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How To Run Your SMMA Right Now | SMMA Client Generation Strategies

Published on: December 10 2022 by Jason Wardrop

How To Run Your SMMA Right Now | SMMA Client Generation Strategies

How To Run Your SMMA Right Now | SMMA Client Generation Strategies

What's up guys Jason Wardrop here with my good friend Nik Robbins Nik, what's up, man? Thanks for joining me here
What's going on man? Excited to be here Jason. So Nick is a killer agency owner guys. He's build an eight-figure agency
He's also coached several other agency owners. So they've got a social media marketing agency. That's what an agency is, right
- seven figures plus. Okay. So a big question that I get all the time is how to get clients
so I brought him on to tok about how to get clients how to
coronavirus proof your your marketing agency and how to kind of like
Make your business recession-proof
So with that said Nick
Do you want to jump in give like a quick 30 second background on you and kind of what your businesses and what you do
Yeah, absolutely, man. It's about five years ago
I left Florida, Tampa
Florida work in the NFL to maybe Utah to start this little digital marketing agency thing knew nothing about online marketing nothing about business
Something at all, really other than kind of how to sell a little bit. Um,
beat around the bush for a year, you know with the networking events tried to sell everything from web design to SEO to
Email marketing basically, whatever they thought I thought they might need. I tried to sell it. I had no niche. No product
No, understanding a year later made an interesting gentleman who some of you guys might know. Mr. Billie Jean, you know Billie Jean, right?
Everyone does every one of YouTube's got an affiliate this boy, right?
Great guy love a introduced the idea of Facebook Ads to me and gave me some ideas for video
prospecting as soon as I came across that
Within a year from from the day time
I took his classes and paid no money in April 2016 and within a year from there
We have done a million dollars our first full year in business in 2017 with 1.7
And since then we don't eaten over eight million in revenue
And I actually was able to sell about 40% of the business to my business partner last year
I'm still a consultant so part over there to buy out and now I'm focused on a few different things
But now I've got a mastermind group of agency editors
So we've coached to multi seven figures or hundreds of other students in different programs, man
And just going out there selling and really rock in the model. And yeah, that's awesome. Love it
Yeah, so big guys. He's been around the block. We actually met about what three years ago probably now. Yeah
Man so we we joined Alex Becker's mastermind together and we just randomly were the the two people from Utah and
We were about like 15 minutes away from each other. So we met up and do some networking events. But anyway, man, let's listen
Like and this is so nuts watch networking is so huge and so important there was like 20 people in this mastermind
It was an expensive master, right? I mean at I am I got like 30 grand. It was expensive, right?
And um, he happened to be like eight minutes away
I mean how crazy was that there Dennis that I'm a believer friends ever since staying in touch
For anyone watching getting into Facebook groups networking meeting with people is critikal. There's been so many times
I've reached out to chase and ask questions
And and go from there. So anyway, it's just keep going but just go on over people guys
It's critikally never know. When what people are gonna do down the line
Totally. So anyway
Let's dive in man. I I get asked all the time
Like I said earlier, how do I go and get clients for my agency?
So I've got a lot of videos sharing different strategies there, but I know you've got some unique stuff
So let's hit that person and we can get into more the coronavirus type stuff here in a second
Absolutely, man. So it really depends a little bit based on where you're at in your agency
So I'm to give a few different stages here, okay?
The first thing you have to do is pick a service in my opinion pick one service
Okay. If you are new to the online marketing world, you're not a walking digital agency. You don't have the capabilities
you can't white label or sell properly websites SEO Facebook Ads google has
snapchat ads
You know reputation management influencer marketing pick one thing pick one service is my shoe stand and after you pick one service
Choose one niche. Okay. There's reasons for this the reason why you want to do that is because in order to
prospect effectively, especially from the cold market standpoint
you must
Understand your niche and the problem that you're solving
And the only way that you can do that is if you really know about the market, okay?
so I'm gonna give you an example of how we were really able to and why we blew up so people might be wondering how
That would go from zero to four point seven million
And in this quick it's because we have one service one niche and one offer
All right, I didn't offer in the way the problem that we were solving in the niche
The market was very specific and I'm gonna show you exactly what that was. We actually reached out to
chiropractors and wanted patients who were over the age of 65 so that they could
use a
medical term of our medical injection called hyaluronic acid injections
Okay, so my prospecting okay
I'm gonna bring clothes down for you guys the whatever one of thoughts because this is the most critikal thing if you were having trouble
Prospecting : email direct messages any of that stuff. You gotta hit the messaging right? And so my prospecting was I would call the email
chiropractors who offered hyaluronic acid injections now
How did I know that how I can join?
Chiropractors one of those patients because I asked and wasn't told me there were five thousand dollars. It was a hundred percent insurance
And so I emailed all over the country that had that listed in their website literally
