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how to research products for dropshipping

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

COMPLETE Shopify Product Research Tutorial - How To Find A Profitable Dropshipping Product

products like this and like this have generated me millions of dollars in online sales, and it's been happening time and time again from the same methods that i'm going to show you in today's video. if you have ever struggled with finding winnie products, i promise you this is the video that you need, and the main reason behind that is because product research is a key component of having success with drop shipping or anything e-commerce related, and these strategies are proven not just for myself, but from my students as well, as they generated over 13 million dollars in online sales just last year alone, finding winning product after winning product, and it's time for you to do the same. let's go ahead and jump right into it. what's going on, everyone? my name is ac hampton. i'm an eight figure marketer who gets to teach people how to test, build and scale profitable online brands. if you know who i am, welcome back and thank you for always showing love. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure you're strapped in for some serious value. before we head into the video, you all know that each and every week, i hand out a free consulting call to one lucky winner, and i'll be announcing the winner from last week somewhere inside this video, so make sure you watch it the entire way through. if you want the opportunity getting on this, call with us and go over everything that you may be needing help on. all you have to do is, in the comments section below, comment the word product and what your biggest takeaway from this video was. finding winning products is a struggle for many people in the beginning and even advanced stages of drop shipping, but in my one-on-one mentorship, we break down exactly what you need to know about how to find winnie products and how you can maximize off of them. i have limited spots available for the month of april, so if you're ready to take action towards working with myself and my team towards finding a winning product and building an online brand that can help you achieve financial freedom, then i have something special for you. all you have to do is head over to my instagram ac, underscore hampton and dm me the word mentorship so i can reach out and help you get started now without further ado. let's go ahead and jump right into it. when looking for a winning product, let's start off with all the options of platforms that you have that will show you all kinds of products that you could be selling and that have ton of traction surrounding them. in today's video, i'm going to be showing you exactly how you can maximize on finding a winning product, whether you're using a paid search engine or free search engine, along with giving you tips after finding this winning product that will help those sales continue to keep rolling in for the product that you choose. let's start off with paid product research tools first, then next i'm gonna show you all the free methods so that every single person that's watching this video has no excuse on how they can find the next winning product that could potentially change your life. some of my favorite paid search engines for winning products is ad spy, dropy spy and big spy, which you guys can get some major discounts by clicking on them with the links down in my description. and, like i said, let's not forget about the free search engine. some of my favorite free search engines are my ad finder, chrome extension, tiktok and facebook ad library. alright, so starting off with the paid versions, as i know a lot of you guys are using tools like this, i do want to make sure that you're using it to the fullest capability, one of my favorite tools that i love to use for product research, as many of you guys probably know, is ad spy aspire allows me to not only look at all the products that are currently being sold in the market, but also filter down exactly what i'm looking for, which is the key to finding the winning products that you are going to start making some serious money off of. so, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into ad spot and show you a little bit of what i'm toking about. so, literally the only thing i'm going to do is come over here to adspycom and it will pull up a screen just like this and, as you can see, they have so many different search filters that you can play around with all day long. i mean, from scene, between the creator, between language buttons, tiknologies. you can find out so many different products by just playing around with these filters. now, there is a couple ways that i like to go about this. the first thing is i like to check out what is currently trending, but i'll also love to see what was currently trending at this time last year. let's go ahead and start off with what is currently trending and see what we're able to come up with. i already added some of the filters that i love to use on aspire, as you can see right here with created between the last two months, seen between within the last couple of days, and the different types of media types. so let's go ahead and jump into this and give you a better understanding of what it means. so, creative between is basically when the actual advertisement was created. scene between is very self-explanatory, is basically just when it was seen last and is it