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How To QUICKLY Lower Google Ads Costs For Shopify (7 New Strategies)

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How To QUICKLY Lower Google Ads Costs For Shopify (7 New Strategies)

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How To QUICKLY Lower Google Ads Costs For Shopify (7 New Strategies)

how do you reduce your costs fast when
it comes to google ads and what is the
exact strategy that you take so that you
don't end up messing up your entire
google ads campaign optimization while
doing so what is going on everybody nasa
here and in this video i'm gonna be
showing you exactly how to lower your
google ads costs faster than you have
ever before without really ruining
anything optimization wise now when it
comes to actually reducing the cost it's
a very simple formula however a lot of
people actually end up messing it up big
time and that is simply because they
have a lot of previous experience with
facebook ads maybe tiktok at whatever
other advertising platform they might
have been using previously that is not
google ads they end up trying to apply
those same strategies which
unfortunately just don't work because
with google like i have always said on
my youtube channel and if this is the
first time you're watching one of my
videos make sure to destroy that like
button down below and subscribe if you
haven't already here's a cute picture of
a koala for doing that alright hopefully
you have smashed that subscribe button
down below but you want to take things
slow when it comes to google ads and in
this video i'm going to be going over
about six different things as to how you
can start reducing those costs fast so
let's get right into it number one thing
that you need to start doing in order to
reduce costs fast and i'm toking
specifically about those standard
shopping campaigns is to lower your bids
by about five cents every four to seven
days now this is pretty self-explanatory
one of the most common ways to reduce
costs but one thing a lot of ecommerce
store owners fail to do is that they
fail to lower the bids appropriately and
when i say appropriate i mean that you
should not be lowering the bids by more
than five to ten cents at any given
times again this is simply done to
preserve that optimization to make sure
your campaign does not de-optimize in
the process so this is a very simple
thing that you can start doing that is
just simply decreasing the bids every
three or maybe even four days to seven
days and this is a time period which has
worked for me continuously and my
clients as well but you really want to
only be doing this step if your campaign
or in the multiple campaigns which
you're trying to reduce costs on are
spending not only their full budget but
maybe a little bit over their full
budget this is when this works best
simply reducing that bid is going to
force that campaign into re-optimizing
and making sure that it kind of spends
less than what it was spending
originally possibly even start spending
lower than the budget you have set this
is one of the most common solutions when
a campaign is actually consistently
overspending but this ties are into step
number two which you need to take along
with this and this is lower the budgets
by about 10
every three to five days this kind of
ties hand in hand with step number one
which you have to take which is just to
lower the base now with the budgets you
need to be lowering it by around 10
maximum of 20
do not go over this because again this
is going to kill your campaign and it's
going to basically de-optimize the
entire campaign so you don't want that
to happen in order to really quickly
lower the amount that that campaign is
spending lower it by about 10 maximum 20
and you can do this hand in hand with
the first thing which is lowering the
bids but make sure to do one step at a
time so that means let's say for example
today you go ahead and you lower the bid
by five cents and you come back to the
campaign about three to four days later
and that campaign is still not where you
want it to be that campaign is still
overspending that is when you want to
now lower the budget by 10 and if within
four days you lower the budget things go
well amazing you can keep it at that
stage however if it continues to spend
where it's not really desirable where
it's not getting your profits then the
third step which you need to take which
is about three to seven days after that
budget decrement is to again go in and
lower the bid so as you can see what you
are simply doing is you're simply taking
turns doing one over the other so lower
the bid lower the budget lower the bid
and so forth this cycle is going to help
you extremely quickly lower that google
ad campaign budget without really
ruining the optimization because you can
go in you can basically cut a campaign
from a hundred dollars a day to ten
dollars a day but ninety-nine
chance that is going to completely be
ruined that campaign you will end up
having to just shut off later on so this
is kind of the more safer route to go
and it lets you kind of go lower with
the budget very very quickly and in this
case one to two week is quick for google
ads but this brings me to the next point
which is basically unchecking the search
network as you see on my screen this
search network right here is one of the
most common reasons why a lot of
campaigns are actually overspending
their budgets and this is because google
has partnered up with these different
kinds of websites then these websites
are jammed in together into something
called the search network the search
network is not necessarily the best kind
of different search engines that you
should be targeting or you should have
your ads on but nonetheless google
offers this as an extra way for their
