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how to rearrange products in shopify

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

How To Organize Products In Your Shopify Store

how do you organize the products in your shopify store easily and quickly? let's find out what's up, everybody. thank you for tuning in today. if you're new here and we don't know each other, my name is carrie. i'm the founder of shirt school, and i created this channel to bring you the best strategy, secrets and hacks to grow your online t-shirt apparel or print on demand business. when potential customers come to your shopify store, you want it to be really simple for them to find the products that they need, so today, i want to show you how to organize your products. this might be something that's confusing to a lot of people, and so i just kind of want to show you, step by step, how i approach doing this. we're inside shopify and obviously the first thing you have to do is have all your products created. so i'm inside a store here where we have tons of products. this is just a test store, kind of a demonstration store, and i have a ton of different products in here. so once we've got our products created, the first step to organize our products is to hit this button over on the left under products called collections. collections are really how we can group our products together inside of our store and it makes it really simple to find you know kind of a group of like products. step number two: we want to hit create collection. when we hit create collection, that's going to bring up all these different options. here we can start by titling our collection, so we might call this like hats, just as an example, and there's a bunch of different options that we have here inside shopify. we can do automated, which is what it is set on by default. it says existing. in future, products that match the conditions you set will be automatikally added to this collection, and so right down here we have a couple different um conditions we can set. we do product tag or all these different things, and we can set different variables and that will automatikally group products together based on those that stuff you put in there. now i operate a lot of apparel and t-shirt stores, so the way that i usually go is manual. i hit this manual button right here. now something that's really confusing, that a lot of people get hung up on, is when you hit the manual option, there's actually no option on the screen to add the products, and so a lot of people are like what the heck? i added manual. where's the products. well, the way that shopify is set up, for whatever reason, you have to actually hit the save button before it will let you add products to the collection. so you create the collection and then you hit the save button and on the next page we're actually able to add products. we can go right down here, we can search our products so we can try to find a hat and see if that comes up- and we do have some hats here. we can also just hit the browse button. we can search through our products and then we can add products to the collection. so if i want to add this hat right here, i can just select this, hit add and now i've got a hat there in the collection and then i can go through here and add the rest of my hats and i've created a hat collection. and that's kind of the first thing to really organize your products is creating collections for all the different categories of your products. there's a few different strategies to doing this and it really depends on what you're selling in your store and how many products you have. those are probably the most important things: what you're selling, how many products you have. so a couple common strategies that i see across e-commerce stores. number one: organizing it kind of by gender. right, so you could have like unisex men, women, baby, you know those kind of things. you, when you organize it that way, you know that's a good way to organize. it keeps it pretty simple for people. the other way that you can commonly organize your products is by product type. so let's say, in an apparel store we have t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, uh, hats, um, you know, mugs or whatever. whatever the case may be, but you can organize it kind of by product type. both of these are really good ways to do it and keep it easy and simple for your customer. so either way you want to go is a good option. once we've gone through and we've created all the collections that we want, we've done the bulk of the work in organizing our store. but the last thing i would recommend you do is that you create navigation for these collections so that your customers can actually surf around. the collections are good for organizing on the back end, but we need to actually put those collections into a navigation bar so our customers can actually use them on the website. to do that, we're going to click on online store, then we're going to click on navigation, and i usually recommend that you make a main menu and a footer menu for your store. i've already done that here, but i want to show you how to do that. we're going to click on add menu. we'll actually title it right here- main menu- right, and then we can actually add items to the menu. and you'll see, over here on the right, if we just um click right here, we can. we can click on collections and we can add the collections that we just made. so we can click hats and we'll click add and that will add it to the menu, just like that, right, and so we could go through here and add t-shirts and hoodies or whatever we want to do to put this in our menu. we can click on save and now we've created a navigation menu. the last thing that we would want to do is actually add that menu to our theme. we would need to go in here to customize our theme and we would actually just add the menu up here at the top in the header over here on the right. you see it says menu and we can just select the menu that we just created and that will show up right here at the top and that will allow our customers to surf around the website and find things easily. do you want a simple, free guide to set up and build your shopify store? we'll actually put together a free shopify cheat sheet. it's 13 steps and it will take you through each step. you need to make sure you do before you open your shopify store to the public. it's been really helpful for a lot of people and i want to give it to you completely free. just go over to shirtschoolcom cheat sheet. you can put in your email and download a pdf file completely free. hope it helps. hey, if you enjoyed this video today, please hit that like button. it helps us out a ton in getting this video out to more people so we can help more people and reach more people with this information. also, consider subscribing to the channel and hitting the bell icon. that'll make sure you get notified every time we release a new video. see you soon. 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How to sort products on Shopify to achieve the best results