currently being advertised today. media type: i went ahead and entered videos, as this is typically what i use for any products that i'm selling. i like to do tiknologies as shopify, clickfunnels and woocommerce, which are going to be the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. last thing i want to do is filter down by the language, which is english, and ultimately, why i use english is because i just want people who can actually read my ad to be the person who can buy my product. lastly, after you have those filters set up, the last filter you have to set up is come over here to this button and go ahead and filter by likes, and then you'll just see all these different advertisements that are currently going crazy on the market today, and as i'm scrolling down, i already see a product that caught my attention, which is this advertisement right here, and, like i said, this advertisement caught my eye solely from the thumbnail, which is why i always say thumbnail. creative testing is so important: to wipe out your competition by having the strongest advertisement on the market, and i break down exactly how you can do that right here with this video. if this thumbnail caught my attention, think of the amount of customers who are just scrolling down their facebook and their instagram timeline who will see and perceive the ad the same exact way, which will then convince him to go ahead and click on shop now, come to your website, purchase your product and now you're in a position of collecting that money. now, if we go ahead and head into the actual ad spot link and take a look at the video, i can see that this product hits all two of those points that i'm looking for, which is solving a problem and having some sort of wow factor to it, and to dive deep into it even deeper, you can also analyze and see the trend of likes on this product, which is a huge advantage of using ad spy, and i mean: look at these likes. over time, these likes are completely skyrocketing on this product, which tells me that customers are interested in this product and we are not reinventing the wheel. something that's going to verify the interest in customers even more are the comments that are happening under the advertisement. and to get to the advertisement, very simple: you just come over here and right click this button and go ahead and open link in new tab, which will then show me their actual advertisement that they're running. as you can see, this is a seat cushion that relieves pressure on your tailbone and your lower back pain, and i mean this advertisement is starting to low key go off with over 751 comments and 1.2 000 shares in less than a month. so when you scroll down to the comments section, you're basically going to be asking yourself two questions: does this product have high perceived quali?

COMPLETE Shopify Product Research Tutorial - How To Find A Profitable Dropshipping Product In 2022

hey, what's going on? my name is dan and in this video today, i'll be showing you how to find a profitable product to sell on your shopify store. this will actually be a complete shopify product research tutorial, and if you're new to shopify, you've been interested in starting an online passive income business for some time now. then you've come to the right place and you've landed on the right video. i've been an active e-commerce seller for several years now and i've sold millions of dollars in physical products online, both on amazon, fba and shopify. today, i'm actively growing and investing in new brands, and actually one of our brands here just recently hit a one million dollar valuation, which is amazing. it's called broday. i actually posted the numbers in my youtube community page just to show you guys what's possible with e-commerce, so you can check that out as well. there's some screenshots of our earnings there and, although this sounds amazing, honestly i've done this so many times and after so many years doing this, literally living and breathing e-commerce every single day, looking out for product opportunities, growing brands, running advertising. one million dollars is only a beginning milestone. honestly, today i've built up a level of experience where, for me, that's easy. it's an easily achievable milestone and through this journey, i've also been able to help millions of people do the same on my youtube channel and through my videos, by sharing what has been working for me- building ecommerce brands along my journey, making these awesome videos for you guys that i love to do so. in this video, i'm going to be pulling back the current on my favorite shopify- product research, tikniques- the absolute best ways to find products- and i'm gonna make the whole process as easy as possible for you and by the end of this video, you're for sure going to have a profitable product opportunity. probably many, uh, definitely many, not even probably, like that's a certainty. now i will say that product research is one of the most challenging parts of starting an e-commerce brand, because there are so many products to choose from. if you've done any product research already, then i'm sure you've seen the thousands of products already out there. there's so many niches out there: beauty, sports, health, camping, outdoors, fitness, wellness. the list is never ending. and that's what's really amazing about this whole business and this whole business opportunity is that there is more than enough gold to go around for everyone, that is, for those who take action, actually commit