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how to run facebook ads for local business

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

In this Facebook ad tutorial, Paul Ramondo teaches how to use Facebook ads to generate more awareness and foot traffic for your local business. The tutorial focuses on a fictional restaurant called Paul's Restaurant, which is facing a dilemma of low foot traffic on Tuesday nights.

To solve this issue, Paul suggests targeting people in the local geographic radius around the restaurant with a value incentive offer to get them to come in on Tuesday nights. He demonstrates how to set up a store traffic campaign objective, choose a Facebook page, set a low daily budget, and select a store set or a geographical area to target.

Paul also explains how to customize the ad voice, set up the ad, add media, and create a call-to-action button. He recommends mentioning the Facebook post to servers to track real-life conversions from a digital spend. He also emphasizes the importance of double-checking your work before publishing the ad and activating the campaign.

Lastly, Paul shares a bonus tip regarding exclusion targeting for specific geographic areas to exclude irrelevant audiences and focus on relevant ones. He also suggests using this strategy to target audiences attending events in your local area.

Overall, this Facebook ad tutorial equips local businesses with the skills and confidence needed to generate more awareness and foot traffic using Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads For Service Business 2022 | How To Run Facebook Ads for Local Business

In this video, you will learn how to set up a Facebook app for a local service business. This will help you generate more leads and make more sales for your business in 2022. We will also cover how to maximize the bang for your buck by automating what happens after a lead is generated, avoiding tire kickers and those who are just looking for free stuff.

- Setting up a Facebook app for a local service business

- Generating more leads and sales for your business

- Maximizing the bang for your buck

- Automating the lead generation process

Steps to set up a Facebook app for a local service business:

1. Navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager and find your right ad account

2. Create a new campaign with the lead generation objective

3. Give the campaign a name that makes sense

4. Label the ad set with the audience you are targeting

5. Make sure the lead method selected is instant forms

6. Select the right page for your business

7. Choose a budget that corresponds to your business

8. Keep the audience targeting simple by selecting a specific location, age range, and gender

9. Choose mobile placements to maximize conversions

10. Name the ad and choose an image or video

11. Fill out the primary text with an offer or deal

12. Create a form for people to fill out with their information

13. Add a privacy link from your website

14. Create a completion screen with a thank you message and call-to-action

Maximizing the bang for your buck:

- Set up automations for follow-up

- Instantly add leads to a dashboard

- Send text messages, emails, and phone calls instantly

- Convert leads into booked clients

Setting up a Facebook app for your local service business can help you generate more leads and make more sales in 2022. By following these steps and maximizing the bang for your buck with automations, you can convert more leads into booked clients.

How We Run Facebook Ads For 40+ Clients (£70k Per Month Agency)

Basic Facebook Ad Strategies for Local Businesses

Hey guys, it's Sam here and welcome to my YouTube channel! In this video, I'm going to be breaking down exactly how to structure your Facebook ads. I'll show you the ads that we use in our agency and how to structure an account. We'll also talk about the basic metrics behind a successful campaign. Let's get started!

- Earlier this week, I asked you guys what kind of video you wanted to see next on my channel and the majority of you asked for Facebook ad strategies for local businesses.

- In this video, I'll be showing you the ads that we use in our agency and breaking down how to structure your Facebook ads.

- Understanding the basic metrics behind a successful campaign is important, so I'll go through that in this video too.

Key Metrics:

- The first metric is your traffic source - whether that be Google ads, Facebook ads, TikTok ads, or others.

- The second metric is where you're collecting information - whether that be a lead capture form, a landing page, or a sales page.

- The conversion rate is the key metric to track at each stage of the funnel. This includes the confirmation page after the lead capture form, the phone conversation, appointment, and sale.

Product Understanding:

- Understanding the pain points of your customers and the benefits of your product is key.

- Benefits of the Garden Studio product include extra living space, added property value, affordability, quick installation, and a variety of cutting options.

- We always start with the benefit and then mention the features afterward.

Example Funnel:

- For a £200 Facebook ad budget, you can expect around 10,000 impressions and a 1% click-through rate which equals 100 clicks.

- A good conversion rate from paid traffic is around 10% which equals 10 leads at £20 per lead.

- If the conversion rate from leads to sales appointments is 40%, you'll get 4 appointments from those 10 leads.

- A 25% sales appointment to close ratio is good, which means one out of four appointments result in a sale.

- If the average order value is £5,000, one sale for £200 is not bad, but it's important to know these stats and set realistic goals.

- Knowing these key metrics and understanding your product is important to running successful Facebook ad campaigns for local businesses.

- Setting realistic goals and tracking progress is key to success.

- Thanks for watching and don't forget to leave a comment with any questions or video suggestions for future content on my channel!

Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: A Framework for More Revenue

Developing a profitable Facebook ad strategy for local businesses is essential, especially during tough economic times. The AB3 method is a framework that helps business owners focus on three different ad levels that are necessary for successful Facebook advertising. This article will explain level one of the AB3 method and provide tips for planning a Facebook ad strategy before entering ads manager.

Level One: Education, Audience Building, and Engagement

Level one is crucial for engaging with the community and building brand awareness. It focuses on educating the audience about the industry, products and services, and the business itself. Most importantly, it targets the 15% of the population that is open to buying but does not know it yet or is not ready to make a purchase.