own business to make money but just
because they offer it does not mean that
you should be using it as well so one of
the easiest ways to lower your entire
campaign budget or your overall account
budget is to just uncheck this for the
campaigns where you have it unchecked
and you will notike that that google ads
campaigns over the next day basically
starts to spend much much less than what
it was originally spending and that is
simply because you are now taking that
campaign outside of the search network
your ads are no longer going to be shown
on these different search engines so
that is one easy thing that you can do
to really lower those ad costs fast and
that is again to just uncheck the search
results but unchecking the search
results is not enough if your campaign
has a fault and what i mean by this is
if your products are faulty within that
campaign when it comes to the products
there is nothing that really beats that
the products are what causes the
campaign to spend the budget so if you
have unprofitable products if you have
really bad products nobody is buying and
you continue to let the campaign spend
money on those products that is where
you're making the biggest mistake so
this brings me to the next point which
is just get rid of those unprofitable
products fast be quick when it comes to
deciding whether a product is working or
not don't hope and pray that that
product will soon become profitable
because with google ads it's not really
about hoping and praying that works what
works are the numbers and what you
should be going off of are the numbers
that you see on the screen so always
make sure that the products that you
have in the campaign are backed by some
kind of data that means you are letting
those products run because number one
they have not fully spent the amount
that you want them to spend or number
two they have not reached their profit
margin so these are really the only two
things or the two reasons why you should
have a product running with a campaign
you want to be very specific you want to
be goal oriented when it comes to
running these campaigns otherwise you
will end up spending a lot of money so
again get rid of those unprofitable
products fast as soon as it crosses your
profit margins for that given product
without a sale go ahead and exclude this
and to give you a very quick example
let's say product a is within your
campaign product a you buy from
aliexpress ebay wherever you're sourcing
from for twenty dollars and you sell
this product on your website for fifty
dollars that means you have a profit
margin of about thirty dollars if this
product in your google ads campaign the
standard shopping campaign or smart
campaign spends about thirty one dollars
thirty two dollars maybe even thirty
five dollars and it has zero sales go
ahead and exclude that product
completely from that campaign do not
wait for it to suddenly start getting
sales because that is just not going to
happen again you want to be very
goal-oriented you want to be very
numbers oriented in order to really
preserve that budget and spend it on the
products which are gonna get you results
but this brings me to the next one which
is just group up the different products
within the different campaigns you have
running all together inside of one given
campaign now what do i mean by this
exactly a lot of e-commerce store owners
have this tendency to start these single
product campaigns where don't get me
wrong those are really great kinds of
campaigns to start but if they have not
really shown any kinds of results there
is no reason for them to be running
within their own campaign they're just
eating up that valuable budget which you
have set for the store so instead here
is what you should be doing let's say
for example you have five to ten
products within their own campaigns
maybe these products are kind of grouped
up in their separate campaigns but
overall you have five to ten different
campaigns running and these campaigns
have no kind of really strategy or
direction you just decided to group
these products up or just individually
start these products without a real
strategy what you should be doing
instead of running these products within
their own campaigns and maybe having
each campaign
run at like a 20 30 budget is you should
group those products with number one the
same kind of niche number two the same
kind of profit margin or even number
three the same kind of selling price of
whatever you sell that product for on
your website its own individual campaign
so you want to kind of minimize those
five ten different campaigns into maybe
one campaign up to a maximum of three or
and you want to take all of those
budgets so if let's say for example you
had 10 campaigns running at about 20 a
day that is 200 a day instead of
distributing that budget of 20 a day
across 10 campaigns now you only have
maybe one campaign where you can
directly launch the budget at a hundred
dollars to 200 a day or if you have like
two three four campaigns then you can
evenly distribute that budget out across
these two 34 campaigns but that budget
as a whole will still be much much
higher than what it was originally of
just twenty dollars a day or ten dollars
a day per campaign and this is not only
going to let you spend more money per
campaign and let that campaign optimize
faster get data faster but it is also
going to kind of give google a better
understanding of your products because
now you have grouped these products
together and they have some kind of
similarities so when it comes for google
to go out and find the audience it can
now work off of these multiple products
inside a single campaign and go out and
find the right kind of audience at a
much faster rate so it's much valuable
in my opinion and even in my experience