to success. i'm not going to sit here and say that everybody succeeds. no, most people don't. simply because most people are dreamers. they just constantly want and dream about what kind of life they could be living if they had a successful shopify, passive income business paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day. and they sit and they dream, but they never actually take any action. so make this promise to me right now. if you're watching this video, then obviously you're on the right path, but you know it's not gonna happen by itself. the success is not gonna fall from the sky. so i want you to say this in your mind right now: i will succeed, no matter what it's decided. building a successful shopify, store and brand is my destiny and nobody will stop me. repeat that in your mind. pause the video, repeat that on your mind ten times, ten times, and then you can come back. all right, you've done that cool, let's get right into it. so there are tons of different tikniques out there, but i'm only going to show you the actual tikniques that i use and the ones that i would personally use if i was trying to find a fresh product idea from scratch, if i was just starting out like you guys. so you know most people online on youtube. they show you tikniques that they never actually do themselves, so i'm actually going to show you, just like, the best tikniques that actually work. there's a lot of bs ones out there and there's only a few that i personally use. i know that work and that will basically be able to find you tons of profit product opportunities very quickly without a lot of work. the first product tiknique that i'm going to show you is going to be using ecom radar, which is a free tool that my team actually created that allows us to look at competitors ads on facebook, so this ad is completely free. through my company, econfreedom, we create tools that help new beginners with shopify succeed, and so this is our main tool right now, and so far we've had thousands of people use this tool successfully to find successful products. so the first one will be com radar. the second product user tiknique is going to be actually using amazon fba. amazon fba has what's called best seller movers and shakers list, and we're actually going to go dive deep into those lists to find ourselves some awesome product opportunities. the third tiknique i'm going to show you is called the rabbit hole method on amazon, which is my favorite: amazon, fba, product research tiknique- if i'm looking for a product to start selling on amazon, but you can actually equally use it for finding a shopify product as well. so i'm going to show you that too. and then, finally, the fourth tiknique is going to be to leverage your intuition, life experience and passions, and what i mean by that is i'm going to show you how to actually find product opportunities in niches that you're interested in that also make tons of money. so you're not going to end up selling something that you really, really don't care about, because obviously we would all rather sell something that we like, that we care about and that we think is really interesting. we have an interest in that niche. so let's go ahead and begin. all right, so to get started, i'm going to grab ecom radar, which you can find the link for down below, as well as any other useful links that i mentioned in this video. they're all going to be in the description down below, so you can grab that. so i already have this. this is the page on the google chrome app store, so you can grab it as well. and then now i'm going to go on facebook and i'm actually going to start searching for products, all right. so now i'm on facebook, i've got ecom radar loaded up into my google chrome, and so now i actually logged into my account. so once you grab this, you're just going to have to create an account. it's going to take like two seconds and then now i'm going to actually click enable and so now i'm going to start going down and looking through all the different uh ecommerce product ads. so this is honestly my favorite product research method, and the best part is that it's free. really, we made it free because there were tools out there that were paid before and they were super glitchy and they sucked. so i decided to go in there and have my talented software team that i've built. i'll build this app for you guys. so, you know, when you get there, there's no upsells, nothing. when you grab it, it's completely free. all right. cooling mattress: that's cool. it's really helpful. you know, a lot of people have issues with sleeping um, so having that- uh, you know, like that cooler temperature when you're on the bed could really help as well. so we have this back posture corrector, so let's grab that as well. okay, so this is a smart calming device. so something like this i would skip over, simply because it's just too. it's just too high. tik right. um, i already know that there's probably an app that's going to come with it, and i'm not going to trust chinese suppliers to come up with a good app: power, play, beauty and wellness. okay, so it's like a fitness machine. okay, so this is blue light glasses, and so they're saying that it's blue light glasses that have style, because they're saying that most of them don't have style, which is kind of true. actually, i still want blue light blockers that are aviators. to be honest, i'd wear those, but like the dark ones, you know, not the transparent ones. infrared sauna: cool, especially right now with the global.