Three Types of Content:

There are three types of content that businesses can use at level one, including video, blog content, and engaging social posts.

1. Video: The least expensive and most effective type of content that educates the audience on topics related to the business.

2. Blog Content: Helps identify specific audiences by creating a custom website audience and is ideal for people who prefer to read.

3. Engaging Social Posts: Builds engagement by creating likes, comments, and shares, ultimately increasing brand awareness.

Ad Objectives:

Business owners must choose the right ad objectives for each content type. The video view ad objective is best for videos, traffic objectives are ideal for blogs, and engagement objectives are perfect for social posts.

Planning a Facebook Ad Strategy:

Before entering ads manager, business owners must create a plan to ensure everything flows together perfectly. The plan should identify avatars for level one, establish the offer for level two, and determine the actions required for level three. Additionally, the plan should identify customer assets and establish a budget.

Level one is an essential part of the AB3 method and is often overlooked by businesses. By focusing on education, audience building, and engagement, businesses can attract potential customers who are open to buying but are not ready to make a purchase. Planning a Facebook ad strategy before entering ads manager is essential for ensuring a positive return on investment.

How To Run Google Ads For Local Businesses (FULL TUTORIAL)

In this video, Jordan teaches viewers how to run Google Ads for their local business. He emphasizes the importance of setting up the ad account correctly to see a return on investment. Here are the key steps he outlines:

1. Create a Google MCC account, which is a manager account to manage multiple ad accounts under one umbrella.

2. Create an ad account to run ads out of and link a credit card for billing.

3. Choose the campaign goal, such as generating leads or website traffic.

4. Select the campaign type, which for Jordan is primarily search.

5. Uncheck display network and Google search partners to start with and be more targeted.

6. Target a specific location and select the option to target people who are regularly in the targeted location.

7. Conduct keyword research to determine the ideal manual CPC bid limit.

8. Write ad copy that is relevant and engaging.

9. Create ad groups with a specific focus and relevant keywords.

10. Set up conversion tracking to monitor the success of the campaigns.

By following these steps, local business owners and marketing agency owners can run successful Google Ads campaigns that generate high-quality leads.

How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an exciting Facebook Ads Master Class in which I will take you from zero to expert level. Whether you have no experience or an intermediate level of knowledge, this video is for you. I have broken down everything into timestamps, so you can skip to a certain section if you need to, but make sure to stay until the end for a massive giveaway.

- Facebook Ads Master Class Step by Step 2022

Why Advertise on Facebook:

- 1.93 billion daily active users

- 28 billion total ad revenue every year

- $1 cost per click and $11.54 CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

- Benefits: sell more, generate leads, distribute content, app installs, testing, targeting, CPC (cost per click), predictability

Assets You Need to Start Advertising:

- Business Manager: holds ad accounts, pages, pixels, payment methods

- Ad Accounts: create campaigns, multiple per business manager

- Pages: where ads run from, use real brand information, 20 posts before running ads

- Domain: verify ownership to drive ads to it

- Pixel: track visitor actions to track ad results

- Payment Method: add to ad account, use card instead of PayPal for less likelihood of ad account shutdowns

Creating Your Facebook Page:

- Select type of page: business, brand, community, public figure

- Enter business information and use real info

- Add profile and cover pictures, create username, add business details

- Post at least 20 times before running ads and keep page active

Creating Your Business Manager:

- Primary hub to manage all assets

- Use real business data and work email address

- Confirm creation by clicking on email link

- Verify business as soon as it is available for extra layer of security

Creating Your Ad Account:

- Container for ad campaigns, lives inside business manager

- Create one ad account per business manager at the beginning

- Name ad account, select time zone and currency

- Create three ad accounts for contingencies

Connecting Your Page:

- Connect page to business manager to run ads on it

- Go to business settings, click on pages, add and select page

Adding Payment Method:

- Add card, PayPal or bank account directly

- Avoid using PayPal for less likelihood of ad account shutdowns

- Use card that does not get declined to avoid ad account shutdowns

By following these steps and using the benefits of advertising on Facebook, you can sell more, generate leads, distribute content, get app installs, and have predictability in turning advertising into profit. Make sure to use real information and keep your page active to increase your relevancy score and avoid ad account shutdowns.

Facebook Ads For LOCAL Businesses: 5 Keys To Success

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru discusses the five keys to success when it comes to running Facebook ads for local businesses. He emphasizes the importance of doing things differently when advertising for local businesses compared to national or international businesses.

Key to Success #1: Targeting Test

- Test targeting options in your area

- Avoid over-narrowing your audience with detailed targeting options

- Use broader targeting options for local businesses

Key to Success #2: Refresh Ad Creative

- Ad fatigue sets in faster for local campaigns

- Pause underperforming ads and add new ones to keep things fresh

Key to Success #3: Tailor Ad Copy and Messaging

- Use local references and language in ad copy

- Refer to local events and landmarks to resonate with your target audience

Key to Success #4: Testimonials Carry More Weight

- Local testimonials carry more weight than national or international ones

- Use local figureheads or celebrities to endorse your product or service

When running Facebook ads for local businesses, it's important to tailor your strategy to the unique challenges and advantages of local advertising. By testing targeting options, refreshing ad creative, tailoring ad copy and messaging, and utilizing local testimonials, you can create successful campaigns for your local business clients.

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