to just group up these different kinds
of products together and let me know
down in the comment section if you have
any kinds of other experience with
grouping these different products also i
answer all the comments below so if you
have any questions feel free to let me
know down in the comment section below
but now that we're toking about
grouping there is one other strategy
which is called the shared budget
strategy which you can begin using with
your google ads account now this is
actually very interesting because it
lets kind of some of your control go on
over to google ads now in order to
illustrate this i have this google ads
account open on my screen what we're
going to do is we're going to go over to
the tools and settings right over here
click on this wrench icon and you should
be doing this on your own google ads
account from here what you want to do is
you want to go under shared library you
want to go to the fourth option which
says shared budget because this is where
google ads gives you the ability to
share your budget and this is extremely
valuable especially if you're trying to
reduce your overall cost with your
google ads account now the shared budget
is extremely easy to use what you want
to do is you want to go ahead and click
on this new shared budget plus button
right over here you can also click on
this plus button right over here as well
once you do that google will now open up
this window right over here and you will
be able to see all of the different
campaigns you currently have running
with not only the campaign names but
also their daily budgets now what you
can do in order to set us basically a
shared daily budget is to choose those
specific campaigns which you want added
to this list of the shared budget and
you want to go ahead and give the budget
a name so for example we're just going
to give this the name okay and once you
click save you will be able to add this
to bottom list right over here which is
the shared budget list now if you read
what it says in this blue little box
right here it says total budget is 65.01
euros shared across four campaigns so
all this feature did is it ended up
adding all of the four budgets which
these campaigns are currently running at
and now it is going to spend an average
of 16 euros per campaign but here's the
thing on one given day if it believes
that this campaign number one has more
of the search volume and more search
impressions and even more conversions
that it can get then it will spend more
of this 65 euro budget on campaign
number one and campaign two three and
four will get lower amounts of that
spend and it will be the same for all of
these other campaigns so this is now
giving google the control to spend this
entire budget which you have set at a
multiple campaign level and decide which
individual campaign deserves that budget
and the beauty is now that you're
sharing this budget instead of again
spending 20 a day on every individual
campaign now you can just spend maybe a
50 share budget maybe even a 60 shared
budget across multiple different
campaigns and you have the ability to
choose this shared budget as long as you
change up the daily budgets and whatever
the campaigns are currently running it
and of course once you hit save it
should give you more options to edit the
shared budget right over here as well
but extremely cool feature and i
personally believe this will help you
reduce those costs when it comes to your
google ads account but now moving on to
the next ultimate way of lowering your
google ad spend of reducing costs fast
with google and that is more related to
those smart shopping campaigns but in
order to reduce those costs with smart
campaigns all you really need to do is
check that box which says the target
robust box and give a percentage to the
campaign now normally in 2022 and
onwards i don't recommend having this
box checked but if that campaign is
performing well however it is
overspending your budget and you want to
get it into kind of a certain level of
budget ad spend daily and monthly then
you have the ability of checking that
target robust box because once you check
that what is going to happen is now
google is going to reduce its overall
fishing net that it had open in order to
go out and find that audience so if now
the fishing net had the ability to store
about 100 different people inside this
net and basically serve the impressions
to these 100 people it is now going to
lower this fishing net capacity from 100
to maybe 70 60 even 50 depending on what
target rose percentage you put for the
campaign and the beauty is the higher
the target rush percentage the lower the
capacity that goose the smart campaign
has to store these people within this
net so as you increase the target row as
google is now forced to go out and find
the highest quality traffic possible
when google has to do that of course it
is going to spend much less in terms of
the daily budget so this is one amazing
way to lower your overall cost with
google ads just set that target rise
percentage especially for google ads but
that is pretty much six different ways
as to how you can reduce your cost with
google ads fast now these are things i
do for my own e-commerce stores as well
as my clients e-commerce stores under my
agency euro marketing and if you are
doing around 30 000 in sales or more and
you want to kind of give somebody else
control to run your ads for you kind of
scale them to the next level for you go
ahead and go onto my website at
yourmarketing.com and book a call to see
if we can work together and possibly
scale your store to the next level but
if you found any type of value in this
video destroy the like button and
destroy that subscribe button and i'll
see you guys next time

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