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how to put your logo on dropshipping

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

- Private labeling is essential to building a brand in 2021

- It helps you stand out from your competition

- In this video, we will talk about how to private label your products and get your logo on them

Sourcing the product:

- Use Alibaba instead of AliExpress for more customization options and buying in bulk

- Look for a product with potential, like the laser hair removal tool

- Find a supplier that offers private labeling and customized packaging

- Negotiate pricing and shipping with the supplier

Private labeling:

- Add your logo to the product to build your brand

- Consider using logistics services to handle shipping and packaging

- Place sample orders if possible to ensure quality

- Private labeling is crucial for building a brand and standing out from the competition

- Use Alibaba to find a supplier that offers private labeling and customized packaging

- Negotiate pricing and shipping with the supplier and consider using logistics services for shipping and packaging

- Remember to add your logo to the product to build your brand.

How To Add Your Logo Onto Your Shopify Product | From Dropshipping To 7 Figure Private Label Brand

In this video, Dan explains how to put your logo on your Shopify product and private label it. He also reveals how to get fast 2 to 3 day shipping on your Shopify store, which can help you stand out from the competition.

Putting Your Logo on Your Shopify Product:

- Contact your supplier and ask if they can dropship with your company's logo

- If they can't, ask about minimum order quantity for bulk shipment

- Once you have demand, order in bulk and have your supplier put your logo on the product

- Have your Chinese supplier ship to a logistics company in the United States for faster shipping times

Examples of Successful E-commerce Brands:

- Hey Silky Skin and Blend Jet are two successful e-commerce brands that use private labeling and fast shipping to their advantage

- Blend Jet offers 2 business day shipping in the United States and 6 to 9 day shipping worldwide

- Using a logistics company like Shipbob or Shipfusion can help you store your products and fulfill orders for faster shipping times

Private labeling and fast shipping are key to building a successful e-commerce brand in 2019. By putting your logo on your products and using a logistics company in the United States, you can offer faster shipping times and stand out from the competition. Don't be afraid to order in bulk once you have proven demand for your product.

How to Create a LOGO Design for Shopify Dropshipping Store for FREE

Creating a Logo and Installing a Theme for Your Online Business

When it comes to building your own online business, creating a logo and installing a theme are two important steps to take. A logo helps to represent your brand and what you stand for, while a theme helps to create a consistent and professional look for your website. In this article, we will discuss how to create a logo using Canva and how to install the free Debutify theme.

Creating a Logo:

1. Go to Canva.com and type in the word logo.

2. Choose a design that represents your brand and what you stand for.

3. Customize the design by adding your business name and any additional elements.

4. Download the logo as a PNG file for best quality.

5. Upload the logo to your website once you install the new theme.

Installing the Debutify Theme:

1. Go to the Shopify app store and search for Debutify.

2. Install the theme and follow the setup instructions.

3. Customize the theme to fit your brand and preferences.

4. Begin importing products and building your online store.

Creating a logo and installing a theme are two important steps to take when building your own online business. Using Canva to create a logo and Debutify to install a free theme can help you create a professional and consistent look for your website. By taking these steps, you can build a strong brand and attract customers to your online store.

Adding Your Logo To Your Product With Aliexpress Dropshipping | #75

How to Add Your Logo to Your Product Packaging When Drop Shipping from Aliexpress

In this article, we will discuss how to add your brand logo to your product packaging when drop shipping from Aliexpress.


1. Communicate directly with your vendor: It is essential to communicate directly with your vendor to ensure that your logo is added to your product packaging. If your vendor is not willing to communicate with you directly, it is better to find another vendor.

2. Request packaging customization: Ask your vendor to customize your product packaging with your logo. They can print your logo on a bag or a carton box, depending on your preference.

3. Choose a bag over a carton box: A bag is a better option than a carton box as it is less likely to get damaged during the shipping process.

4. Negotiate pricing: If you choose a carton box, your vendor may charge you 20-30 cents per order. Negotiate with them to get the best price.