I just went to google type them in and I call an email now. Imagine what he thinks when he sees that email
Hey, I'm gonna get you a higher any gas and injection patients. I know exactly how to put Medicare people in your office
Exactly what he wants solving the exact problem that he has, okay
Well everyone else what they're emailing them is hey
I'm gonna get you more
Adjustments for more customers not specific at all doesn't know anything about the market or what the problem they're being solved, right?
And so we took one ad and one offer on
Facebook and we're able to took that to a million blue box like two million plus with that one thing now we've expanded
Since then but that's how specific we get
So first thing first, you gotta have one service one niche and one offer that solves a very specific problem
Okay, and I want to take one more step back and to make sure everyone understands this because it is so critikal
Okay, this happens in every niche right plumber is a hot water client mortgage people want
vab financing right like, you know
everyone has a
customer they want but
taking a further step back and I think a lot of people get confused on this especially at the very beginning and that is
Understanding the fact that all business is is solving a problem. It's solving a real problem
So often we think oh, they any customers they need this. It's like well not everyone every business owner needs more customers
they might need the right type of customer some customers suck like, you know, you don't want them, you know, and so
Or you can understand your market and the problem that you're solving
The easier it is for you to create the messaging whether that's a cold email or add
To put in front of somebody to get them on the phone with it
Okay, so that may go since I know I toked quickly and I get excited
But hopefully you guys got what I'm saying it totally man. I love it. That's that's like the core of everything guys
So just the one thing I tok about that all the time here on the channel is the one thing man. Yeah, awesome. Well
Cool. So let's tok a little bit about the
Coronavirus everything that's going on right now
and you were toking about some different before we jumped on here some different ideas to kind of Corona proof your business and
How you can actually thrive in this market?
so let's let's cover some of those different things that you've been seeing because as you mentioned
I mean, you've got your own agency yourself you work with a lot of agency owners. So you see a lot of what's going on
Absolutely, and I've seen just about every niche you can imagine
Crushing it right now the first thing about Corona and growing through ping and all that type of stuff
It's interesting because I have seen every desk rush hit but I've also toked to a lot of agency owners who are getting crushed
right now who are not doing well and
What's interesting is the difference in the mindset of these two individuals right now?
One of them is like seize opportunity one of them sees crisis
One of them is watching the news and thinks that you know
I don't think I can say one of the things on the station on YouTube, but there is learn in politiks
It's a matter what side, you know, the world's end, right? They're buying into all the fear and all that stuff
The other side is seeing opportunity works
I click business owners are on more needs
Especially local business owners need agencies more right now than they ever have in their entire life to keep their doors open
They don't have a choice. Okay, and by the way guys, I'm obviously I haven't left my house in a month
I'm not saying that isn't something crazy going on. I'm saying that what you focus on is going to be a result
So I just want to make that very clear
Ah, but that's the first thing they're saying business owners need agency orders to stay alive
Okay, and this also means that there's so many
Local business owners who relied on referrals or their networking groups or walk-ins to have to get online right now
So the actual overall pool is growing and what's weird is most these are attracting their marketing messages
It's like why what are you doing? Okay, and I think I know the reason why that's what I want to move to that
so first
You gotta understand that the opportunity is there and the mindset is the biggest thing that will determine your success here
The next thing in the hot rod is what is your offer? Okay, cuz right now business owners need solutions
They'll need an example. We work with non-essential medical practitioners. They're supposed to shut down
So what do we do? We taught him how to go telemedicine?
We taught him how to treat their patients virtually
We toked to how to pop them how to set themselves up on the zoom
We taught him how to build offers for their clients that can they can work with over time
We taught him group coaching programs, right? Let me give you an example this physical therapist, right?
My home is gonna go see a physical therapist right now
It's like well
What if you taught the physical therapists how to build an eight-week coaching program and you run ads that you taught how to sell it?
Theoretikally and it's $150 for that physical therapist to heal somebody's back. Let's say it's mainly Bakula program
Theoretikally that physical therapist we could short once a week for eight weeks and have like 2,000 people watching this healing back program coming
Right, and now they can also tok go over the world. It's called getting creative guys. So better cook with your offers here
I know somebody who's in the HVAC niche as my master - he's a stud
$71,000 in the first week of April. He's on pace for his biggest month ever
Age back who's letting people into their own brain you think right?
Felt virtually. Okay, Tommy so virtually and he also got him to sell air
What'd he call him air air purifiers as opposed to air conditioners Perry prefer and feared by the air stay healthy
Yeah, all right
every single market, okay, and honestly guys we've got to get justike because