hey calimera, hola, hi, welcome to eshop tok. i'm alberto and in today's video i will expand on the importance of product order on your shopify store. why is it important to sort your products in a smart way and how to do it to achieve the best results. but before we start, make sure to like this video, click the subscribe button and hit that bell right next to it to never lose one of our stories. now imagine that you run an online footwear store and a potential customer feels the urgent need to buy a pair of shoes. so he enters a store just to face hundreds and hundreds of results. after browsing for a couple of minutes, he just gets overwhelmed and quits. this story does not have a happy ending, but it's a perfect example to understand the need for product sorting. does any given visitor have the time or the interest to browse through each pair individually? most likely not. maybe he will filter the shoes by price, but that may still not be enough to narrow down his choices and help him decide on a purchase. so to help your visitors organize your products into easy to browse collections, imagine your customer is going through your collections like they are browsing into a section or an aisle in a brick and mortar shop, then with the right sorting in filters, your customers can easily narrow down the products from many to just a few relevant ones that better fit their needs. sorting can also speed up the product search and selection process considerably, improving your customer experience. finally, product listing gives your visitors a more comprehensive overview of the available products and helps them make a more informed decision. summing up, providing an easy navigation and browsing while placing the right product at the top will increase the chances that your potential customer will find their match, and having that match visible is crucial for a successful sale. so how to sort your products on shopify? by default, your items are sorted in alphabetikal order, but you surely want to use a more efficient parameter like rating, popularity, sales numbers, price or something else. let's go to the admin view of our shopify homepage to create a new collection and then sort the products inside of that collection. for that, i will click on products on the left side menu and then collections under it. here i can see a list of all the available collections. i will want to start a new one for this purpose, so for that i will click on create collection on the top right side. i will give it a name, i will scroll down and on collection type, i will select manual. then on the top i will click save. that's it. my collection is created. so now i need to populate it with some products. for that, i will click on all products on the left side menu and i have a list of all available products. i will click on a few products to add to the collection and i will click on more actions right here on the top. add to collections. here i have a list of available collections where i can add the products. i will select the one that i just created valuable and click save on the bottom. that's it: our products are added to the collection. now let's go back to the collection. click on the collection option on the left side menu and select the collection that we just created. scroll down and you have all available products. now how to sort these products? here i have the field sort. click on that. i have a few good options, but i will select manually and go with my hunch. so i think that this is going to be my top selling products, followed by this one, and then this is going to be the third one, followed by this. that's it. the order of the projects is adjusted, and now i want to see how it looks, so i'll scroll up and click on the eye icon to view. click on that and voila, the products on my collections are sorted, and this is the result. on the first line i have my big guns, the ones that i believe that are going to sell the best, and then i have the other products. that's it. if you have anything to add or any questions on this, please let me know right there in the comments below and before we finish, just a few more things to keep in mind. one, divide the products into collection and group them by relevant parameters like theme, type of use, type of season, category, etc. two, always put the most attractive photos at the top, preferably on the first two rows of the page. three, be careful with the number of products in a single row. if you place too many, then it will be harder to explore the site. if you show too little, you will extend the scrolling time. and four, keep your heavy guns visible. having a promotional items and your best sellers at the top will increase the chances of a sale. there you go. the right product target can be the reason why your sales numbers take off and the lack of it a reason to see them fall. however, now i have all the information necessary to have a nice, well-organized eshop and benefit from it. as always, feel free to watch this video again and as many times necessary if you found this content useful or if you simply liked it. show us your love and appreciation by clicking that like button and subscribing to the eshop tok channel. if you want us to cover any specific topic or if you have something to add, please let me know right there in the comments below. i am alberto toking ishap, and until next time, keep your sales up.