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Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

today, I'm going to be sharing with you the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. all of these products are proven and validated products that are currently going viral, and I hand picked each and every one of these so you guys can succeed in your Drop Shipping Store. so, with that being said, I'm going to be showing you the ad that's currently going viral. I'm going to show you the competitors website plus. I'm going to show you the product price on AliExpress, so you have all the information you need to go out and crush it. so, with that being said, let's get into product number 10.. product number 10 is an absolutely genius product. as you see this tiktok over here. it's only about nine seconds, but it's blown up: nearly 450 000 likes, 10 000 shares. but it's this scooper that also gives you a weight every time you scoop something up. the reason why I think this product is going to be such a winner is not only can you advertise this product as a food prep product, so people can accurately measure the amount of food they want to eat, but I also think this a great pet product if you want to accurately measure your pet food, and if we actually come over this competitor's website, you can see how poor they've actually merchandise this product. the website's literally named Connor storecom, so it looks like someone who's about 16 years old probably just got into Drop Shipping and his mom let him create a store and he named it Connor store. now, no hate to him, but this store could definitely be improved upon quite a bit and I think how you're going to be able to sell tons of this product is if you actually merchandise this for that bodybuilding community and brand your website to feature information targeting your ideal customer demographic. now, another thing I notike is this competitor is only selling this for 19.99. now, when we do come over to AliExpress, the product is super cheap. it's 4.31, which means that the competitor actually has a really solid markup. he's making about 15.50- 50 cents every time someone decides to purchase this product. now, the genius of this product is the fact that you would be able to get away selling this for 39.99 if you're really honing down and advertising this to your dream customer. so I think, if you want to sell this product, create a custom experience for your ideal demographic for this, which will be bodybuilders and weight lifters, and really create your messaging to speak to that customer. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number nine. so product number nine is a classic example of Click bait marketing. they're showing someone with frostbite black fingers and then they're saying, hey, here's how you can prevent it- these heated gloves. and it shows someone going into snow and actually using these. so, if you aren't aware, these heated gloves go viral every single year and they also are a pretty Evergreen product. of course, they will do better in this wintertime season, but I think the potential to advertise this right now is Limitless, especially because winter is still going to be here for quite a bit longer. now we have 221 000 likes on this post, 2500 likes from this company called try hot glove, so they're getting a great reaction and you can see their website over here. it's not a great website, guys. this is a very simple website. they don't even have reviews on this website, so I think that pretty much anyone watching this video can build a better website like this. on Shopify: Shopify makes it super easy, so you guys can obviously use my link down below if you guys don't have a Shopify membership yet, and it actually helps the channel out a ton. so thanks for doing that now. this would be my strategy if I wanted to sell this product. first, I would create a much better website than this competitor has over here and where I think they could use the most work is in this description, so make sure you have a very compelling description. I'll leave a link above. if you don't know how to create descriptions yet, this video will definitely help you out ton. but, as you see, they're selling this for 45 dollars and if we do come over to AliExpress, you can find a competitive product for 18.32. so there's definitely a decent profit margin. that means every time someone goes onto the hot glove and buys this product, they're making about 28 profit. so definitely a good profit margin. and this product would be really easy to advertise, doing organic content, just like this competitor has done. I think they figured out a really compelling hook, which is showing these people with frostbite and then showing this product. it's basically a classic- here's the problem and here's the solution- type advertisement. so if you are wanting to sell this product, just rinse and repeat the content strategy they've already developed, and I think this will also do awesome on paid advertising as well. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number eight. product number eight is a product I found on Facebook and I know this product is going to do extremely well. as you see, this video is showing this windshield that's frozen over and it has this device that basically unfreezes your windshield and it also acts as a portable heater in your car. so this is a two for one product. it's going to help you out with your windshield and when it's also super cold in your car, you're going to be able to put this on and turn it towards you. and, as you see, this is a paid ad that's being run right now and it started October 17th over here, but it already has 10 000 likes, over 3 000 shares on this product and if we come to the comment, you can see that a lot of these people really love this product. people are saying: I would love to have this, that would be good for my buggy, so there's a ton of people who already want this product, which is a great sign. to come over the comments and see that real demand. now, if we do come over this competitors website, we can see that they're selling this for 29.99 for the air blower and if you want the bracket as well, it's 32.99. now, in my opinion. I think they should have just grouped this together and sold it as one variant. usually having three separate options for such a simple product like this can definitely cause some confusion, but overall they have a decent product website. they put some good information in here, but I think it's a little bit clunky and, as you can see, the color scheme is not very congruent, and they also don't have reviews on this product, which kind of shocks me. reviews will easily increase your conversion rate dramatikally. so if you are wanting to sell this product, make sure you have a clean color scheme and make sure you're having a solid description with those reviews. now, if we do come over to AliExpress, the product is only 13. if I was selling this personally, I'd be selling this at 39.99. you can get a three times markup on this product easily. it just depends on how your branding this and Merchandising it. the more high-end that you're branding this, the more premium price you're gonna be able to command for a product like this. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number seven. product number seven is a product I found on Pinterest and, as you see, they're advertising this as 10 times cheaper than the Dyson air wrap and basically this is a five in one curler, and if we do come over to their website, you can see that they're selling this for a pretty hefty price- 99- and, honestly, their website's actually pretty decent. you guys should be looking at websites like this that have beneficial gifts and are actually clean, but there is a lot you could improve here. having too many gifts can slow down your website, and they've also bolded a lot of words that I don't think need to be bolded, and they could have simplified this page quite a bit. so take these notes if you are wanting to sell this product. but overall, it's good that they have a lot of information on here, because when you are selling products- this High tiket- you're definitely going to want to make sure you

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How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes!