5. Add tags to your product: Your vendor can also add tags with your logo to your product, giving it a personalized touch.

Adding your logo to your product packaging is a simple and effective way to create brand awareness and make your products stand out. By communicating directly with your vendor and customizing your packaging, you can create a unique brand identity for your drop shipping business.

How to Turn a Dropshipping Store Into a Private Label Brand (Adding Your Logo to a Product)

Hey everyone, Gabriel here and in this video, I'm going to talk about how to turn a dropshipping store into a private label brand. If you have a one product dropshipping store or a niche store with successful products and want to take things to the next level and build a real brand, this is the perfect video for you. I'll be showing you two methods to do this.

- Discussing the benefits and importance of private labeling products

- Using Blend Jet as an example of a successful private label brand

Pros of Private Labeling:

- Increased perceived value and branding

- Better for influencer marketing

- Long term brand building

- Harder to copy

Cons of Private Labeling:

- Upfront risk and cost

- Managing stock levels

Easy Way to Transition:

- Using a dropshipping agent to negotiate with manufacturers and buy and store the stock

- No need to change shipping methods or fulfillment centers

Harder Way to Transition:

- Using a US based fulfillment center like ShipBob and negotiating and handling private labeling yourself

- Ordering in bulk through Alibaba and using trade insurance for safe payment

- Private labeling is crucial for building a successful brand

- Choose the method that works best for your business

- Don't be afraid of upfront costs and risks as they can pay off in the long run.

How To Package & Brand Your Shopify Dropshipping Products

In this video, Paul from Become Swift shares his experience with purchasing a watch from a dropshipping company and discusses the marketing tactics used by the company.

Key Points:

- Paul is usually wary of marketing tactics and psychological tricks used by companies.

- He came across an Instagram ad for a dropshipping company selling watches at a discounted price.

- The website and branding looked legitimate and trustworthy, leading Paul to believe it was not a dropshipping company.

- Upon receiving the product, Paul was impressed with the packaging and quality of the watches.

- He shares tips for branding and customer experience, including going the extra mile with packaging and branding for winning products.

- However, Paul notes that the company's tactic of claiming to be going out of business was deceptive and may backfire on them in the future.

- He also suggests forging the value of invoices to increase the perceived value of products and avoid tariffs.

Paul's experience highlights the importance of balancing marketing tactics with honesty and transparency. While companies can benefit from investing in branding and customer experience, they should also be truthful about their products and not use deceptive tactics to sell them.

Taking A Beginner To $30,000+ in 3 Weeks - Shopify Dropshipping Case Study

My students have been making money with their online store during the holiday season, generating thousands of dollars in just a few months. In this article, I will introduce you to one of my star students, Antonio, who made over $32,000 in less than 30 days as a complete beginner to drop shipping. We will talk about his journey, experience in my mentorship, and the secrets to his success.

- My students are taking advantage of the holiday season to make money with their online store

- Antonio made over $32,000 in less than 30 days as a complete beginner to drop shipping

Antonio's journey:

- Antonio is from Canada and is 22 years old

- Dropshipping is currently his side income, but he plans to make it his primary income in the future

- He joined my mentorship to push himself forward and learn from others

- Antonio had prior experience in dropshipping but hadn't achieved significant sales before joining my mentorship

- His mentorship experience helped him validate products and gain confidence in launching more products

Antonio's success:

- Antonio made over $32,000 in revenue in less than 30 days, with a 2.63% conversion rate and $51 average order value

- He achieved this by using post-purchase upsells, quantity breaks, and a custom landing page to increase conversion rates

- Antonio also validated products by analyzing engagement, trends on Google Trends, and advertising

Who would do well in this mentorship?

- Anyone who is willing to put in the work, ask the right questions, and learn with their mentors

Who would struggle in this mentorship?

- Anyone who is not dedicated to learning, putting in the work, or going all in on their dreams and future

- Anyone can start an online business and achieve success as long as they learn the system and implement it

- Don't spend any more time wishing you could get started, use this article as motivation to take control and start running your dropshipping business.

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