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Shopify tutorial: How to rearrange Shopify home page product listings using the Shopify app (2020)

hi everybody. this is ian lamont, founder of i30 media corporation and author of the lea media book, blog and video channel available from leanmediaorg. today i will be toking about rearranging some of the items on your shopify stores home page. uh, disclaimer: you're responsible for following shopify's terms and conditions. it's also possible for you to lose money, so do this at your own risk, okay? so, uh, here is the shopify app. this is the ios version. the android version actually looks quite similar. so what you want is to go to products, and this is at the bottom of the app. there's like a little tab there that says products. just tap on that and you'll be brought to this partikular page showing various permutations of the products you have. you can scan stuff, you can search for it, but actually what we want is collections, and this is kind of an important concept. so actually, before i do that, let's take a look at the shopify store. so this is my shopify store on the mobile app. this is the. i think this is. this is chrome or safari, um, but anyways, let's say that i wanted to move this pink item up to the very top of the screen, to the top left position. so this is like the first. this is: this will be the first thing people see when they come to my shopify store. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to edit the collection, because that's the way that i have the store set up. now, i'm assuming that you do have collections set up and your collection in this case is my home collection is set for the for this partikular theme. so what i'm going to do is edit that collection and by editing that collection, i can start to move stuff around. all right, so let's go back to the shopify app and i'm going to tap on collections near the top of the screen. so here are all my collections. you can see there's quite a few of them. i'm going to select home page and, by the way, for my collections i have actually manually set them up and i'm going to tap edit and this actually shows the order in which they're presented in. okay, so i'm going to grab the pink one by just tap. see those, that those three lines next to the pink one. that's called a hamburger menu too. here it's not a menu, it's actually a grabber. so i'm going to just grab that and i'm using my thumb to move it to the very top of the screen. okay, hit save and you can see it move there. let's go back to the store. so i need to reload this partikular page. this is the old view, so i'm going to reload this page and there's the new view. you can see that the pink one moved to the top now. just keep in mind this requires having a collection set to your home page, set to your theme. i covered how to set up a collection in your home page using in another video, but once you have the collection set up, then you can move stuff around, just like i showed you. this is in lamont signing off. if this video helped, please take a moment to like it or follow me on youtube. you can see more of my videos and blog posts on leanmediaorg. thank you so much for watching.

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How to rearrange a collection list on Shopify

