now, first instruction of facebook. we end up repair up Rena, campaign level. another in the movie section in killer idyllic campaign level. now first Facebook or information. now, yeah, the cahide ad in order objective in putting the fastest Ilocano. okay, Englander, for example, in order objective under traffic. now a Darian load a website, Kannamma, help you t to both know Ipoh in the traffic on.

How to create a instagram ads malayalam 2020|Digital marketing malayalam|മലയാളം|malayalam tutorial

her brainstem scam. 13, 2000, new Yamaha Mona, instead of my anguish on England, I didn't say we break in the RAM number instead of bitterness, school is called. besides adding on Facebook, you bake in the bulletin. you shall make my Oregon are in the mood, or kickin up responsive and Odin's Union as a love. you say me lipid. I see, Yolanda, I thinking I create your number. I'm gonna face to the wall in facebook. ad manager Duvall enemy, look hard enough. a facebook, an ecru, so obedient. janakirama camera video, children's, okay, even the para maana, instead of mounting in a post unum, you say, I mean partly, instead Armellini, the oncreate, yeah, I think. initial posting and payment options. McCulloch, I really what careful details concerning near there are the creature on a campaign created pose to see Underwood carrying liberty of burning on the maximum Canada in a Jonathan car, necessarily. Ulukaya, know you to Bruce is not solely laterally, we do soon it YouTube channel to make smacking to support [Music]. I think Instagram, Hartman, Google, to pick up a stone of the instructing was to and then build your business on Instagram. now it is the quarry options under sambuca, machiya, not another third story. sorry, I'm with Tim and gérard told him: um Korea, for to start. yeah, me too, sir, I'm a little rgm with him. okay, otherwise, DVD artists here with Tim karate symptom. Carosa Lodi, I'm Tiffany, it would totally throw me before I take the full log on valium and sloth. or Lou hooligan, okay, collection answer geometry. okay, I'm rhythm. Logan Cebu. Facebook admin is lankier polling and Facebook under linky to learn the etiquette reposed in a Facebook account link. it opens you and Dario Facebook. Logan see ended okay in the Facebook ad where it say my last similar run, okay, similar and never amateur. Lou same and laughs, okay, number another Facebook are never see video and even the media got a lengthy channel. baby, take arnica, other candidate you to see is already included. I look way to you. okay, first, nominal, create a new orange. I am boner and positive. any campaign goal under: okay in the now some algebra select eager. okay, yeah, I promise rooted and English stolen Englehart, special safety at all. wait, no, all about otherwise select II. do you know I'm a campaign name. would come Norma Kerr and I'm gonna have said no other brand you know in thinner and you normally Archie and never camp in the paid us on earth. interrupts it in the pay. would have come I'm Lolita artikle. do hitting on a lower, carry on a loop, a do over, okay, another brand awareness and or, and I wonder, Sinatra more throat anyway, no, much, much more than Otakon. okay, cool to continue? do not at all. so I love sitting on a metal object, even our variable lon, okay, but I create, you know, audience undo, placement under, okay for a hardened watching the audience variable on a day, a mutiny and a riot still, Enochian English, Iran, dnaindia, careful submarine, our victim, I just didn't watch ago. okay, absurd, Emilie's amide tsunamis. you're in a submarine on Hamilton, know, taro, no, no placement you know, able to look or option to connect. yeah, this is no common departing in only learns in the I am, but it'll happen. dignity should. now, Mikey, no condiments, lady and anger Tom, yeah, comrade, you only learn. gonna see justike Beauty, pavayne, Nick Massi, available cameras, you know okay, go create and no audience. autonomic a location, dot the temporary integer, or is it 200 ing table, the team with normally you, Nadia, aging people or O'Connor power and does it and you know a general target. am with him, leggy language, stars it a bit numb, all the correct audience with he can instead, I'm not really worried, but ok, how the karate running will take, okay, and some just to calm. and current Syrian long it's okay, money all up, no matter, it's Ortiz at all. and you are sure, language my luminaries, English, a minor Englishman running intercept, yeah, okay, but okura options under, yell about you see going, and we lung cancer in the lucky number level car isn't either save or in star the teeth on tik info jobs: Norman, young, normal, chooses to do errands named good for Odin's name, blue cotton. hold on a tiny to the facebooking daddy: okay, I'm all right, sir Leah, Mazar, Maria and I'm with to episode number or to come on, but Jeter, okay. hey, those thinking Allah, budget done other than we are, surely the serrated aqua hear about those? see, we don't know. under budget, you know. okay, duration: what I quote atone do many my tango rush, manny mota in thinking okay, but attending only I will denote fish in jail for its early on door. sorry, left side you can do to read a lot. only so normal in those are accurate. on dwelling in curtain, two mistaken or eternal or the clear area, okay, okay, number i you would, okay, are empty, plaid, flat form facebook platform, you know, and instead of other causality, messenger on day I painted my mother still T, no loop, we are not there. when I was to select yeah, okay, Mobile on always could open, or to select iam victim, then holiday economy to number day, I'd it immorally on. I'm ok, good in their neighborhood, in them, but ok, everyone Decatur and sitting in this area and sitting Mara Mara way, okay, the stories running in it. we're a parabola model, only thinner, normally still enormous, known, which is a recce de mallorca by char, never ever look, just take a commemorative animals peta upon you, look and in gullible, which is, i'm idea, by german schlager englishman, see you, never to mention the front end on the pitch is fee idea parameter thinny. okay, understand what i added it. t on rod name. good, colonel, okay, it is really. are nine default down the canal? no money, madam Aida, number format is not gonna meet them. I would've Hamakua Coast and go to come birthday me into a video would have come. no, kurosu, ouma color. get a slideshow, you know. image in a nobody major. okay, just in the third to remove the kind of item. I had instant experience working with him, media, but I don't normal. you mean zoella module and select a and other facility. rdn D'Mello sturdy, very anti, amazing. Elam vdl II put it would come, he would have options under text and links or texture of Nevada. you are local options under under law vertex to occur in England, named brutal attacks to occur. Donna, you are Laura, even have a central economy, although instead I'm sitting down. add media all about through option doubt. Amica, he means elimedia, REM victim. okay, this dinner, the sampler and easy anything, even drink, seated sit in Siena at all. okay, if the media video- sorry, Pam, here the 1404- doesn't sell very low, you stay consummate, Ron. okay, it's a linen economy to order for two institutions under no rep. Sydney, you are loaded now. okay, distance ambulances, Cortado and the teen who the rambutan display display name kind of cuckoo can cuckoo canal de tournay de option Sunday. okay, the other language is a little button our Mogollon to button but turn the let stuff do not like our sincere but Cora Bertrand with a scraper undo download under Li and more on the core about turning occasionally zero about ten o'clock eager language under. okay, the ensemble in a third. no, good tracking and was tracking ID after tracking. yeah, button okay. okay, how do I make a language? the Polish language said: yeah, my arms are camp. okay, it is a time of order on the tee at languaging would come angry, she or come okay, but I think a personal record, I get another pair alert alert icon' accompanies eternity and Google Adam Marilyn sonic you enjoy cheated out on - no, come okay. I will leave my primary and all the primary text Jahangir Lincoln to optional. do die ok, automatik. I told us on born okay, alright, only no, no, you are remover to your land. okay. this is able to say I would say I would look Amanda, you're running carnac him, okay, Soraka the headline. so remember I say I will consume them and I had claimed would kinda hat Elaine could come out on this tire description, would look at nominal, put again that and Instagram adding they're hitting him and I could reach all animal gerrymander was a description. go to come port and down with Adhan, I would hire th.