what's up, guys? it's your boy, jordan, back with another ecommerce video, and in this video, i'm going to be showing you exactly how i found a 10 000 a day product on my shopify store, and we're even going to be going out and finding one together, live. in under five minutes, i'm going to go over the simple criteria that i look for in a winning product. i'm going to share the exact strategy that i use to find these products and how i go out there and validate the products to make sure that they have potential. if you're trying to start your own online business and you want to see more content like this, give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button down below and, without further ado, let's get started with the video now. before we get started, i just want to show you some results that i'm generating using this exact same strategy. so you can see that it is the 12th of january and i have already generated over 94 dollars in sales with my online store, found this product using the exact strategy we're going to be going over in this video, and i'll do a quick refresh for you as well, so you can see that this is 100 legit before we find a product together live. i just real quick want to tok about the four criterias that i look for in any winning product. every single successful product that i've seen in my journey has these, and you cannot have a winning product without having all four of these, so make sure you listen very closely. the first criteria is: look for products that are already selling well on amazon or on other dropshipping stores. the logic behind this is very simple. we don't have to reinvent the wheel. we want to look for trends that are already happening in the market and figure out how to add our own unique twist on them so we can capitalize off of what is already working. the second thing that i look for in any winning product is the opportunity to mark up the product for three times the cost that we get it from our supplier. this makes running facebook ads so much easier, because it gives you a healthy margin to spend a good amount to acquire a customer. every single winning product that i've ever sold has had a 3x markup, and if you're trying to sell something with less, it is extremely difficult, so make sure that you can sell it for at least 3x the total cost of goods plus shipping. the next thing you should always be looking for is room for improvement on that existing competition. this is just simple business 101. let's say you wanted to start a burger restaurant in your neighborhood, but there was already somebody selling the same exact food. the only way that you would be able to make a business out of this is if you improved on the service that they were providing, the quality of food that they were providing or perhaps the ambiance inside of the restaurant itself. it's no different with an online store. if somebody else is already selling a product at scale, you need to think about how you can do a better job marketing that product, how you can make a better website, or maybe just find a product that's a little different than the one they're selling, so you can capitalize off of that trend. and the last thing you want to look for is find products that improve the quality of your customer's life. it's so much easier to get somebody to spend money on a product if they can see a clear benefit of purchasing that item. so make sure, when you're picking products, you find things that clearly have a benefit in the eyes of the customer, and it's going to be so much easier to sell those products. that's the four criterias i look for: make sure it's already selling well, make sure you can mark up the price at least 3x, make sure that there is some room for improvement or a unique angle that you can take, and also make sure that the product improves the customer's life in some type of way. all right, so now let's hop onto the computer and let me show you exactly how we can find one of these products, and let's try to find one together and see how fast we can do it. alright, so there's a ton of ways to go out there and find these winning products. this is not the only method, but this is the exact method that i use to find my winning product, so we're gonna go through that now. if you're looking for more methods to find winning products, like if this one isn't working for you, for example, i'll link one of my other videos down below where i share a few other methods that you can use. but you guys should start out on amazon, as i believe that this is one of the best tools to find winning products on. so you want to go to amazon, you want to go to the top left and you want to click on best sellers. when you're on the best sellers tab. you want to click on this right here, the movers and shakers tab, if you're not familiar with this. it's basically just showing the products that have grown the most in the last 24 hours, so you can find products and trends that are on the rise. now. there's a couple categories in here that i like more than others, and i'm gonna share those with you. now, every category that i'm about to share with you, i found a winning product in. so the first one is baby, the next one is beauty and personal care. the next one is health and household. there's a lot of really good products there. you have home and kitchen as well, and for the last one, we have electronics. now, a lot of these products have potential, like