welcome boutique bay, and i am back with another video. i know it's been a little while this video is coming to you guys because i have a client who has this question. i built a website for them and they're like, girl, we don't know how to rearrange our collections within the store. so i'm going to show you how to get that done. so you need to come over into themes, which is under online store. click on themes, come over into customize. okay, now, this is, um, one of my pre-made sites, so if you are interested in this style, then i will leave the link below to this partikular design on my shop. um, if you're interested in it. so, anyway. so, um, what they're asking. so these are the collections. this is what's called a collection list, where you can list out the collections that you have in your store, and i have them separated and they're like we want to move one collection from the top to the bottom, etc. so one of the things, um, that you have to know about the collections is that if you want something, so you see here, i have a collection list here and i have a collection list up here, so there's no way to drag something from one collection list into another, okay. so if you're trying to take something that's at the bottom of your store and move it to the top, right, if i wanted this prim and proper collection to be up here with hot styles, i can't take this and drag it up here. it's not going to allow that to happen. you can only rearrange things in the collection that you're in. so, for example, i'm in this one where it says off the shoulder shop or sale and prim and proper- right, i can move from improper around, i can swap its place, right, i can move it around, but i cannot move it into another collection list. so if you want something in a different collection list, then you need to select it. so what i'm going to do here is i actually have some collections already in here and i'm going to delete them, so i'm showing you this too. if you want something out of a collection you can remove, click on it and just remove the block, okay, so now if i wanted to add something- so let's say i wanted to put prim and proper, this permanent proper collection, up here- then what i would do is click add collection, all right, click on select collection and now shopify is going to give you all of the collections that you already have made. it's important that whatever collection you want showing on your store is already made. okay, because it can't get. give you an option that's not there. so let's go ahead and select the prim and proper collection and hit select and then all you have to do is save. so now the prim and proper collection is sitting at the top. the other thing to remember about collection lists are that the collections- um, there's only six that can go into a collection at a time. so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna add the remaining uh collection, so she, just so you can see that. so i'm going to add the off the shoulder collection up here and i'm going to also add the shop, our sale collection. so let's add another collection selected and then shop our sale. so now that we have all of these in here- let me make sure i select this- now that we have them in here, you can rearrange your selections however you like. you see what i'm saying like you can rearrange them however you wish. the other thing is: let's say you have a collection. let's say that you're like pre-building your store and you're like: i know that i'm gonna have. let's say, you know you're gonna have a sale for, like martin luther king's birthday, right, and so you make like a mlk sale collection, but you don't want to run that yet. you don't want it visible on your store yet, right, you can make anything on your store invisible by clicking on these little eyes. so let's say, we don't want the sale to show yet you can click that little i to make that invisible. so it's not visible on your store. it's there but not visible. so let's say i'm ready to come in and run my cell. now, boom, just unclick that little i and now that collection is visible again to you. so hopefully that makes sense. so the main thing to remember is that if you see two collection lists- right, you can't move items from one collection list to another collection list. now the next thing i want to cover: just in case you ever want to create another collection list in your store, come down here to add section, click on collection list and then now you have another option to add more lists into your store. okay, and you would take the same process: click on the collection, click on select collection, select whatever collection you want to go into the list. you get what i'm saying. so that's how you do this. and again, if you ever don't want a collection not to show, or you don't need all the collections that's showing, maybe you only want two collections, right. so you select another thing and you're like, okay, i have, i want to do hot styles here, but i don't need, i don't need this, uh. third collection: you can always click on that collection and click on remove, block, and now you have those two collections showing. you get what i'm saying. so, but just the biggest thing to remember about your collections are anything within shopify, each one of these little headers. think of these as headers. that's a header header, right? you cannot move anything from one header to a different header. you can move this whole collection around if you want, right, but you cannot move things that are in one collection to another collection by dragging. okay, it doesn't work like that. the same thing, if it was a sideshow, like, i couldn't put this slide from this slideshow into this slideshow. it doesn't work, right, so it has to be within this little header. so, whatever the header is, you can move things around within it, but you cannot move something like this into this slide or something in this collection into this collection, okay, so you have to work within the actual main header within that group, okay, so hopefully that makes sense. same thing with these link blocks: i can't move something from this link block out of the block. i can move it around within it, but not outside of it. so hopefully that makes more sense. about how to add things in and out of your collections: how collections work within shopify: um, this is pretty much the case for all of the themes. you can do do this for anything, but, yeah, with a collection list, just um know that you cannot add things from other collections, um, into the list. so, uh, outside of that, that's pretty much the video for today. if you have any questions, please let me know. and again, if you are interested in having me build a website like this, uh, check out the link in my description. alright, [Music] you.