Jim so I'm giving one more example Jim's remote trimming enormous
I don't go getting twenty to one spending
20 grand a week right now on advertising and when I say twenty one inbound acts which guys do all when I graduate - at?
Some point you have to if you want to scale in my opinion
20 the one but the reason why is crushing is because it's offered to these gym owners is incredible
He's basically saying I'm gonna give you the scripts
I'm gonna teach you how to sell online is the weight loss program. You're going to run. Here's a training group
They're going to join into and he's just absolutely killing it
So right now the biggest here's your offer and being able to adapt to the marketplace in getting creative
I have yet to come across a niche or an industry
Where you cannot get creative and that includes real estate we were toking about this before we know readers were 2-minute right now virtual tours
Getting online better walking around showing people. I know people who in case I'll stop soon
I want to I don't I want to get I would eliminate any excuse agency owner has I know people who own furniture stores
We're putting up websites using Facebook live and saying hey you want this and doing like three thousand dollars a day selling furniture?
People are still buying right now. It's time to get creative
We're the ones who know how to use a list up
So start thinking about the things as marketers use zooms
Box or chats putting together offers and let's get creative for our clients to help them
don't stop out right because this isn't gonna be changing anytime soon because what I'm seeing right now in my
my prediction for for all this is
We're gonna see a big shift in how local businesses
Operate after this is done because I don't think it's gonna go back to normal, right?
I think telemedicine for example is here to stay because you know what that does think about it if you were a health care practitioner
Or if you were a gym owner
Normally you're restricted by geographic location
what would you rather be restrict my dream natural vocation or would you rather one has four people online to be able to go all
Nationwide they're gonna move that way. It was already moved in this direction. We'd I've been planning for it
But now it's just happening quickly. And what's happening as we learn more people were becoming obsessive that so to summarize everything
I just said this will really not be really creative with an offer these have certainly in what you're selling
I just go out there and push it because if you have those things you can dominate you can absolute unscrew all business owners are
Looking for is somebody who will need them and somebody who can give them a sense of hope to move things forward
I love it, man. I love your passion around it too man. Get excited
When there's so much opportunity out there for everybody all the concealers right now everybody like this is good
It's not good
For the country again, I'm gonna say back what I do think that what's happening from us getting more comfortable online
This is good for agency art. Here's all the knuckleheads who were against online marking
They're gonna have to start opening up now
You know totally man and I feel like I feel like more of the fear of most business
people was kind of more in those first couple of weeks where I feel like
These a lot of people I tok to the fear is kind of going away and it's more like they're antsy to get back to
Normal life, so they're antsy to get back into building their business going and doing the next thing so they least that's my perspective
that's kind of what I've seen in the limited number of people that I've been able to be in contact with and chat with so
Your percent and right before we got back on life. Look, I'm not saying you're gonna save every client
Everyone's can be the past right and I'm not saying this is better than it was six months ago
which by the way was the best time in the history of any economy that's ever existed of all time ever which you know
So like yeah, it's not quite as good as it was that but your opportunity is still there, right?
I just got a message right before we got on here the two clients. We're coming back and pause four weeks ago
So we're seeing that as well
It's his country's opening back up. Now. There might be more ways
there might be more stuff but
Guys, keep spending money keep buying like what the reason why the economy dies is when everyone stops spending money
Like that's what kills everything so many local restaurants ghost buy stuff. Like that's our that's our bays only
That's all we can keep employs, right?
So yeah, it's not gonna last that much longer
but but I don't what I do think is here to stay is the people who created unique offers right now the people who are
Really adapting to this and helping their business owners get better margins and better solutions and open up their pool
They're gonna be dominating. They're gonna cry only
Fully normal totally man. Okay. Well Nick, thanks so much. Any any last words you want?
I don't want to take up too much more of your time
But any last words you want to to share with us or where can people find you and check your stuff out?
Oh, yeah, definitely. So just go YouTube channels. I've got it here. It's at Nick Robbins. We just search ni ke
Robbins you can see the YouTube channel. It's a lot about you know mindset marketing sales
Growing your business all I can stuff and then also on instagram at ni ke D
Robbins our BB IMS those the two best places and all your sharing mindset sales stuff
I'm obsessed with those things and helping businesses grow and just watch it. This is growing shadow, man
So apprec had me on base that has been a blast. Love it, man
Also drop the link to his Instagram and YouTube down below. So you guys can just click that go over check his stuff out and
Subscribe and with that said guys. Thanks so much for watching and we'll tok to you in the next video

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