pet supplies, sports and outdoors tools, but those categories are just my favorite. so for today, we're gonna pick a random one. i say we'll go with health and household and we're just gonna scroll and look for something that fits on our criteria, so something that's selling well, something that improves the life of the customer, and i'm gonna look for something a little more expensive as well, so we can mark up the price. so, obviously, like we can't dropship garbage bags and uh, what do you call this? mouthwash and wipes, like we can't do anything with that, but we're looking for a product that i know i can find on aliexpress, like we have this water floss teeth cleaner. i don't necessarily like this product that much. it's not very unique. um, what is this one here? this one actually looks pretty cool. this is a scale and on the scale it actually connects to your app so you can see, like, how you're doing with your fitness goals. this is something that i would even buy myself and you know, funny enough, it's january, right, it's a new year, and everybody's trying to get their fitness on, everybody's trying to change their, their bodies going into the new year. new year, new me. you know what i mean. so i think that this product could actually be pretty sick. let's go through the rest of the process and see if it checks off the other boxes. so obviously they're selling it for 20 bucks now. we're not going to be selling this for 20 bucks on our store. we could definitely get away with selling this for more. the first thing i like to do when validating a product is going to google trends. so you want to go to google trends here and you want to type in this type of product that you're looking at. so, um, we would probably want to call this, yeah, a smart scale. i think that would do very well. so we'll go ahead and put that in the search bar and look at that. guys, you can see that this thing is at its highest right now. it's at 99.. if we go scale in general, let's see what a scale is looking like. it's still pretty good. it's around 75, it's around 80, uh, every single, every single month, and that's all year long. so that's a great sign. and then if we go to gym- you know it's january- you can see that that, as well, is doing just fine in this time. but the main term that we're looking at is smart scale, and you can see that is at a hundred. so this product is actually looking really good. let's go to aliexpress and see what we can find for this product and maybe think about how we can mark this up. so let's go ahead and search smart scale. we're gonna go ahead and get rid of these pop-ups, sort by orders and see what comes up. so this one actually looks quite nice. ri.

How I Find $100k/Mo Shopify Products in 5 Minutes! - Dropshipping Product Research

now you can have the best landing page, the best ads and the best marketing, but you still won't make any money if you're not selling a winning product that customers actually want to buy. on the other hand, you can have a terrible looking store and still make a lot of money if you're selling a winning, trendy product. that's why choosing the right product is the most important step of starting a successful e-commerce store. so in this video, I'm going to show you the best methods to find winning Drop Shipping products that you can make a lot of money from, even without great marketing. because when you know what products to sell, everything else becomes a hundred times easier, and that's why this video is the most important video you want to watch before starting your store. so don't waste any time trying to sell products that are already doomed to failure. so let's get started. so in the next few minutes, I'm going to show you the seven best methods to find potentially winning products. we'll begin with my currently favorite product research method, The tiktok ads. by Method, go to Google and type in top ads on tiktok, and you should be able to find this website here that gives you access to all the ads on tiktok. so, for example, we could look for ads running in the United States, then select a niche like Beauty and personal care, set the objective to conversions and product sales and then look for ads that have been running in the last 30 days. then we can even sort the ads by the ones that are performing the best in terms of reach, click-through rate and retention rate. this allows us to see the ads that make people actually click and visit the store after seeing the ad. the reason this is currently my favorite product research method is because we can not only find tons of product ideas in minutes, but we can also see what ads are performing the best for these products. let's move on to Method number two, the Facebook ads by Method. this is where we look at what products are currently being sold on Facebook and Instagram by looking at ads on these platforms. for Facebook, I like to use a free Chrome extension called my Ad Finder, which filters out all the regular Facebook content and just shows us the ads to make sure we only see e-commerce ads. we want to make sure to click on an e-commerce ad that we can find and then, on the store, go all the way to the checkout page and do that for a couple of more Ecom ads as well. this will tell Facebook that we are interested in e-commerce products, so we'll pretty much only see Ecom ads from that point on forward, and we're able to find hundreds of potential product