Rearrange variant positions in Shopify store

so now I will show you how to reorder product variants, basically make them appear in different order for your products. so at first I am doing the export of the products and inventory variants without any images or meta fields. make sure that you are exporting only the products and variants, because otherwise your images or materials they will get in a way and it will not be so easy to reorder them. ok, so the export is finished, I'm downloading the exported file, and so so you see, now here in the exported file, we have one column, one row per product. so, for example, if the product has three variants, it has the same idea, same candle for three rows. and here, if you scroll to the variant columns- here those darker green ones, you see the variant. there is a column varying position and it says 1, 2, 3, 4. for simplicity of this example, let me just delete all the other rows. now, let's, let's keep those, those two products boring: 16, 7, 6, 7 and Airbus a300. so they have one, two, three and one, two, and we can now change it like 3, 1, 3, 1, 2, and here we will swap them and that's it. that's only you think you need to change. and so basically, we could import this file now and it would update it. but what it would do? it would update also all the other fields. but we can do smart thing than that. we could update only this field so that we don't a any other fields in Shopify. we just update this one. and to do that we just need to select the ID, the handle, variant ID, so that we identify, we identify product. then the handle is like a secondary identifier and also it will allow you to understand which product we are toking about when you are looking in the results file. so we take the variant ID so that we identify the variant and we take the variant position because we want to update it. and we copy all those columns and just create a new blank file and paste them here, call the sheet products, so that the app knows that its product data here and save this file as updates or visions. and now, first of all, let's let's open this Boeing in the other tab, in shuttle fly, so that, so that we see how it changes the variant order you see now has this disorder of variance. now in the other tab we are importing its update positions. I found two products and we just press import and allow it to happen. let's wait about seconds waiting, waiting. okay, it's done. it shows updated to two products and if we, if we now download the import results file, we should see that it's important. salt says okay and it says update found by ID, preloaded it's it's this ID, and then it's doing the merge on variance and it says that variance updated by variant ID. so it says that it it found a variant ID and updated this very. and now, if we go to the product, notike this difference and now like: first is airborne the military, then strategic, and now, when we refresh the page, see its motorist aging. everyone, just as we have here first should be. we don't see which one. but yeah, basically they have rearranged according to the position which you have set here.

Shopify Code Editing: How to Change the Layout of a Product Collection for Debut Theme?

[Music]. hello everyone, welcome back to the channel. today i am going to tok about another common issue people had in customizing their shopify store. let's take my shopify store as an example. i have a featured collection on the home page and there are four products in the collection. however, i don't think the fact that three products are in the first row but only one product in the second row when it is on the desktop. i would like to put the four products in the same row so it looks nicer and more organized. let's go to the mobile view to see what does it look like? it shows two products on mobile. so it seems to me to that each product image is too small. so for mobile device i would like to change it to have only one product per row. how would i do that? first, let's find those elements for the products inside the featured collections in the html inspector. we can see the four elements here are for the four products. if you take a look at their css class names, you will find there are two special ones: small, one half, and medium up one third, which means when users are browsing with a small screen like a mobile device, each element takes half of the total width and when users are browsing with a medium or large screen, like a tablet or desktop, each element takes one third of the total width. let's go back to our code editor and update the code from there. search collection in the search box and click the collectionliquid file under sections. scroll down a bit. you will find exactly the same text string. we toked about small one half and medium up one-third. this is actually passed into a variable called grid item width. if you search this variable, you will find that it is being written into the class name of a html element which represents one of the featured products. now we know where in the code we should update. in order to show one product per row instead of two in a small screen, we can simply remove small one half from the class name, since by default it is one element per row, and to show four products per row on a medium or large screen, we can change medium up one third to medium up one quarter, which means each element takes one quarter of the total width. let's save the changes to the code and go back our shopify store home page. now we have all the four products are rendered in the same row in the medium screen. let's see what shows on the mobile device. as expected, each row has only one product. that is all for today's video. if you enjoy the video, please give us a like or subscribe to the channel. see you next time.