ideas within just a few minutes. if you want to see more ads at a partikular brand is currently running, what you want to do is go to the Facebook ads Library, enter a Target country, choose all ads and then type in their brand name. that'll show you all the ads that this brand is currently running. this is a great way to see what marketing angles are currently working for other stores, so you can basically use the same or similar angles for your own ads. sometimes you can also simply type in a product name and you'll be able to find stores selling that partikular product on Facebook. what I like to do is check different countries to see if there is a market where nobody is selling that partikular product yet. this might be a great opportunity to find a winning product that is already selling well and be the first one to sell it in a new market. now on to Method number three, the paid ad spy method. this is basically the same method as the first two, but now we use services like adspycom, Mania, PP ads or other tools that automatikally show us new winning products every single day. so these tools basically look at all the active ads on Facebook, tiktok, Snapchat or Pinterest and then look at the ones that are performing the best in terms of views, shares, likes and comments. this allows us to save tons of time finding all the ads ourselves and analyzing their performance. so, for example, here on Mania, we can simply go to Facebook ads. for the filter, I like to go to Advanced and then set the creation date to the last 30 days, the language to English, the Ecom platform to Shopify and the likes to a minimum of 500 likes. this will show us all the ads that have been created in the last 30 days and haven't proven to be successful, because they already have a decent amount amount of likes. we can click on the ad to see more information about that partikular store running this ad. the engagement over time tells us if people are still interested in this product, which is a good sign. when we click on shop analysis, we can see if the stored traffic is increasing or decreasing, and we can even see the Shopify theme and the Shopify apps that this store is using. I'll leave a list of the best ad spy tools that I recommend Down Below in the video description. let's move on to Method number four, the viral tiktok method, where we look at tiktok product videos that have recently gone viral. so simply open up tiktok, go to the search feature on the top right and type in popular hashtags like, for example, tiktok made me buy it to make sure we can get on Trends early. we want to go to the filters on the top right and then, under date posted, we're going to change it from all time to this month- then hit apply and tiktok will show us the most popular videos with that hashtag. and here here are some more hashtags you can check to find trending products on tiktok. when you find a product that looks interesting to you, you can also click on their tiktok profile and usually you'll find a link to the store selling that specific product. these people are basically using organic tik tok content to get visitors to their store. this is a great strategy, especially if you are on a low budget. the fifth product research method I want to show you is the supplier reach out method. this is where we directly contact suppliers on AliExpress, Alibaba or also other sites, and ask them what products have recently started to sell for them, because they are the ones delivering the product, so they have all the information what products are working well right now. obviously, they benefit, too, from more people selling their products, so they will tell us exactly what products have recently started to sell for them. by using this method, we're able to find products that aren't too saturated yet and get on Trends early. the next method I want to show you is the Amazon movers and shakers method. this is where we spend time on amazoncom and look at products that have recently been gaining in popularity on Amazon. we can click on all and then go to movers and shakers. that shows us the biggest gainers in terms of sales rank over the past 24 hours. so these are the products that have recently become very popular on Amazon. I recommend to go through some interesting categories on the left side and just spend some time looking at these trending products, and Amazon actually updates these products every single hour. method number seven is the AliExpress Rabbit Hole method. this is where we simply Go to aliexpresscom and go through their product recommendation system. so on the AliExpress homepage, we just click on products that look interesting and then ask ourselves if we could Market that product creatively on social media. and for each product that we click on, we can also scroll all the way down and look at the recommended products. if we keep doing this for like 20 minutes, we can find tons of product ideas that we wouldn't have found anywhere else. so now you know exactly how to find potentially winning products. but what are we looking for exactly in a product so that we can maximize our chances of starting a successful and profitable store? so here are some things to look for when choosing your first product. first of all, the product needs to be something that actually adds a value to somebody's life and actually solves a real world problem. we don't want to sell something that is of low quality or does.

Dropshipping Product Research | Facebook Ads | Ads Spy Tool

uh. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] [Applause] [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. hey guys, and welcome back to the fulfillment channel. in today's video, we're going to check out an amazing spy tool that's going to allow you to spy on other people's ads and find winning products in a way that no one else is really toking about. as well as that, i'm going to show you an amazing catalogue where you can go to find those winning products and start selling them today. guys, without further ado, let's jump into today's video. so here we are, over on a big. all you need to do, guys, click up here. you can create a free account, or there is a premium version as well, which obviously gives you a few extra tools. we're going to do first of all, is going to click on here at c, just check on ecom and then click on add spy at the top, and this is going to give us a way to look at other people's ads. as you can see, we've got a lot of different things going on right now, so it toks about the site types you can search for. things like shopify is going to show me all of the shopify stores, etc. could also perhaps add woocommerce, and for this example, i'm going to use instagram. you can see there's lots of different platforms- facebook, instagram, uh, google, youtube, etc. because different products will sell potentially much better than others on different types of platforms. for example, facebook is very competitive. you're not likely to go and sell something that's already existing on the market because it's probably very saturated. people aren't coming to facebook to do their shopping unless you can really trigger them to buy something, uh, with something that's really really exciting. but but then on google ads, people are going there to shop, so they might be more interested in partikular products that you're trying to sell or on the flip side of things, depending on what you got. that's why we do lots of trial and error when it comes to marketing. so, looking down below, guys, we've got basic. now we can click on our country. just for this example again, i'm just going to use the united states, and the reason we use the united states, guys, is because it's actually much easier to sell to people in america than other places. one typically because there is more money in america and there's more willing buyers. it's much easier to sell in america statistikally than it is to sell in perhaps france or somewhere else, for whatever reason i don't know, but it's always the best to sort of start out shipping to america, because it's very much easier to sell to america, perhaps in other countries. so we're going to click on united states and then you can see on the right we've got the format, type of format. so we can see here that i even get to select the type of image or whatever i'm searching for, whether that's a picture, whether that is a video, etc. okay, so i'm just going to leave it open as all, and then here i'm going to click on date and i'm going to click on 30 days, okay, in advance as well. i'm going to click on the marketing objectives. so what are the objectives you're trying to make me do? i want to click on buy now, because i want products that are selling or people are trying to sell, and then click on 30 days, and then i've got this information down below and you can see that these are now all of the ads that are coming up and you can see in terms of the impressions or number of impressions and the popularity of things that are showing and basically, to get lots of impressions. i'm drinking like 115 147 000. it's not cheap to go and get this many impressions, which means these ads have been heavily invested in because they're clearly working. people are spending lots of money on these because they are getting success. so what you can do is you can come down and you can find any partikular products that perhaps has got your attention. so, first of all, i can click on the dogs which i've got here and then it's going to give me a bit of information about what's going on here: country, region: it's advertising in canada, united states. uh, it's going to give me a little bit of information about the image and then you can see what is going on in terms of prices, etc. this seems to be a bit more of a unique item which might be more difficult for us to find in terms of drop shipping, but this partikular item definitely has caught my eye because i guarantee that this product is easy for us to source, and i'll show you a way that we can source that product if we can't find it. basically, guys, what i can then do is i can copy and paste that partikular product over here and now look, guys, i've got a really interesting website and this product appears to be doing quite well. i can do some more due diligence. this is obviously a shopify website actually very smart, good website. you can come and copy. you know, obviously don't copy exactly websites like this, guys, but use them as guides. you can see that advertising wise it's already been working really nicely. then what we can do is we can head over, we can take this product, we can create a website like this, but before we do, obviously we need to go and locate the product. and one of the very best ways to source products, guys, is forgetting about alibaba, because the products they're not reliable. they do take ages to ship. despite telling you that it's only going to take 14 days, often it can take up to 60 or 70 days, which means your customer's gonna be seriously unhappy, they're gonna ask for refunds, etc. but you need a reliable supplier and the best people to do that for you are fulfillmentcom- link down below in the description- and by coming across guys you'll be able to sign up. you can gain access to their product catalog. if you can't find the item that you want in their catalog, you literally shouldn't just contact the team. tell them the products that you want and they'll go about sourcing it for you in china. they're going to find you reliable suppliers who are going to be able to provide you the best quality items at the very best price. and not only that. once you start to work with that supplier and start ordering from them, any problems like that fulfillment will be on top of it and will go direct and deal with the supplier on your behalf. so you're never going to find yourself in any issues: not being able to provide products for customers, getting told suddenly that you can no longer fulfill items because that supplier has stopped producing the product, etc. all of those issues get ironed out and handled on your behalf, which is the key, guys, to having a successful drop shipping business. if you don't have the back end sorted before you start selling products, you are setting yourself up for big failure. and everyone's been in drop shipping for a while has experienced those problems and, trust me, you do not want to find yourself with those problems because it is a real pain in the ass. guys, everything i've toked about today, both big spy tool and fulfillmentcom, are linked down below in the description, so make sure you check them out after this video. hope you enjoyed that video. if you have, then smash the thumbs up button. helps out more than you know. and if you're new to drop shipping and you want to learn more about drop shipping, making money online, as well as e-commerce tools, tips and tricks, then make sure you subscribe to the fulfillment channel to be kept today with all of the latest happening. thanks so much for watching, guys, and i'll see you soon with another video. 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